by Noel Huntley


Excerpted from "ETs and Aliens "
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One evening around 1986, the sky of Los Angeles was lit up with a kaleidoscopic display of colors.


Millions of people, including the author, witnessed this unique light show during dusk at a great height. Streaks and patterns of zigzagging oranges, reds, greens and yellows could be seen high-lighted by a flash of white light cast by the sun, even though the sun was below the horizon as viewed at ground level.


Citizens were remarking, 'Is it a UFO?'

Typical controlled media coverage duteously told us it was a malfunctioning missile from the Air Force Base (probably Vandenberg). Later it was revealed in a radical newspaper, Contact, that it was indeed a missile but with a few additions.

The military were preparing to send up a rocket which had a nuclear warhead (reason unknown).


Extraterrestrials who are in a constant state of vigilance regarding the military and governments on this planet sent out a warning from a spacecraft, high in the sky above the clouds, that the rocket would be disabled if the military followed through with the plan.

Communication of ETs with the military and of course the secret government is not uncommon.


Needless to say the military were not deterred, and determined to execute their program, began preparing another rocket which normally does not carry warheads, but this one did. However, the ETs were fully aware of this ruse and sent another warning that the rocket would be stopped if they proceeded. By now an irate military had located the spacecraft and they sent up a heat missile.


This type of missile has been known to upset the field of some crafts causing them to land. In this case, however, the ETs were ready and they 'toyed' with the missile, causing it to zigzag over a considerable region of space, and then they destroyed it.

One of the first recorded examples of military confrontation with ETs was the well-known Mantell case in 1947.


A pilot, Captain Mantell pursued relentlessly a UFO as reported by him via radio. It was clearly visible above him and moving away. He remained in radio contact with ground as he followed the 'huge' spaceship. The next thing we know is that his radio ceased and his aircraft was found crashed on the ground.


The nature of the damage, in particular, the crumpled wings, was not compatible with the expected damage as a result of impact with the ground.

Many years later this example arose in a channeling session transmitted from a so-called Ascended Master who explained that it was a highly unfortunate incident in which the pilot was determined to get as close as possible to the spacecraft, combined with the ETs' unfamiliarity with the frailty of earthman's aircraft.


Such a vehicle with protruding parts would be exceedingly vulnerable in the vicinity of the powerful antigravity field of the spaceship. As a result the wings folded, plunging the craft and pilot to Earth.

From around 1947, UFO encounters were becoming frequent, and united States security forces were alerted in order to bring some control over UFO sightings and understand what was happening.


During this period, president Truman established the MJ-12 in 1947:

a secret government agency which would handle the alien contacts that were occurring and liaise with the ETs.

Prior to Truman, presidents were cognizant of military ET and UFO information but since the formation of MJ-12, presidents are given information on a need-to-know basis and often given false data.

William Cooper's material is extensive on the subject of government cover-ups, some of which we are referencing here.


The formation of the MJ-12 was apparently particularly prompted by the Roswell incident in 1947. Shortly after the Roswell crash of a UFO with crew, followed shortly by another one, a great deal of attention was given to the UFO  problem; in particular to understand space-craft technology, what has now become known as reverse engineering.


The NSA (National Security Agency) was created to protect the secret of any alien encounter.


The various departments:

  • CIA

  • OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence)

  • ONR (Office of Naval Research)

  • R&DP (the Research and Development Board)

  • NSA Scientific Intelligence,

...only received limited information from MJ-12. None knew the whole story.


Through the NSA all forms of communication can now be tapped and monitored.

J.F. Kennedy's involvement with the MJ-12 was no doubt instrumental in contributing to his assassination. Kennedy repeatedly pressured the CIA for information on UFOs. This unnerved several prominent figures, needless to say the information was denied the president.

According to Timothy Cooper's article in Nexus magazine, this needling of the CIA could have had sensitive repercussions, since MJ-12 included other projects that were equally classified, such as Parasite, Parhelion, Enviro, Psyop, Green, Spike and House Cleaning, but also MK-ULTRA (mind control operation).

Further to this, Marilyn Monroe, friend of Kennedy, made a telephone call to a New York art dealer, which was wired, revealing her discussion with Kennedy regarding his secret visit to an undisclosed military base to see alien artifacts; no doubt fuelled by her broken relationship with Kennedy.

The FBI already maintained a security dossier on her because of her previous marriage to a well-known writer, suspected of having communist affiliations. Thus according to Cooper, Marilyn Monroe was the victim of a national security management hit by the CIA and the Mob.


