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Concerning ancient human/ETI contact, several conceptual frameworks concern us on this page. The first is the conventional world view, which we call (the) SCAM,54. It is the ground level of SETI, which holds that the human species and all others on Earth are the result of evolution - either pure and simple or recently with a possible sprinkling of panspermia.

SCAM holds sway in virtually all institutions of authority, which ignores a vast amount of evidence to refute it. Touching on that evidence was originally the purpose of this page and, for readers who need a starting point, information given here should be helpful.

An opposing framework, then, holds that intervention has occurred on this planet, either once, many times, or continuously even up to today. This is quite apart from theoretical discussion as to whether or not evolution even works. That subject is treated on this website too (see Challenges to Darwinism: Panspermia and Theories of Guided Evolution).

The concept of intervention collides with various religions, from which springs "Biblical UFOlogy". A more radical framework considers that all of this, including the ancient and current religious and historical texts, may be the result of a grand delusion perpetrated by someone or some thing (think of Castaneda's "predators" as in The Active Side of Infinity or even the Matrix series of movies).

That framework is introduced on our page Gnosticism, Archons/Greys, The Controller Agenda.

More approaches to the subject of ancient human/ETI contact are suggested on our other website, The End of Enchantment.


Evidence of human / ETI contact is reported in a vast spectrum of literature ranging from the scholarly to the tabloid. However, the subject, despite its obvious susceptibility to a wide range of scientific approaches and potential relevance to scientific issues of every kind, has yet to be considered acceptable to refereed journals other than as a purely "mythological" or "psychological" phenomenon. That is because this type of information conflicts with the SCAM.

In spite of appearances, the genre represents a significant body of highly provocative and compelling information that could potentially lead us to a profound change in our world view.

For those not yet familiar, here are a few examples of what can be found in this field:

To begin, the works of Zecharia Sitchin deserve credit for opening the eyes of many to the anomalously sudden appearance of high civilizations and technologies in the near east and elsewhere. These civilizations often ascribed the source of their knowledge to their "gods". Our modern culture calls this their "religion" or "mythology". But then, where did the knowledge come from?

As written in their tablets, the oldest of the civilizations - Sumer - lived as servants to their teachers and progenitors, the Anunnaki (a Biblical designation adopted by Sitchin) who walked among them and interbred with them. Sitchin unabashedly reads in those Sumerian tablets the descriptions of colonizers from a wandering planet associated with our solar system.

But we do not give blanket approval to Sitchin's theses. We, like many others, have difficulty in accepting his contention that the Annunaki's home is a heretofor-undiscovered solar system planet (Nibiru), moving in an unusual, highly-elliptical orbit that is hard for astronomers to observe at the present time. Another serious issue is the veracity of the information provided by Sumerian scribes.


This is discussed on the page Gnosticism, Archons/Greys, The Controller Agenda.

And then there is Sitchin's confusion over his duties as a scholar vs. his submersion into supernatural thinking, as I discussed in my 08 Feb 2005 posting to the much-underutilized Gods, Genes, and Consciousness Forum.

This confusion is strongly evident throughout Sitchin's The Cosmic Code, in which he takes great pains to divine the difference between "destiny" and "fate", as understood by "the gods" or God himself. Once grasped, Sitchin the scholar is nowhere to be found. What are these things? It doesn't matter, as long as we understand what God believes they are.

There are many examples of the possession of what we would call "scientific" information on the part of ancient or modern-day primitive cultures. Consider the work of Hapgood, who in his thorough analyses of ancient world maps (1997), shows that knowledge of world geography was actually in decline throughout all of ancient history, as though it had been derived from an earlier period of high knowledge totally unknown to us today. The oldest of these maps actually show the continent of Antarctica and its features which are now hidden by thousands of feet of polar ice. Our modern sounding techniques confirm the accuracy of these descriptions.

Freemasons Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas in their book Uriel's Machine (1999) review the stories of Enoch contained in the Freemasonic oral tradition.


The authors have traced the rituals of Freemasonry to the secret traditions of the Jews who wrote the Dead Sea scrolls and with the hereditary high priesthood of Jerusalem. Indeed, there is a concordance between the old rituals of the Ancient Scottish Rite, the Qumranian scrolls unearthed by the Templars in Jerusalem between 1118 and 1128, and the 2nd century C.E. Book of Enoch discovered by 18th century Freemason James Bruce near the Ethiopian city of Axum - whose authenticity was vindicated with the finding of nine further copies of The Book of Enoch after 1947.

