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August 20, 2009

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August 20, 2009


Below is the introduction to a very thoughtful paper by Niara Terela Isley (below) on different extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth. The question directly addressed of how many civilizations have contributed their DNA to human genetics is truly a major one to ponder.


The idea of 22 ET civilizations having done so is supported by a paper I just discovered from Dr Andrija Puharich where he mentions 24 extraterrestrial civilizations. An interesting fact about Puharich is that he worked closely with the CIA on esoteric subjects until he went independent.


Apparently, the CIA were constantly trying to get his help on further classified subjects but apparently he declined further involvement. So he was likely privy to highly classified information earlier in his life on these questions.


So the figure of 22 ET civilizations having their DNA involved with humanity may be very close to the mark. One day, this question will get more serious attention among researchers given the available data from multiple sources.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.






Part 1


A galaxy rich with a variety of intelligent species

Many different types of extraterrestrial beings have shown up in sessions and drawings that abductees and contactees have reported and drawn pictures of over the years.




From very human-looking extraterrestrials to the now classic Greys with the large, slanted wrap-around eyes, from reptilians to tall, insectoid praying mantis-like beings, collectively, thousands of hypnosis sessions correlate remarkable similarities of experience and types of beings encountered.


Barbara Lamb is one of many such researchers.




Dr. John E. Mack, Harvard tenured professor, incurred the disapproval of his Ivy league colleagues by venturing into extraterrestrial abduction and contact research. However, after a 15-month review of his studies, no action was taken against him.


His contributions to the field of abduction research before his untimely death in 2004 are well documented. His approach to the subject through the lens of transpersonal psychology and explorations of consciousness were, and very much still are, needed. At the time of his passing he was working on a study involving inter-dimensional communication.


The following is a five-part documentary of some of his work.


for video, Click above image



Now consider, from an entirely different source, the evidence of multiple intelligent extraterrestrial races from crash retrieval specialist Sgt. Clifford Stone, at the Disclosure Project's National Press Club Conference in Washington DC.


Stone reports that 57 different extraterrestrial species had been catalogued by the military/government by 1989. Robert Dean talks of 4 primary intelligent humanoid species interacting with Earth, including one that looks remarkably as human as any of us.




(The first half of this video deals with Sgt. Stone's extraterrestrial testimony,

the rest moves on to another question.)


If one does not simply dismiss such testimony because of official denial and government-military cultivated ridicule, or, at a deeper level, because such testimony disturbs one's comfortable every-day version of reality, then a deeper look and some reading and study is in order to further educate one's self about a far broader spectrum of reality than previously considered.

Human and extraterrestrial hybridization

One of the reasons that has become apparent through many thousands of hypnotic regressions concerning abductions by the Greys, or Zeta Riticulans, is that there appears to be a program where they are creating a hybrid race that would be Zeta-human. Many abductees are often shown children during their abductions or asked to hold a baby, often their own genetic hybrid child.


This is prominent in many books written by abductees about their experiences, such as

An excellent list of authors and resources of all kinds can be found on Katharina Wilson's Alien Jigsaw website here.

The reactions to this are varied and from a human perspective, the first knee-jerk response can be, “How dare they do such a thing?” However, no matter how one may feel about it, it is apparently happening. One of the reasons that seems most prominent for this hybridization program according to research, is that the Greys have lost their ability to sexually reproduce.


Their current method of reproduction seems to be through cloning.


Cloning individuals over time has produced an instability in their species due to a loss of biodiversity. In order to survive in some form, they must create a hybrid race. Reintroducing new genetic material and the recombining of genetic material through sexual reproduction in a manner that keeps a species fresh and strong – given a large enough population to insure biodiversity – is a means to preserve something of their own species and culture, if the children of such a hybridization program are raised by them.


(There have been reports of other species of extraterrestrials producing hybrid offspring with humans as well, though the motivation may not be the same.)

Moral and ethical questions arise here at least from the standpoint of our human sensibilities. Does a species have the right to create a hybrid race from themselves and another species if they have the scientific capability of doing so and if they are facing extinction if they take no action? If their need is great enough (i.e., said extinction), should they proceed without the permission of the race or individuals of that race that they have chosen for their hybridization program?


If faced with extinction from a loss of biodiversity and such a hybridization option was available to Earth humanity, what kind of action do you think Earth humanity, through their sciences and technologies, would take?

