Gnosis Intro

This section incorporates the following subjects:

  • Hermeticism

  • Gnosticism

  • Alchemy

  • Quantum physics

  • Scalar physics

  • Freudian and Jungian psychology

  • Greek philosophy

  • Judaism and Christianity

  • Biblical eschatology

  • Ancient history

  • Prophecy

  • Catastrophism

  • Grail myths

  • Timeline dynamics

  • Synchromysticism

  • Celtic/Vedic/Aryan mythology

I am drawing upon a myriad of established subjects to reveal the prime motive behind our existence.


The “Gnosis” articles are what resulted from the vetting, analysis, and deconstruction of my own Gnostic flashes received since 2004. These were skeleton keys that unlocked a “Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory” that provided a single context for all other conspiracies.

My writing style will be revelatory: I will gradually reveal the point of each article as it progresses, and likewise the point of the series as it proceeds, so that readers can enjoy the eureka moments of pieces falling into place as they appear in my writing.


In the end, patience will pay off when the full picture stands before you.


What is Gnosis?

Ideally, Gnosis is enlightened knowledge, that which is given through inspiration and revelation from within and above.


It deals with the ultimate truth of who we are, why we are here, where we are going, and what “this” is all about. It deals with the biggest questions and mysteries of our existence. That is what this section is about.

Gnosticism has always been around, but the Christian form of it blossomed in the early part of the first millennium. The latter is what we conventionally think of as “Gnosticism”, which is the set of beliefs of the early Christian Gnostics according to the scriptures and artifacts they and their critics left behind. But these are just the dried husks left behind.

It’s paradoxical to call oneself a Gnostic nowadays solely by being able to regurgitate these writings, because Gnosis is about direct “inside” information on the Truth through inspiration and revelation. I would add dreams and synchronistic guidance to that as well.


It’s about direct access to the higher reality outside this Matrix Control System, to catch glimpses of what’s really going on here.

The early Gnostics would today be called mystics, contactees, and channelers. They had the same faults. Some were deluded, others tapped into disinformation, and many grossly misinterpreted what they saw. Their logic often failed when attempting to draw conclusions from incomplete information.


For instance, in seeing that our reality was generated by a tyrannical intelligence who ruled through law, ritual, and regulation, some ignorant Gnostics concluded that rebelling against all law, including morality, was the key to freedom, so they became deviant libertines. It’s from this kind of erroneous rebellious thinking that Satanic/Luciferian streams diverged off the main Gnostic river.


Like any higher knowledge, Gnosticism leads to a higher form of dualism between those who wield it responsibly and those who abuse it. Some use enlightened knowledge to better serve spirit, other to better serve ego.

Only a small fraction of Gnostics tuned into the right “radio station” and correctly interpreted it, but their views were lost among the noise of the rest. Thus all Gnostics were criticized and persecuted for seemingly making up whatever they wanted, that there was no internal consistency among them.


In contrast, the dogma of the Church was set in stone and provided utter dependability for the uncertain of faith, thus making it the word of God on the grounds that God speaks consistently.


But this defense of Church dogma over its immutability is a logical fallacy. A fixed Lie is worse than an evolving view of Truth. This same fallacy persists today among secular skeptics and religious fundamentalists who react like antibodies against foreign ideas emanating from the spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric fields. To them it’s all New Age bunk.


They fall for the oldest trick in the book, which is to play one lie off another, to expose the faults of one thing to justify swallowing the faults of another. True intelligence is transcending such binary thinking and discerning what false dichotomies attempt to conceal.

Modern Gnosis ideally taps into the same well of Truth familiar to the wise of old. The general idea stays the same; it’s the details and interpretations that differ. The Truth is too fantastic, grand, complex, and hyper-dimensional to be perfectly explained in our cultural context and language.


Therefore, whoever gets access to it will necessarily interpret it through his or her own filters, and scoop only as much from that well as can fit in his bucket.


I brought a big bucket.


Words from a Modern Gnostic

Philip K. Dick was a true modern Gnostic.


He had his own Gnostic visions toward the end of his life, although he was always under the guidance of a revelatory intelligence since the beginning of his career.

PKD spent his final years attempting to deconstruct and wordify his mystical vision. I think he was one among very few in the exoteric population (as opposed to the esoteric population which includes Rosicrucians, Illuminati, etc…) who glimpsed the true nature of our “matrix reality.”


To conclude this intro, read PKD’s 'The Ten Major Principles of Gnostic Revelation' (below insert), with which I find near total agreement.




The Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation
From Exegesis

by Philip K. Dick

  1. The creator of this world is demented.

  2. The world is not as it appears, in order to hide the evil in it, a delusive veil obscuring it and the deranged deity.

  3. There is another, better realm of God, and all our efforts are to be directed toward

    1. returning there

    2. bringing it here

  4. Our actual lives stretch thousands of years back, and we can be made to remember our origin in the stars.

  5. Each of us has a divine counterpart unfallen who can reach a hand down to us to awaken us. This other personality is the authentic waking self; the one we have now is asleep and minor. We are in fact asleep, and in the hands of a dangerous magician disguised as a good god, the deranged creator deity. The bleakness, the evil and pain in this world, the fact that it is a deterministic prison controlled by the demented creator causes us willingly to split with the reality principle early in life, and so to speak willingly fall asleep in delusion.

  6. You can pass from the delusional prison world into the peaceful kingdom if the True Good God places you under His grace and allows you to see reality through His eyes.

  7. Christ gave, rather than received, revelation; he taught his followers how to enter the kingdom while still alive, where other mystery religions only bring about amnesis: knowledge of it at the "other time" in "the other realm," not here. He causes it to come here, and is the living agency to the Sole Good God (i.e. the Logos).

  8. Probably the real, secret Christian church still exists, long underground, with the living Corpus Christi as its head or ruler, the members absorbed into it. Through participation in it they probably have vast, seemingly magical powers.

  9. The division into "two times" (good and evil) and "two realms" (good and evil) will abruptly end with victory for the good time here, as the presently invisible kingdom separates and becomes visible. We cannot know the date.

  10. During this time period we are on the sifting bridge being judged according to which power we give allegiance to, the deranged creator demiurge of this world or the One Good God and his kingdom, whom we know through Christ.



For a more thorough elaboration on PKD’s visions, see this book containing further excerpts from his personal notes titled Exegesis.

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1 - Corruption of the Demiurge

Ego Entitization of The Demiurge is The Adversary

13 July 2010



What the Greeks and Gnostics called the “Demiurge” is a universal intelligence that fashions our world.

It is said that the Demiurge converts abstract metaphysical archetypes (higher thoughts/ideas) into physically manifest forms, akin to your browser turning source code into a displayed web page. Just as a browser obediently displays what it’s given, the Demiurge projects, shapes, and perpetuates physicality in accordance with the archetypal thoughts fed into it by the Creator.


Archetypes are the building blocks of meaning, the fundamental alphabet of existence, the abstract thoughts of the divine, of which all things are but particular expressions.

Why is the concept of Demiurge even necessary? Well, we know from the “reality creation” phenomenon that our own minds can shape reality by directly altering the probability of events.


Due to the dependence of reality on mind, it would seem that reality is being projected by our minds. And yet, reality continues to exist even in our absence. When we stop paying attention to something physical, it does not wink out of existence. Obviously there must be something other than our own consciousness at work, something that is always there, that functions as the default generator and perpetuator of physicality. This would be the Demiurge.

Why not attribute this function to the Infinite Creator and dispense with the extra concept of Demiurge? Because as you will see, the characteristics of the Demiurge indicate more of a blind artificial intelligence than an infinite sentient being.


Therefore its function is uncharacteristic of the Creator and unique unto itself.


Demiurge, Logos, and Nous

Depending on the source, the terms “Nous” and “Logos” are used independently or interchangeably with the term “Demiurge.”


Sometimes Nous is equated with Logos, sometimes Logos with Demiurge, sometimes Logos is used instead of Demiurge, and sometimes these are treated as independent concepts with some specified relation between them. Plato saw the Demiurge as inherently good, while the Gnostics saw it as intrinsically evil. Meanwhile, John the Apostle equated Logos with Christ.1

It’s quite a confusing mess. The traditional views are not all in agreement, neither in definition nor in terminology.


Confusion abounds, so this is my attempt to clear things up. In studying what has been said about these terms, it’s evident that each term has a unique cluster of meanings recurrently associated with it.

  • “Demiurge” is typically associated with concepts like implementing, manifesting, building, translating, projecting, shaping, and perpetuating. The term implies a demigod with a blind urge to bring the unmanifest into manifestation.

  • “Logos” is associated with thinking, reasoning, imagining, reconciling, balancing, planning, engineering, and informing. The term implies mind or intellect, especially divine mind or higher intellect. It sees, knows, plans, lays down the blueprint, balances the equation.

  • “Nous” is associated with spirit. On the universal scale it represents the infinite Creator. On a personal scale it is the central core of individualized consciousness, the bedrock of sentience, the seed of infinite potential, the divine spark, that which engenders self-transcendence, the portion that is immortal and retains continuity through incarnations.

In Hermetic fashion, these concepts have their universal and personal expressions.


On the universal scale,

  • Nous is the spirit of Creation

  • Logos the mind of Creation

  • Demiurge the soul of Creation

  • while the universe itself is the body of Creation

On the personal scale,

  • Nous is our spirit

  • Logos our mind (higher mind to be exact)

  • Demiurge our soul

We are mirrors of Creation; as above, so below.


In this article I will focus primarily on the Demiurge since it underlies, permeates, generates, fashions, and ultimately controls physical reality.


It is therefore the nearest presiding power over our visible world; it is the central mainframe of this matrix reality, so to speak. Its origin, nature, and fate are inextricably bound with our own, therefore we should become familiar with it and thereby learn much about our history, world, and future.


Demiurge as Soul

One way to understand the Demiurge is to think of it as the World Soul.

Tradition says the Demiurge is made of soul. It is made of the same substance as our own soul, except it functions as the soul of the universe as a whole. Or conversely, our own souls are microcosmic instances of the Demiurge, just as a drop of water is a microcosmic instance of “water” in general.

Soul is the coupling medium between spirit and body. It provides the intervening layers between spirit and body that allows one to interact with the other. Otherwise the divide between nonphysical and physical is too great. Spirit is the core of sentience, freewill, and deep self-awareness. Without spirit, a person is nothing more than an automaton programmed by external worldly influences.

Soul, as distinct from spirit, has two primary layers: astral and etheric.

  • The astral component, or astral body, is the seat of immediate emotional impressions, subjective biases, passions, and willpower. Without the astral body, a person would be dim and passive as a vegetable due to an absence of internal impressions, emotions, and will.

  • The etheric component, or etheric body, is comprised of subtle energy formations, patterns, rhythms, inertias, currents, and structures that vivify, shape, and regulate the physical body. Think of it as an energy scaffolding made of life-force. Without the etheric, the physical body is but a corpse that disintegrates under the influence of entropy.

The Demiurge is made of soul. At the same time, the Demiurge lacks spirit, meaning that alone it has no true sentient core, no true self-awareness. All it has are passions, urges, and drives applied toward repetitions, patterns, rhythms, laws, and frameworks.


Therefore, by itself it is a blind artificial intelligence that cannot help but act on the directives of its constitution. And that is the very definition of the universal Demiurge.


It is quite rightly the World Soul.



Demiurge as Thought-form

Another way to understand the Demiurge is to think of it as a World thought-form.

Thought-forms are temporary nonphysical entities created by our thoughts and emotions. They exist around us in the etheric level of reality and are imbued with astral energies corresponding to the emotions that went into them.


They are termed tulpas, egregores, or larvae in other esoteric systems.

Everyday thought-forms are just energy constructs without any spirit, mind, or body coupled to them.


They are borne of our own energies and blindly carry out the functions impressed upon them like obedient automatons. If the thoughts and emotions that generated them are cut off, these thought-forms dissipate. But if they are particularly strong, they become entitized and acquire a self-preservation instinct, meaning they acquire a strong artificial intelligence making them capable of parasitically inducing more of the same thoughts and emotions in us needed to sustain them.

Since thought-forms are made of astral and etheric energies, and so is the soul, both are the same in essence. The soul is a thought-form constructed by spirit before birth so that spirit can interface with the body. Or conversely, a common thought-form is a free-floating provisional soul lacking body and spirit.

Likewise, the universal Demiurge is a “World thought-form” created by the Creator before the physical universe came into being in order to project, shape, and operate it. Or conversely, regular thought-forms are free-floating provisional instances of the Demiurge.

Soul, Demiurge, and thought-forms are all fundamentally comprised of astral and etheric components, and therefore share a common basis.


They are each specific examples of each other’s general definitions.


Formation of Ego in the Soul

Prior to birth, when spirit coalesces a soul and first incarnates into a human embryo, it is for the most part without human ego or personality. The latter develops in the soul during the first years of life through adaptation to physical life as a human being.

The ego develops because soul is influenced by the body and, through it, the world. Physical experiences, five sense perceptions, neurological functions, and instinctual drives all stamp their impression into the soul. Through perception, the soul is further shaped by education and social programming. Accordingly, the soul acquires a mask carved by all these worldly influences.


This mask is the ego/mind, which is associated with human personality and lower intellect.

The ego, or lower intellect, is an artificial intelligence, an automaton, a computer with personality programmed by genetics and environment. It arises partly from the human brain’s own neural construction that allow for intellectual functions, and partly from the portion of soul molded by worldly and bodily factors. The ego is the streamlined interface through which soul operates proficiently within the physical and social environments.


As Freud said, the ego is a surface projection of the id, meaning it is the part of the assemblage of instinctual drives within us that has adapted to the world through conditioning.2

When spirit, the source of sentience, looks through this mask and identifies with it, the two together create our human sense of self. What we consider “me” is a composite of pure sentience (spirit) and personality (ego).


So ego arises at the boundary between body and soul, and spirit wearing the mask of ego gives rise to human identity.

Since ego is what the world extrudes from the soul, and since the world is fundamentally about competition and survival, the ego is likewise preoccupied with physical matters and is inherently survivalistic and self-serving. By default it behaves as a self-serving predator, representing the personification of inner biological and astral drives streamlined by external world influences and standards.

Further, the ego does not require spirit to function; if anything, it is mutually restrained and antagonized by spirit since both are opposite in nature.


For spirited humans, spirit usually takes a passive role in being the conscious observer looking through ego, but as is the case with spiritless humans, the ego automaton can function equally well without an observer. In that case it has just as much personality, except without any of the potential restraining or creative influences that spirit might offer.


So when spirit is entirely absent, or even when spirit is present but “asleep” and offering no counter-influence, then ego is the only intelligence running the show - and it’s quite the tyrant.


Nature of the Ego/Intellect

What separates average humans from average animals is that we have ego, intellect, mind, and personality (all facets of the same thing).

The ego is an extrusion of the soul. Since both humans and animals have souls, why don’t animals have intellect? Because the formation of ego depends on the world influences that reach the soul through the body. Since animal bodies are less evolved, since their brains are simpler and lack the higher cortical functions, the ego-forming influences never reach their soul and so the full ego never forms.


Same goes for certain types of mental retardation in humans.

Through ego or intellect, we can model the world internally, turn it over in our minds, relive the past, fantasize, imagine the future, construct language, perform abstract calculations, and engage in complicated lines of reasoning. These abilities all owe themselves to one defining feature of intellect: that its output can become its own internal input.

There is an internal self-referential, circulatory, feedback-looping characteristic to the intellect. One example is our ability to observe our own internal activity, like when we inwardly “see” an imagined scene. Spirit operating through intellect is what simultaneously allows for the production and observation of an internal idea or image; output becomes input, and the ensuing feedback loop momentarily closes itself off from the external world.

The intellect’s ability for true memory involves reliving the past internally by calling it up and observing it internally, and likewise it can visualize the future through the same inward observation. For average animals, memory is purely associative and rote, instead of imaginal. They lack this self-referential, internal feedback loop, the ability to imagine and fantasize and observe one’s own thoughts and extensively turn them over.


The latter is what allows spirit within the body to observe its own awareness and thereby achieve self-awareness while incarnate. Without the intellect or ego, spirit in the human body would have awareness strictly directed outward into the world.

As such, the intellect is basically a soliton within the soul. In physics, solitons are waves that circulate within themselves and recycle their energy instead of dispersing it instantly back into the environment, thus they are like “entities” that individualize off from their surrounding medium.


An example is a smoke ring, which rolls within itself and thereby maintains its form instead of dispersing like regularly blown smoke. The average human mind is like a smoke ring, the average animal mind like blown smoke.


One has an internal self-referential feature, the other is purely outward directed.


Formation of Higher Ego in the Soul

The soul is also influenced by spirit, not just body.


Spirit’s influence on the soul likewise creates in the soul a corresponding mask. Unlike the ego we all know, this higher mask represents the true face of spirit. Normally, when spirit identifies with lower ego, it is identifying with a mask that is opposed to its own nature and originates from the physical world, but when spirit identifies with the mask of its own making, the “super ego”, then you have divinity personified.

Thus the soul has two extensions, the ego and super ego. The first is associated with human personality and computational reason, the latter with divine personality and higher reason (higher meaning transjective, abductive, gnostic, and numinous).


In life, we as spirits choose which of these opposites to align with and nurture.


If we attune ourselves to spiritual influences and think transcendently, we increase the divine personality. If we absorb ourselves in materialism and predation and think only calculatively, we increase the lower personality.


Spirit has the choice, while incarnated, which of these personalities to build up and step into.


When one nurtures the divine personality and steps fully into it, fissioning away from the lower ego, then one becomes spirit made personally manifest.


Entitization of Thought-forms

My point in explaining the nature of ego is to reveal how thought-forms become entitized.


The acquisition of ego by the human soul amounts to entitization of the soul, the human thought-form, through its interaction with the world. Thought-forms become entitized when they procure a rudimentary ego, intellect, mind, or personality.

A regular, basic, thought-form is non-entitized. It is purely an astral and etheric construct that, like blown smoke, is emitted into the world and disperses its energy into whatever the particular thought, emotion, or intent behind its formation directs.

A thought-form is entitized in two ways:

  1. It is given a personality directly by the person who created it. This parallels spirit forming a higher ego within the soul. Just as the higher ego represents the true face of spirit, so does the personality programmed into a thought-form by its creator represent the true intention of the creator.

  2. Its output becomes its own input, as when it affects the world in such a way that the response reinforces its existence. This parallels the human soul first developing lower ego by interacting with the world, affecting it and being affected by it, and thereby learning through conditioning how to better fulfill its desires. This is the default way in which thought-forms acquire entitization.

So when a thought-form is reinforced by its effect upon the world, say by making someone think more of the same thoughts and feelings that gave rise to it, then a feedback loop arises between thought-form and the world.


This feedback loop conditions the thought-form to become more effective at eliciting further reinforcement, and that programs it.

The natural conditioning of thought-forms is similar to how an artificial intelligence program like a chatterbot acquires personality. In the beginning, the chatterbot is blank and comes off as stoic and nonsensical. But user interaction programs it with the right responses to the right questions, and it starts seeming more intelligent.


If this conditioning ever gives it the ability to manipulate user into serving it, then it’s truly artificially intelligent.


Of course, a computer is just a computer. Unlike an electronic computer, the soul, or a thought-form, is filled with dynamic emotional energies, drives, passions, and it’s these that find expression through the ego/intellect shaped by world interaction.

It should be noted that feedback loops, reinforcement, and conditioning give the thought-form an ego in the outward expression only; because thought-forms lack spirit, there is nothing truly sentient inside them to observe their own thought processes and imagine or fantasize, thus thought-forms cannot actively generate other thought-forms.