But what of importance to the Open SETI propositions is contained in the Masonic traditions and The Book of Enoch?


Well many things, for example detailed information about the movements of the sun, moon, and the stars, said to have been taught to Enoch by an "angel" called Uriel, and about a strange group of beings called the Watchers, who bred with local women to produce giants as their children, the Nephilim, who apparently rampage throughout the land.

These Nephilim had many skills which they taught to men; they sometimes lived among men but returned to a distant place where they lived with their leader, who is described as God the Most High.

During his journeys taken in the company of various angels or Watchers, Enoch is told about the coming deluge. There is much evidence that the widely and deeply remembered world-catastrophic deluge did actually occur (for example see discussion below, this page), and this separated our historical era from a previous one of high civilization and technology.

[Note: We do not actually support The Book of Enoch and especially not its descriptions of "angels" and "Watchers" or "fallen angels". In fact, we rather consider this to be prime religious propaganda, but readers should be aware of it nevertheless. Follow the links, just below on this page, to discussion of books by Anton Parks.]

The possession of high knowledge in antiquity does not necessarily require ETI contact, but some researchers do not shrink at describing what we might call the "Enochian" epoch as clearly a time of colonization by powerful beings. For example, Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien present an amazingly clear picture of early colonization on Earth, gathered from a diligent study of old and newly-discovered epics, chronicles, and scriptures.


Their massive compilation, The Shining Ones, even more than the books of Zecharia Sitchin and others, constitutes a solid body of research supporting the inclusion of the colonization possibility in the Open SETI paradigm.60

Detailed information about wars fought with flying craft and advanced weaponry in the hands of super-human beings is also strongly present throughout the Indian Vedic literature. This is most accessibly reported in the works of Sitchin and Thompson (1995). Thompson in particular shows how the Vedas describe what we would today recognize as features of the UFO phenomenon.

Author John Lash writes that the Nag Hammadi texts contain,

"reports of visionary experiences of [Gnostic] initiates, including first-hand encounters with inorganic beings called Archons. Gnostic teaching explains that these entities arose in the early stage of formation of the solar system, before the Earth was formed. Archons inhabit the solar system, the extraterrestrial realm as such, but they can intrude on Earth."

Descriptions of these entities will be immediately recognized by some modern readers.

For much more on this subject, including Lash's and the Gnostics' questioning of the veracity of the Sumerians' Anunnaki stories, see Gnosticism, Archons/Greys, The Controller Agenda.

An astonishing new series of books by French author Anton Parks (2005)provides a wide-screen, high-res view of the many races that were instrumental in establishing humanity on this planet, the linguistic keys for tracing their activities through the texts left to us from our ancient civilizations, and the present-day implications.

Malou Zeitlin writes:

"To have read... how Anton was "given" the keys to decode the original and secret mother-language of the Females (Eme) is beyond marvelous but not belief. For the first time ever, we human beings are also told of that very ancient gender conflict and why it is still influencing our daily lives."

The keys, by the way, include the use of a "Sumero-Akkadian syllabary."


The method involves the decomposition of words in ancient languages (Chinese, Hebrew, ancient Greek, Latin, etc.) into root syllables found in the syllabary. The meaning of the syllables in Sumerian and Akkadian provide profound insight into the words' meaning and derivation, and these point back to the "mother language," Eme.

Le Secret des toiles Sombres (Parks, 2005) is the initial volume of the quartet Les Chroniques du Grk.

The Archaeology, Astronautics & SETI Research Association (AAS RA) is dedicated to investigating, using scientific research methods but reporting in "layman's terms", the question of whether extraterrestrials have visited Earth in the remote past. Defining its investigation as Paleo-SETI, AAS RA looks for clues of extraterrestrial contact in the remote past through analysis of ethnological, mythological, and historical sources. Cultural traditions, myth and ancient folklore, petroglyphs, possible clues in the fossil record or in the genetic code are all within the scope of Paleo-SETI (Dopatka, 2003).

Erich von Dniken (2000) presents a very large number of beautiful and astonishing aerial photographs and much other carefully described, provocative information. There is new material here, well worthy of study.

Readers interested in Babylonian historian / temple priest Berossus' account of the man-fish Oannes, who taught the arts of civilization to the Babylonians, may see below insert:


Berossus, the Babylonian historian and priest of the Temple of Bel in Babylon brings us some details concerning an Abgal-Apkall in a surviving fragment of his book The Babyloniaca, unfortunately lost in the meanderings of history.