Woven into humanity's genetic code: extraterrestrial DNA

Two articles from The Canadian National newspaper online reported:

1) finding

2) confirming that humans have extraterrestrial DNA

223 extra genes in our 97% non-coding DNA, so-called "junk DNA".


Francis Crick who won the Nobel Prize for decoding the DNA molecule with partner James Watson, concluded this, and tested and rejected theories such as DNA coming here via a meteor or comet and was left with a conclusion that it was a directed, intelligent design even though he reportedly did not care much for this idea himself.


To give an approximate quote of David Wilcock from his appearance at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada last February 2009,

“It would be as if an entire Encyclopedia Britannica dropped whole and complete in perfect order from the sky, one letter at a time.”

Most traditional scientists refuse to entertain ideas of extraterrestrial technology far in advance of humanity's current technological prowess.


Crick worked out his directed, intelligent design theory in accord with such accepted thought. However with technology sufficiently advanced as to be able to travel at or near the speed of light, create wormholes or fold space, some extraterrestrial species likely have the ability to render the vast parsecs of space an insignificant consideration.


The behavior of UFOs surmised to be extraterrestrial craft show behavior that violates the laws of Newtonian physics.

Connect this source of information with more from very different sources, Pleiadian channeler Barbara Marciniak, author of “Bringers of The Dawn” and other books, and contactee Alexander Collier.


Allegedly channeled from the Pleiadians through Marciniak, humanity carries the extraterrestrial DNA of 22 different species.


Alex Collier, in his book “Defending Sacred Ground”, a direct Andromedan contactee, was told the same thing about humans having 22 different species of DNA in our genetic make-up by his Andromedan contacts and that we are considered genetic royalty by the Andromedans.


At a Letters from Andromeda, Alex states that,

“Earth was colonized by 22 ET races – 17 human, the rest insectual, botanical and reptilian.”

Though these sources are considered unscientific and lacking empirical proof, it's still interesting to note that information coming through or from them support the scientific findings about humans having extraterrestrial DNA.

In an older Discovery Channel special on genetics and evolution, “Humans: Who are We?” (brought to us by the same scientists who scoff at any theories of evolution that fall outside their traditionally cherished – and government sanctioned and funded – guidelines), at the end of the documentary they postulate humanity moving out into space and colonizing other worlds, wondering what genetic adaptations that might introduce into the human gene pool.


If they can envision such a thing with their own human imaginations and pioneering spirits, why is it such a stretch to open to the idea that this might have already happened, and we ourselves are quite possibly the result and proof of it?


Enough evolutionary gaps exist in current theories of the origin of mankind to beg a look at alternative ideas.





Part 2

August 27, 2009

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In Part 1 above, we dealt with extraterrestrial abductions, contacts, possible numbers of species and extraterrestrial DNA in humanity.


One questioner in the comments section asked:

“What I would like to know is that if the majority of Humans typically use only 10% of their brain then are we the only species on the planet that has this limitation.. are other animals the same? are we restricted from our full potential and if so why?”

The answer may lie in a computer analogy of hardware and software. Our physical bodies, the skeletal system, endocrine system, circulatory system, digestive system, our DNA, up to and including the nervous system, of which our brains are a part – are our biological hardware.


Our consciousness is the software.


This software is accessible to everyone, if they know how and where to focus their attention and awareness. In order to access the potential that exists in the other 90% of our brain tissue, we may need to intentionally stretch our consciousness in ways that turn on more of our DNA.


And quantum science points to the fact that our whole reality, including our physicality, is spun from creative consciousness event or activity into form, from probability wave to observed particle.

"The Conscious Universe" Fred Alan Wolf, John Hagelin, Dean Radin and more discuss the implications of the "observer effect".

Currently, much of people's conscious awareness is focused on issues of survival, job, economy, family, and diversions from the stress and exhaustion of survival for relief and entertainment.


Britney Spears or Paris Hilton's latest antics, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship, and other celebrity dramas, your favorite sport and team and their status – whatever. There is a steady stream of news through the television to keep human attention engaged in everything from “serious news issues” to endless amounts of trivia, depending on one's point of view.


And being entertained is fine, but when it takes up all your attention, and the software of your consciousness is limited from full functionality because of it, that is not fine.