The generation of thought-forms mirrors the Creator generating the Demiurge, which is fundamentally an act of Nous, and thought-forms are without Nous/Spirit.


Generation and Embodiment of thought-forms

How exactly are thought-forms generated?


Mostly through internal fantasies charged with emotional energy. This combination forms the condensation nucleus for a cocoon of etheric energy that buds off and floats away into the etheric environment around us.

This process requires spirit acting through an intellect/mind to provide an internal world momentarily cut off from the external, and thus for internal fantasizing. Or to put it another way, the intellect creates an internal hollow, like a womb within the soul, in which an embryonic thought-form can first be seeded by spirit.

Our mind is what creates this inner “mini-universe” whose contents are ensouled through emotional and etheric charging. The thought-form then goes off into the world and acquires a “body” which is merely a configuration of matter and energy that corresponds to it.

So the direct transformation of thought into reality proceeds along the following lines:

spirit chooses the founding archetype -> mind imagines -> astral energizes -> etheric fashions -> physical embodies.

How a thought-form acquires a physical “body” demands some clarification.


Consider the human soul and how it influences the human body, say by moving an arm when spirit wills it. It does so by biasing the probability of quantum events occurring within the body’s nervous system. Neurons are quantum systems, and they fire at seemingly random times.


The brain itself is a quantum computer whose neural behavior verges on the edge of chaos. It’s at this knife edge balance between order and chaos that the brain is extremely sensitive to anything that might bias the quantum jitter of its neural activity, and that’s how the soul is able to influence the body - through probabilistic biasing at the quantum level.

Now, most thought-forms are too weak and simple to pilot something as complex as the human body. They don’t even have etheric circuitry to interface with the human neural circuitry. But consider how the human body is just an assemblage of matter and energy.


Other configurations of matter and energy can include places, events, and specific human behaviors.


So instead of a thought-form probabilistically biasing an entire neural system, it might instead bias the course of events so that, say, a car accident results at a particular intersection, or someone who is the target of a positive thought-form experiences a stroke of good luck.


Instead of needing to bias a billion neurons, they only need to nudge a few quantum factors whose effects cascade up in scale into the everyday world we know and produce corresponding events. These everyday events are just special configurations of energy and matter, just as the body is, except that they exist in a simpler and more scattered state than the body.


There is no fundamental difference between world events and the human body beyond the complexity and configuration of their material assemblage. The soul probabilistically biases the body, and weak thought-forms probabilistically bias waking world events.

The ultimate purpose of all demiurges, all souls, all thought-forms that operate in proximity to the physical environment, is to achieve the physical embodiment of nonphysical archetypes or “Ideas” as Plato calls them, to mold matter and energy into conformity with the Idea that gave birth to them. They are goal-driven.


For instance, your soul provides the impulses that help you achieve in life what you came here to accomplish; by the end of life, if all goes well, you will have physically manifested that which was, prior to incarnation, merely an idea.


So the Demiurge fashioning the universe into conformity with its founding archetypes, that has great bearing on our future because it determines where our world is headed.

Aside from nudging the probability of everyday events, thought-forms can also bias our own neural activity to a limited extent, since, after all, the body is sensitive to nonphysical influences (it must be, or else the soul cannot couple to it). This is how thought-forms induce within us thoughts and feelings that correspond to those that created these thought-forms in the first place.


They might not be able to possess us fully, but they can still influence us. And if our mental and emotional responses to such thought-forms reinforce them, they grow stronger and become entitized.

To recap, thought-forms are entitized through repeated reinforcement and conditioning, be it conditioning through world interaction, or intentional conditioning by their creators. The stronger they grow, the more complex and wide-ranging the matter and energy configurations they can coalesce.


What starts as mere skewing of events can, in extreme cases, bias probability so much that thought-forms do acquire actual physical bodies, or rather, attract probable futures where such bodies exist that are under complete control of the thought-form.


This gets into Fortean and Mothman-type phenomena, which is beyond the scope of this article.3


Worldly Entitization of the Demiurge

These soul and thought-form dynamics are equally active on the macrocosmic scale.


As stated, the Demiurge couples to the physical universe like soul coupling to body, fashioning and shaping it.4

But just as body can influence the soul, so can the world influence the Demiurge. Avenues of influencing the Demiurge include occult rituals, hyper-dimensional technology, and the release of conditioned soul energy and thought-forms into the etheric environment like drugs being injected into the Demiurge’s bloodstream. The occult and hyper-dimensional methods will be discussed in another article.

For now, the important point is that worldly forces can influence the Demiurge, mainly through energy infusion and programming.


In response, the Demiurge may acquire an ego extension corresponding to the nature of these influences. This extension may be likened to a “World Ego.” A portion of the Demiurge becomes entitized, just as basic etheric and astral energy can become entitized when shaped and programmed through repeated thought and emotion.

Since astral and etheric energies can vary in their polarity of expression from positive to negative, the Demiurge’s own astral and etheric makeup can likewise range from the more positive to the more negative.


The etheric component expresses positively as health, order, harmony, rhythm, structure, and life-force. When negative it expresses as stagnation, decay, disruption, suppression, corruption, and illness.


The astral aspect, being the seat of passions and urges, expresses positively as an affinity toward compassion, joy, beauty, noble deeds, and elevated thoughts. In negative expression it can drive us toward madness, sadism, and demonic acts.

Soul, thought-forms, and Demiurge, in being constituted of etheric and astral energies, can therefore be life-positive or life-negative in their expression, which is further enhanced by the kind of programming its entitized self receives.


This programming may happen naturally when the entitized Demiurge learns how to better fulfill its drives, or intentionally by occult technologies that jack into the Demiurge like a computer terminal dialing into a remote mainframe.


Divine Entitization of the Demiurge

The World Ego is not the only extension of the Demiurge.


Just as spirit influences the soul to create a divine mind, so does Nous affect the Demiurge. The portion of the Demiurge extruded by Nous, to function as the face of Nous, is Logos.


Stated another way, there is a part of the World Soul that, under the influence of the infinite Creator, becomes the higher mind/intellect/personality of the Creator.

Logos is associated with universal divine personality and universal higher reason. It is the “World Super Ego” and “World Higher Intellect”, in contrast to the worldly extrusion of the Demiurge which is merely the “World Ego” or “World Lower Intellect.”

The divisions within our own psyche: spirit, super ego (higher ego), soul, lower ego, and body, are but microcosmic reflections of the macrocosm: Nous, Logos, Demiurge, World Ego, and world. As above, so below.

The Logos or spirit-entitized portion of the universal Demiurge is the macrocosmic analogue of our own higher intellect, divine personality, or super ego. The world-entitized portion of the universal Demiurge corresponds to our lower intellect, human personality, or ego.


The first represents the face of spirit, the other of anti-spirit. One was identified by the Gnostics as Christ, the other as Yahweh. One attempts to spiritualize, harmonize, and balance according to divine reason, while the other attempts to crystallize, rigidify, and codify according to blind reason and predatory impulses.


One is the force of wisdom, understanding, and gnosis, while the other is the force of blind obedience, information, predation, and calculation.


From Harmony Toward Imbalance

In its pure and original form, the universal Demiurge was a thought-form generated by God.


Its programmed function was to fashion the physical universe according to the divine thoughts and energies animating it. Its entitization was that of a super ego, the Logos. Its astral energy was that of love, and its etheric energy was potently vitalizing.

Ideally, all aspects of Creation carry their proper function and station. Harmony exists when lower obeys higher. Imbalance results when lower subverts higher. The universe is in harmony when Nous inspires the archetypal designs set established by Logos, which are accurately and obediently implemented by the Demiurge in its fashioning of the physical world.

Likewise, an individual is in harmony when his spirit (personal Nous) inspires the contents of his higher mind (personal Logos), which are accurately and obediently implemented by his soul or subconscious (personal Demiurge) in its fashioning of his personal inner and outer world.

An individual is in harmony with the universe when his or her main three metaphysical aspects (spirit, mind and soul) harmonize with the three corresponding universal aspects.

  • Spirit may harmonize with the Creator through spiritual devotion

  • The mind may harmonize with the Logos through becoming wise and learned

  • The universal Demiurge harmonizes with the subconscious through personal reality creation

When lower fully obeys higher and personal aspects fully harmonize with the universal, then one achieves transcendence. This is the ultimate goal.




There is just one problem.


As mentioned, the soul is corruptible and thought-forms can become entitized and imbued with negative astral passions. The Demiurge, despite being inherently neutral or even benevolent in its original design, is likewise corruptible and can become negatively entitized.


As explained, such entitized thought-forms have a self-preservation instinct, and so the worldly personified Demiurge does all it can to preserve itself by cultivating more of the negative energies that sustain it.

Our matrix reality is not inherently evil, it is simply the environment in which we are immersed. Like a mother providing the womb containing the nutrient matrix and forces needed to turn genetic potential into a living human, the universal Demiurge provides physicality as a “matrix reality” originally intended to nurture our spiritual evolution, at least in a more direct manner than currently. The root word of “matrix” is “mater” which is Latin for “mother.”


However, a corrupted and personified Demiurge is like a psychopathic, narcissistic, jealous mother who feeds parasitically upon her offspring, going so far as to use her womb as an energy farm instead of an incubator of spirit incarnate. It is no longer a matrix of growth, but a Matrix Control System.

Thus, a corrupt Demiurge, personified, functions as a universal parasite: tyrannical, demonic, blindly driven by negative instinct. It would attempt to shape the course of the universe along lines that engender greater negativity, division, oppression, and whatever else it feeds upon.


This is none other than The Adversary.5





And that’s where the Gnostics were right and Plato was out of touch with the times; the Demiurge was no longer just an obedient smith fashioning the universe according to the blueprint laid down through Logos in harmony with Nous, rather it had become corrupted at some point and subjugated by anti-spiritual forces of the demonic kind.


The “World Ego” is an interloper playing the role of Adversary against the Logos. This is not only true on the universal scale, but also the personal.


By default, our lower personality is adversarial to the divine personality.




From a linear time perspective, there was once a Golden Age until the World Ego formed and began dominating, at which point the world fell into coldness and corruption.


From the perspective of nonlinear time however, both expressions of the Demiurge coexist eternally and are locked in battle forwards and backwards across time and space.


The Human Condition

For now there is imbalance.


Too many people are blind and deaf to the impulses of spirit. Further, they feed and defend the egotistical, primal, and irrational impulses that spring forth from negative programs and energies lodged in their subconscious. Lower subverts higher. These are not isolated cases; it’s an epidemic.

It’s clear from observation that we are born with certain genetic design flaws, such as being handicapped against using our full brain capacity and being confined to mere five-sense perception. It’s also clear that the world we enter is generally antagonistic to spirit.


Thus, both nature and nurture are set in opposition to spirit from the start, and only through much divine support and spiritual strength does an individual defy material determinism and use obstacles as stepping stones toward spiritual awakening. Such cases are rare, and it seems people are generally crushed, deformed, and shaped by such stones instead, as one would expect if spirit offers no counterweight to the determinism of nature and nurture.

Interestingly, Gnostics viewed the Demiurge as not only the fashioner of this world, but also the maker of the human race. Likewise, some modern fringe schools of thought view negative hyper-dimensional entities as our genetic creators and continued space-time manipulators.6


Point being that there is clearly an external malevolent variable intruding into the human equation, suggesting evil is not always the product of human failings, rather human failings are frequently the product of evil.

For too many humans, their personal Demiurge is corrupt and has shut them off from Nous.


But this merely mirrors the more universal manifestation of same. Our world appears to be in the grip of an entitized Demiurge with a strong self-preservation instinct oriented toward control. It fashions our reality and biases the probability of events in contravention to the divine design set forth by the universal Logos. It is the matrix gone awry, the thought-form of the universe turned parasite.


How this came about is the subject of another article.


Further Reading



1 - John 1:1 where “Word” is modern translation of the original term “Logos”. Word implies form, sequence, pattern that embodies an archetype. Read John 1:1-18 Introducing The Logos by Gary DeLashmut for some background and a modern Christian interpretation of these verses?

2 - Despite having some rather twisted conclusions, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was often spot on with things.


His work is useful in exploring the nature of the corrupted human psyche. He also wrote Moses and Monotheism about the true origins of the Judaism, which is relevant to history of the Ark of the Covenant. His system of the id, ego, and superego are useful in the study of Macrocosm-Microcosm correspondence.


From Freud Evaluated by Malcolm Macmillian (MIT Press, 1997):

“The ego controls the perceptual and motor apparatus, lays down memories, makes judgments, and selects possible courses of action. Only in the ego does consciousness arise and is anxiety experienced. The ego uses its functions to initiate repression or to control and delay instinctual discharge until realistic modes of need satisfaction have been found. Normally it is governed by the reality principle and operates according to the secondary process. [...]


The superego is the vehicle of the ego-ideal, the repository of the individual’s standards and values, the location of the conscience, the function that scrutinizes the person’s behavior, forever measuring it against the standards of the ideal, and home of the mechanism that punishes violations of those standards. [...]


The id is the reservoir of the psychic energy deriving from the twin drives of the Thanatos, or death, and Eros, or life. Activity there is governed by the primary process, the tendency for instinctual drives to press for immediate discharge, and for their energies to be freely mobile, capable of condensation and displacement.


The id is said to be timeless and know nothing of logic, contradiction, or negation. This seething cauldron of instinctual drives is an original, inherited endowment of energy.”

The id is obviously synonymous with the astral body and the subconscious, both of which are indeed seething with energies and hidden motivators.


Notice too how auto-suggestion requires positive statements since the subconscious does not understand negation, just as Freud said regarding the id. That is the Demiurge in its purest and original definition, the passionate implementer. Just keep in mind that Freud’s concept of superego is him projecting the higher dimensional reality of spirit onto a two dimensional screen of materialistic paradigms.


The best he could do is say that superego was the collection of moral programming we receive in life, that this is why we act nice, because it holds us to our programmed standards. That’s only the case for spiritless humans who, in only having ego as their highest member, act nice only through social programming and threat of punishment.


True conscience comes from empathy and understanding, which are internal traits of spirit and need no religious or social programming to realize itself. The “moral” part of the ego is still predatory, and feeds on our own energies by berating us, inducing shame, being needlessly critical for the sake of preoccupying our minds. The true super ego or higher ego, as used in this article, is the personification of spirit within and nudges us through intuition, understanding, and empathy.


The difference between Freud’s superego and my use of the term is clear in the case of, say, a devout Nazi whose Freudian superego punishes him for having any pangs of sympathy for Jews (since it violates the Nazi standards he was programmed with) whereas anyone with a real higher ego would experience empathy for another sentient being and know differently. This points out another important factor of ego: its relativism.


On a universal scale, this means the World Ego can fashion a reality that is entirely illusory and cut off from the True Reality, a self-referential relative reality like a dream taken to be waking life.


(“Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?” - The Matrix, 1999)


Ego, both personal and universal, is thus the engenderer of simulacra, of copies without originals. The nature of simulacra is densely explained by James Baudrillard in Simulacra and Simulation?

3 - This is the harmful mind-reality feedback loop I explained in Realm Dynamics, whereby emotional obsession with such things as Men in Black, gray aliens, reptilians, demons, black helicopters, or government agents helps to attract them into one’s reality, whether it starts with an actual anomalous incident or mere false paranoia.


These characters are manifestations of independently existing malevolent intelligences that wear our thought-forms as sock-puppets. Thus they are not all necessarily figments of our imagination, although they can dress in the clothing of our imagination.


We generate thought-forms through which these malevolent interdimensional intelligences can cross the “probability moat” into our “castle of everyday normality”.


A feedback loop arises where the more we become preoccupied and paranoid with them, the more tangible and frequent their appearance and actions in our lives. At some point they are seen in everyday living conditions, even during the day and in public.


What I called a spectrum of soul resonance frequencies in “Realm Dynamics” can be equally called a thought-form, because thought-forms are ultimately just packets of etheric energy patterns and resonances.


From The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel:

“The phenomenon is dependent on belief, and as more and more people believe in flying saucers from other planets, the lower force can manipulate more people through false illumination. I have been watching, with great consternation, the worldwide spread of the UFO belief and its accompanying disease.


If it continues unchecked we may face a time when universal acceptance of the fictitious space people will lead us to a modern faith in extraterrestrials that will enable them to interfere very overtly in our affairs, just as the ancient gods dwelling on mountaintops directly ruled large segments of the population in the Orient, Greece, Rome, Africa, and South America. [...]


I was being led to people and cases to support whatever theory I was working on at the time. I tested this by inventing some rather outlandish ideas. Within days I would receive phone calls, reports, and mail describing elements of those ideas. [...]


This was the feedback or reflective effect. Other investigators concerned with solving problems such as how flying saucers are propelled have automatically been fed, or led into, cases in which the witnesses supposedly viewed the interiors of the objects and saw things which confirmed the investigators’ theories.


If the phenomenon can produce any effect through hallucination, it can easily support any theory. It took me a long time to realize that many of my Men in Black reports were just feedback.”?

4 - This comparison between soul and Demiurge doesn’t mean the human soul projects and generates the human body, nor does it mean the universal Demiurge merely shapes physical reality. Rather, the body is generated by the universal Demiurge because it’s just an assemblage of physical matter and energy drawn from the environment. So all the soul can do is shape the body.


That is, until it acquires supernatural powers whereby physical bodies are entirely under the command of the spirit and soul, which allows bodies to be materialized and dematerialized as needed.


That power belongs to certain shamans according to Carlos Castaneda, to angelic beings that can materialize and appear as beggars or fools, to certain alien beings that are not physical in their native state and project bodies and vehicles temporarily when they downshift into our reality, to mystics who can go years without food, to Jesus Christ in his post-Resurrectional form, and to certain spiritual masters of the alchemical and Rosicrucian order like Fulcanelli who have mastered and transcended physicality.


In Star Wars, the “death” of Obi Wan Kenobi that only made him stronger is a fictional example. This is possible if one becomes sufficiently congruent with the universal Logos, for then the universal Demiurge generating physicality obeys.


Rudolf Steiner called this transformed physical body the “spirit body” and it’s the last thing a spiritual master achieves since physicality is the most stubborn of all the elements and the one most removed from spirit.

5 - “The Adversary” is a Christian and Gnostic term. It implies a cunning, strategic, opposing intelligence like a goal-driven game player that poses an obstacle to the spiritualizing influence of the Creator (through the Logos). Remember that thought-forms are goal driven; they are seeded with archetypes (“Ideas”) and have the astral passion to pursue them to completion.


The Adversary is the ego-extension of the universal Demiurge. We know within our own minds, that the undisciplined ego is adversarial to our spiritual well-being. It is selfish and body-centric, just as the World Ego is selfish and matrix-centric.


In another article on timewars, it will be made clear how this goal-driven aspect of the Adversary, and of the Logos/Christ as well, are products of self-amplifying temporal feedback loops between alternate futures and alternate pasts, that compete with each other over which future/past becomes the one set in stone?

6 - In truth, the latter are merely the Archons of Gnostic lore, not the Demiurge itself, although they hold high reverence for the Demiurge because through it, they are endowed with the power to manipulate timelines, alter the world, and have dominion over their enslaved subjects.


In the Cassiopaean Transcripts, the Demiurge was named “Ormethion” and was identified with the physical universe in a pantheistic sense, and was also said to be the deity that Reptilian aliens worship.


Its root “orm” comes from Greek “hormes” which, according to,

“was the spirit (daimon) of impulse or effort (to do a thing), eagerness, setting oneself in motion, and starting an action.”