Following this, Kennedy threatened to share classified UFO data and other sensitive material with the Russians through the director of NASA, coinciding with his peace overture to the Russians via joint space exploration. Thus Kennedy was requesting the CIA - the Agency he swore he would break into a thousand pieces - just to hand over the most guarded secret ever.


The consequence of this we all know only too well.

Contacts with the Greys and Dracos aliens between 1947 and 1951 led to the agreement that underground bases in the U.S. would be provided in exchange for certain alien technologies (usually archaic from the alien point of view but very advanced for the government).


The aliens would also be allowed to carry out abductions, and mutilation experiments without interference.

The government apparently did insist that the Greys provide a list of activities, abductions, etc. presented to their NSA Council. It gradually became evident, however, that the aliens were deceiving the government and military and that their motivations were more nefarious:

to ultimately infiltrate and control the planet.

Note that the aliens continue to deceive and manipulate the secret government to this day.


By this time the aliens had established themselves on Earth and were well-positioned for unfolding their plan. They interacted with private factions within several Earth governments. It has been rumored in articles that there are over a million Dracos in underground bases and cities, and according to the Dulce Papers, over 18,000 Greys at Dulce, New Mexico.

It has been reported that the crashed UFO at Roswell contained four dead aliens. Between 1947-52 the U.S. government obtained about 16 crashed alien crafts and 65 alien bodies. One live was captured.

It is said that the CIA was originally created by presidential executive orders for the purpose of dealing with the ET situation. The U.S. government has delineated over 70 species of aliens trying to make contact and has in its possession over 40 flying discs and over 100 alien corpses. Alien spacecraft technology is being used by the Government.

Relevant to utilization of alien technology for spacecraft propulsion is the unfortunate incident related by Dr. Michael Wolf in his book Catchers of Heaven.


He served as consultant to the President and the National Security Council on ET matters and was a member of the Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) and the UFO secrecy management agency's Special Studies Group.

Dr. Wolf was probably one of the most academically qualified people on this planet, possessing several doctorates and other qualifications. He had worked on many secret government projects and had been a prominent participator in the ET interactions. He even had his own liaison agenda with ET friends, much to the frustration of the authorities.


He referred to his ET friend Kolta, a type of Zeta, as 'the most lovely person in the universe.'

In his book, Dr. Wolf recounts an incident in a security government underground base in which a single Grey alien was demonstrating to 41 military and a couple of scientists an antimatter reactor. The alien asked the colonel to have his men remove all bullets and guns from the room for safety reasons. The colonel, however, refused.


This led to an altercation culminating in the Grey being fatally shot by one of the troops. Dr Wolf stated that immediately all military men present except one, and both scientists, dropped dead instantly. It was discovered they all had brain damage.

Dr. Wolf said that they left one person alive to witness their power. Also he said that at a later time one of the aliens apologized to him stating that it wasn't necessary to kill the scientists.

Dr. Wolf, after his retirement, represented the typical threat to the authorities of a man holding a wealth of secret information. For example, he developed a clone for the military which had ethical judgment much to the annoyance of the military, who ordered a killing machine.


According to Dr Wolf it would not destroy a dog when commanded.

Owing to the elite knowledge which he possessed he became a target. 'Terrorists' forced his car over a cliff, killing his wife, unborn child, and 16-year-old son. Dr Wolf survived, but knowing it was meant for him. Since then he has incurred three terminal diseases.

As a further piece of relevant information, when anyone works for the secret government and ceases for whatever reason, they become a major threat to these elite controllers.


The steps to handle this problem are varied in methodology,

  1. assassination

  2. induced terminally ill diseases by disease-modulated EM waves

  3. memory erasure with appropriate substitution or dub-in

  4. when possible, drugged and interned in an institution

  5. residence at 'Elephant Farm' in Washington State, where all town folks have been employees of the secret government, or have needed handling for some reason, and where drugs are issued freely and the most advanced programming techniques are applied. Visitors are not welcome

Dr. Wolf cites several confederation of ETs visiting us:

  • the Alliance, from the Altair system

  • the Corporate of Greys, from the Zeta Reticuli system

  • the Federation of Worlds, of unspecified races from many star systems

  • the United Races of Orion

Dr Wolf also refers to a 'cabal' renegade organization within the UFO cover-up, with the purpose of deliberately subverting the peaceful negotiations with the ET visitors.


This group utilizes attack strategies on spacecrafts.

Another example of lethal conflict between aliens and the government is given in the Cooper material.


