by Cosmic Convergence
August 09, 2020

from CosmicConvergence Website




The following is a declaration from the people of Planet Earth, an evolutionary memorandum of understanding and a request for disclosure and injunctive relief.

This message is being addressed to a Cosmic Court of proper and uncorrupted Jurisdiction:


We the sentient beings of the free will planet known throughout the Cosmos as Terra 3 of Sol hereby create Planet Earth's Evolutionary Memorandum of Understanding as a legal instrument based upon what is known as "The Interdimensional and Multiversal association of Free Worlds" as evidenced by our shared natural common laws and We seek the proper court of Multiversal Jurisdiction.

Whereas we acknowledge that the Planet Earth is a sentient being and part of a collection of planets in the Solar system of Sol that was once recognized as one planet which still exists in Harmonic Universe two as the Planet Tara.

We seek first and foremost to protect our planet known to us as Earth, and to others as Terra, Uras, Tiamate, Urtha or Gaia, from further intrusion and destruction by the non-free will, hive mind collective and the biological and non-biological invasionary forces that threaten our world and every living thing upon it.

We declare that we are not a resource and neither is our planet.


We are living sentient beings connected directly to First Creator.

Whereas we acknowledge that the purpose of the human race is to be the protector of this most precious jewel of biological diversity in this part of the Milky Way Galaxy and to be the keepers of the historical records of various worlds.

Whereas we acknowledge that we, as human beings, have been sabotaged to forget our purpose, our spiritual power and the value of each and every human individual and every living thing in and on our world.

Furthermore, we have recently discovered that a small minority of individuals, mostly of the male gender have made decisions and illegitimate treaties that were never theirs to make.

They chose in their short-sighted arrogance to sell out the children, women and incorruptible men of their race along with what amounts to the biological treasure of humanity's ancestry and the powerful DNA of twelve to twenty-two ultra-terrestrial races.

This was an illegitimate treaty to trade female wombs and biological materials such as eggs and sperm without the kidnapped victim's consent.


This travesty allowed the victims to be chipped or tagged like an animal in the wild.


They were and are also being mutilated and sometimes consumed by both the grey and the reptilian principals of an ongoing treaty between Nazi Germany, Britain and the US and these invaders.

There are mercenary, military, intelligence and governmental entities involved with these predators that are selling children, women, and men in that order into slavery on this and other planets.

The military industrial complex traded the evolutionary, "Meta Genetic," eternal, "immortal" power of humanity's genetic heritage for an inferior technology that in comparison is what has amounted to a few toxic, technological, trinkets.

This anti terrestrial technology has been a Trojan horse of mutagenic pollution and given alien mind-controlled humans the ability to destroy the entire planet.


Unfortunately, the culprits don't get the exclusive chance to experience the other end of a small pox infected blanket.

The original sabotage of humanity not only included genetic sabotage but also the destruction of matriarchy and the introduction of a destructive and aggressive patriarchal system.


Therefore, humanity's leadership in dealing with global predators, has lacked the vision, pragmatism and balanced representation needed to allow for transparency and clear-sighted understanding.


This has led to illegitimate treaties created in secrecy, and coercion.

Thus, we have been left open to infiltration, instigation and control by various negative and alien forces from other places, dimensions and realms than our own limited one.

For most of us, this third density five sense reality was the only reality that existed and thus the only one from where we could operate.

This vulnerability has allowed too many atrocities and destructive cycles for us to count.


Therefore, most have been hidden from us or have been forgotten as we have tragically ridden the cycles of history and the spiritual manipulation of death, with no escape except reincarnation without ever learning from any of them.

We seek a permanent injunction and declaratory relief from these groups and all who are under their influence for the following crimes against Planet Earth and her inhabitants.

  • One: The terra forming and destruction of our planet's ecosystem through the chemical spraying of our skies and the pollution of our environment, the poisoning of our food, water and medicines and the pollution of our oceans and various layers of our atmosphere through various means including the electro-magnetic weaponization of our communication systems.

  • Two: The replacement of key leaders of our civilization in the media, politics, religion, commerce, education and science with mind-controlled psychopaths, anti-terrestrial hybrids, synthetic replicas or clones.