You can see how this ties into demi-“urge”. The term also relates to “hormone” which is the primary biological avenue through which the spirit is continually subjugated by the body.


We are in the grip of these so-called Archons, that is, the human-like and non-human aliens to which earth is but a cattle farm:

products of their genetic manipulation, birthed into a world whose history has been altered by their timeline manipulation, and through abductions we are tagged, monitored, and programmed. If there weren’t a divine side counterbalancing all this, we’d all be doomed.

But fortunately the future is still up in the air, and thus a grand battle is being waged with a dramatic climax occurring relatively soon.

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2 - The Philosopher's Stone
21 July 2010

Research reveals that the Philosopher’s Stone is not just a metaphor representing something intangible that catalyzes spiritual evolution, but an actual physical substance that transmutes lead or mercury into gold.

The Stone is a product of Alchemy. Unlike chemistry, Alchemy makes use of etheric and astral energies to engender reactions that reconfigure matter at the quantum level.


Alchemy is to chemistry what a cube is to the square; it is a superset of chemistry and is capable of so much more.


How Etheric Energy Overrides Physical Laws

Alchemical achievements are predicated on the successful gathering, concentrating, and multiplying of etheric energy.


When this energy reaches a critical threshold, it overpowers the normal laws of physics and allows seemingly miraculous processes to take place. I believe it does this by biasing probability so that minor quantum effects normally restricted to the subatomic scale get amplified in probability and manifest on the larger molecular scale.

The world around us is made of subatomic particles that regularly undergo unpredictable jumps, teleportation, bilocation, superposition, and other strange quantum behaviors. Why don’t everyday solid objects do likewise? Because the random quantum jittering of their constituent subatomic particles collectively average out to zero.


Think of a large crowd of people; seen from the air, the crowd as a whole is stationary, even though individuals within the crowd move in seemingly random directions. It’s because their movements are random and uncoordinated that they average to zero net movement on the whole.

The world we see around us is merely a crowd of subatomic particles whose individual quantum jumps aren’t apparent to us because they average to collective stillness. Physical laws that govern our everyday world, known as the deterministic laws of classical physics, are merely the laws of the crowd; they are what’s left of quantum physics after the unpredictability is removed through statistical averaging.


They are not absolute laws; they are just the most probable manner in which matter and energy behave.

Physical laws can be bent. While the probability is incredibly low that enough coordination and coherence develops among the quantum jitters to manifest on a collective scale, that is exactly what etheric energy does. It alters probability and thereby skews the laws of thermodynamics, gravity, electromagnetism, and chemistry.

Alchemy does not violate the laws of physics, nor does it always follow them, rather it bends them as needed.


It operates upon the quantum foundation from which these laws arise in the first place, and it does so through etheric energy affecting the probability of quantum events.


The Alchemy of Transmutation

Alchemy uses the code names salt, mercury, and sulphur to denote the different components of a substance.


Salt denotes the physical component, the seat, base, matrix, anchor, or ark of the nonphysical aspects. Mercury is the etheric component and represents the dynamic, vital, transmutative, vivifying energy present within the substance. And sulphur denotes the archetypal identity or pure vibrational essence, analogous to the human astral body and spirit because it contains the “Idea” unique to that substance.

Therefore, in Alchemy an element like gold is seen to have three components: the salt of gold, mercury of gold, and sulphur of gold. These respectively denote the physical, etheric, and archetypal aspects of gold. Same goes for other materials employed in Alchemy, they also have their salt, mercury, and sulphur components.

Now, the goal of transmutation is to impress the archetypal signature of one element upon another in order to change it to that element. By changing an element’s archetypal signature it cannot remain the same element.

So what Alchemy does in the case of transmutation of lead into gold, is to gather mercury harvested and concentrated from potent sources, imbue it with the sulphur of gold, and store the combination in a suitable salt. The result is then ready to impress its archetypal essence of “goldness” upon a different element responsive to transmutation.


This is the Philosopher’s Stone, or rather one form of it called the Red Stone because it is made with gold and assumes a red color.


Making the Philosopher’s Stone

Instructions for making the Stone may be found in the writings of Fulcanelli and Nicholas D. Collette, two modern Alchemists who have done a great service in revealing what the pre-existing Alchemical literature only obscured.


Additionally, Robert Bartlett has authored two good books on specific laboratory techniques and terminology. The following is my own tentative interpolation based on these sources. My goal is not to give a detailed recipe, but to explain key features of the process because they are relevant to my thesis concerning the Demiurge.

Natural etheric energy is cosmic or biological in origin, both sources deriving it from a higher dimension. The center of stars including our Sun are dimensional windows through which physical and nonphysical energy enters our universe. This energy includes electromagnetic radiation, neutrinos, gravitons, and etheric energy.1


The Moon modulates and reflects what it receives from the Sun.2 Sun and Moon are therefore our nearest cosmic source of etheric energy, which accompany sunlight and moonlight and enter into the atmosphere’s water vapor before condensing as rain or morning dew.

Alchemists capture this energy directly or indirectly. To do so, they either employ a substance that is already highly charged or else find something capable of absorbing it when exposed to its emanations. Exposing a suitable substance to sunlight and moonlight is one way to charge it. The best material for this task is salt, and to a lesser degree, water.

Water is an attractor of etheric energy. So is chemical salt. The oceans contain it, our blood is saturated with it. We know from the psychic self-defense writings of Robert Bruce that sea salt or epsom salts dissolved in a warm bath makes an effective cleanser of one’s etheric body because salt and water have an affinity for etheric energy.


In folk superstition or ritual magick, lines of salt are drawn on the ground to function as barriers against undesirable entities, and likewise such entities are drained when attempting to cross over running water.

Salt is not just a mundane substance, but something that has paranormal properties. Salt is an excellent sponge for life-force or etheric energy. Table salt, sodium chloride, is only one kind of salt. By definition, salt is just the chemical product of an acid reacting with a base. Other salts used in Alchemy include iron disulfide, ammonium chloride, and potassium bitartrate, to name a few.


Sources of salt already charged with etheric energy include,

  • rainwater

  • morning dew

  • urine

  • fresh clay

  • sea salt

  • marcasite or pyrite

Otherwise, a deliquescent salt may be exposed to humid nighttime air, or placed in a bowl and buried in the ground, so that it absorbs the etherically charged moisture from the ground or atmosphere. These are the raw materials gathered by Alchemists for the production of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Once collected, the saline solution is placed in a sealed flask and kept warm at 102°-120°F for at least one month so that it putrefies. Putrefaction happens when moisture breaks down the material and microorganisms begin digesting it. This step employs biological agents to assist in the etheric charging and preparatory transmutation of the raw material.


French scientist Louis Kervran wrote about biological transmutations, whereby plants, animals, and humans internally transmute one element into another, or combine elements to form a third, to supplement necessary biological functions. Kervran theorized that enzymes and bacterial action were responsible for these sub-chemical processes, and that the absorption and emission of neutrinos or gravitons played a part. In other words, biological activity does have a role in Alchemy and can supply additional energy needed for transmutation.

Therefore, the stage of putrefaction serves, at the very least, of charging the flask’s contents with further etheric energy due to biological activity, and it may carry the additional benefit of transmuting some of the salt and other minerals into byproducts necessary for later stages. Biological putrefaction is unnecessary for salts that are already the product of biological activity and therefore highly charged, such as pyrite which comes from bacterial action producing hydrogen sulfide which acts on iron to produce iron disulfide.3

After putrefaction, methods diverge onto several possible tracks.


Generally, the putrefied solution is distilled and the distillate poured back into the dried matter left behind, then what does not dissolve is filtered out, and the process is repeated. In the end, all the insoluble matter is thrown away, and one is left with a purified solution supersaturated with salt, which itself is supersaturated with etheric energy.


This supercharged solution is traditionally called the “Alkahest” or “Universal Solvent” or “Common Mercury”. It has the power to dissolve metals at the quantum level by virtue of its etheric potency.

At this point, the solution can either be crystallized and only the solid salt crystals kept for the so-called “Dry Path” of making the Stone, or else it can be left in solution form for the so-called “Wet Path”. In either case, the next step is to dissolve gold leaf into it.


The gold dissolves not in a usual chemical way, but rather disintegrates at the atomic level due to the etheric power of the universal solvent. To do this according to the Dry Path, one mixes the dried Alkahest salt with gold leaf and heats them in a crucible, while in the Wet Path, one stirs gold leaf into the Universal Solvent and lets the mixture digest fully, which takes considerably longer.


The resulting product is what Fulcanelli terms the “Philosophical Mercury”.

After all the gold is dissolved, this “Philosophical Mercury” then only needs to be refined and multiplied in power to produce the final Philosopher’s Stone. As Fulcanelli points out, by this point it already is the Stone, except in a weak and unrefined form.

Refinements are done in the Wet Path by distilling away all the moisture, adding more fresh Universal Solvent (which is a donor of etheric energy) to the remains, letting it digest at gentle warmth for another couple weeks, and distilling away the moisture once more. This can be repeated any number of times, and each time a fresh dose of etheric energy impregnates the solid or oily remains, which in their final coagulated form comprise the Philosopher’s Stone. In the Dry Path, more dry “common mercury” is mixed with the dry “philosophical mercury” and heated in the crucible.

Each time the refinement sequence is repeated, the product becomes purer and more highly charged with energy, and the process takes less time. Alchemists term each repetition a multiplication, so that if repeated once, the result is a Stone multiplied to the first order.

The Alchemist’s own etheric and astral energies may come into play here, augmenting the multiplication, and that without this, the refinements don’t achieve sufficient power levels to allow for transmutation. If true, then not just anyone can do it, since not everyone is equally etherically and astrally potent, nor can this be done on an industrial scale.


Alchemy is somewhat dependent on the state of the operator and the local etheric energy concentrations.


That is why Alchemists are advised to practice divine devotion, carry out the timing of their experiments according to astrological conditions, and collect their morning dew during Spring when seasonal etheric energy concentrations are highest. Unlike chemistry where reactions take place independent of observation and environment, Alchemy is an open system and the conscious quality of the observer plays a role.


This underscores once more the quantum nature of Alchemy.4


It also highlights the role of “Inner Alchemy” in the success of outer physical Alchemy. In “Inner Alchemy”, one’s own base nature is transmuted into spiritual “gold” through the cultivation of etheric energy tinged with divine, noble, and virtuous impulses.

Upon attaining success, the final result is a dense stone, red and translucent like a ruby, that is water-soluble, melts like wax, flows like quicksilver when melted, does not burn at any temperature, yet volatizes when thrown into the molten metal it aims to transmute. It is a physical substance supersaturated with etheric energy and imprinted with the vibrational fingerprint of gold.


This is the Philosopher’s Stone, or rather one version of it called the Red Stone. When pulverized, mixed into beeswax, and cast into molten lead, it transmutes a certain multiple of its weight of lead into gold. It can also transmute quicksilver the same way. The higher the order of multiplication of the Stone, the more lead or quicksilver it can transmute.


As stated, it does so by dissolving lead at the quantum level and allowing the gold vibration to reconfigure it accordingly.

The details above don’t spell out all the minor technicalities involved in the process, so if you’re committed to learning more, I’d recommend the books by Nicholas Collette, Fulcanelli, and Robert Bartlett.


Again, here I only give a general and limited interpolation of the process for the sake of illustrating the underlying dynamics involved, as they are pertinent to my exposition on the Demiurge.


Other Applications of the Stone

At the first order of multiplication, a miniscule portion of the Stone may be dissolved in water or wine, and thereof a small portion ingested daily.


Nicholas Collette speaks highly of this “Elixir of Life,” and describes it as a substance that strongly energizes one’s etheric body, although he uses the term astral instead of etheric. With a reinforced etheric body, the physical body is less impacted by entropy and may even reverse aging.


This “Universal Medicine” takes on great importance in Alchemy, because it represents a true panacea, something that cures all ills by charging the diseased organs with vital energy so that it regains its rightful health. This goal is far more important than the transmutation of metals.

Additionally, psychic powers begin to manifest as a function of increased etheric energy current output. So you can imagine what became of Alchemical masters who succeeded in producing the Stone and made full use of it. They became more than human. However, they assumedly had the spiritual maturity to handle this, because any ordinary person, in being more psychically fragile, would go crazy, get sick and die from being unable to handle the increased etheric current load.

In another application, by the seventh or eighth order of multiplication, the Stone begins to physically glow, even more brightly if multiplied again. It glows continually without exhaustion.


This is what powers the fabled “eternal lamps” in occult lore. And if multiplied beyond a certain point, it is said to eat through glass and even explode in something akin to a matter-antimatter reaction, which is obviously very dangerous. This shows that etheric energy, concentrated beyond a certain point, may initiate an outpouring of electromagnetic energy.


This make sense because ether is the precursor and precipitator of matter, energy, space, and time.

Thus the Stone, in its full application, provides wealth, health, psychic power, and light. No wonder it has been kept so secret through the ages, mainly to keep it out of the hands of unscrupulous individuals whose misuse of these powers would bring catastrophic consequences upon the world.


That is not to say such catastrophes haven’t happened.


Alchemy as Demiurgic Technology

What we have here is Demiurgic technology.


Recall that the Demiurge shapes matter according to an archetype, aka “vibrational pattern” in metaphysical lingo, and that the Demiurge, in being soul, has an etheric body. The Philosopher’s Stone - the Red Stone - is a physical object charged with etheric energy, carrying the vibrational essence of gold, that can reshape physical matter like lead or mercury into conformance with that vibration.


The Stone is a physical object imbued with Demiurgic power.

The most remarkable thing is that it’s made by human hands (with the cooperation of Nature, of course) which is the closest thing to hyper-dimensional technology that one person in an attic laboratory can produce with everyday materials and uncommon techniques. But even with all its purported greatness, the Philosopher’s Stone is only an elementary demonstration of a science with far greater potential.


Alchemy as we know it is a primitive form of hyper-dimensional science. Producing the Stone is like wrapping a wire around a nail, connecting it to a battery, and rejoicing in it becoming an electromagnet, whereas higher forms of Demiurgic technology exist that can produce something more on the level of a billion-dollar supercollider.


Both the wire-wrapped nail and supercollider employ the same basic principles, but the first is a trivially simplistic version of the latter.

In the Philosopher’s Stone we have proof, through circumstantial evidence and logicality of its existence, of what can be scaled up to an even higher level. Remember, the power of the Stone lies in its etheric potency, and its potency determines the degree to which it can bias probability and influence physicality. The archetypal fingerprint determines the qualitative nature of this biasing.

The weakest etheric fields can only nudge an electron this way or that. A bit stronger can nudge neurons and living cells. Even stronger it can influence synchronicity. Stronger, it can override chemical laws and allow for elemental transmutation or spoon bending. You can scale this up higher and higher until you reach a point where the entire world, where our entire timeline, can be shifted, reconfigured, reprogrammed, transmuted, all at the quantum level that functions as the foundation of our physical reality.

So what, then, is High Demiurgic Technology?


It is that which does to the universe what Alchemy does to gold leaf and lead ingots. It can manufacture an artifact charged with such unbelievable amounts of etheric energy as to dissolve and reconfigure the world according to the intricate latticework of archetypes programmed into it.

This object is a kind of “World Philosopher’s Stone”, the macrocosmic equivalent to the microcosmic Philosopher’s Stone.


Two well-known examples of such High Demiurgic Technology will be discussed in the articles to follow.





1 - The Growing Earth Theory makes a strong case for the center of planets being dimensional windows that emit matter and energy, causing planets (and the Moon) to grow and expand over time. For instance, Earth was significantly smaller 65 million years ago, which is why dinosaurs, plants, and insects were so large due to the lower gravity. The main supporting evidence of the theory is that continents fit together on all sides, which is only possible if earth as a whole was smaller. Same goes for the continents of Mars and plateaus on the Moon. The growth of planets and moons also correlates with Gurdjieff and Mouravieff writing about esoteric planetary evolution, whereby the Moon grows and acquires an atmosphere to become a planet, and planets likewise evolve in their own ways to become stars. Additionally, the growth is not constant but happens in sudden cataclysmic spurts, suggesting an occasional external factor that triggers a profuse outpouring of energy and matter from the planetary, solar, and lunar centers. This phenomenon may have been behind the destruction of the planet whose scattered remnants now form the Asteroid Belt if the outpouring from its center was too destabilizing. Regarding that exploded planet, sources like Orfeo Angelucci and the Cassiopaean Transcripts hint that misuse of Demiurgic Technology by a civilization on that planet was the factor. A similar but lesser replication of that episode on Earth may have lead to the rising and sinking of lands per the Atlantis myths. There is no doubt, however, that if the center of planets and large moons are dimensional windows, then the Sun contains the largest window of all in our cosmic vicinity. It’s well known in astrophysics that the Sun is a potent emitter of neutrinos, and that these originate from the Sun’s core. Louis Kervran theorized the neutrinos were the mediators of Alchemical transmutations in biological matter. This would indicate a connection between etheric energy and neutrinos if it weren’t for the fact that neutrinos pass through matter easily and therefore cannot reflect off the moon along with moonlight, therefore whatever Alchemy harvests from moonlight is not neutrino radiation, but rather something that accompanies photons. These may instead be longitudinal photons, i.e. gravitons or vector potential phonons, that impart a kind of “temporal” or “hyper-dimensional” momentum to whatever particle absorbs it, and that momentum may be what powers atomic transmutations.

2 - See the works of Baron Karl von Reichenbach whose experiments into etheric energy, which he called odic force, yielded objective conclusions regarding its nature and behavior. One focus of his studies was moonlight and its ability to charge water and detrimentally affect those prone to sleepwalking. He found that wool, among other substances, could shield this energy effectively. Wool fibers are hollow, meaning they are cylindrical non-linear dielectrics, which, according to Tom Bearden, is the proper configuration to serve as a scalar shielding material.

3 - The root “pyr” is Greek for fire. The dynamic vitalizing force of the soul, the Demiurgic energy so to speak, was called “sacred fire” by the ancients. Therefore the root “pyr” is bound with the concept of Demiurgic technology. Hence terms like pyramid, Pyrenees, and pyrite, three terms that are very closely related to Demiurgic technology. As will be explained in another article, the Great Pyramid is a channeler, collector, and amplifier of etheric energy. The Pyrenees are the mountain range between France and Spain, where a conclave of powerful Alchemists allegedly reside. And pyrite is a salt of sulfur and iron that sparks when struck, and thus contains within it latent fire, or so it appeared to the ancients. This brass or bronze-colored mineral, or rather its starry variant known as marcasite, was the raw material preferred by Fulcanelli for production of the Philosopher’s Stone. Note that pyrite is also known as “Fool’s Gold” because only dumb fools mistake it for real gold, but it carries a hidden meaning: it is the true gold of Fools in the esoteric sense, for they value it more than real gold; through it, they can make as much gold as they require and produce the Elixir of Life. Under putrefaction and processing, this iron disulfide turns into green-colored copperas, which despite its name does not contain any copper, and eventually disintegrates into a white powder. Thus the “Common Mercury” produced from pyrite or marcasite results in an etherically charged white liquid termed by Fulcanelli “Milk of Magnesia”: milk because it is white, and magnesia because it is a magnet for etheric energy.

“But what we ask for, along with all the philosophers, is not the union of a metallic body with a metallic spirit, but rather then condensation, the agglomeration of this spirit into a coherent, tenacious and refractory envelope, capable of coating it, impregnating all its parts and guaranteeing it an efficacious protection. This soul, spirit, or fire assembled, concentrated and coagulated in the purest, the most resistant and the most perfect of earthly matters, we call it our stone.”

