by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii

from Exopolitics Website


On April 29, 2008, I did a road trip across the Big Island of Hawaii where Angelika Whitecliff and I visited Kaumana Cave just outside of the town of Hilo, and then traveled between the two largest volcanoes on the Island (and the planet) Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea where we saw lenticular clouds embedded with flying saucer shapes.


Angelika is the main organizer of the upcoming Earth Transformation Conference and a life long telepathic communicator who has worked professionally in the refinement of her skill, and offered many valuable insights into extraterrestrial life.


Some of her telepathic communications and extraterrestrial related experiences are in below insert:


Visionary Communications

by Angelika Sareighn Whitecliff

August 19, 2004

from GalacticDiplomacy Website

This is a possible, plausible and currently active model for ET contact and the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships which will assist the Earth's entry into the galactic community as a conscious, self-determining and empowered member.

Each new relationship will be founded upon the collective agreement that the loving support of the spiritual evolution of humanity is the paramount objective of contact and all subsequent interactions. In tandem all new ET associations will support and uphold the right of humanity's loving stewardship of the planet and assist our increased understanding of how to promote respectful and harmonious interactions with all of Gaia's diverse species, life forms and environments.

Contact will begin through the individual initiative of starseeds, walk-ins and those with open minds, open hearts and strong integrity - who in loving awareness of their own star heritage - project the invitation in a thought-form of light to our ET neighbor's. These thought-forms will clearly convey that we are ready to establish and take responsibility for a mutually edifying exchange.

Next, small groups of these inviting human-starseed hosts will join together in common vision around the planet. Awakened to self and in communication with the many Earthly kingdoms including but not limited to the animal, plant, mineral and delvic groups, all will honor the many voices of Gaia and unite with the goal of raising consciousness on the planet, healing the environment and goodwill for all.

These individuals and groups will reach out into our galactic community with consciousness, using the intuitive gifts of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsensience and the other psychic abilities spiritually evolved beings all share, beginning the process of communication.

Becoming our first galactic ambassador's and diplomats of an awakened humanity, such individuals will become responsible for shepherding the planet into its galactic role as member and peer. Educational relationships will begin and be established with willing ET groups in alignment with the enlightened humanity's objectives.

Physical contact will next begin as high-minded motives and integrity are used as foundations for further activities together. Then small groups will subsequently build bases upon the land, after acquiring Gaia's permission and support, for the sites of sustained ET contact. Gaia will further provide adequate portals and vortexes for physical, inner and extra-dimensional travel and the travel of consciousness to our sister planes of reality.

These initial bases will accommodate the viewing and eventual landing of ET craft, and provide meeting and resting facilities for human-ET exchanges.

In the future we will be utilizing our combined resources in 5th dimensional light technologies and architecture. For now landing platforms, housing and all other necessary constructs will be erected and made available to the chosen ET groups in sustained contact with the site specific galactic diplomats in residence and visiting.

Eventually, the numbers involved in such ET interactions will increase and the collective consciousness will be stimulated with a new model for galactic awareness. Gently and in harmony with the evolution of consciousness upon the planet, all of humanity will awaken to perceive the new model of reality and all our brother and sister communities of space.


What follows is based on telepathic communications received by Angelika during our road trip that are of interest to those analyzing a range of conventional and non-conventional data on extraterrestrial life.


We did not take any photos of the lenticular clouds and there is no empirical evidence to substantiate anything of what I'm about to share.


Nevertheless, it is significant information that offers insights into what may be soon happening on our planet regarding open contact with extraterrestrial life. I offer what follows as part of a non-conventional data set to stimulate discussion and clarify the choices we face concerning open contact with extraterrestrial life, and how individuals might take a proactive stance on issues to be presented.

When meditating in Kaumana Cave, a two mile section of an exposed lava tube originating from Mauna Loa with a public entrance designated by the County of Hawaii as a Country Park, Angelika received a telepathic message from a native Hawaiian Spirit.


His main message was very simple:

"The Sky People are coming".

He then advised:

"you need to tell your people."

Angelika then explained what subsequently was communicated:

Since many extraterrestrials are already here, I asked if the ones coming were the 'Akhu' [the Shining Ones] or those with self-serving intentions. He stated the latter. I replied that I would gather our telepathic contact group and tell others. That we would work together to create the first 'Open Contact' with our benevolent friends.

Angelika and I then proceeded to drive down Saddle Road, the only road between the two volcanoes. Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa were particularly beautiful to view since both still had snow at their peaks which is always a treat given the tropical warm weather of the Hawaiian Islands . We saw a very large formation of lenticular clouds that had flying saucer shapes embedded within them.


Such clouds are often seen near Mauna Kea (photo above) and Mauna Loa which are powerful energy conduits. Mauna Loa is exactly situated at a latitude of 19.5, and along with Mauna Kea, are the two largest of the five volcanoes that collectively make up the Big Island of Hawaii. According to Richard Hoagland's hyperdimensional physics, the Big Island is one of the unique planetary formations that can be observed in our solar system along with Jupiter's Red Spot and Mar's Cydonia region.