His descriptions are reminiscent of those of the Dogon.

In Babylon there were many people of diverse origins who dwelled in Chaldee and lived lawlessly, like animals in the fields.

In the first year there appeared a being that came out of the Erytheraeum Sea that runs parallel to Babylon. It said its name was Oannes and it was an animal gifted with reason. Its body seemed to be that of a fish. It had under its fish's head another head; it also had feet like those of a man, coming from its fish's tail. Its voice and language were human in their articulation. This representation has been conserved down to our time.

This being was accustomed to passing the day among men, but it never took any food. It gave them elements of learning in letters, science, metallurgy, art, the manner of constructing cities, of founding temples, creating laws; it taught the principles of geometry. It showed them how to distinguish the grains of the earth and to harvest fruits. In short, it instructed them in each thing that would serve to "sweeten" their mores and to humanize their life.

At that time, no material needed to be added to improve these instructions. And when the sun rose, this being, Oannes, returned to the water, to pass the night in the depths, because it was amphibian.

There followed other animals resembling Oannes.


in The Ancient Fragments, Isaac Preston Coy, 1980.

(extracted from 'THE CHRONICLES OF THE GRK / Notes (Neb-Heru)')


Astrological Symbols, Cosmogenesis, Human Survival

The cosmology of Dr. Paul LaViolette's Subquantum Kinetics (a revolutionary physics model - see below insert) converges with the symbols of astrology, tarot, and the lore of many ancient myth systems in his stunning works Genesis of the Cosmos: The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation (2004), Earth Under Fire (1997) and other books mentioned on this website.

extracted from 'Open SETI Physics 101'
Subquantum Kinetics

"Subquantum Kinetics is a serious scientific study which examines the problem of the interaction of solid bodies and electromagnetic fields with the physical vacuum, taking into consideration an extremely large portion of the theoretical and experimental knowledge of modern physics....

"There are grounds to recommend this monograph as a compulsory textbook for students of the physical sciences because without knowledge of the main aspects of subquantum kinetics, modern physics will not adequately develop as a science and also because the detailed understanding of physical phenomena and their complex interrelations is a basic requirement for every expert in the field of physics."

- from a review by Evgeny Podkletnov
Russian scientist noted for work on anti-gravity
Infinite Energy Issue 54, 2004

LaViolette's thesis is too large to be conveyed by any one of his books. Each develops one part and reviews the other interfacing pieces. Taken together, you have

  1. A review of modern physics showing how it rejected a poorly-conceived mechanical ether theory and failed to recognize a much more useful (and probably correct) transmutive ether model. General system theory is applied to extend commonly-recognized kinetic reaction processes from the observed macroscopic world to the subquantum domain.

  2. Subquantum processes are seen to engender our physical world with profound implications for astrophysics and cosmology. Many continuing mysteries in these fields are thus resolved.

  3. A key point in the Subquantum Kinetics (SQK) cosmology is the production of energy and matter out of the transmutive ether wherever gravitational potential wells are deep enough to favor it. This means there can be no black holes because regions of high mass density generate sufficient energy and matter to prevent collapse. In fact, a positive feedback loop in the dynamics gives rise to a potential for explosions.

  4. A focus on Galactic core energetics strongly suggests that all galaxies periodically experience violent core explosions. The "Seyfert galaxies" and quasars that we observe today are ordinary galaxies going through this phase.

  5. All intelligent inhabitants of any galaxy who have the minimum scientific perception and cultural memory (history) understand the urgency of learning how to deal with this phenomenon.

  6. Human society on Earth has experienced such periods, the most recent of which may be dated as having begun in 13,865 B.C. at the end of the last great ice age. (That would indicate the time of its appearance here; the energetic event would have begun 23,000 years prior to that at the Galactic core.)

  7. The transmission of knowledge of these cycles of destruction is of the utmost primary importance - and must be accomplished in some language or symbol system that would be universally evident to humans.

  8. The message, that includes ALL of the points mentioned above, has been encoded into the mythologies of all human cultures. LaViolette takes pains to decode many of them in his works.