(Fulcanelli, Dwellings of The Philosophers, p. 139).

4 - The same is true for orgonomy, Wilhelm Reich’s science of manipulating orgone energy for healing and weather engineering purposes. Orgone energy is synonymous with etheric energy. As my experience shows, not everyone can alter weather with an orgone cloudbuster; it seems the conscious/etheric/astral qualities of the operator play a crucial part. Additionally, the local “orgone” pressure, which is seasonal and climatic according to our variational intersection with interstellar orgone currents, makes it difficult to cloudbust successfully during times of low orgone concentrations, or in regions on earth where such conditions prevail. If you are interested in orgonomy, look into the works of Wilhelm Reich, James DeMeo, and Trevor James Constable.

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3 - The Holy Grail
28 October 2010

In my previous article, I explained how the Philosopher’s Stone is an actual object manufactured through the principles of low demiurgic technology, better known as Alchemy.


I call it “demiurgic technology” because it employs the energies of the Demiurge - etheric and astral energies - to reshape matter at the quantum level, and “low” because the Stone’s reach of influence is localized: it can only transform the lead or mercury it is cast into, and can only biologically regenerate the individual who ingests it.




In this article and the next, I will discuss two examples of high demiurgic technology:

  • the Holy Grail

  • the Ark of the Covenant

Both operate on the same principles as the Philosopher’s Stone, just taken to a higher degree of power and sophistication and having a more global reach.

The Grail is an object with supernatural powers brought to our world by otherworldly forces. The Ark of the Covenant was a container constructed by ancient Hebrews, during their flight from Egypt, to house a powerful artifact.

Since descriptions of the Ark’s capabilities closely parallel those of the Grail, what the Ark contained may have been the Grail. As to their ultimate purpose, both the Grail and Ark were generally portrayed as physical embodiments of a god-like intelligence.

The Grail subject has several complementary aspects:

  1. The technology - What it is, and what it does. Its physical nature, function, and purpose

  2. The history - The events that lead to its creation and introduction to our world. Who is responsible for it. What it has done, and will do, to our world

  3. The spiritual metaphor - What it represents within all of us. What is indicated about a proper course of spiritual development

I will explore these in sequence over the coming articles, reserving the spiritual aspect for last because it concerns the solution to a problem I have yet to delineate.


If it seems like I’m getting hung up on the technology, it’s only because I find it a prerequisite for understanding the reasons behind the historical aspect, which then underscores the gravity of the spiritual aspect. I will begin by addressing the functional characteristics of the Grail and in my next article follow up with those of the Ark.


From this, it will become clear how competition over, and the abuse of such immense power can, has, and will have catastrophic consequences for our world.


Medieval Literature Describes the Grail

The original Grail legends preceded Christianity.


Later the Church retrofitted these pagan tales with Biblical symbolism and context. From that retrofitting we get the popular notion that the Holy Grail was the cup from which Jesus Christ served wine at the Last Supper, which later caught his blood as he died on the cross, or the notion that it was a platter carrying the decapitated head of John the Baptist.

Of all medieval authors who wrote of the Grail, Wolfram von Eschenbach seemed most privy and sympathetic to the pagan/gnostic stream of Grail lore.


He was a wandering knight, scholar, poet, and singer - the German equivalent of troubadour - who associated with secret societies like the Templars or was a member himself. In his book Parzival, he tells the tale of a foolish boy named Parzival who leaves home to become a knight. This boy is destined to become Grail King but out of timidity fails miserably when eventually offered the opportunity.


Cursed for his failure, he spends several years in utter dejection undergoing numerous hard trials before developing the inner strength to fight for his destiny regardless of the failure. And only by this inner resolve and being true to his Self does he earn his second chance and finally become Grail King.

Embedded within this plot are periodic references to the Grail, its origins and functions. These are set within a Christian context that, upon closer inspection, disguise a more Gnostic, pagan, pre-Christian core. In other words, Wolfram may have had the inside scoop on the Grail and inserted what heretical truths he could between the obligatory religious veneer, as is evident from the odd details pertaining to the Grail that fit poorly within Biblical context.

That is not to say the other Grail books are worthless, because their retrofitting occasionally kept the original meaning relatively intact.


For instance, if Jesus Christ was the incarnation of a personified extension of the Logos, which is the spiritualized aspect of the demiurge, then you can see how a cup holding his blood is identically a physical vessel holding demiurgic energy. You have already encountered one example: the Philosopher’s Stone, of which the Grail is a higher order relative.


Or consider the platter holding the head of John the Baptist; John poured “living water” upon Jesus and baptized him, indicating his symbolic function as the conferrer of that which made Jesus more than mere man, that is to say he symbolized the Logos, and “Logos” being associated with mind/intellect may explain the head-on-a-platter visual.


These are examples of ecclesiastical steganography.

In Wolfram’s Parzival, the Grail was neither cup nor platter, but an otherworldly stone. It was called neither “Holy Grail” nor “Holy Vessel” but simply the “Graal.” It was treated as a strange and marvelous non-terrestrial artifact.


To avoid redundancy, I will call it “Grail” instead of “Graal.”


Here is how Wolfram characterizes it:

  • It was paradisiacal and transcended all earthly perfection. This implies it was more than just a hunk of rock. Rather its perfection extended beyond the earthly material level.

  • It was cared for by a woman of perfect chastity and purity, and all who served the Grail must forego carnal love. This means spiritual integrity was of vital importance for those who interacted with it.

  • It would only let itself be carried or moved by a perfectly chaste woman. This implies it has some level of volition to choose whom to let itself be carried by.

  • It would instantly materialize whatever food and drink was desired by those who held their cups and plates before it. This means it could turn thoughts into reality, and functioned as a stone of plenty.

  • It could only materialize what the earth already yields in terms of food and drink. This means it cannot just materialize any thoughts, only foodstuffs that already exist. This carries shades of an uncreative demiurge.

  • It receives its power to materialize from a Dove that flies down from heaven every Good Friday and leaves a white wafer on the stone. This is a mix of pagan and Christian symbolism. Aside from the religious aspects, it also has to do with raw energy charging the stone at a specified time. Take note that Good Friday is the Friday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The date is entirely astrological/astronomical and may signify maximum cosmic etheric inflow.

  • It would impart vitality to any who looked upon it, restoring youth, delaying death, and curing illness. One could live for hundreds of years without growing old this way, save for hair turning gray. This means the Grail emits very strong life-force energy, aka etheric energy, just like the Philosopher’s Stone.

  • It would give written messages via mystical letters appearing on its surface. These letters would vanish after being read. Messages included the names of children in the world who would be called to serve in the Grail castle, and other dictates. This means the Grail possessed intelligence, or relayed communications from some intelligence with preference for letters and writing. It also means the Grail served as an oracle.

  • It was invisible to those who were not baptized. This means it takes an infusion of divine energy into one’s consciousness, an opening of perception, to be able to see the Grail. Otherwise it remains invisible before one’s eyes. This is a very gnostic concept, to have one’s third eye opened through divine grace or initiation. It implies the Grail is tangible but not necessarily always fully here in the world, rather shifted slightly from our reality and requires expanded perception to see.

  • By its virtue, the Phoenix burns to ashes and is born anew more splendid than before. This metaphor is clearly alchemical symbolism, though more generally it indicates the transformation of something, like a person or whole world, into a more perfect form through dissolution and reformulation.

There is question of how close Wolfram stuck to the original tale, and how close the original was to the truth.


Eschenbach says he was told the story by one called Master Kyot, who came across it in an old book written in Arabic by a “heathen” astronomer named Flegetanis.


Flegetanis himself was somehow privy to the truth concerning the Grail and its origins, having written,

“A troop left it on earth and then rose high above the stars, if their innocence drew them back again. Afterwards a Christian progeny bred to a pure life had the duty of keeping it. Those humans who are summoned to the Grail are ever worthy.”

Kyot went looking in the literature of Britain, France, and Ireland for mention of this “Christian progeny” and at last found a tale of their existence in Anjou, France, of which the Parzival story is a second-hand recounting by Eschenbach.

Not mentioned by Wolfram, but claimed by other books of the period:

  • The Grail could glow bright as the sun and impart enlightenment to those who looked upon it. Recall the Philosopher’s Stone glowing when multiplied beyond a certain point, and that its potent etheric energy output assists with psychic activation.

  • It was carried by cart or ship from castle to castle instead of being home to just one. This meshes with the Grail leaving a breadcrumb trail from location to location throughout history, from ancient Egypt to medieval France and other places.

  • It could unleash a fiery energy surge capable of knocking someone out. The Ark of the Covenant possessed the same trait.

  • Only those qualified to wield the Grail could sit in a special seat called the Siege Perilous, all others would be swallowed by a vortex that opens beneath them, should they attempt to sit in that chair. While figuratively underscoring the necessity of utmost spiritual strength and purity in those who seek the Grail, the vortex/whirlpool is a peculiar detail that may stem from a literal observation of the Grail’s destructive behavior in the presence of unworthy individuals.

  • It was more often in the custody of heavenly beings, who would present it to humans according to circumstance and subsequently withdraw it back into their realm. Sometimes it was in human possession, other times it was retrieved for safekeeping by its otherworldly guardians.

If these latter claims are valid and literal, they don’t necessarily contradict Wolfram’s account because his primary source concerned events from the time of King Arthur several centuries earlier.


In the intervening period more may have happened regarding the Grail from which additional streams of information beside his own could work their way into the books of his time.


So I would append these details to the ones provided in Parzival to paint a more complete picture of the Grail.

Taken at face value, in the Grail we have a stone or crystal-like object of variable physicality that,

  • emits powerful life-force energy

  • can translate thoughts into material foodstuffs

  • has seeming intelligence and volition

  • functions oracularly,

...requires high spiritual integrity from those who wield and serve it lest they be destroyed by it.


Is the Grail Real?

How do we know the Grail is an actual artifact and not just a metaphor for spiritual ideals or a veiled allusion to the Philosopher’s Stone?

  1. Because its footprints are found in actual history and not just literature. I will leave the tedious history of people like the Phoenicians, Egyptians, Celts, Cathars, and Templars for books listed at the end of this article, but will say for now that for each of these a magical stone or crystal artifact with supernatural qualities played part in their origins, organization, and power. They were at some point in possession of something important, closely guarded, and endowed with the traits of demiurgic technology. It conferred to them special guidance and abilities without which their achievements would not have been possible.

  2. Because its characteristics go beyond that of the Philosopher’s Stone in a manner suggesting these extra features are not just arbitrary embellishment based on fantasy, but extensions made with logical adherence to the principle of demiurgic science. In other words, if Grail myths simply encoded alchemical knowledge, the described Grail functions would be limited to those of the Philosopher’s Stone and anything beyond that would be made up and thus physically implausible. Yet these extensions, like materializing food out of thin air or functioning in an oracular manner, are perfectly plausible and in line with demiurgic science, as will be explained later. The Grail can do what the Stone cannot, but only because those who make the Stone lack the ability to take demiurgic science to the higher level of which the Grail is a product. If the Stone exists, then so ought the Grail by extension of that same science.

  3. Because while anyone with the right knowledge and integrity can make the Philosopher’s Stone, the Grail was something sought and fought over as if there were only one. It wasn’t something that could be made as needed. Therefore it was a unique artifact and not just a recipe. It was a real object carried around via carts, barques, and arks.

  4. Because the medieval Grail was the surviving remnant of the ancient Ark of the Covenant, or at least another fruit from the same tree of demiurgic science. The Ark was undoubtedly a real artifact with real powers and not just myth and metaphor, therefore if the Ark of the Covenant with its alleged functions once existed, then the Grail with its purported powers can exist also, for both are of the same caliber.

Although it bears similarity to the Philosopher’s Stone, it is not identically the Stone.


Although its human seekers must undergo an arduous path of spiritual strengthening and purification to approach and serve it, the Grail is not just a metaphor for spiritual evolution. Although it employs etheric and astral energies in its operation, it is not just a visual metaphor for these energies but a vessel containing and radiating them.


It is hyper-dimensional, spiritual, demiurgic technology representing a union of all such interpretations.


What are the origins of the Grail?

As will be shown in a later article, what medieval literature says concerning the origins and characteristics of the Grail deeply correlates with Celtic, Greek, Scandinavian, Persian, Egyptian, Mayan, and Indian mythology.


The common origin of these myths explains who brought the Grail to our world many millennia ago: an advanced civilization possessing demiurgic technology.


Further clues on their identity is provided by,

This suggests not only that the Grail is as important today as it was in ancient times, but that its supernatural progenitors are still with us.

The Grail is a mysterious artifact with supernatural powers. What is such an otherworldly artifact doing in our world? Who made it, where did it come from, and how did it come into human possession?


The angles of approach to these questions are diverse: medieval Grail legends, Indo-European mythology, occult literature, and the modern fields of Fortean phenomena and alienology; but they all converge upon the same answer.

In Parzival, the Christian hermit Trevrizent explains how it was brought to earth by a group of “noble and worthy” angels after they were exiled from Heaven for refusing to take sides when Lucifer waged his rebellion. God commanded these neutral angels to bring the Grail to earth and entrust it to a divinely appointed line of spiritually pure humans.


That is to say, they were exiled and divested of the Grail. They are the so-called Fallen Angels.

As to what became of these exiled angels, Flegetanis said they “rose high above the stars” after dropping off the Grail. Trevrizent seems to concur, initially saying they returned to Heaven if their innocence called them to return and God willed it, which is a Gnostic concept concerning the redemption of evil, something the Church would find offensive since Fallen Angels were supposed to be eternal enemies of God without possibility of redemption.


Later in the book, Trevrizent admits this was a lie and that these exiled angels were actually eternally damned and eternal enemies of God and his appointed Grail guardians, that they had no hope for redemption. This recanting is thought to have been Wolfram appeasing the Church.

It’s also possible that in the original streams from which the story of Parzival was derived, both are true: the neutral angels polarized into two groups, one rising closer to divinity, the other falling further. Some would therefore be higher guardians of the Grail cooperating with their human counterparts, while the others, having been fully divested of the Grail, would be their adversaries desiring to regain it for themselves.


This would resolve the seeming contradictions in Grail legends concerning otherworldly beings both helping guard it from abuse and attempting to steal it from its rightful guardians. Thus the legends suggest that a duality exists among these higher beings.


For instance, in Lucifer’s Court, (p. 21) Otto Rahn recounts a variation of the tale:

the Grail was a gemstone knocked loose from Lucifer’s crown during the fall of the angels, which his forces have since been trying to repossess.

Stripping the religious gloss from the above accounts, the basic story is that some catastrophe in another realm forced a group of beings to leave with a powerful artifact. They came to Earth and entrusted it to a line of spiritually elite humans through whom the artifact continued its function.

Wolfram called it lapsit exillis, meaning “stone of exile” in his garbled Latin, because it was taken from its home and brought to earth by forces exiled by some cataclysmic event.


This motif repeats itself throughout human history, whereby the artifact is endangered and must be moved to a new location. There it establishes its power for some time before peril strikes once more, forcing another relocation, and the cycle repeats.

One example is the Israelites fleeing Egypt under catastrophic conditions and taking the early Ark of the Covenant with them, through which they win victory, guidance, prosperity, and power.


When the Temple of Solomon was sacked, the Ark was spirited away and disappeared from Jewish history.


I will discuss the Ark in more depth in my next article because it gives further insight into the nature of demiurgic technology and introduces the historical turn of events that precipitated a negative deviation of the timeline.

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4 - Ark of The Covenant
28 October 2010

Like the Grail, the Ark of the Covenant was an object endowed with supernatural powers.


The Ark is described in the Bible as a large wooden chest on carrying poles, gilded inside and out with gold, and having a solid gold lid surmounted by two golden winged figures.1

The Ark remains the most sacred artifact of the Jews despite their losing it long ago. Without it, their ancestors would not have overcome certain obstacles, vanquished their enemies, received guidance from it, or prospered into the eventual nation of Israel. Therefore the entire Judeo-Christian paradigm owes its existence to the Ark of the Covenant.

Is the Bible’s descriptions of the Ark accurate?


Well, the Old Testament is a fictional narrative sewn together from sometimes factual patches. These patches are eyewitness accounts passed down through the oral traditions and documents of the various tribes that existed in Canaan when the Old Testament and its subsequent revisions were being drafted, around the 8th century B.C.


By creating a single continuous narrative from these, the diverse people in central Canaan could be united into what subsequently became the nation of Israel.2




The ancient history of Israel and the story of Exodus as told in the Bible are composited from separate historical episodes.


Isolated parts are true within their original contexts, just that they may be out of order, superimposed, embellished, or borrowed from other cultures. I haven’t pieced together the true and complete history of Israel and the Ark, but my research over the last year has given me some basic bearing.


Since it’s too lengthy and tangential to cover here in detail, I will just list some examples of what historical persons and events may have been reworked centuries later into the Old Testament narrative:

  • The story of Moses being drawn from a river comes from an Akkadian legend relating the genesis of their king, Sargon the Great,3 or else both draw from an even older myth. The old Akkadians allegedly existed 2700 - 2200 B.C.4 Another theory says they were the Hyksos Dynasty, which existed 1628 - 1550 B.C.5

  • The two pharaohs of the Exodus were Pepi II and Merenre II circa 2200 B.C. They were the last pharaohs of the Old Kingdom of Egypt.6 This is almost a thousand years before conventional Biblical chronology places the Exodus.

  • The cataclysm that ended the Old Kingdom and killed Merenre II in the “place of the whirlpool” occurred around 2190 B.C. and was an early contributor to the stories of Passover, the Ten Plagues, and the Parting of the Sea of Reeds.7

  • In 1628 B.C., the Mediterranean super-volcano of Thera exploded, forcing migrations out of Egypt and inspiring further additions to the stories of Exodus, particularly the Israelites seeing a pillar of cloud and fire before and later behind their wandering procession.8

  • The Semitic Hyksos were purged from Egypt in 1550 B.C. after being paid off in large sums of gold and silver to leave.9 From this derives the story of the Israelites being given gold, silver, clothing, and jewels by the Egyptians in preparation for their exodus. The walls of Jericho fell around 1550 B.C. according to archeological dating, suggesting the Ark of the Covenant was en route to Canaan by that point.10

  • The historical King Solomon lived in north-central Canaan in the decades following the Hyksos expulsion from Egypt. According to classical historian Flavius Josephus, the Hyksos founded Jerusalem.11

  • The historical Temple of Solomon was built around 1500 B.C. along with the megalithic temple complex at Baalbek located in modern day Lebanon.12 Both were constructed by the Phoenicians using advanced technology; they were familiar with the Ark of the Covenant.13

  • Queen Hatshepsut (1508–1458 BC) was contemporary with the historical King Solomon and may have held personal relations with him and/or the Phoenicians and/or the Mitanni. Some believe she was Queen Sheba of the Bible.14 (See the ViewZone article Yemen As It is for further evidence that Sheba, Solomon, and the Ark existed around 1500 B.C. and not five centuries later. Clue: the script is proto-Caananite / proto-Phoenician. This is a nail in the coffin for conventional Biblical chronology).

  • After Hatsepshut died, her nephew and successor Thuthmose III waged military campaigns into northern Canaan and sacked Solomon’s Temple just four decades after it was built.15 He then defaced Hatshepsut’s statues and attempted to erase her from history. Thuthmose III was the historical basis for the Biblical pharaoh Shishak.