A Dr Bennewitz, through UFO-related contacts and information gained by hypnosis of abductees, identified an underground secret facility a kilometer below the surface beneath Archuleta Mesa on the Indian reservation near Dulce, New Mexico - an area prolific for mutilations. The installation was said to be operated jointly by the u.S. government and aliens.

Bennewitz revealed that the base was 2.5 miles northwest of Dulce. One can see telemetry trailers and five-sided buildings with a dome. To the north there is a launch site with two wrecked spacecrafts which are 36 feet long.

The base is 4000 feet long and helicopters can be seen entering and exiting on a continuous basis. Apparently when it became known that Bennewitz was aware of this, the mutilations in the area ceased and the base closed temporarily. This appeared related to the fact that the Greys and government officials fell into serious conflict over weapons, and the humans were removed by the aliens, killing 66 government personnel; 44 escaped.

One of those that escaped was a CIA agent who took secret documents with him and went into hiding.


Every six months he contacted five people with whom he left copies of the classified material. His instructions were that if he missed four successive contacts, the people would do whatever they wanted with the material.

Now the infamous Roswell crash that occurred in 1947 was of a spacecraft which was apparently brought down by magnetic radiation from radar experiments conducted by the military. It wasn't realized that the radar could be used as a weapon in this manner.


According to Zoosh, the aliens were from Sirius and have some similar traits to the Zetas. The second crash shortly after this was also of a spacecraft from Sirius but the beings were more human looking, though small in stature - around 3-4 feet.


(Note that the negative Sirians had the habit of cloning others, such as the Zetas to take the blame for their misdeeds.)

In 1948 there was reported to be a crashed disk in New Mexico in which were found human body parts. It was apparently a medical ship possessing a medical laboratory and it was not unusual to find such things. The ship had a self-destruct mechanism, but apparently failed to destroy the human parts.

The EBE (extraterrestrial-biological entity) that was caught by the government following one of the crashes around 1947-48 was confined and died in 1952. A colonel who was also a telepath obtained some accurate information from the alien but the channel source, Zoosh, points out it was simplified - as in the case of an adult talking to a child.

It was revealed that a broadcast into space was made in an attempt to save its life. Official sources indicated it was not responded to but the channeled source states it was, and the response was to return it. But the alien was not released.

Many ETs are living within the Earth. Generally it is necessary to gain access to their domain through spiritual doorways.


The secret government, with a technology hundreds of years ahead of our known orthodox science, which was obtained from aliens, have created dimensional portals to literally snatch ETs from the security of their inner-Earth society. These beings are experimented on and utilized for cloning purposes.


As a result of conflict, however, within secret government authorities, in which ethics has been questioned, a lessening of controls has occurred over the captive ETs.

On one occasion three escaped to the surface through dimensional doorways. Two were possibly killed and the third was seen and reported by humans.
Mass evacuation of ETs from underground cities has occurred because of these violations by the secret government, intending to return in the future.


The secret government, however, has ceased all such raids as they now realize these ETs could be their future customers.


The captured ETs were of varied races:

  • Pleiadians

  • Orions

  • Zetas

  • Antares

  • Sirius, etc.

In addition to this particular deterrent to living underground, many inner-Earth races have left because of the massive mining operations underground in the U.S. from half a mile to much deeper.


The mining is for minerals and the technologies used are high-energy laser and high-energy ultrasonics. Sound techniques can be highly dangerous to all life, in particular, low frequencies such as ELF (extremely low frequencies) that the government utilize for transmitting signals through rock and water and for navigational purposes for all kinds of transportation.

In spite of the above-mentioned evacuations there are many inhabited cities underground including ones housing government families - see the Shining The Light books.


Tunneling has been constructed from Williams to Black Mesa and under Hopi Mesa close the their sacred site.


In fact this particular one, explained by channeled source Zoosh, is guarded by spiritual beings and is a vital vortex centre linking to the North Pole, keeping the planet in balance. Interference with this site could result in the polar caps melting.

The purpose of acquiring all these minerals is business with the ETs in exchange for technology, which although not negative in itself is utilized by the government - even converted to negative technologies - for nefarious purposes, and the further enslavement of man on this planet.


The Xpotaz, act as go-between in the deals the government make with aliens.



Note: Xpotaz, a renegade cabal. In the 'Shining The Light' book they are referred to as particularly dangerous time travelers. They no longer have a home planet.


Contacts between ETs and humans of a friendly nature have been reduced in recent years due to the technological ability of the secret government to know the existence of any UFO contact with Earth and the location anywhere on the planet.

They have a device - no doubt ET technology - which emits a sound and light frequency that acts as a matrix. It strains all ET interactions with Earth enabling them to detect any UFO landing whether an actual contact is made or not.