When you buy into the belief that all you are is some identity attached to the face of the body you see in the mirror, your job, your family, and being a cog in the matrix machine that is human society on Planet Earth, you are missing out on the main part of who you are.


Like a radio tuned to a particular bandwidth, in this case, third dimensional reality, you miss out on all the other frequencies and bandwidths that are available at the very same time.




The dance of our consciousness with our DNA

Some researchers think that it was an influx of extraterrestrial DNA put there by regressive, controlling extraterrestrials designed to make us more intelligent slaves, but it is possible that it was something else altogether, a gift of intelligent design from spiritually advanced, benevolent extraterrestrials much earlier on, and that the interference of regressive negatively-oriented ETs somehow switched a good deal of this "gift" DNA off, hence it being called non-coding or junk DNA since it appears to do nothing in many cases.


However, if expanded abilities such as telepathy, levitation, bi-location, psychokinesis and more, as exhibited by certain masters of the far East and in Paramahansa Yogananda's “Autobiography of A Yogi” are actually available to all humanity if we only knew the key to activating it, then those abilities may lay encoded in that supposed “junk” DNA.


Since spiritual adepts and sages are in most cases able to access such abilities through time spent in spiritual practices, the key to activating such abilities likely lies within the expansion of consciousness through one means or another.

Imagine a set of choices before you and you trying to decide which to choose. You not only look or listen or maybe even touch each possible choice, but you are able to feel the vibration of each choice and how that vibration interacts with your own vibrational field of energy of your own being. You are able to see more deeply into the very energy make-up of each of the choices before you.


Maybe in the same moment you can even intuit probable outcomes of each choice.


This is what having expanded senses could hold. Going back to being without them, restricted to the five physical senses would be like being struck blind, deaf and dumb.

At a recent Choice Point 2012 lecture by Dr. Bruce Lipton, he presented continuing substantial evidence that our DNA is switched on or off or somehow altered by the action of our consciousness, and the more we make that a conscious process, the more of our DNA becomes accessible. While Dr. Lipton has not reviewed the available data on the likelihood of humans carrying extraterrestrial DNA, his work could still be a piece of the larger picture.


If the expansion of consciousness and cultivating positive emotional states is key to accessing more of our DNA, as his research is bearing out, then our own purposeful and intentional expansion of consciousness through whatever practice we resonate to has great potential for bringing our own expanded abilities within that extraterrestrial DNA back online.

If Dr. Lipton's work and the extended science of epigenetics shows a propensity for genetic characteristics to be switched on or off by environmental factors, such as stress, diet, or toxins – including our perceptions or beliefs and their resultant positive or negative emotional states, then we have to seriously question the how's and why's of most of what is broadcast at us on radio and television.


How much of it is incidental? How much of it is a deliberate attempt to keep us “genetically restrained” and in a constant state of physical deterioration by the constant jolts of news stories that incite fear, anger, grief or depression?


People who are sick, tired and warped by stress all the time are great drug customers for powerful pharmaceutical companies and have to go to traditional medical practitioners to get their prescriptions. These contracted states of consciousness cause a breakdown of the human body's systems including the auto-immune system, and also a simultaneous suppression of expanded states of consciousness.


Conversely, emotions of happiness, joy and love and associated states of of peace and cooperation could power the intentional positive consciousness that could unlock the expanded senses and abilities that would free our now-latent biotechnological abilities to fulfill their true potential. We stand now in a maelstrom of environmental, economic, social and political chaos... we can go down screaming, trying to hang on to all our material possessions and fatally crash as a species, or we can use this moment to transform ourselves.


We must stop looking to government to provide the leadership for this... to coin a popular phrase from the Hopi,

“We are the ones we've been waiting for.”


The Hopi Elders Speak
We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For

from SpiritOfMaat Website

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour.
And there are things to be considered:

Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?

Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader.
This could be a good time!
There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.
Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. See who is in there with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
Banish the word 'struggle' from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones we've been waiting for.

—The Elders Oraibi
Arizona Hopi Nation



It's up to us, up to each individual.

When we choose positive change, and choose to change our consciousness, face our fears and deal with them in a positive, productive way, placing our full attention on what we want to create rather than the next scary thing coming at us, then our energy field surrounding and interpenetrating our bodies changes as well as improving our overall health.