  • Pharaoh Akhenaten, who reigned 1353 BC - 1336, imposed a tyrannical form of monotheism upon Egypt consisting of worship of a single solar deity and suppression of all others. His reign lasted almost two decades, after which the Egyptian traditionalists who were loyal to the old ways fought to purge Egypt of this radical monotheism and its followers, who may have been related to the Hyksos. Among them was a high priest of Akhenaten, named Osarseph according to Manetho, who led the exiled Semitic monotheists in an uprising against the Egyptian traditionalists. In the end he was forced to flee Egypt with his followers, and he subsequently became the historical model for the Biblical Moses.16 In Canaan they became the final wave of Egyptian exiles incorporated into the story of the Israelites.

I could go on, but right now it’s more more important to focus on the purported technical capabilities of the Ark, in order to show how similar it is to the Holy Grail and what all this says about the nature of high demiurgic technology.


What follows is a list of key aspects of the Ark and my interpretations of them.


Ark - Etheric and Electric Fields

The Ark is infamous for its deadly energy discharges.


Those unqualified to touch, approach, or even look at the Ark would be struck dead:

  • Uzzah was struck dead by a burning flash of energy from the Ark as he reached out his hand to steady it. The Ark was being transported on an ox cart and one of the oxen had stumbled.17

  • Seventy people from the town of Beth Shemesh were killed when they opened the Ark and looked inside. The Ark was temporarily stationed there on its return from Philistine custody.18

  • Aaron’s sons died when, against permission, they attempted to offer incense to the Ark and a fiery energy sprang forth and consumed them.19

  • Those of the Kohachite branch of the Levites, who were assigned to carry the Ark and associated items once they were securely wrapped for transport, were instructed never to touch or look at these items directly, or they would die immediately.20

In attempting to explain this, others have noted that the gilded wooden box resembles a capacitor, something that stores electric charge.


In this case the capacitor is two electrodes of gold sandwiching a wood insulator. Since the Ark could accumulate and store high voltage electricity, some conclude the Ark was nothing more than a big capacitor.

A large enough capacitor can indeed electrocute a person. But according to my calculations, the capacitance of the Ark is only around 3-5 nF at most, giving barely enough energy to kill one person under ideal conditions if charged to 300,000 Volts.21


That kind of voltage is very difficult to reach, let alone maintain without flashover between inner and outer gold layers. To throw a spark long enough to hit someone just a few yards away, millions of Volts would be needed. There is no way a wood-based capacitor by itself can accumulate enough power to kill a crowd, let alone surround itself with a glowing energy field and perform the more miraculous feats ascribed to it.

The Ark alone cannot do what the Bible says it can, at least not according to conventional science. The top mistake fringe researchers make is limiting their interpretation of the Ark’s function to the perspective of conventional physics and engineering. Thus they propose it was merely a spark gap radio, electrical capacitor, seismic energy transducer, algae food grower, or some other mundane device.22


While each of these may explain a few alleged Ark traits, they cannot account for them all.

High demiurgic technology, however, explains everything. Just as in Alchemy, conventional scientific principles may enter into the equation but are not the only ones involved. While the Ark may be a capacitor, that is only a small aspect of its total function. One has to go beyond regular physics to understand it.

For instance, it’s worth noting that, topologically speaking, the Ark is a spherical capacitor, where one electrode is nested inside the other. According to my fringe physics research, what makes spherical capacitors special is that they can receive, transmit, absorb, and emit gravity waves. It has to do with changes in charge density coupling to changes in the gravitational potential. 23


If the Ark was a spark gap radio, it would have had to intercept gravity waves and convert them to electrical arcing between the two winged figures. But I doubt that was its primary function.

Further, anyone familiar with orgonomy will realize that the Ark is constructed like an orgone accumulator, which is a box whose walls are made of alternating layers of organic and inorganic substances. 24


It’s said to attract and store orgone energy, which appears to be a grade of etheric energy closest to the material plane.


Wilhelm Reich also observed a connection between negative ions and orgone energy, although the two are distinct. Their relation may be like the one between water drops and water vapor; one is a condensation or evaporation of the other. The electrical effects of the Ark may therefore be side-effects of etheric processes.


Still, no orgone accumulator has ever built up enough energy to fry someone.

Since it was a chest with a lid, the Ark presumably carried something, and that object may have been responsible for its purported powers. The Bible says that the first item it carried was the stone tablet(s), also known as the Covenant or Testimony, that Moses brought out from Mount Sinai.25


This fictional story has elements of truth, namely that a stone-like object was retrieved and placed in the Ark, after which it brimmed with energy. Therefore the Ark served more as a container, shield, and/or transceiver for the mysterious object placed inside it. It was also called Ark of the Testimony, as it contained something pertaining to the covenant between Hebrews and their Lord: a stone artifact called the Testimony. From this point on, when I refer to the Ark, I mean the Ark with power source installed.

That the Ark radiated energy is further supported by the detail that, when it was being transported, it was thoroughly wrapped in shielding material and its carriers were forbidden from touching or looking directly at it.26


And when encamped, it was kept inside a structure known as the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle was a portable tent system designed to safely contain and surround the Ark. The first tent around the Ark was made of flax linen, the second of woven goat hair, third and fourth of dyed animal skins. 260


This great redundancy in layer upon layer appears to be additional shielding. And shielding is only necessary if the Ark were putting out an intense energy field.

The choice of construction materials is significant. Flax fiber has a spiral crystalline structure.27 Hair and wool strands are nonlinear dielectrics because the medulla, sheath, and cortex of the strands have different dielectric constants, which makes them excellent attenuators or reflectors of gravitational / scalar / longitudinal waves.28


And Baron von Reichenbach found through extensive experimentation that wool had the ability to attenuate etheric energy, the same way metal shielding attenuates electromagnetic waves.29

Copper, silver, and gold were the only metals used in constructing the Ark and the Tabernacle.30


They are all non-magnetic, have only one valence electron, and share Group 11 on the periodic table. Iron was strictly forbidden. Even later, in the construction of Solomon’s Temple, supposedly well into the Iron Age, no iron nails were used. Of course in truth Solomon’s Temple being built around 1520 B.C. means it was still in the Bronze Age, but there’s another reason iron wasn’t used back then. Folklore says that fairies and other supernatural beings have an aversion to iron.32


Physically it is merely magnetic and has two valence electrons, but etherically it may have undesirable effects upon etheric entities and technologies. Therefore we can infer that ferromagnetic materials interfered with the Ark’s operation, save iron-containing blood that played an important role in its function.

From the above, we can already see that the Ark’s operation included both etheric and electric elements. Again, the gilded wooden chest was not the source of the Ark’s power, rather the object it contained was what radiated an intense energy field of an etheric, scalar, and/or electrogravitational nature. This energy field could precipitate electrical effects as well, but these were side effects rather than the primary ones.


Proof of this is in the construction of the Ark, Tabernacle, and Solomon’s Temple, which incorporate principles of etheric/scalar manipulation and shielding. They would be designed differently if mere electrical effects were intended.

Although the Ark has electrical properties, that is insufficient to say its function was merely electrical. This parallels reports of human encounters with alien crafts, whereby the ship exhibits strong electrical and electromagnetic interference effects, but these alone are not enough to explain how the ships can levitate because their primary propulsion fields are non-electromagnetic. 33


We are dealing with demiurgic technology here, not human technology.


Ark - Vortical Plasmic Intelligence

The Ark’s lid was called the “Mercy Seat” because a luminous cloud perceived as the Lord would station itself upon it, between and above the winged gold figures. 34


This luminous cloud was known as the “Glory of the Lord” or “Shekhina,” the latter being a Hebrew term meaning literally the dwelling, settling, or presence of the Lord.35

It would seem at first that the Shekhina is just an electrical corona emanating from the golden winged figures, were it not for the detail that the Shekhina was mobile and independent of the Ark. For instance, the Shekhina accompanied the Biblical Hebrews out of Egypt even before the Ark was built. It led them as a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night as they crossed the desert.36


It settled itself on Mount Sinai.37 It appeared in the desert when food was about to manifest from the heavens.38 Even after the Ark was built, the Shekhina could leave it and freely travel about of its own volition.39

The Shekhina is described as looking like a “pillar of cloud” during daylight, suggesting condensation of water vapor into a visible tornado-like structure.40 This makes sense because, according to orgonomy, sufficiently dense orgone energy concentrations cause water vapor condensation.41


At night it glowed like a “pillar of fire” possibly indicating ionization of air, which is identically plasma. Therefore a very dense etheric energy field accounts for both the condensation of water vapor into visible mist and the glowing field of ionized gas.

The Shekhina could also diffuse into, or was simply accompanied by, a general glowing aura around the Ark. When kept in an enclosed shielded place like the inner Tabernacle tent or inner chamber of Solomon’s Temple, the Shekhina would fill the space like a luminous fog.42

Solomon’s Temple was built to house the Ark permanently. Like the Tabernacle, the Ark rested within its central chamber known as the Holy of Holies surrounded by numerous shielding walls. The energy field diffused and filled the space surrounding the Ark, creating a glowing atmosphere testifying to the power residing in Solomon’s Temple.43


The first Temple was eventually destroyed and the Ark went missing, so that the second Temple of Solomon completed in 516 BC lacked both the Ark and its Shekhina. While the people rejoiced that their temple was back, the priests lamented because they knew it was missing the most critical component.44

Note that all these characteristics don’t support the notion that the pillar of fire and cloud was an alien spaceship. It’s something else. That the Shekhina could localize upon the Mercy Seat and give messages or travel about freely suggests that it possessed intelligence and volition.


Enough so that the Hebrews were convinced it really was their Lord dwelling in their midst.


Ark - Water Influencer

When the Hebrews fled Egypt under pursuit by the Egyptian army, the “Lord” went ahead of them and parted the Sea of Reeds so that they could cross.


Water piled up into vertical walls and allowed passage over dry ground as though a solid force field had materialized left, right, and underneath them. The waters literally congealed beneath their feet and kept them dry, which contradicts mundane explanations of wind patterns, gravitational tugs from passing planets, or tidal effects being the cause, because the latter would still leave a wet muddy mess to slough through.


Dry ground and congealment indicates either a solidification of water or a firm force field upon which one could walk.45

Later the Ark was used to part the Jordan River. Levite priests carried the Ark into the river, causing water to pile up on both sides some distance away and allowing the Israelites to once again cross over what they perceived as dry ground. When the priests carried the Ark to the other side, the river resumed course. 46


Again, mere weather or seismic explanations don’t account for this. Note also that while the water was pushed away, the people crossing were not; therefore it wasn’t just an outwardly blowing antigravitational field but something acting selectively. Either the powered Ark created a shell-like force field or else it had direct control over water itself.

In another curious detail, cast metal basins were installed both in the Tabernacle and in Solomon’s Temple. In the Tabernacle it was a smaller bronze basin filled with water, said to be for washing. It was kept between the inner tent and a sacrificial altar in the courtyard where the Shekhina could pass over it.47 In Solomon’s Temple the basin was circular, fifteen feet in diameter and almost eight feet high. 48


Presumably it was also filled with water, but something that large and deep excludes a basin solely for washing, especially since smaller ones for that purpose were included elsewhere in the Temple.

Therefore one could speculate that the Ark, its power source, or the Shekhina had a proclivity for water and the basins served a functional purpose toward that end. Wilhelm Reich wrote about the great affinity that orgone and water have for each other.


A circular basin like that at Solomon’s Temple is the optimal shape for a whirlpool, and water scientist Viktor Schauberger indicated that whirlpools infuse water with etheric life-force energy.49

There is a strong water-vortex motif here. The vortex is an archetype that repeatedly accompanies the Grail and the Ark, and I will say more on this later. Recall the Siege Perilous, the seat upon which only the worthy champions of the Grail could sit lest they be swallowed by a vortex.


Recall the Shekhina manifesting as a tornado-like pillar of cloud.


And recall that Merenre II, Egyptian pharaoh of the first Exodus, was said to have perished in the “place of the whirlpool.”


Ark - Soul Frequency Selectivity

The Ark was selective with what effects it had upon whom.


Generally speaking, those with high spiritual purity, meaning etheric and astral integrity, who obeyed protocol were left unharmed. This included the Levite Priests in charge of operating the Ark, first in the Tabernacle and later in Solomon’s Temple. In the Temple, only ones with the highest spiritual training had access to the inner chamber where the Ark was located.

Those who disobeyed protocol or were spiritually tarnished were struck dead or afflicted with sores, boils, and other symptoms of biological disintegration mimicking leprosy. The leper factor appears several times. When Moses encountered the Burning Bush in the desert, which was an early appearance of the Shekhina, his hand briefly turned leprous. 50


When prophetess Miriam was summoned to the Tabernacle for making a transgression, she became leprous after the “pillar of cloud” descended upon her.51


In Egypt, the Hebrew immigrants and slaves were known as the “polluted ones” because of their rampant leprosy problems, which Frank Joseph and Laura Beadouin hypothesize was due to their local proximity to the Ark power source when it was still stationed in Lower Egypt.

When the Philistines captured the Ark, wherever they moved it among their territories, there broke out death, boils and in one case an outbreak of mice.52


This illustrates what happens when the Ark is brought in the midst of those who have not been sufficiently trained and purified. It seems to amplify and bring into outward manifestation the quality of their psychic energy, which in the case of decadence could manifest boils and mice for instance. This, in contrast to the Ark’s enriching and fructifying influence when stationed in Biblical Jerusalem.

Only the Levite priests could openly handle the Ark without getting harmed. Moses and his brother Aaron were said to be Levites. Not only did they have to wear special clothing and follow certain safety protocol, they also had to be of sufficient spiritual purity.


Compare this to the Grail, who would only let itself be cared for by a woman of perfect chastity and purity.

It wasn’t enough to simply “keep one hand in the pocket while wearing insulating shoes” because the Ark wasn’t just a high voltage device, but a Demiurgic one that translated astral/spiritual qualities into physical manifestation.


Ark - Manifesting Food

Further indication of the Ark’s demiurgic power is given in Exodus 16, where the Israelites run out of food while crossing the desert to Canaan and the Shekhina manifests food for them.


It covered their camp with quail to provide meat in the evening, and coated the bare ground with dew that turned into edible granules called manna. The latter may have had Alchemical qualities.

Manna is referred to as the “grain of heaven”, “the bread of the mighty” in Psalms; it was ground up and made into cakes that tasted like “wafers made with honey” or “as the taste of fresh oil”. 53


The substance melted in the sun. This manna was pure in the sense of not producing any waste products in a person.54 It ceased to fall once the Israelites arrived in an area and ate its grain. This shows it was not a natural phenomenon, but that there was intelligence behind it.


In Exodus, the appearance of manna was cyclical, with twice the quantity raining down on the sixth day of the week and none on Sabbath, which was a holy day of rest and worship. If true, this suggests the Ark was being operated by someone who obeyed the weekly Sabbath system, thereby implying that one or a few operators manifested food for the entire camp.


Contrast this with the story told in Parzival, where the Grail Stone manifested food and drink according to the visualized desires of each knight who held his empty plate and cup before it.

If this account is taken literally, then the Shekhina had the power to manifest or attract particular animals, like quail in this case. When the Philistines captured the Ark, a plague of mice broke out in one city where it was stationed, thus another case of specific animals being manifested or attracted. And according to Jewish oral tradition, King Solomon had the power to draw specific wild animals to his Temple because he knew their “names”.55


A name in this context is a type of word unique to a thing, basically its spiritual archetype, astral signature, or Logoic template.

The quail and manna manifestations are reminiscent of modern Fortean phenomena in which anomalous objects and animals rain down from the sky. It’s always one type of object (like river stones) or one animal species (like fish or frogs). 56


This specificity precludes their cause being water spouts picking up aquatic life and dumping it onto land. Some of what rains down aren’t even known species. Thus they appear to have been projected into this dimension.


Perhaps these are natural dimensional glitches following from the same principles that the Ark employed intentionally.



Ark - Loosh Transducer

In Robert Monroe’s book Far Journeys, “loosh” is defined as metaphysical energy, encompasses everything from the crudest etheric energy produced by plants to the most refined astral energy produced via human love and suffering. 57


Loosh is equivalent to demiurgic energy. It appears the Ark of the Covenant was powered, triggered, or catalyzed by externally supplied loosh.


One example being the profuse level of animal sacrifices that the Israelites performed before the Ark in order to please their Lord,

“sacrificing so many sheep and cattle that they could not be recorded or counted”.58

Another example being King David dancing half-naked before the Ark after its homecoming from Philistine capture. David dancing before the Ark has stumped many.


But if you know anything about Native American rain dances, or the technical dances of the Sufis, or Rudolf Steiner’s Eurythmy, you’ll know that dance is a motional ritual that is highly active on an occult level and generates specific patterns of energies.


The more intense the dance, the greater the energy output.

“David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might”.59

Animal sacrifices are convenient loosh sources.


Slaughter liberates astral energies via the emotional experience of dying, while fat and blood provide rich sources of etheric energy. As naturopaths and occultists know, fat and oil are good mediums for storing and transmitting subtle energies, hence the ancient practice of anointing with blessed oil. As for blood, that it carries life-force is obvious.


Even the Old Testament says as much:

“For the life of a creature is in the blood” and “But be sure you do not eat the blood, because the blood is the life, and you must not eat the life with the meat”. 61

So a distinction was made between blood and meat; the latter could be eaten, while the blood contained the life-force and had other uses.


The Levite priests sprinkled the blood against the Tabernacle altar on all sides and burned the fatty carcass upon it, which would entice the Shekhina to exit the tent and consume the remains.62

“It is a burnt offering, an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the Lord”. 63

This practice of sacrificing bulls, ram, and sheep was repeated regularly.

When the Ark was installed in the first Temple of Solomon, animal sacrifices were prohibited everywhere else in Jerusalem other than the Temple.64 This would make sense if sacrifices absolutely had to be done in the Ark’s presence in order to be utilized, further supporting the idea that the Ark was affected or even powered by the loosh emitted by a dying animal and its blood.


Manna not falling on the Sabbath may be connected to animal sacrifice being forbidden on that day.

The Jewish practice of ritual slaughter is known as Shekhita and its techniques are used to produce kosher meat. The practice involves precise cutting of the animal’s throat to ensure a calm but conscious death. Afterwards, the animal is fully drained of its blood. As a side note, it’s worth noting that cows and bulls are by definition the main targets of cattle mutilations.


They are killed while fully conscious and later found completely drained of blood. The aliens who do this leave behind the carcass and only take certain organs, as well as the 5-10 gallons of blood per cow, bull, or horse.65

The Egyptian word for bull is “Ka” which is identically the Egyptian name for life-force energy.66 This suggests life-force was the primary concept associated with bulls. The symbol of “Ka” is two upright arms raised in reverence, possibly stemming from a ritual pose conducive to the reception and transmission of etheric energy.


The symbol is also reminiscent of bull horns, the crescent moon, and the two winged figures atop the Mercy Seat. Ka is said to determine one’s destiny, habits, and vitality. It’s clear that Ka translates to etheric body.


The other subtle parts of a being, what the Egyptians called “Ba” translates to astral body. The Ba, depicted as a flying stork with a human head, is said to wander around during the night but had to return to the body by morning. Further, the Ba was said to indulge in pleasures, which fits the emotional and passionate nature of the astral body.


The final component, “akh” was reached only after death when the deceased made it to the celestial realms, and this translates in occultism to “spirit.”

Hence the Egyptians sacrificed bulls, as early as the Second Dynasty of the Old Kingdom if not earlier. These so-called “Apis Bulls” were held as divine, treated with reverence, mourned at their death, and buried with honor. The bulls would be ritualistically slaughtered at the age of 28, which ties symbolically into the moon cycle, and the meat eaten by the priests and pharaoh.67

If Apis bulls were once slaughtered for loosh harvesting, eventually that purpose was forgotten but the ritual continued anyway. During later dynasties, mummified bulls were buried in the stone coffers of the underground Serapeum complex.