If really necessary, however, ETs can beat this system by going far back in time and coming forward on a different time line, but one that intersects with our present. This makes the ET contact with Earth almost impossible to detect with the device, except by examining an almost infinite number of possibilities.

Another system discouraging the presence of ETs on Earth or even at a distance is that comprising the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) transmitters of the secret government/military which, amongst many other capabilities, can map a mothership at considerable distance.


In addition, these electromagnetic waves are harmful to the ET crews at such distances that they have had to move well beyond the Moon. The ETs could use the ship's shielding to protect them from the EM waves but if they do, such a field enables HAARP to map the ship in more detail - giving photographs.

A particularly significant government/alien interaction was one that is well known as the 'Philadelphia Experiment'. In the 1930s the military began the secret project with the purpose of attaining invisibility of objects, such as ships, aircraft, etc.


Some of the best brains were involved:

  • Einstein

  • Von

  • Tesla, etc.

The public are told that radar invisibility has been accomplished but not told that the stealth technology also gives light invisibility.


The Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 was the culmination of this research and although the results of this were top secret, even when this was leaked out it was still not known that the Zetas played a key role.

These aliens, following their offer of technical information that helped the allied government to win WW2, gave the government the rudimentary knowledge to create invisibility of objects. Nevertheless, there was a deliberate deception on their part - a hidden purpose to cause a rift in space.

Information on the now commonly known aspects of the Philadelphia Experiment is plentiful so we won't reiterate them other than to say it was 'successful'; meaning invisibility was achieved but with unexpected teleportation and time travel of the battleship USS Eldridge.


It was, however, a disaster for some members of the crew. In the first attempt at invisibility, the ship - fitted with electromagnetic coils, etc. - was without crew. This was apparently successful but there was lack of data as to what happened. Consequently, without more definite knowledge of success, and safety, the military ordered an attempt at invisibility with crew on board.


It has been stated that at this point Nikola Tesla backed out. Either he was fired for attempted sabotage/disagreement or resigned.


The ship disappeared and eventually reappeared with crew members lethally embedded in the hull or wandering about insane.

The nefarious deception by the negative Zetas was to utilize the experiment to create a tear in spacetime that would enable their spacecrafts to enter Earth's domain undetected. Approaching the planet normally would alert many sources, for example, as mentioned, the government has an ET device which registers the arrival of all alien crafts on Earth. In addition, rival alien groups would be alerted, such as pirate and renegade ETs.

The dimensional portal enabled fleets of Zeta ships to enter Earth through the actual physical body of the Earth - underground. This of course was achieved via astral frequencies; the natural frequency range of the Zetas.


From this location they could broadcast from a great many ships specific electromagnetic pulses to the Sun to realign the electric and magnetic fields of the Sun to cause misalignment of Earth's grid (with the Sun and parallel Earths). There was no awareness of this by the secret government when treaties were signed during WW2.

This interference of the Sun/Earth electromagnetic alignment was apparently the cause of the scientific concern during the abnormal solar activity between 1949 and 1972. In addition to this plan of the Zeta/Draco to take over Earth, there was an unexpected imbalance in the electric and magnetic fields of several dimensional bands of the so-called Merkaba fields.


According to the Guardian Alliance this would have caused solar energy during 1972 which would have vaporized the human population. Earth's scientists calculated that the anomalous behavior of the Sun's activity, if continued, would cause a huge explosion on the Sun in 1972 wiping out humanity by 1984. This was of course kept from the media.

The Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds through the Sirian Council of the Guardian Alliance used holographic inserts to correct temporarily the imbalances while the Sun's electric and magnetic fields were gradually re-aligned.

When the aliens realized they had been foiled they agreed to a treaty accepting help from the Guardian Alliance and to be relocated on another planetary system. Nevertheless, there was a group that resisted, which we still have to contend with.


This group, mainly the Dracos-Zetas, have continued with the longterm plan in which three spacetime tears would enable them to set up a frequency fence for enslavement of humankind and prevent DNA assemblage. The Voyagers books give a more complete account.

The second spacetime rift, created in 1983, enlarged the first one in 1943. This has been covered in detail in the Montauk books from the viewpoint of the humans involved. This was another experiment deceptively manipulated by the aliens. The ships were brought in again for manipulating the Earth's grid system by means of EM pulses with a view to furthering their plans for the frequency fence and the Zeta-Dracos takeover of Earth.

As stated, three rips were necessary at dates:

1943, 1983, and 2003 (involving 20-year electromagnetic field cycles).