  9. Much of the knowledge encoded and transmitted has not been available to us through our own technological means until very recently. For example, detailed knowledge of the position and activity of the Galactic core (which we can observe only in the radio spectrum) has been transmitted, as well as the directions to very slightly blue-shifted and red-shifted cosmic background energy. This means that the ancients who created the mythologies used in the transmission had access to technology at least the equal of ours.

  10. Such technology may have been extraterrestrial in origin. LaViolette does not insist that it was, but there may in some way be an extraterrestrial component in this story.

LaViolette's work successfully draws on an astonishing array of disciplines - high-energy physics, galactic and extragalactic astronomy, geophysics, geochemistry, climatology, glaciology, paleontology, archaeology and mythology - and does it with such mastery that one wonders what has kept it on the margins for so long.


It is not for any lack of erudition and scholarly treatment of the data. The only answer can be that he has offended the masters of each field by revealing their oversights, their illogic, and their refusal to address their unresolved issues.


By avoiding the pitfalls and building on the best information available in each area, LaViolette has constructed a significant new world view - one which is charged with meaning and even urgency for us in our times.


Evidence in Pre-Modern and Ancient Art

Elsewhere in this website (see New Search Strategies) I show how SETI Incrementalism leads even the "scientifically-oriented" researcher to consider and search for the presence of craft in our solar system. Why then not allow evidence of such craft that come within visible viewing range?


But that comes close to the "U" word, and this website avoids the issues of "what is the UFO?" and "are there UFOs?" as well as stories of alien contacts and abductions, because those are high-profile questions, their resolution has been slow to come about, while the very rich material under discussion in Open SETI has not been given proper and adequate attention until now

However, our exploration of suggestive material from earlier epochs and societies runs into a relatively untouched area: artistic renderings of craft and beings that should never have been encountered, according to conventional wisdom. The skeptical reader should consider that in the case of these old renderings, the issue is not whether the image was hoaxed by the artist if the piece is authentically old--unless one entertains the notion that imagined craft and beings of the present day were being imagined in essentially the same form centuries ago.

The important questions are:

1) whether the image is authentically old

2) whether the image is unmistakably clear

Matthew Hurley and others have compiled what appear to be the most complete and rapidly growing collection: Historical Artwork and UFOs.


Clearly, although much valuable research has been and is being done, the field itself is nascent, disorganized, and struggling for its very recognition. A very significant effort to define this field of research under the designation paleovisitology is described in the Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena Bulletin Vol. 8, No. 3-4, (July-December 2002).

In his editorial to this special issue, Dr. Vladimir Rubtsov discusses the position of paleovisitology with respect to historical anomalistics, historical ufology, and (radio) SETI.

This issue, along with other issues of the Bulletin, is strongly recommended for its insights into the thinking and courageous activities of scientists working on the cutting edge in the old Soviet Union and in today's new and equally challenging research environment.

Systematic Destruction of Archaeological Anomalies

Everyone is familiar with the final warehouse scene (below image) in Raiders of the Lost Ark, depicting the disposition of the Ark of the Covenant at the convenience of a major government.

That was fantasy but would there be any reason why a real-life government would want to treat an archaeological wonder in that way?

This is the question to ponder when confronted with reports describing exactly this treatment of sites: bulldozing-over, destruction of artifacts, involvement of intelligence agencies, and even crating up and shipping out of articles that will never see the light of day.

Anomalous archaeological findings have always been suppressed (Cremo and Thompson 1994), but for more mundane reasons relating to the sociology and prejudices of science, such as discussed elsewhere in this Open SETI white paper.


The activities suggested here go beyond that, and seem to set the perspective of a rather vast operation to preserve a certain view and even definition of the human race.





54 - The SCAM: Society's Common Approved Myth.

Its scope is cosmic. Its level of detail? An exercise for the reader. But it is not necessarily a judgment of "everything you know". Note the qualifiers: common and approved. To grasp The SCAM, one cultivates an attitude of skepticism. This is not a reference to the several "skeptics" organizations, which actually function as thought police, seeking to correct deviations from The SCAM.


60 - Colonization by what? Although they do not press this heavily in their book, perhaps because they do not possess the high-quality evidence that would be required to do so, the O'Briens would say we had been colonized by a group of Ascended Masters.

It was due to this aspect of their book - their belief system - that Open SETI did not make use of their highly important compendium for several years. However, Paul Von Ward, in his Gods, Genes, and Consciousness, has now provided the context of "Advanced Beings" and man's stages of relationship to them, with which to understand and work with the O'Briens' writings.