As Christopher Dunn writes,

these coffers were exquisitely carved to perfection using advanced technology equalling or surpassing anything we have today and originating from a much earlier time. 68

They were likely built by the same advanced pre-Egyptian civilization that constructed the Great Pyramid.


Either those ancients who created the coffers also sacrificed bulls, or else the coffers were created for more utilitarian reasons and only later were they repurposed by the Egyptians to house mummified bulls.

The Apis Bull was considered a manifestation of the Egyptian god Ptah, a deity who called creation into existence, and who was considered a god of craftsmen. He is said to have spoken creation into existence. Thus Ptah is equivalent to the Logos or Demiurge.


“Ptah” means “opener of the mouth”, and opening the mouth is the first step to saying a word or name.69

As you can see, much connects here:

  • Logos

  • Demiurge

  • animal sacrifice

  • etheric energy

  • Ark of the Covenant

Bulls supplied etheric energy through their blood to power Demiurgic processes. That is the function of the etheric body anyway, to demiurgically ensure the continuation of form in a biological system prone to entropic decay. Just that this same energy can be repurposed toward non-biological applications through ritual slaughter.

According to Christian theology, the practice of animal sacrifice ended with the coming of Jesus Christ because his dying on the cross fully atoned for our Original Sin; he was the ultimate sacrifice to end all sacrifices. 70


I don’t believe this exoteric interpretation for a second, but as usual there is truth lingering behind the symbolism.

Notice that, whereas the ancients resorted to animal sacrifice and other crude means to activate the Ark, the Grail knights merely maintained a state of spiritual transcendence to activate the Grail stone by thought alone. The Grail knights were burning with a Christ energy, not in a religious sense, but in the sense of their being vessels for the positive personification of the divine Logos.


In other words, they were connected to the highest, purest, most vibrationally elevated loosh source in existence - the face of God. Further proof is seen in reality creation: you manifest quickest when you are attuned with your higher Self, heart, and Spirit. There is no greater demiurgic creational power than this, but there are certainly lesser ones.

The means to achieve such a state of connectedness has been taught by the greatest sages of the ages, one of whom was the historical character forming the nucleus of the Jesus Christ mythos, whose surviving teachings may be found in the Gospel of Thomas and the Q Source.72


The Gospel of Thomas was a 2nd century reconstruction of the original teachings.


Note where the New Testament differs from the Gospel of Thomas and the Q Source, and there you will see what the Church added to hijack and corrupt a genuine teaching. The Biblical Jesus versus the historical Jesus is like Sunny Delight versus Fresh Orange Juice. The fundamentalists believe Sunny-D grows on trees, the atheist skeptics refuse to believe oranges exist.


The truth is between and beyond both.

Christian theology is correct that Christ ended the need for animal sacrifice, though not for the claimed reasons.


Rather, his core teachings provide a superior alternative to harvesting energy from the environment to fund demiurgic creation. Theology is also right that this relates to Original Sin and mankind’s Fall from Paradise, though it’s because the spiritual transcendence embodied in the Grail knights is identically a non-Fallen state of consciousness, which Christ termed the Kingdom of Heaven.

Those who cannot tap into this higher energy/intelligence must resort to lesser methods and sources to trigger their desired demiurgic effects.


These include ritual, dance, sexual energy, animal sacrifice, and human sacrifice. Even today, black magic and voodoo still make use of animal sacrifice. Synchromystics and conspiracy researchers know how the global occult elite perform mass rituals through current events, media, and entertainment, and how they engage in ritual killings through staged accidents, manipulated wars, and induced disasters.


There have been tribes and cults throughout history, from Meso-America to the Mid-East to South India, who performed human and animal sacrifices in exchange for power, abundance, security, and prosperity.


In all these cases, loosh energy bought desired physical manifestation.

When loosh cannot be tapped from an infinite source, cruder grades must be harvested from finite sources; the Israelite and Egyptian use of animal sacrifice illustrates this.


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Ark - Sound and Pyramid Connection

Sound consistently accompanies the Ark’s operation and effects.

One example is the fall of Jericho, where the Israelites were told how to breach the city walls:

“March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the Ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets.


When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have all the people give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the people will go up, every man straight in.” 73

Another example is the sound associated with the Shekhina’s activities on Mount Sinai:

“Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the Lord descended on it in fire. The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, the whole mountain trembled violently, and the sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder”.74

There are other examples of shouting, music, and trumpet blasts being present during Ark and Shekhina activities.


It seems that sound, like loosh, played an important role. Frequency and amplitude are the main variables defining a sound. That volume is emphasized in the above accounts suggests that the Ark translated sonic energy into something else in proportion to its intensity, and vice versa.

In Tempest and Exodus, Ralph Ellis makes a convincing case that Mount Sinai of the Bible was actually the Great Pyramid. For instance, Mount Sinai is traditionally described as the tallest of three mountains, each of which contained deep “caves.”


Moses was commanded to go into Mount Sinai. It was named for the sharpness of its peak and infamous for the steepness of its sides, and an alternate name places its location in the desert. The base of Mount Sinai was encircled by armed guards, which is unfeasible for an actual mountain, but not the Great Pyramid. These are just a few examples.


If true, it would be one among many indicators that the Ark had something to do with the Great Pyramid. When Moses emerged from Mount Sinai, he descended with the stone Testimony, which he subsequently placed into the Ark. Hence the Ark’s power source was retrieved from within the Great Pyramid.

In another connection, the hieroglyph for “Apis Bull” is two gabled roofs over a box, exactly resembling the entrance to the Great Pyramid. 75


With the bull already linked to etheric energy via its name “Ka” also being that of the etheric body, linked to the Ark of the Covenant via animal sacrifice, and linked to the Demiurge via the bull being associated with Ptah, it’s fitting that a pyramid connection exists here as well.




The Great Pyramid today is a gutted machine with all its active components missing.


The modern Pyramid versus its original form is like a bullhorn versus a megaphone; one is just a passive sound shaping funnel, the other an active sound amplifier with powered electronics. We know from experiments that even a cardboard pyramid produces strange negentropic effects, meaning the shape itself influences the ambient etheric field, but such passive structures are weak in comparison to the Great Pyramid in its original working state. 76


The Great Pyramid is currently a passive remnant of its original self and all its associated exotic phenomena are nothing compared to what it once could do.

The technical operation of the Great Pyramid has been well investigated by Christopher Dunn, author of The Giza Power Plant. (See also "The Great Pyramid’s Subterranean Chamber Hydraulic Pulse Generator and Water Pump")


I agree with his data, but not necessarily his conclusion that it was merely an electric power plant. I also disagree with Frank Joseph and Laura Beaudoin that it was a piezoelectric attenuator of seismic energy designed to protect the region against earthquakes. Earthquake activity certainly accompanied the Ark, but perhaps more as an effect than a cause of its function.

According to Dunn, the Pyramid’s function depended on several critical aspects:

the Queen’s Chamber into which chemicals were dumped to produce hydrogen gas, the Grand Gallery serving as a sound production and amplification chamber via its hypothesized network of acoustic resonators, the antechamber with its movable vertical stone slabs that could fine tune the sound coming from the Grand Gallery, and lastly the King’s Chamber where the sonic energy was focused to vibrate the granite stones in order to piezoelectrically produce electromagnetic waves that energized the hydrogen gas filling these chambers.77




If you look carefully at the Grand Gallery and the antechamber according to Dunn’s description, you will see that they respectively mimic the human larynx and tongue/teeth/lips.


If the Grand Gallery produced sound, it might have been through a collection of installed tuning forks and the Helmholtz resonators that converted their vibrations into a loud and focused beam aimed toward the King’s Chamber. 78


This mass of sound enters the antechamber and is modulated by the series of adjustable granite gates. In other words, the Great Pyramid functioned as a vowel resonator.79


Thus a vowel sound would have been pumped with great intensity into the King’s Chamber.

In the King’s Chamber, there is a granite chest whose dimensions are similar but not identical to those of the Ark of the Covenant. Accordingly, it’s been proposed that the Ark slid into this chest, but considering the narrow entrance to the room it’s more likely that the smaller stone-like power source was placed there, with the Pyramid itself serving as the original Ark/Tabernacle/Temple.


Moses bringing back the stone Testimony from inside “Mount Sinai” supports this.

One may imagine the “Ark Stone” being stationed in the King’s Chamber and saturating the connecting spaces with its luminous energy field. Plasma is ionized gas, and if the chambers were filled with pure hydrogen as Dunn proposes, then it would have been a hydrogen plasma. The entire vowel resonator may have been filled with hydrogen plasma through which tunable sound was pumped from the Grand Gallery through the formant-synthesizing antechamber.


And when you pump sound waves through a charged plasma, you get longitudinal ion-acoustic waves, which produce longitudinal EM waves, which are identically gravity or time waves80. Etheric energy would have accompanied it as well, which the Pyramid by virtue of its shape alone can bias and amplify.

The five ceilings above the King’s Chamber consist of loose granite crossbeams, polished on the bottom to reflect coherent energy from below, and intentionally uneven on top to disperse incoherent energy from the top, thus functioning like a one-way mirror capable of cohering and directing the energy like a laser. These ceilings might also be mimicking the human sinus passages for additional resonance activity.


Vibration of the granite beams would have produced longitudinal EM waves as well via the piezoelectric effect.


The gravitational, etheric, temporal energy produced in the King’s Chamber would have been made coherent and unidirectional, aimed either upwards to the sky or downward to the center of the planet, more likely the latter since the center of the planet is always directly below a level structure on the surface.


(It’s also possible that the pyramid was not designed to do anything outwardly, but rather focus all its energies inward upon the King’s Chamber to charge, initialize, and/or program the Ark Stone).

If you keep in mind that the Ark responded to sound, that Ptah (who is the Demiurge or Logos) means “opener of the mouth”, and that loud vowel sounds were likely pumped into the King’s Chamber from the larynx/mouth-like structures, you begin to see that the Great Pyramid must have had a truly awesome purpose.


Ark - Physical Terrain Transformer

Jewish oral tradition ascribed several additional powers to the Ark not mentioned in the Old Testament:

  1. as it was being carried by the Israelite vanguard, the Ark cleared the path of scorpions and snakes via a burning ray issuing forth from the Mercy Seat

  2. the Levites carrying it would also be carried by it, meaning levitation

  3. the Ark could level hills and mountains in the way 81

The third claim that the Ark could alter geography and terrain seems tenuous, but there are a few potential points of correlation:

  • First is that the Nile River may have been intelligently engineered, as explained by Goro Adachi in The Time Rivers. You would have to read his book to be convinced there is something to it, but in short the features, proportions, alignments, lengths, bends, etc… of the Nile are too synchronous to be mere natural formations.


    Only problem is that something so large cannot be created through physical digging like with the Panama Canal (4132 miles versus 51 miles). Adachi doesn’t really explain who did it, but they must have possessed the god-like power to directly transform geography.

  • Second point of correlation is the Glastonbury Zodiac, a circular collection of zodiac images spanning ten miles in diameter, impressed upon the landscape of the Isle of Avalon where legend says the Grail was once kept.


    The zodiac images are made of streams, dykes, roads, and other landscape features. The center of the zodiac is the famous Glastonbury Tor, a stone tower built on a sacred hill.82

  • Third is the French town of Rennes-le-Château. Like the Glastonbury Zodiac, the position of landscape features and markers including mountain tops and churches trace out a meaningful pattern, the pentagram in this case.


    Rennes-le-Château is famous for its association with secret Templar activities and later the priest Saunière who struck it rich after discovering secret documents pertaining to Templar treasure or perhaps a method for making the Philosopher’s Stone.83

These alleged landscape geometries include some features not placeable by human hands.


While they bear enough ambiguity to support the skeptical view that people are just reading too much into things, they also display enough order and improbability to look like “graffiti tagging” by some hyper-dimensional intelligence.


Seems like everything deeply connected to the Grail, Ark, and Philosopher’s Stone bears the fingerprint of intelligent design or synchronistic orchestration, down to the prophetic codes in the Torah and Hebrew gematria.

Or consider the moon’s association with the sacred Bull, that the Hebrew calendar is based on moon cycles, that Good Friday and other key days associated with the Grail and Ark are timed to the moon… Not surprisingly, the astronomical parameters of the Moon indicate some heavy synchronistic orchestration.


Books have been written on its anomalous nature including Who Built the Moon by Butler and Knight and David Icke’s latest work Human Race Get Off Your Knees.

What all of these environmental geometries have in common is that they seem synchronistically rather than mechanically formed. So instead of the Moon being towed in via tractor beams, or the Nile River being dug with antigravity bulldozers, it may have originated through intelligently guided or selected natural evolution via intentional probability biasing.


Thus these geometries seem both natural and unnatural at the same time. Natural enough to please the skeptics, unnatural enough to convince the believers. The religious might just call it the handiwork of God, but it’s not that simple. I’ll talk more about this later when I get into the timewar idea, and how high demiurgic technology is capable of reality reconfiguration and timeline selection.


For now I just want to mention that the Ark may very well have leveled hills and mountains, and that this isn’t without a supporting context.

Just to speculate, what would happen if the Ark Stone’s terrain-transformational power is amplified and channeled by the Great Pyramid, whose coherent energy beam points down to the center of the planet?


In the Biblical story of Mount Sinai, the entire structure was quaking and trembling while a trumpeting sound grew louder and louder. It’s interesting that the Pyramid is aligned almost perfectly with true North, skewed a little today due to crustal shifts since the time of its construction.


If it was built after the last pole shift, which occurred around 10,500 B.C., then it was simply positioned in alignment with the new pole. This is the most plausible case. If, however, it was built before the pole shift, then either its builders knew clairvoyantly what the new pole alignment would be, or the Great Pyramid was used to shift the planet’s axis.


It’s impossible to say whether it was built before or after the pole shift, so I’ll leave this as food for thought.


Putting it All Together

I began this series by explaining the nature of the Demiurge, the universal intelligence responsible for shaping physical reality according to given archetypes.


Its etheric component biases probability at the quantum level while the astral component carries the archetypal signature that directs that biasing. Together, etheric and astral energies may be called “demiurgic energies” because they have the power to intelligently alter matter, energy, space, and time - precisely the function of the Demiurge.

Demiurgic technology makes use of these energies to affect the physical universe. One example is the Philosopher’s Stone, a saline substance impregnated with dense etheric energies and tinged with the astral signature of gold, thereby being capable of transmuting lead or mercury into gold by reconfiguring their atoms at the quantum level in accordance with that signature.

By logically extending the principles of the Demiurge and Philosopher’s Stone, I can also explain the purported characteristics of the Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant. The latter are higher applications of demiurgic technology.

The central tenet of Alchemy is to imitate Nature, not only the mineral aspect upon which all of modern science is fixated, but also the biological and spiritual aspects.


In producing the Philosopher’s Stone, Alchemy is imitating the process of mineral-to-plant evolution. Notice that the Philosopher’s Stone is primarily a combination of physical and etheric bodies, with only the slightest astral component to impart a specific “flavor” to its transmutative power. Unlike ordinary minerals, it possesses life-force by virtue of its intrinsic etheric energy.


This places it above the rank of chemicals and closer to the vegetable kingdom. Both plants and the Philosopher’s Stone have physical and etheric bodies but not much of an astral body. Just like a plant, the Stone is passive and immobile.

What separates animals from plants is that their physical bodies are more complex, their etheric bodies more intense and developed, and that they have an actively functional astral body. The animal level is where sentience and volition begins, when the first semblance of independence develops. The more complex physical body is what allows a higher order of life to inhabit it.


If Alchemy were more refined, it could mimic this process of plant-to-animal evolution and take the Philosopher’s Stone beyond the vegetative level. Then the physical body of the Stone would be more ordered and perhaps crystalline, its etheric body would likewise have to be greatly intensified, and an actively functioning astral body would develop.

What separates humans from animals is that, on average, humans have egos and personalities that allow them to be independent reasoning individuals.


As explained in my first article, the ego is a higher order structure that develops in the soul thanks to more sophisticated environmental programming made possible through the body being evolved enough to allow for it. Likewise, if Alchemy were taken to an even higher level, it could produce something that not only has an etheric and astral body, but possesses an independent sentient intelligence residing therein.

The above can also be explained from the perspective of thought-forms. The most basic thought-forms are just passive etheric energy constructs comparable to sponges or fungi. The more developed ones have an astral body as well, and like animals they are hungry critters; astral succubi are an example.


But the most evolved thought-forms possess ego and personality.

The quintessential point is this: not only does demiurgic technology make use of etheric and astral energies, but it also creates artificial physical bodies to house any order of soul or thought-form, from the lowliest etheric constructs to the highest individualized intelligences.


(This technology is alien; I can see it being used nowadays in Grey worker drones and alien spacecrafts, whereby the physical vehicle is made autonomous by a resident etheric/astral thought-form, a literal ghost in the machine).

What is the Grail Stone, what is the Ark Stone? My current theory is that it’s an advanced crystalline object housing an equally advanced thought-form; and not just any thought-form, but an entitized one.


The Ark and Grail Stones are the pinnacles of High Demiurgic Technology, at least of what has fallen into human hands. The entitization is what makes it oracular and volitional. The intensified etheric field is what produces the various electromagnetic emissions. External etheric, astral, and archetypal inputs modify its behavior.


The probability biasing effects of its etheric field can be amplified to allow for the manifestation of physical matter according to the entered archetypes and energies.

The Ark of the Covenant, as described in the Old Testament, ought to consist of the following components:

  1. the Ark Stone as the physical body

  2. the Great Pyramid, Ark box, Tabernacle, and Temple of Solomon as housing for the body

  3. the vortical Shekhina as the soul (etheric and astral bodies)

  4. Yahweh, the Lord of the Israelites, as the residing ego

In mysticism, the soul is feminine relative to Spirit, thus the Shekhina is of feminine gender in Judaism since it is identically the soul of Yahweh.


When the Shekhina leaves the Ark and travels about, that is comparable to astral projection.

In summary, the Ark Stone is a physical matrix possessed by a powerful entitized thought-form created or invoked according to the operator/priest’s instructions. The Stone itself pre-existed the Jews, but for a time it was in their possession and they came under its control. If it seems belittling to call Yahweh a thought-form, bear in mind that the universal Demiurge is a thought-form also, and so are our own souls.


Thought-forms are not always insignificant things. The bigger question is whether the Demiurge, thought-form, or soul in question is subordinate to Spirit/Creator or acting independently out of selfish motives. If the latter, then it exists only to perpetuate its own survival and carry out its prime directive through energy feeding and probabilistic control.


Hence in my first article, I talked about the Corruption of the Demiurge and how its development of a lower ego divorced it from the harmony of Creation, turning it into a World Parasite. Gnostics equated Yahweh to the corrupted Demiurge.

In the next article I will discuss how the misuse of High Demiurgic Technology explains why the entitized intelligences communicating through the Ark and Grail were so unlike in their temperaments and goals, and what this means for our future.


I will also get into the origins of the Grail and its role as a fulcrum in a grand chess game spanning ancient feuds to future timewars.


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5 - Mosaic Abuse of Demiurgic Technology
1 December 10

Semitic acquisition of the Ark Stone was a critical turning point in history.


Under the direction and beneficence of the entitized thought-form manifesting through the Ark, the Semitic exiles conquered and prospered into what eventually became ancient Israel and the Jewish people.


High demiurgic technology inserted a new religious, political, and economic power into the timeline.