With the 1983 experiment, the 1943 tear was enlarged as planned and the subsequent time portal link between these periods was formed, and also a link to the Dracos-Zeta dimensional-time period.


From 1983 to the present moment the aliens are preparing to influence the government again for the creation of the third spacetime manipulation. After 2003 the frequency fence will gradually become effective.


The purpose is to stop the fifth DNA strand (and above) from activation. (The human DNA has 12 strands; 3 to 12 are electromagnetic and disconnected.)

This setback for the human race would prevent man's evolution/ascension during the period 2012 to 2017 when dimensional portals are aligned at the completion of the 26,556 ascension cycle, trapping man for another such time cycle.

The secret government think the aliens are helping them with mass control of the population through this frequency fence. That is, to scramble selected brain-wave patterns, mutate the DNA, block out frequencies from enlightened ETs or any outside government control and even further, block the information from the soul and collective levels.


But the Zetas are not just working towards creating a docile and obedient populace; they have plans of a genetic nature.


While the government create the distractions for the masses and the general suppression, the Zetas have been full intent on preserving their species. This involves creating the hybrids and segregating the population into those with desirable genetic material and those without.


The best would be used to create various strains of hybrid beings to strengthen and re-colonize their settlement on Earth.

A spectacular incident observed by humans in the early 90s involved several UFOs, one enormous in size, and military jet planes. It occurred over Secret Mountain in Sedona; the location of a secret government base. A large column of smoke was observed but no sound - no explosive sound - and an exchange of weapon fire between the UFOs. The military appeared to be observing.

Channel Zoosh explained that the secret government were leaving the base, probably because it was becoming well known, but they carelessly were leaving it open and still in possession of alien secret devices, with the threat of terrorists entering and utilizing them.

It was essential that the Guardians stepped in and prevented this.


Positive ETs, however, cannot use force on Earth to achieve these ends (it is against spiritual law and will result in karmic repercussions). Fortunately there are apparently ETs who are incorruptible in this sense; they can be used for forceful operations where necessary, with efficient action and keeping damage to a minimum.

For this mission the Guardians went back in time to contact the so-called Pleiadian warriors, who were able to efficiently handle such problems without incurring any negativity.


They accepted the task and came in a 10-mile long spacecraft (within which was a 3-mile ship and many smaller ones). They 'dropped' a sonic bomb on the mountain top over the secret base, which silently went through the cliff entering the base and engulfing the equipment, causing severe disruption of all machinery. Unfortunately killing and injuring several personnel.


It was essential that such technology did not get into the hands of terrorists.

Another very secret base of huge proportions is under the Cape of Good Hope according to Shining the Light material. Zoosh describes its size as about 250 square miles less than the area of Rhode Island. It is 150 miles down and approached either via underwater methods such as submarine or through a maze of complex tunnels - some 400, designed to confuse.

Not only humans from the surface work in these bases but there are apparently about 150,000 humanoids specially developed for security and police work underground.


Zoosh says they are not exactly clones. They are grown in a chamber and emerge with, in appearance, an age of about 20. They are suitably aggressive. A crystal matrix is used at the base of the skull and spine to deflect mature souls from entering, but allowing the entrance of a somewhat lost, inferior species of spirit.

The Cape of Good Hope is the headquarters base and consists of cities for the aliens and government personnel. Surface personnel have duties of about three months then their memories are masked. This is not necessary with the underground human type.

The secret government, up until recently, had also acquired a huge alien satellite about three and a half miles long. It orbited over the poles and acquired energy from them. All waste was recycled so that no debris was detected. The satellite was like a huge laboratory for creating advanced technology and was brought to Earth by the renegade Xpotaz about 100 years ago.


There were nine renegades accompanied by 180 androids, though more machine-like, but too advanced for robots, states Zoosh.

This huge factory ship contained a secret not revealed to the government. It was essentially alive, spiritized and designed originally by early Xpotaz, who were more in tune with God. The purpose of its design was for spiritual fulfillment, which would become apparent when the Xpotaz evolved further and would discover the method of converting it.


Anyone present at the time of conversion would also be converted spiritually.


Prior to the removal of the satellite, a few descendent Xpotaz were present along with the original 180 androids and about 150 government personnel. Government scientists were and still are trained by 'inculcation' techniques which enable vast amounts of information to be absorbed quickly, but uncomfortably - it is a shock to the system.

Many extraterrestrial contacts of a benevolent nature have been made to the major governments of our planet, even written manifestos transmitted from advanced races.


Nevertheless, in general the ETs knew that they would be rejected and merely had the purpose of letting the government know they are there and ready to aid Earth when it is ready.