Our energy field then touches the energy fields of everyone who comes within our orbit and opens up the possibility of change in them just by that energy contact. This is something like what Rupert Sheldrake talks about in morphic fields.


In this way, change can become exponential and rapid, and perhaps that is what “The Shift” of 2012 is all about.

As this pertains to extraterrestrial contact, the blossoming and expansion of human consciousness by theories of quantum interconnectedness and entanglement would most certainly reach out to extraterrestrial minds through something called “telempathic resonance”, a term used by Bashar, an extraterrestrial being channeled through Darryl Anka.


Again, while such a phenomenon as channeling does not seem on the surface to be “scientific”, that could be simply because the phenomenon is not fully understood.


In part 3 of this article, ways in which channeling could be understood by the mind model of entanglement developed by Dr. Dean Radin.

If, at our most fundamental essence, everything in the universe is one, then the existence of extraterrestrials is a part of that oneness and interconnected with life here on Earth. As sighting of UFOs, extraterrestrial abductions and contacts and even the complete shut-down of nuclear weapons facilities coinciding with sightings over such key defense sites, extraterrestrials are a reality that can not much longer be denied.


And factoring their very real existence into the larger picture of life on Earth is vital, expanding our understanding of ourselves, who we truly are and what our own place in the universe might be.




Part 3

September 7, 2009


Orion Nebula32 from Victor Martinez IMAGE Collection.

“When recalling the heady events of the late 1950s working day and night with [Otis] Carr, Ring again and again stressed that the key was working with nature. 'Resonance', he would emphasize repeatedly. 'You have to work with nature, not against her.'


He described how when the model disks were powered up and reached a particular rotational speed, '...the metal turned to Jell-o. You could push your finger right into it. It ceased to be solid. It turned into another form of matter, which was as if it was not entirely here in this reality. That's the only way I can attempt to describe it. It was uncanny, one of the weirdest sensations I've ever felt.'"
Excerpts from Project Camelot's interview “Aquamarine Dreams” with Ralph Ring, 2006.

Consciousness is infinite, interconnecting all that is throughout space, time and dimensions




Dean Radin, on consciousness, entanglement, interconnectedness and a new model of reality.

Quantum entanglement and interconnectedness that transcends time and space, when applied to the existence of extraterrestrials verified through abductee, contactee and whistleblower testimony, as well as photographic and video evidence, gives us at least one more perspective on why ETs might be interested in humanity.


From an advanced level of consciousness, unhampered by the usual limiting factors on third-dimensional (3D) human consciousness, at least some of these extraterrestrial species, if not most of them, recognize that we are all one. Having the opportunity to evolve into a full realization that we are all one with all that is, as studies of quantum entanglement on a variety of levels are now beginning to validate, could be one more reason why extraterrestrial civilizations are interacting with Earth humanity.


This may be to give us precisely that opportunity to fulfill our true potential by coming fully awake and aware to who we really are and that our current perceived separateness is an illusion.

Quantum entanglement may also explain channeling, and something called “telempathic resonance”. Telempathic resonance is a term used by Bashar, an extraterrestrial being channeled through Darryl Anka.


It combines the terms:

  • telepathy – thought transference

  • empathy – feeling in the body what another is feeling

  • resonance – in this case, vibrations that match each other in similar or harmonic ways

Inherent in the term “telempathic resonance” is this fundamental interconnectedness.


Here Bashar gives reasons why communication takes place through a human channel:

“It is beneficial to use biological receivers, biological communicators, what you call mediums or channels, who are sensitive to other frequencies, rather than using technological communication for a variety of reasons.


First of all the human body is already perfectly designed, when trained properly to receive these kinds of telempathic communications, and also because it involves the idea incarnationally, that in order for our civilization, being alien to yours, to have enough understanding of your civilization to communicate with you in a manner that makes sense, we often choose as spirits to have lives in those civilizations with whom we will eventually communicate, and so the channel that you know as Darryl, is actually, from your perspective, my past life, and I am, speaking in linear space-time frame of reference, the channel's future self, but possessing the capability of communicating with my past self, the channel before you.


This allows for ease of connection because we are of the same oversoul, the same basic consciousness, just split in different times, in different places, different dimensions in order to perform this task of acting as a bridge, a link, to allow communication to occur from one level, one realm, one dimension to another, from ours to yours.”