We were at that time traveling through the section of the Saddle Road which is situated on Pohakaloa military training grounds, located between these two sacred Hawaiian volcanoes. Angelika communicated with the extraterrestrials that were apparently in vehicles hidden inside the lenticular cloud formations we were watching.


They told her:

"There is nothing to see here. Move on!"

One of the things I find intriguing about this communication is that there may be related to the biblical proscription against observing clouds and mediumship.


The Book of Deuteronomy (18:10-11) instructs:

There shall not be found in you one who passes his son or his daughter through the fire, one that uses divination, an observer of clouds, or one divining, or a whisperer of spells, or a magic charmer, or one consulting mediums, or a spirit-knower, or one inquiring of the dead.

This passage is evidence that the ancient Hebrews had been instructed not to observe lenticular cloud formations where extraterrestrial vehicles (ETVs) could be hidden. The powerful electromagnetic fields generated by extraterrestrial vehicles can ionize and attract water molecules. This can explain why lenticular clouds often take the form of large flying saucers. Perhaps the ancient proscription against observing clouds was due to the need to show deference to the flying vehicles used by the ancient gods and/or Yahweh.


The communication received by Angelika may have indicated an attitude by extraterrestrials that date from an ancient time when ordinary individuals were discouraged from looking upon extraterrestrial vehicles, or communicating with them.

Angelika then relayed the following communication:

Because their attitude was one of concealment I replied that on my planet I had the right to look. It has been my experience that this type of attitude to turn attention away is because something is taking place that would raise objection if revealed. Feeling strongly that this extraterrestrial group was not here for the betterment of the world or people I next stated: "Leave my planet!"


Immediately I felt an energy directed at me which made my head feel shooting pains and static. Inside myself I firmly thought, "No! I am protected." The wave of energy immediately stopped or at least stopped having any effect. Our belief in ourselves is everything in these situations.

There was a pause… And a little while later a voice stated that they had agreements with the military.


I replied that the military did not speak for the people nor represent them. The voice said again that they had agreements with the military and that these were valid. In answer, I told the being that soon consciousness and awareness on our world would not allow them to stay. Soon, there would be no place for them here and this statement ended our exchange. The being did not respond further as Michael and I continued to watch the ships pass.


But there was really nothing else to be said.

Angelika went on to explain what she thought the significance of this exchange with the extraterrestrials given what had been earlier communicated with the native Hawaiian spirit:

We all now have the opportunity to create the future contact scenario that we want and feel good about in all ways. It is time to visualize, feel and meditate on respectful, loving and open contact with the Akhu.

Angelika and I then continued on our journey and discussed the significance of what had occurred.

It has been clear to me for some time that different groups of extraterrestrials are visiting our world. Many are highly evolved in ethical and spiritual terms and are supporting humanity's evolution as "spiritual beings having a physical experience". A smaller proportion has reached agreements with secret government authorities and is more interested in acquiring and exploiting physical resources on the planet.


I have compiled testimonial evidence concerning the motivations and activities of these two groups of extraterrestrials here.

According to the communication with the native Hawaiian Spirit, it appears that another faction of extraterrestrials is coming, these are known from antiquity as the Sky People, that overt contact with extraterrestrial life is imminent. This is consistent with authorized leaks over what is being discussed in secret United Nations meetings concerning extraterrestrial life that were disclosed from February 12-14, 2008.


The primary sources to these meetings have discussed a change in official policy to "openness" in 2009, and extraterrestrials "unambiguously showing themselves" by 2017. The new faction of extraterrestrials appear to be the same as those described in literature associated with Zecharia Sitchin's translations of Sumerian cuneiform texts as the returning Anunnaki, who are residents of the planet Nibiru.


The Anunnaki, for reasons associated with their history, can be included among the group of extraterrestrials described as "resource exploiters".

What remains to be determined, however, is which group of extraterrestrials will appear in a First Contact scenario which leads to open interaction with extraterrestrial life: "ethically advanced extraterrestrials" or the "resource exploiters".


There are four scenarios.

  1. Ethically advanced extraterrestrials will collectively appear first in response to humanity's highest aspirations

  2. Resource exploiting extraterrestrials with whom covert agreements have already been reached by military/government authorities will collectively appear first in a contrived First Contact

  3. A new faction of resource exploiting extraterrestrials appear who unambiguously show themselves and expose covert agreements between military/government authorities and other extraterrestrial factions

  4. There will be a combination of one, two and/or three based on the diversity of global population, level of societal awareness and plans by global elite to maximize their position.

It is highly desirable that the first contact scenario occurs.


Scenario one would offer to humanity the maximum opportunity to evolve as a planetary/galactic civilization where its citizenry can utilize their highest potential. This is consistent with the upsurge in popular literature concerning positive intention and collective manifestation of desirable outcomes as expressed in Greg Bradden's, The Divine Matrix, Bruce Lipton's, The Biology of Belief, and Lynne McTaggart's The Intention Experiment.