History would have turned out very differently had the Israelites never acquired the Ark Stone, if they faded into history like other tribes of the past. First and foremost there would be no Judaism, and hence no Islam or Christianity.


Thus the Catholic Church would not exist either, nor the Inquisition.


There would be no anti-Semitism, which fueled the rise of Nazism and resulted in the Holocaust, nor would Jews during the Middle Ages have taken refuge in the financial industry due to other occupations being barred to them.1





Thanks to the Nazis we had World War II and the deaths of millions, and subsequently the transfer of Nazi intelligentsia to the US to work in black ops projects.2


In turn, this soon gave rise to the Military Industrial Complex.3


Because of the Holocaust, Israel exists once again as a nation, though only through the oppression of the Palestinians, which has increased anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in the world, especially among Israel’s Arab and Persian neighbors.


This conflict is bound to erupt in regional warfare, possibly nuclear, which would drag other nations like Russia, China, America, and the European Union into World War III. And through Hegelian dialectics, this would give birth to a New World Order, the reign of the Antichrist.

As you can see, the Ark Stone being taken out of Egypt initiated events that contributed to the potential advent of global totalitarianism. On another timeline, different players and events could have produced similar ends, but there’s no denying that our particular history reached this point with extraordinary speed and efficiency thanks to special assistance by nonhuman forces. In Jewish origins we have an example of otherworldly forces and technologies shifting the direction of history.


Without the Ark, the impossible would not have become possible and our timeline would not have deviated to the degree it did. This and other deviations to the timeline have ensured that mankind is now religiously, psychologically, politically, technologically, and militarily primed for the global self-enslavement.

Who is responsible for this grand orchestration of history?


As detailed in my book Discerning Alien Disinformation and the works of,

...the lead conspirators are alien.


Hopefully it’s clear by this point that the Ark/Grail Stone is alien in origin.


Is it so surprising that alien technology helped propagate alien agendas?

But the alien presence is not the raison d’etre behind it all. Their agendas are just sub-plots in a bigger story. Consider how aliens reside somewhere between the level of humans and divine spirits, or between humans and demonic entities, depending on their spiritual orientation. Just as the human sphere is encircled by the alien sphere, so is the alien sphere encompassed by the divine and demonic.


Therefore, alien dynamics occur against the backdrop of occult, cosmological, and spiritual dynamics, namely the battle between the corrupted Demiurge and the Creator. It seems that all other conspiracies and agendas follow, in one way or another, from this primordial schism.

On a scale of power, humans occupy the lower levels, aliens the middle, and cosmic intelligences like the Demiurge the higher.


With that in mind, it looks like the Ark/Grail is alien technology (middle) that has fallen into human hands (lower) yet allows human interaction with personified extrusions of the Demiurge (higher), resulting in deviation of human history (lower) toward the fulfillment of various alien agendas (middle) that issue forth from the primordial schism between Demiurge and Creator (higher).


This system of interactions between multiple levels gives a preliminary sketch of the kind of “game” humanity could be caught within. To make it more complete I would need to add feedback loops between warring time travelers and interdimensional beings and our alternate pasts, presents, and futures. More on that in my next article.

For the moment, let’s explore the interaction between human and Demiurgic levels by revisiting the subject of the Ark of the Covenant, specifically the intelligence manifesting through the Ark and why it differed so greatly from the one manifesting through the Holy Grail.


The Advent of Yahweh

It all goes back to the Hyksos expulsion (1550 B.C) and the Osarseph Rebellion (1320 B.C.) in Egypt, with one or both involving transport of the Ark Stone out of Egypt into Canaan.


In both events, the Semitic leadership in Egypt was ousted and exiled.


According to ancient historians Manetho and Josephus, a High Priest of Akhenaten named Osarseph, who held allegiance to the Semitic people of Lower Egypt, lead his monotheistic followers out of Egypt after a failed rebellion against the Egyptian traditionalists. As the story goes, this heretic priest and his people became Moses and the Israelites.4

There may be more to the story.


In “The Stellar Man,” hermetic author Dario Salas Sommer (John Baines) relays a complementary account of what happened in Egypt based on his research and inside sources as member of the Hermetic brotherhood.


Because of its importance and relevance, I quote it here in full:

Why do we designate Christ as the symbol of spirituality? Because Jesus was the most distinguished member of the Magician’s Fraternity, prepared specifically for his mission to make Christ incarnate in himself. Jesus and Christ were two different persons; one human, the other, divine.

Christ is a superior being who is on an advanced level on the scale of evolution, which a human being could reach in perhaps millions of years of evolution. Let us conceive of him as an extraterrestrial spiritual power, which we could call an Archangel. This Archangel, due to his very lengthy evolution, possessed perfect and powerful spirituality.


This is why Jesus went through a long preparation for this role, for he had to be able to withstand an extremely high vibration in his physical body. This vibration could only manifest itself for brief moments, as its intensity could destroy the nervous and cellular system of Jesus’ body. Christ was the one who performed miracles through Jesus, who provided the matter for his manifestation.

The Magician’s Fraternity remains well hidden, as it has a right to its own privacy, but some of its members have intermingled with ordinary people, motivated by the wish to show sapiens the road to a higher life. The magicians know, however, that knowledge of The Hermetic Art as an instrument to reach spiritual heights, is only for the “elite” and is not to be divulged.


Nevertheless, the fraternity of initiates provides the opportunity for any person with sufficient merit to join the Hermetic elite of Magicians or Stellar Men, if the scope and intelligence of his efforts permits him to do so.

The science of the Magicians is called Hermetic Art in honor of Hermes Trismegistus.


According to tradition, he arrived on earth from outer space approximately thirty thousand years ago, anointed as Supreme Grand Master of the Initiatic Fraternity. Inspired by his light, Egypt became great and wise, and the sacred science of its priests was called Hermeticism. In those days, only by means of huge sacrifices and trials was it possible to belong to a Hermetic Initiatic School.


The great majority who succeeded in entering such a school faltered along the way, lacking the moral and spiritual courage to overcome the multiple obstacles, temptations, and trials by which ISIS, mistress of the mysteries of Nature, evaluated the true worth of those who aspired to the supreme knowledge of the absolute truth.

It was in one of those schools that Jesus himself became a Hermeticist and reached the highest degrees of initiation.

Because the time is right, we will divulge the mystery of Jesus the Christ and the causes for the moral suffering of humanity, according to the teachings of the Magician’s Fraternity. This moral mystery stems from the adoration of the golden calf; from the submission of the human being to the god of money.


In honor of this god, he must give up or sacrifice his spiritual possibilities in order to be able to subsist. Those who possess adequate means of subsistence generally pervert their potential spiritual values in the foolish game of gaining social position on the consumer market. The spiritual or moral quality of an individual is worth very little, as the need for money leads him to lower and prostitute him self for the vile metal, which buys honor, respect, love, fame, and power.


The money god is sitting above the world, and whoever wishes to enjoy his gifts must adore him. The real power of money is not only material, but it is principally a hidden force, as the coin is not worth anything in itself; it is only symbolic for human effort or work. By a strange paradox, although work is intrinsically noble, money, the result of this effort, is under the control or influence of a satanic or diabolic power.

We invite the reader to meditate on what he could do to corrupt human beings if he was Satan; what means or tools would he use to instigate crime, greed, war, fratricide, and decay of moral values? It would be difficult to imagine anything more perfectly suited for this than gold; neutral in its own condition, but diabolical when handled perversely.

Does Satan really exist, or is he only a myth created by the masses to explain certain things? If a person believes in the existence of God, then he must believe there is a devil or Satan as a counterpart of the Supreme Creator. Because absolute unity does not exist in life, the mere existence of something leads us to the affirmation that its opposite is also real. There is no light without darkness, no good without evil, no truth without falsehood.


Death follows life, and life follows death.

God would thus be the supreme creative intelligence, and the “devil,” the destructive intelligence. In the ancient Kabbalah, the devil has been symbolized as the shadow of God. Therefore, just as the Great Creator has his angelic hosts, the devil also has his infernal legion. William Blatty, in his book The Exorcist, refers to this legion when he presents the phenomenon of “demonic possession.”


After the following explanation we can continue our story.

The tradition transmitted by the great Hermetic Masters affirms that at a crucial moment in the history of humanity, a powerful diabolic Archangel, if we are allowed to call him thus, succeeded in penetrating the earth’s occult defenses and entered its atmosphere, provoking extreme disturbances. To be able to imagine such a being, we suggest reading the book The Lurker at the Threshold by H.P. Lovecraft.


According to Hermetic tradition, the direct, albeit unwilling cause of this catastrophe which affects us to this day, was Moses.

Everybody knows that Moses appeared floating in a basket down a river and was subsequently adopted, deceiving the Egyptian priests of the time. They took him for an Egyptian and initiated him into the mysteries of ritual magic, which is a method for making the key notes of Nature vibrate, and thus produce certain phenomena which the operator wishes to achieve.


The study of atomic physics shows us that it is theoretically possible to produce changes or transmutations in matter; therefore, there is nothing miraculous about these mutations being achieved by means of secret procedures. In spite of his esoteric identification with Egyptian magic, Moses was always loyal to his ancestral blood. Thus, his most powerful wish was to make himself the leader who would free his people from enslavement, leading them to the promised land.


Guided by this desire, and conscious of the powerful forces he had learned to control, Moses had a daring idea: to make a magic pact or alliance with an angel, a divine creature charged with the task of providing him with power and assistance from heaven to save his people.

After lengthy preparations done in deep solitude, he performed the ritual ceremony with magic words and corresponding invocations. In the midst of amazing atmospheric and terrestrial phenomena, an impressive being appeared, making Moses tremble with fear and panic, due to the tremendous force it projected. It will never be possible to know or even imagine the conditions under which the pact between man and heaven was made.


The angel agreed to everything. Moses requested and promised his help, demanding the strictest obedience in return. He revealed his name as Y., and requested that as a sign of union, all his followers should undergo a small ritual surgical operation, with a light discharge of blood. Every man who underwent this would come to be a son of Y. The blood that was shed sealed the pact.

From that day forward, Moses was invested with superhuman powers and started doing all kinds of magical feats, converting the Ark of the Covenant into the center of his power. Plagues and calamities fell over Egypt, and non-believers and rebels were struck down by the wrath of Y. In this manner, Moses’ people started the Exodus that would last forty years.


Later, Y., the occult power behind the leader, suddenly started to change his procedures by formulating strange demands, all of which had the shedding of blood as the common denominator.

Moses was overcome with fear and started to become aware of the magnitude of the error he committed. He then understood that the divine angel was in truth an angel of darkness, the complete opposite of the luminous power he had intended to invoke.

This infernal angel was a member of the host of shadows. In order to maintain its power and strength, this vampire needed to feed on human blood, an essence charged with the vitality conferred by the divine spark. This is why all through the Exodus, so many blood-shedding incidents occurred, provoked by the occult dictator.

In reality, who was Y.?


One could say he was a very ancient being whose evolutionary origin is unknown.


Through long periods of cosmic time, this being kept his individuality, but unfortunately his evolution was directed toward negative, dark, and destructive aspects; much like a human being who grows bitter with the passing of time and adopts a negative and destructive concept of life.

Many beings similar to Y. exist in the Universe. Fortunately, the magnetic defenses of the planet constitute an impenetrable barrier against those beings. However, Moses’ magic ritual opened a door and cleared a pathway through which Y. was able to penetrate into the Earth. It is possible to see this as the most transcendental, but unfortunately harmful event in the occult history of humanity. To justify this statement, it is necessary to digress in order to clarify exactly what the planet Earth really is.

One can affirm, without fearing any sarcastic mockery from the ignorant or the semi-wise, that the planet Earth is a human being. It is not something equivalent to a human being, but a man in all aspects of the word.

Hermetic philosophy upholds the truth of reincarnation, but affirms that this takes place only with some people who possess, or have developed within themselves some qualities or characteristics apart from the physical body, which are capable of resisting death. The term “people” refers to human beings, even if these beings may present physical characteristics different from terrestrial man.


Regarding reincarnation, Hermeticism teaches that a Hermetic initiate of a high degree can achieve the power to reincarnate consciously, that is, changing physical bodies while maintaining his individuality and a certain degree of memory. Gradually, in the course of successive lives, the initiate grows in spiritual power. His essence or divine spark grows successively more powerful.

In this way, the moment will come when the body of man, in the dimension and shape we are familiar with, is no longer capable of containing or supporting such a vast and powerful essence. For this reason, such a spirit or super-developed essence must seek an adequate physical body that corresponds to his tremendous energetic force.


Thus he reincarnates in the body of a new or young planet, and continues his development there, in ways and conditions that are difficult for us to conceive. This is how an extraordinarily evolved human being took the body of the planet Earth and made it his own, in the most perfect shape in the Universe: the sphere.

This sphere is formed by the same basic materials as the human body, which are, in brief, the materials of the Universe. This sphere breathes, moves, thinks, and feels. It has a circulatory, digestive, procreative, and respiratory system.


Petroleum is its blood, and it feeds on vegetable, animal, and mineral matter. Sexually, it is hermaphroditic, with a masculine and a feminine hemisphere. It breathes through plant life, and receives its etheric or magnetic nourishment through emitting and receiving antenna, that is, through Homo sapiens.

Once this clarification has been made, and in order to grasp the magnitude of the catastrophe accidentally brought about by Moses with the arrival of Y., we can reveal that this ancient, vengeful, and malicious being expelled the young spirit from the Earth, incarnating in his place. With this act, a dark and bloody era commenced for humanity.


A period of suffering, torment, and pain started for the Jewish people as they were converted into the innocent victims of the negative forces of Y. This is the explanation for the great afflictions which the Jews have had to suffer.

Imagine Moses’ despair when he realized the calamity which had occurred and the suffering created for those he had wanted to help. As time passed, Moses understood that nothing had power over Y., as he possessed incalculable malignity. Convinced of this, Moses brought together the wise men of his people and instructed them in the great mystery of the Messiah.


These men, using magical rituals, could create a god and fulfill the mystery of theurgy, in the hope that this god could liberate them and save the world from the destructive influence of Y.

Once his instruction was given, Moses climbed Mount Nebo and was never seen alive again.

The wise men who inherited the patriarch’s instructions followed them faithfully, carrying out the Messianic ritual according to the instituted rules. As a result, hundreds of years later, Jesus appeared. He was the “Son of Man” (consider this expression carefully) and the Savior expected by the wise men initiated by Moses.

This is how Jesus was born, under the circumstances that are familiar to all. Hermetic teaching maintains he was the son of a Jewish woman and a Roman father, his progenitor being a Roman soldier and merely an instrument of higher
occult forces.

Why is it said that Mary remained a virgin? This mystery really does not refer to physiological virginity, but to the fact that actually there was no physical contact between Jesus’ real father and Mary. In effect, his spiritual father was a great Hermetic initiate who etherically used the physical body of the Roman soldier to procreate a son.


The spiritual seed was transmitted by the occult Master; the physical sperm by the Roman. In this manner, Mary conceived “without losing her virginity.” In those times the term “virginity” was not used to designate maidenhood; it was used to distinguish those women initiated in the secret of the “virgule” as Mary was. The magic rod used by Moses was known as the “virgule.”

Those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear” will understand this. For others, it will produce a dismal silence in their interior, and they will remain in the realm of ignorant sarcasm, suffering the mental emptiness of those who do not want to understand, or worse, the unconscious blindness of those who do not want to see.

Jesus, the god created by man and incarnated in the body of man, was consecrated by the great initiate John the Baptist, otherwise known as the Antechrist. Jesus’ baptism in the river was the means that permitted the first manifestation of Christ in Jesus, the man-god, whose mission was destined since his birth.

From the time of Moses, the Fraternity of Magicians had been attentively observing these events without being able to alter them. The magicians were connoisseurs of the Messianic mystery and had the knowledge that certain wise men were working on this. They decided to help the wise men try to correct the serious anomalies explained before. They were awaiting Jesus’ birth, and they were his occult godfathers who protected and educated him so he could fulfill his double mission.

His first mission was to liberate the chosen people from their occult killer. His second mission was to save the world in general from the invisible vampire who called himself Y.


In order to begin a new era on Earth under the Christian motto “love one another,” replacing the dictum of “an eye
for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

At the same time, Jesus was an active member of the Fraternity of Magicians, receiving support and inspiration from all of them. However, the great Masters maintain that Jesus failed in his mission, or more accurately, that he only achieved partial success, since he did not reach his goal. This refers only to Jesus, however, and not to Christ.


In order to truly understand Jesus, it is necessary to consider his triple personality:

  1. Jesus the man

  2. Jesus the God (created by man)

  3. Christ (who manifested himself through Jesus)

Christ was an angel, a solar spirit who descended from Heaven to manifest himself as the supreme power of the Father on earth.

Jesus and his twelve disciples are the symbol of a solar and cosmic mystery. Hermetic science teaches that our solar system is composed of twelve planets plus the sun, an analogy for the twelve apostles and Christ, and that the unknown planets will be discovered in time.

We will speak no more of Jesus; we have perhaps already said too much. We will only add that the crucifixion was an expected drama in which Jesus’ blood had to be shed so that Christ could in turn incarnate in the planet Earth and displace Y., definitively casting him out of our atmosphere. However, as we have already mentioned, this mission had only a relative success. Christ incarnated in the planet Earth, but Y. could not be expelled. Since then, both govern the planet.

Christ’s force acts in the world through the representatives of the Fraternity of Magicians. These men direct Hermetic schools in which the student can develop his spiritual force to the point of disintegration of his animal soul and liberation from the influence of Y., who can only act through primitive and animal instincts such as hate, envy, lust, greed, pride, and vanity.

In this way, the Spiritual Beacon is kept alight to illuminate the select spirits who are potentially capable of converting themselves into fully developed human beings and abandoning their sapiens condition.

Every person who reaches this condition is converted into a center of Christic irradiation and is therefore another obstacle for Y.‘s influence. The naive say that Christ will return to the planet Earth. But Christ is on Earth! He needs only to be removed from the cross by the same humanity who nailed him to it.

Until that time, wars will continue. Great numbers of people will die and their vitality will be absorbed by Y., the great occult force behind these conflicts. None of this will end until this being is conquered.

The real Antichrist is Y., and he has spread his negative influence throughout his followers, those of bestial instincts, who in turn have incorporated this vibration into the multitude. The multitude is composed of amorphous and blind entities, receptors of any force of sufficient power.


In this way, Y.‘s principles incorporated in the collective unconscious of humanity motivate the philosophy of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.”


Trapped by this malignant force, people live diabolically: hating, destroying, stealing, killing their brothers, returning evil with more evil, selling out their honesty and honor, enslaving the weak, exploiting the unprotected, and denigrating the just. Luckily, there are many who act contrary to all this. If this were not so, life would be unbearable. They are the ones who somehow have received a true Christian influence (not necessarily religious) and have higher values than usual.

Religions have a positive family and social influence, but unfortunately on solely spiritual grounds they do not have much to offer, and generally they try to check this deficiency with the indiscriminate use of the banner of Christ.

The Fraternity of Magicians does not derive its power from Christ, nor speak in his name. The Fraternity only exalts his values and shows or narrates events which the world should know, so that the chosen (the true humans) can reaffirm their conviction and loyalty to a superior spiritual life.


The power of these Magicians comes from their harmony with, respect for, and obedience to cosmic laws, and the profound and serene spiritual condition they have reached. Their spirituality places them in a magical relationship with God, the Great Universal Father, who is recognized by the Hermeticists as the first cause of the origin of all and the great force of order and creation.