Bashar also mentions that his civilization has moved far beyond physical technical communication by radio frequencies that SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is using to “listen”.


He speaks of using this telempathic resonance, the conscious connection of their consciousness with the consciousness of their craft, and how these interact to guide the craft from one place to another by imposing the vibrational frequency of where they wish to travel to over the vibrational frequency of their starting location.


The telempathic resonance then causes them to dis-identify with their starting location and identify with the new vibrational location, where, due to the resonant frequency, they simply appear there. It's inspiring to consider where we could be going when more mastery of quantum mechanics, entanglement, and the action of interacting consciousness is achieved in humanity, such as what was achieved in a consciousness-based craft built by the visionary group led by Otis Carr.

Ralph Ring, working with Otis Carr and the rest of their team, built and test flew a flying saucer of their own design and he also spoke repeatedly of resonance. As in the quote at the beginning of the article, he continually stressed the vital importance of working with nature, not against it. Very different from our cars and planes, that use internal combustion and explosive forces to propel these vehicles on the ground or through the air.


The people on Carr's and Ring's team understood the delicate, yet strong beauty, cohesiveness and unity inherent in the natural world, and tapped into that to create their craft and it's brief flight, before the government swooped in, shut down their work and forced them to disband permanently.


Of Otis Carr and the rest of the group, Ring described them this way:

“All these people moved on spirit, feelings, if you will...”

More evidence pointing to this quality of telempathic resonance, not just in technologies, but in the people themselves.

Apparently all the people working on the project were tuned in in some way to the quantum interconnectedness, the multidimensional layers of energy, frequency and vibration that they allowed to guide their lives and work.


Resonance is not simply a property at work in extraordinary technology, but a property of knowing, sensing and working in harmony with the underlying unity inherent in the universe and every part of it, from the tiniest particles to clusters of galaxies.

People who are sensitive, intuitive or psychic will tell you the same thing. They are tapped into and able to use in one way or more, their extended senses to perceive and report on communications between those who have passed on or see visions of events from the past, or those of the future based on the current energetic read of the present moment.

To look at telempathy from yet another source, in direct relation to extraterrestrials, Clifford Stone talks in his interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot of feeling what the visitors feel and them feeling what he feels:

Kerry: So as a communicator you definitely…
Clifford: You don’t always tell the others what’s going on. Remember I told you, you feel it?

Kerry: Yes, you feel what they feel and they feel what you feel.
Clifford: You don’t always address it because one of the things that you may feel like, if they’re saying that they [an extraterrestrial] are a guest. If our military is saying “Well, this is one of our guests”… they’re not treating that entity as a guest, then what is happening is that you are feeling what that entity was feeling...

Because feeling what the extraterrestrial was feeling (fear) was so powerful, Stone helped this extraterrestrial “guest” escape.


From childhood (parts of which he also describes in this interview) he had been sensitive to the expanded reality and had contact with an ET he calls “Korona”. As so many who have had such expanded experiences in childhood, he thought they were normal and that everyone experienced this until trying to tell people about them showed him otherwise.

Perhaps our human expanded abilities are already functional, but lack our attention or fall outside our conscious awareness. This could be due to our attention being tuned almost exclusively to the narrow bandwidth of 3D experience. From the time we are born, we are indoctrinated extensively into 3D reality on Earth as the human collective perceives it to be.


We come to a consensus agreement on what reality is and what it isn't, and what falls outside the accepted realm of this constructed reality we are trained to ignore. In order to expand our awareness and recognize what we are likely already experiencing, we may need to share with each other – our insights, our feelings, our experiences that seem to be at the outer edge of what is understandable in 3D-five-physical-sense terms.


We need to learn if what we are experiencing is a shared phenomenon.


This way we can establish a better understanding, learning and working of such abilities.

How relationships create change

Interconnectedness is popping up everywhere. As science progresses and studies living systems on our Earth, the idea of Earth herself as a planetary living organism developed alongside the emerging science of ecology as in James Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis.


No longer a hypothesis, but a working theory, the interconnectedness evident on our planet has developed into other multi-disciplinary branches of study, such as systems theory, which looks at how living systems work together to create a balanced ecology on our planet. There is no reason to think that ecology is a process that begins and ends with our Earth's biosphere.