In fact, the popular upsurge in literature concerning human empowerment through positive intention, suggests that a first contact scenario concerning ethically advanced extraterrestrials is very possible. Small groups of private citizens working together to focus their aspirations through positive intention or similar meditative practices can provide a powerful means of advanced ethical extraterrestrials publicly appearing.

Due, to the secret agreements reached with the "resource exploiters" scenario two cannot be discounted. These extraterrestrials have enjoyed covert diplomatic relations with governmental/military authorities for over five decades. In the U.S. these have been based on secret Presidential Executive Orders that were initially signed by President Eisenhower. It can be assumed that open contact would make it possible for government/military authorities to transform these agreements from the black world of covert operations to the white world of open treaties duly ratified through constitutional processes.


Such an outcome would be tragic since it would legitimate agreements with resource exploiters who would manipulate governmental/military authorities more interested in technology acquisition, rather than human empowerment. Ultimately, human sovereignty would be greatly undermined. It would take decades if not generations to undo the harm done by publicly legitimating covert agreements reached with the "resource exploiters".


Given the control of governmental institutions and mass media by those involved in managing and implementing the covert agreements, Scenario Two is very possible.

The third scenario involves the Sky People who represent additional extraterrestrial groups who will be arriving at our planet. Among these arriving groups is a new but powerful faction of extraterrestrials that changes the existing dynamic between humanity, political elites and extraterrestrials currently visiting/based on Earth. These Sky People may include the returning Anunnaki who are associated with the return of Planet X/Nibiru.


There has been an increasing amount of literature of the return of the Anunnaki and Planet X/Nibiru. According to a military source who first leaked information concerning secret UN meetings on UFOs/extraterrestrial life, a new group of extraterrestrials would appear that would unambiguously show themselves by 2017 in a First Contact event.


This appears to be the scenario alluded to by the native Hawaiian Spirit.


In this scenario, if this group of Sky People turns out to be the returning Anunnaki, then their historical role in the evolution of humanity may lead to them intervening in ways that negatively impinge on humanity's sovereignty. Consequently, there are references to another faction of extraterrestrials appearing that makes an already complex global situation concerning extraterrestrial life, even more complex.

The fourth possibility is a mixture of scenarios one, two and/three. It may ultimately be determined that humanity is deeply divided between that portion wanting to take humanity in the direction of individual empowerment, and those willing to follow the directions issued by governmental authorities.


What then emerges is a bewildering mixture of different extraterrestrial civilizations emerging where individuals, groups and governments will have to exercise great discernment. Given the respective support scenarios one, two and three emerge from different portions of humanity and political elites, and some kind of timetable associated with exigencies surrounding the literature on 2012, the fourth scenario of a mixture is also very possible.

A synchronous event later occurred that evening that may highlight the seriousness of the above scenarios. I was discussing the events of our day trip and the first two scenarios by phone. After discussing problems raised by the second scenario, we experienced a total power black out and the phone conversation was cut at 8:40 pm for several hours.


Up to 1200 homes in the South Kona region were affected "when an overhead conductor broke free from its support on a pole," according to a Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO) spokesperson. That was highly unusual since weather conditions at the time were very calm.


The power blackout may have been triggered by actors displeased at what was being discussed.

In conclusion, what has been discussed is based on a non-conventional data set which helps to clarify some key issues concerning open contact with extraterrestrial life. At the forthcoming Earth Transformation conference (May 16-18, 2008), I will be presenting a typology of extraterrestrial civilizations based on energy use. This typology has been popularized by Professor Michio Kaku.


Understanding the way energy is used by extraterrestrials helps identify their ethical orientation and attitude towards the control and sharing of planetary resources. I believe that based on the way energy use determines the ethical orientation on extraterrestrial life, that we should choose to work with extraterrestrials that have most advanced away from dependence on finite planetary resources.


This means putting an end to agreements with "resource exploiters" to further our technological infrastructure, to working with extraterrestrials offering assistance in bridging the gap between our ethical capacities and technological sophistication.

As a species humanity is at a unique historical juncture. Knowledge and interactions with extraterrestrial life will very soon shift from a covert sphere of activities that is routinely dismissed by most citizens and the mass media, to overt extraterrestrial contact that is accepted as the new reality. We as a species need to consider how we want first contact to unfold, and which extraterrestrial groups we want to associate with.


We can follow the cleverly contrived and well resourced lead that will be offered by governmental authorities to legitimate the covert agreements reached over a fifty year period with existing extraterrestrial groups or with a new faction appearing in a short time. Alternatively, we can follow the lead of pioneering researchers and authors concerning human empowerment through positive intention, and balancing our ethical and technological capacities to make a major contribution to galactic life.


We need to develop much discernment in making the right choices about which extraterrestrials we would like to be involved in open contact. While many might consider such a choice is best made by governmental authorities, there is solid reason to believe that private citizens working in small groups using "positive intention" and similar meditative practices will play a significant role by choosing to work with ethically advanced extraterrestrial races.


Forming "Citizen Contact Councils", as I will propose at the upcoming Earth Transformation conference, may open a new chapter in humanity's evolution towards becoming a mature galactic society.