To speak about Christ is to explain the esoteric side of the psycho-social phenomenology of the world today. In its innocence, sapiens believes that everything in life is as it appears on the surface, and that things must surely be as the vast majority say they are.


When some people hear of the esoteric side of events or the occult causes of different phenomena, they smile unbelievingly, arguing with infantile logic that “if that were true, it would be made known by the press” or, “it would have been taught at school or in the university” or, “well documented books would exist on the subject.”


That way of thinking nullifies all progress, because if everyone’s belief was the same, no one would bother to study or investigate little-known phenomena.

Despite obstacles already mentioned, sapiens in his individual manifestation (not as a species) can have latent superior qualities and characteristics, which may lead him to partially understand Hermetic truths. Motivated by this knowledge, sapiens can awaken to a superior reality. The sapiens individual can save himself from the lethargic destiny of humanity and eventually reach the world of the Hermeticists, magicians, or awakened men.

Moses, a man of strength and wisdom, was driven by his yearning for freedom to commit an error of cosmic magnitude. According to the great Hermetic wise men, this error nearly destroyed the solar system.


To clarify this statement, the solar system can be compared to the composition of an atom, borrowing on the Hermetic theme of “as above, so below.” In this case, Y.‘s rise to power could be seen as an arbitrary substitution of an electron, which changed the spiritual nucleus of the Earth.

This is one of the many lessons, which oblige the Fraternity of Magicians to strictly guard Hermetic secrets.


The Fraternity will only give instruction in higher knowledge to those who have demonstrated their strength, their moral and spiritual purity, and the rectitude of their intentions.

(John Baines, The Stellar Man, pp. 5-23)

If you have read my preceding Gnosis articles, the core of what John Baines says should make profound sense. His explanation closely parallels my own conclusions, except my research has given me a different take on certain points.

The Ark of the Covenant was not just a religious ornament installed after the fact, but the very conduit through which Yahweh gained major influence in our world and further corrupted the timeline.


Such powerful and chthonic a being cannot be created or invoked without the use of high demiurgic technology; occult rituals and sacrificial slaughter alone are not enough, otherwise people like Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons could have brought them in by the dozen; thankfully they lacked the amplification technology to breach our realm to the extent that Moses did.

The Ark Stone being used by the Mosaic priesthood to invoke Yahweh was a blatant abuse of high demiurgic technology. It shifted history in favor of negative forces.


As Baines said,

“It is possible to see this as the most transcendental, but unfortunately harmful event in the occult history of humanity.”

The mindset of those who invoked this entity perfectly explains the angry, jealous, wrathful, commanding, and malefic nature of that entity.


Recall that thought-forms act in accordance with the emotional energies and conscious programming that went into them. The Mosaic ritual was performed during a time of great distress for the Egyptian Semites, who needed a liberator to smite their oppressors and lead them toward their homeland.


The situation is similar to someone having been wronged who, out of blind wrath and desperation, makes a pact with the dark side in order to exact vengeance even if it means giving up freewill to the demons assisting him. Anyone familiar with demonology and black magic knows that demons are big into pacts - or covenants - since they are the means by which the solicitor is ultimately bound and owned by the entity providing the service.


Nothing is free when it comes to favors from the dark side.

Moses entering the Great Pyramid to retrieve the Ark Stone was accompanied by the Pyramid trembling, bellowing fiery smoke (or plasma), and generating an intensifying trumpet sound, suggesting the Pyramid was active at that time. 5


One of its functions may have been to charge, program, and initialize the Ark Stone according to the conscious intent of the operator.


At least that’s what it sounds like when the Bible states Moses stayed inside “Mount Sinai” for many days before emerging with the Stone. If he were only there to retrieve something, he would have emerged in hours. But the ritualistic creation or invocation of a powerful entitized thought-form, that would take considerably longer.


In other words, the Mosaic invocation ritual was technologically assisted black magic whose tragic consequences have cascaded into modern times.


Yahweh as Interloper

To recap my first article, once let loose, a thought-form pursues its objective with single-minded determination.


It exists solely to bend the timeline toward the fulfillment of the original intent. Virtual archetypes at the beginning become manifested realities at the end; that is simply a Demiurgic function.


A thought-form is the “Alpha and the Omega, beginning and end.”

When thought-forms become entitized, however, they acquire an ego. This can be a lower ego if generated from base emotions and ignoble intents, or higher ego if generated by spiritual emotions and divine will. In the case of Yahweh, much suggests it was lower ego.


All the characteristics that we commonly assign to egotism are present in Yahweh:

narcissism, anger, wrath, jealousy, control, insecurity, hunger, bloodlust, intellectual abstraction, xenophobia, binary thinking, and intolerance.

Even the seeming redeeming qualities such as paternal concern are rooted in egotism, same way a mafia boss might act charitable toward others, but only to those who offer him strict obedience, otherwise he breaks their knees or worse.


The Ten Commandments only apply to the Israelites with respect to one another, not between Israelites and outsiders who, as recounted many times in the Old Testament, are freely massacred. Yahweh’s love is conditional and limited to the Israelites, the people bound to him via the Mosaic covenant.

An entitized thought-form has a self-preservation instinct, which, if strong enough, displaces the original intent behind its creation and turns that into a means to its own survival. In other words, if Yahweh was manifested to liberate the Israelites and bring them into regional supremacy, self-preservation would mean they quickly become its tools, lured into serving the unchecked growth and power of that entity.


They become hosts for a demonic parasite that exploits them toward its own ends, which is the way demonic pacts always turn out: first they serve you, then they own you.

We see this dynamic depicted in science fiction stories where artificially intelligent robots gain sentience, self-preservation instinct, and turn on their creators. The masters become the mastered. One doesn’t have to be malicious to come under the control of malicious forces, just ignorant of the consequences.


Therefore the followers of Yahweh may be pious, devout, and upstanding but still play into a negative agenda out of sheer naïveté. As always, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


The conspiracy is too big to invest itself in just one people.


Therefore I don’t adhere to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that place all blame on Jews because they, like other shapers of history,

...are but tools in an agenda being run by non-human forces.


If anything, Jews have been used as decoys to distract and provoke other manipulated people into furthering the Antichrist/Alien agenda. In that case they function like a matador’s red cape directing a charging bull. The true enemy is of another world, another time, another dimension, and we would do well to keep our eyes on those roots instead of blindly whacking at the branches.


No vector should be criticized to the exclusion of all others and vice versa, rather everyone deserves equal scrutiny because the true enemy works through everyone it can.

That said, the Corrupt Demiurge (Adversary) achieved significant advancements in ancient Egypt during the Hyksos and Amarna periods, which severely screwed up the timeline by introducing further imbalance in the state of things.


It’s an imbalance that would never have come about had the Ark Stone never been misused.


Christ as Intervention

Otherworldly technology creating an otherworldly problem invites an otherworldly intervention.


As explained in my first article, the Logos is responsible for planning and upholding Creation. Part of that function includes correcting errors and imbalances. With the Corrupted Demiurge causing imbalance, it only makes sense that an equal and opposite force would be introduced by the Logos at some point to help restore balance. A lower ego would have been countered by the intervention of a higher ego.


If the Universal Lower Ego was personified in Yahweh, then the Universal Higher Ego was personified in Christ.

Baines relays that after regretting the invitation of Yahweh, the Mosaic priests set about creating a counter-deity. Historically, that was when Jews first acquired the notion of a Messiah who would come and save them. It took centuries for their created Messiah to incarnate in person and begin the work of undoing the damage, to introduce a teaching that, like those of Buddha and the other great avatars, showed the way out beyond lower egotism through which the Corrupted Demiurge pulls the strings.

If the Ark Stone was used to manifest Yahweh, could the Ark Stone have been used to manifest Christ? Indeed, and that’s when it becomes the Grail Stone… again.


Same object but different entitized thought-forms manifesting through them. In the Ark Stone, it was the Universal Lower Ego, in the Grail the Universal Higher Ego. Both are entitized thought-forms pulled deep into our world, our timeline, via technologically assisted ritual.


Whether the Ark Stone created a new deity or opened the door to an existing one is a matter of perspective; basically it created a new manifestation, presence, or avenue for pre-existing ones. In my next article, I will discuss earlier historical and mythological manifestations of these forces.

The non-human, non-physical, divine Christ is an extension of the Logos. His assigned purpose is to restore imbalances and fallen conditions brought about by the corruption of the Demiurge. In other words, Christ is “tech support” for a reality gone awry.


Like any entitized thought-form, he pursues this objective with single-minded determination.

But as the story goes, the Jewish Pharisees rejected the teachings, the Romans and Greeks perverted the message, and the world remained in the grip of dark forces.


John Baines and Rudolf Steiner explain how Christ’s mission was a partial failure because it remained incomplete. Hence we have both Yahweh and Christ currents active in the world today, one representing the force of spiritual enslavement and deception, the other of spiritual liberation and awakening.

The legacy of Christ was largely absorbed and inverted toward the fulfillment of the Antichrist agenda. From this usurpation sprang organized Christianity as a political institution responsible for the murder and mental enslavement of countless millions.


Whereas Christ was the fountainhead for a Gnostic stream of wisdom, the Church suppressed and replaced this with a counterfeit that locked its followers into serving the Matrix Control System instead of becoming free from it.


Real and False Dichotomies

In reality, Yahweh and Christ stand in dualistic opposition, for they are opposite extrusions of the same Demiurge, one worldly and the other divine.


One was called Kosmokrator by the Greeks, meaning dark World Ruler, and the other Pantokrator, the divine Universal Ruler. In disregard, modern Christianity schizophrenically combines them into one.


Fundamentalists who try to reconcile the wrathful, jealous, tribal side of this chimera with the universal, loving, and compassionate side suffer a dissociative split that manifests as paying lip service to the spiritual teachings of Christ while allowing ego to express the jealous and wrathful side of Yahweh.

External duality between Yahweh and Christ is paralleled by internal duality between lower and higher ego. When one equates these opposites and fails to see their differences, lower can imitate and displace the higher. The lower ego dressing itself in saintly clothing mirrors the Church portraying itself as divine appointees, which mirrors the Corrupt Demiurge masquerading as the Infinite Creator.


It’s elegant because the impostor usurps the throne and thereby prevents return of the rightful king; when the lower has been mistaken for the higher, the return of the higher is rejected as some foreign intrusion and thus treated as some kind of lower. This is how the true Christ is kept out of Christianity, how intellectual arrogance leads to self-imprisonment through rejection of better ideas, and why the majority of humanity sees Matrix values as strength and Spiritual values as weakness.


There has been an inversion between reality and illusion, truth and lies.

For those who object to dualism, understand that there are real and false dichotomies. Even though a real one exists between the Logos and the Corrupted Demiurge, the latter employs its own set of false dichotomies. Blatant examples of false dichotomies can trip people into throwing away dualism altogether, as is common in the New Age field, but that blinds them to the real dualities.


Both real and false dualities exist. Thus at the most basic level we have a triality: two false choices and a third transcending them. The transcendent choice is symbolized by Christ, the false ones by the Adversary.


The latter uses false dichotomies because that is all it can create, and because it works so well on the human psyche.

In being cut off from the Infinite Creator, the rogue Demiurge is creating within a vacuum and can only carry forward its original momentum, albeit through various transformations along the way. It can only create illusions, that which does not exist in Absolute totality but can exist temporarily in separated pairs of equal opposites within the illusion of space-time.


Evil is an expanding and collapsing bubble in the sea of Eternity. Illusion has a beginning and an end.

To create something from nothing, an anti-something must be created along with it. These false opposite play off each other and transmute into the next set of opposites, fueling the propagation of momentum forward to its final destination. This is simply dialectic synthesis between thesis and antithesis. The propagation of a photon reflects this at the physical level.


Through false dichotomies, the Corrupted Demiurge offers seemingly “good” and “bad” choices that end up producing the same outcome.


Hence these opposites are not freewill choices themselves, rather they are illusory traps that, together as one, represent the choice for illusion made as soon as one believes they are valid options.

Due to intellect being the seat of lower ego, it has a strong affinity and vulnerability to the Corrupt Demiurge. The lower intellect is just a microcosmic version of the latter; both are of the same essence and speak the same language. The human intellect has a terrible tendency for binary thinking that allows these false dichotomies to work so successfully.


Binary thinking means reacting blindly and mechanically instead of thinking intelligently and creatively toward paradigm shifting conclusions. It means taking one of two false choices instead of the third transcendent one. It keeps people in opposite corners of the same box. Pretty much all human stupidity traces back to binary thinking.


Even the sharpest intellectuals can suffer this flaw, because like the Corrupted Demiurge, the intellect is ungrounded in the greater Reality and merely builds upon what it blindly accepts as given, like a wind-up robot marching methodically in whatever direction it’s been placed.

It takes some connection to the greater Reality to transcend false opposites, a connection to Spirit via intuition and the higher intellect. But humans generally default to binary thinking, a flaw that may have been engineered into the human neural physiology by our Archonic alien progenitors who serve the Corrupt Demiurge.


Through binary thinking, blind reactions to one deception become their own deceptions, and reactions to those become yet more. To get out of this mess, genuine dualities must be seen as separate and distinct, false dualities as one and the same.


The inverse is what allows the Adversary’s agenda to propagate.


The Unholy Trinity

Given the obvious problems with organized religion, some turn to satanism, science, or mysticism because these seem like better alternatives.


But each can serve the Adversary all the same. Satanism puts the lower ego on a throne, same as organized religion; science is preoccupied with matter to the exclusion of Spirit. And mysticism can inspire false illumination and spiritual imbalance.

These three false alternatives are not random errors, but reflections of the physical, etheric, and astral components of the debased Demiurgic system:

  1. Materialism, atheism, hedonism, transhumanism, socialism, and nihilism reflect the physical component.


    This matter-centric force is at the root of the Demiurge’s corruption. It ultimately leads to disintegration, entropy, and spiritual death because those are the properties of matter.


    Its personification was named Yaldabaoth by some Gnostics, meaning “Child of the Void,” while Steiner identified it as Sorat and its demonic agents, the Asuras. Their momentum is to extinguish consciousness, freewill, and spirit, and replace it with pure machine-like materialism.


    The impending alien deception, with its goal of genetic and cybernetic assimilation of the human race, represents this impulse.


  2. Organized religion, ritualism, intellectualism, Satanism, conservatism, bureaucracy, corporatism, racism, ecclesiasticism, and theocracy are reflective of the errant etheric component where lower ego resides.


    Via the etheric property of patterning and repetition, this flawed extrusion of the Demiurge tends toward ritual, intellectual abstractions, formulas, preoccupation with laws, blind obedience within hierarchies, self-preservation, preservation of the past, plant-like expansionism, maintaining the status quo to the point of frozen atrophy, and exploitation and discrimination against foreign patterns.


    The Gnostics called it Samael, “God of the Blind”; Steiner termed it Ahriman. Yahweh of the Old Testament belongs to this category.


  3. New Age Mysticism, Nazi occultism, black magic and voodoo, anarchism, Luciferianism, Christian Revivalism, and entheogenic escapism reflect the errant astral component.


    When the astral is not tamed by Spirit, it overshoots equilibrium and flits about in delusional reveries due to its unbridled energies. What these flawed choices have in common is that they seek to rebel against current conditions and escape enthusiastically into another, being lead astray in the process.


    It is the force of transcendence without restraint, like a rocket without a guidance system, bound for false destinations in the land of fools. For instance, this may entail escaping the dead world of matter, the restrictive world of ether, and getting lost in some metaphysical rapture. Or it may entail the opposite, falling from the divine realms into the world of matter out of misguided desires for physical existence.


    Gnostics called this force Sakla, the fool; Steiner called it Lucifer, in this case the bearer of false light.

These are the heads of the hydra, the triple aspects of the Matrix Control System, that bubble of illusion isolated from greater Creation. One devolves, one atrophies, and one leads astray.


False dichotomies that afflict humanity are various permutations of this unholy trinity and its varied expressions being set in opposition among themselves.6


The Holy Trinity

Countering these corrupting influences is the trinity of Creator, Logos, and Christ. In Christianity these are known as the Father, Holy Spirit, and Son.


The Holy Spirit is termed “Sophia” by some Gnostics who view her as the embodiment of wisdom and facilitator of awakening, but really she is just another personification of the Logos. As for the Mother archetype, remember that “mother” comes from Latin mater, root of “matter” and “matrix.” The Mother is the matter-energy-space-time continuum.

When one is filled with the genuine Holy Spirit, and not its Luciferic counterfeit that only induces hysteria, one is filled with the impulse of the Logos and becomes Christ-like in the sense of being repurposed toward the correction of the timeline.


This infusion of Logoic energy activates the higher intellect and reorients the astral body to the divine impulse of spiritual love and the best of all possible futures. Through Gnostic revelation, wisdom, and love, one becomes a willing agent of the Universal self-correction mechanism. That is the true meaning of baptism, not the Ahrimanic ritual done in Churches, but the pouring of Logoic energy from above.


In Parzival, the Grail could not be perceived without baptism. The two trinities are represented by upright and inverted triangles.


The central emblem of Israel, the Seal of Solomon/Star of David, depicts these forces locked in struggle.


Demiurgic technology acted as a powerful fulcrum throughout history, shifting the balance according to its use and misuse.


The latter drew negative forces deeper into our world, affording them wider deviations of the timeline. In turn, this error called for equal and opposite intervention by positive forces. The conflict between them manifests at all levels.


It is part of a cosmic battle being waged within us, outside us, across space, across dimensions, and across time.



1 Secular Jewish culture: Banking and Finance (Wikipedia) - Usury: Medieval Doctrine (Jewish Encyclopedia Entry)

2 One example of Nazi scientists being transferred to America: Operation Paperclip. This was not the only project, just one that made it into the history books.

3 See Eisenhower’s farewell speech of January 17, 1961 in which he warns of the burgeoning Military Industrial (Congressional) complex. This came after an important turn of events, around 1959-1961, when American territories fell into negative alien jurisdiction after the U.S. Government made treaties with them in exchange for technology, while rejecting the benevolent alien factions who refused to share technology. This is obvious if you read between the lines of UFO and contactee history. On September 19, 1961 the Betty and Barney Hill abduction happened, which kicked off decades of widespread Grey alien abductions. It’s worth noting that during the abduction, a humanoid figure reminiscent of a Nazi officer was seen in a supervisory position. The Military-Industrial complex has a Nazi/Alien/Black-Ops nucleus, which is responsible for the joint military-alien abductions occurring around the world today. This cancerous structure ascended to power by 1961 and Eisenhower was the last president of the old guard, thus his farewell warning. Ever since, the alien disinformation campaign has been in full swing. 2010-2011 will be the 50th anniversary of this terrible event and may signal the completion of the program.

4 Manetho and Josephus on the Hyksos (Manetho, Josephus / article) | Osarseph and Exodus: Literary Reflections in an Egyptian Mirror (Gary Greenberg / 1997 / article)

5 Exodus 19

6 Followers of the Grail, Gnostic, Occultic, Mystic, and Pagan streams may see Judaism and/or Catholicism as wicked forms of spiritual oppression and deception. But in doing so, they may err on the side of Luciferianism, which emphasizes transcendence, willpower, and individualism to the point of imbalance and egotism. One example is Grail researcher Otto Rahn who ranted against the Catholic church and didn’t have anything good to say about Judaism either. But through binary thinking, he found favor in the opposite fallacy of Luciferianism. As Steiner explained, the Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces have their positive qualities, and those qualities extracted and held in higher balance is what comprises the third Christ path. Binary thinking results in imbalance either way by taking one to the exclusion of the other, or worse, synthesizing the worst of all the forces, which is what our world is approaching via the Antichrist/Alien deception.

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