Earth herself is part of a larger solar system, part of a larger galaxy and systems that expand ever outward. It is likely, and even confirmed by Bashar, speaking through Darryl Anka, that the shut down of nuclear missile tests and silos testified to by Robert Salas and others in the Disclosure Project, is enacted by extraterrestrials because it affects the fabric of space and time beyond our planet in destructive ways.

If we want an understanding of how things work out in the universe and how successful extraterrestrial civilizations likely have learned to get along going with the flow of nature, not against it, we can start with a look into nature on our own planet as the sciences of ecology and systems theory are doing. When nature is thriving, all life exists in a balance with every element and life form.


Even parasitic organisms rarely become so opportunistic as to wipe out all life.

Mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationships between a variety of life forms allow all to live. In order to survive and thrive, the relationships between organisms, from the microscopic to the larger animals including humanity, must find a balancing point in interrelating. Behaviors that push systems out of balance bring about the very disasters and crises that eventually bring back balance.


This can happen in an unconscious way, or, by consciously recognizing the signs of impending imbalance, steps can be taken to bring systems back into balance. It is just this kind of evolutionary pressure that humanity has now created for itself.

Examples of imbalance and crisis are when one population carries a disease to which they have become resistant, to a population never before exposed to it, as in Europeans coming to the Americas. The indigenous populations suffered great loss of life. But not all. Some of the populations developed the antibodies necessary to fight off the diseases and any parasitic, disease-causing organism that is so virulent as to be that lethal to any population destroys itself in the process.


Since all life strives to survive, this virulence is counterproductive to survival and the disease organism rapidly finds a balance point in relationship to its hosts. Symbiosis, cooperation, sustainability win the day in the end.

Today, when the world is a much smaller place figuratively speaking, isolated populations susceptible to this kind of disease process is not likely. When dangerously virulent diseases emerge and start wiping out populations in a particular area, it's most likely that they were created in a laboratory and either released accidentally, or by design released to that population for some political and/or profiteering purpose.


Even in this case, once free of controlled laboratory conditions, the virus or bacteria may also mutate to a less lethal form for its own survival.

As the large opportunistic, parasitic organizations on our planet – oil corporations, huge food industries, pharmaceuticals and a debt-based fractional currency system – continue unsustainable greed-driven environmental and business practices that are dragging the rest of the population of this planet to the edge of extinction, a chaotic situation exists that is ripening the shift to a new emerging balance point.


Evolutionary pressure is waking us up to new realities and expanding our consciousness on a global level as never before in our known history. From Sheldrake's theory of morphic fields, to Teilhard de Chardin's sphere of human thought-energy, the noosphere, from Carl Jung's collective unconscious to quantum entanglement demonstrating oneness, we are all interconnected, and waking up from the dream that has been our current consensus reality. And the more of us that consciously do so, the more exponential the evolutionary shift in humanity becomes.

If one accepts that extraterrestrials are real, are engaging the people of Earth in various ways, and then if we look at the workings of nature as a set of interacting systems that – absent the motivations of human exploitation for purposes of greed – work together in ways that ensure the survival of each part of the system, down to individual life forms, then a far different picture of life in the universe emerges than Hollywood's invading alien horrors bent on destroying humanity.


Beings who have discovered the ability to travel between the stars or from one dimension to another are far more likely to have also learned to value all life and understand and participate in the natural symbiotic and synergistic flow of life and consciousness. Even predatory animals that kill others for food are not likely to attack and consume, consume, consume if they have had a meal and their bellies are full.


They take what they need and leave the rest. But not in the corporate world on Earth.


They take and consume to the point of destroying the whole system of which they are a part and on which they, as part of life on this planet, depend. This is not sustainable and it is leading humanity to a crisis point that may give us no choice but to evolve our vision and consciousness as a species save ourselves.

As George Knapp once said in in his special news series “UFOs, the Best Evidence”,

"science is supposed to stand for the exploration of the unexplained, not the explanation of the un-investigated.”

If scientists are not undertaking to include the now vastly substantial evidence, from multiple sources, of the reality of intelligent, sentient extraterrestrial life engaging this planet, then for at least some of their branches of disciplines, their results will be flawed and incomplete.


Professional cowardice for not taking on extraterrestrial areas of study is fast becoming an unaffordable luxury for those who wish to stay on the cutting edges of their various fields.


Preparation for extraterrestrial contact

“Would you want to land on an insane asylum where all the inmates are armed?”
Bashar, channeled through Darryl Anka, when asked “Why don't you just land and get it over with?”

Simply put, extraterrestrials are a reality. We know it from countless testimony accounts of abductees, contactees, of ex-government and ex-military insiders and efforts made to penetrate government and military secrecy through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).


We know it from physical evidence, of landings, of implants removed from abductees. We know it from countries around the world releasing their previously classified files on UFOs.

So if quantum mechanics theories are showing us that everything is interconnected, then extraterrestrials are part of that all that is and we are interconnected with them as well. This gives at least a rudimentary understanding of how other-dimensional beings can be channeled through human beings who have developed a special way of tuning into the vibrational frequencies of these other-dimensional beings.


And implications beyond that are so vast they are difficult to begin to imagine or comprehend.

From all the evidence it is clear that for a variety of reasons and perhaps a variety of agendas, various extraterrestrial groups are very interested in Earth humanity. It's understandable given human history that we might fear conquest – our history on this planet is one of the stronger preying on the weaker or less technologically developed. If they meant to harm or conquer, surely they could have done so by now, and not wait while humanity's technology advances rapidly.


However when one considers the the natural cooperativeness, sustainability and symbiotic relationships that exist in nature, there is also reason to believe that there are extraterrestrial civilizations that are here and wish to make contact to be of service, as long as they can make such contact with a humanity sufficiently evolved to be able to accept such contact and the benefit it could offer.


As a reality, meeting extraterrestrials one day is inevitable, it's just a matter of when.

Codependency is a way of life on our planet in human interactions to a greater or lesser degree, and “help” is often the sunny side of “control”. We see it played out in the codependent wife covering for her alcoholic husband, protecting him from the natural consequences of his destructive behavior. When she can't stand it any more and leaves, his life crashes.


We humans love to be the rescuers because it gives us a false sense of self-worth. On the cosmic level, from an expanded perspective, extraterrestrial civilizations may be watching, guiding in what ways they can, so that we wake up to the level of damage we are doing to ourselves and the planet and begin to take steps to correct it.


If they intervene before we learn as a human collective these essential lessons of the damage we've done, largely through lack of awareness and vision, they are just enabling destructive behavior, like the codependent wife – we are rescued, but have learned nothing and are at risk of repeating the same mistakes again.

On the upside, humanity is learning the lessons (which may be the whole point of our path up to now), but our governments, controlled by those who put profit ahead of everything else seem to be the last to get the message. Corporate greed continues to hold up a contrasting picture from what more and more of humanity truly wants, peace, equality and sustainability.


These government-military-industrial organizations are actually one of the vehicles for expanding human consciousness by helping us better know the kind of world we would choose to create.


As we learn, expand and choose more wisely, our initiation for conscious inclusion in the galactic community of sentient life – as equals, not worshipful subordinates – moves closer.

There is strong evidence to support that extraterrestrials have been with us from the beginning of what we could call a human race, homo sapiens sapiens, from the 223 extra genes in our make-up to much that was not covered here regarding evidence of extraterrestrial contact in our ancient history and prehistory.

  • What if we discovered that the current theories of evolution we've been taught our whole lives were false?

  • What if we are part of a larger galactic family of life and seeding planets with the stuff of life and guiding that evolutionary process from time to time was the way life is propagated in the universe?

  • If we are a seeded colony of life started by off-world civilizations, then might those civilizations take an active interest in how things are turning out for us?

If retired Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean and the information he was privy to and expanded upon over the years with his own research is true, then they are family, we are related to them, we are part of them.


Contact will be a process of re-unity with our own galactic ancestors, or their descendents.


The Conscious Universe - The Observer Effect

At the most fundamental level, we are all interconnected, entangled at the quantum level. We are one, throughout the entire universe.


So much information from the diverse fields different sciences and spirituality are converging upon a single idea, interconnected consciousness, from individual to collective to universal.


If we are just beginning to figure this out on Earth, it's more than likely that galactic civilizations learned this long ago, including the principles of tapping into that unity on a variety of levels to expand their own consciousness and use that energy flow in their technology to operate their craft and much more.


Understanding and using the energy potential that exists in all of space, they would likewise understand that operating from values of peace, cooperation and sustainability moves in harmony with that energy potential that indeed may be the larger consciousness of us all, ET and human alike.