  • Three: The use of MK ultra-mind control on our religious, political, and military leaders, our scientists, teachers, and media. The use of mind control of various kinds and by various nefarious means, especially trauma-based mind control including toxic social engineering on our entire human population.

  • Four: The murder of the human race through iatrogenic medical malpractice, sexual slavery, satanic ritual abuse, and human sacrifice through pedophilia, cannibalism, genocide and war on our entire population, especially our children.

  • Five: The illegitimate and evil quarantine of our planet, and our population from other sentient beings, civilizations, dimensions, realms and places in the universe, through genetic, intellectual, spiritual and technological misinformation and sabotage...

Their purpose is to eat the life force of the ensouled inhabitants of our planet, to use vaccine nano-chips to trap us forever in this Matrix and to use a one world government in order to make all of that happen.

They are in the process of turning the entire population of the United States and the World, into zombies and transhuman, chipped, vaccinated, robots, who will do their bidding without question.


This is the number one reason for what looks like the intentional collapse of an entire system which becomes more dangerous to the American people and the people of the rest of the world year after year.

The commonwealth countries and especially the U.S. have been overthrown from within by stealth and through the thwarting of efforts for world peace through the infiltration of the UN by these resource raiders from other dimensions, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes.

They have poisoned our food, water and medicines, and have used tactics like kidnapping blackmail, soul severing, torture, rape and trauma-based mind control.


They have used social engineering to destroy us through the confusion of our genders and the destruction of our families, our identities and our history.

We have been intentionally manipulated into believing that the nature of our world evolves around the concept of survival of the fittest injected into our world view by a group of sociopaths.


What makes our realm so valuable is the evolutionary power of genetic adaptation, which creates new and unimaginable diversity rather than entropy, destruction and extinction through conflict.


This is just one aspect of how we have been lied to about every aspect of our existence.

Many atrocities and agendas are being implemented by elite hybrids that some have left in charge to control and inhibit the authentic human majority and every living thing on our Planet.


Worst of all they have used psychological warfare and trauma-based mind control on the population of the planet to destroy our ability to reason or understand anything about the true structure of our societies, our cultures and our history.


What we have been fed by their Machiavellian mouthpieces consists of one hideous lie after another.

Our world has been turned inside out and upside down to the point that our entire reality is now based upon illusion.

The atrocities committed by clones, hybrids, synthetics and sociopaths are being attributed to the entire human family when not one healthy, "un-coerced", or non-culturally brainwashed authentic human individual, has been involved without those dark influences in any of these crimes committed upon their own brethren.

All that has transpired on Planet Earth has been influenced by an alien agenda that thrives on blood, darkness, predation, and human anguish.

This has been accomplished through the alien's promotion of,

hierarchy, jealousy, fake scarcity, greed, hatred, pedophilia, misogyny, xenophobia, violence and war.

This is not a proper chance for a planet and its people to evolve.


Since the oldest civilization known in Earth's history, Earth has never been free from profound and devastating interference by these negative, plagues of "alien, anti-terrestrial," interlopers...!

Today we seek to end this monumental tragedy once and for all.

With the help of the court we seek a new beginning of transparency peace and prosperity through disclosure and indisputable proof of this alien presence to the entire human population of Earth.

Furthermore, we seek injunctive relief from the negative forces who seek to enslave us and to open up transparent communications with those who are the allies of our planet Earth and all of her indigenous inhabitants.

We the authentic peace-loving people of Earth hereby create this "Memorandum of Evolutionary Understanding" to the sentient beings of this world and any others that are relevant, and We acknowledge our membership in the Interdimensional and Multiversal Association of Free Worlds.

We acknowledge that this is a planet of free will with the only restriction being that the free will of one cannot become detrimental to the life, health, happiness or the free will of another.

We unequivocally reject the predatory nature of the status quo and the profoundly damaging agenda that is ongoing toward planet Earth.


This is also both ongoing and imminent toward a majority of the human beings incarnate on the surface, subsurface and interior of the planet as well.

We denounce the ongoing predation and influence of intruder races in their efforts to create competition, division and war through the control or replacement of our "law makers".


Because the intruders have blocked our technologies created to help clean up our planet, they have managed to make all humans look seemingly complicit in the poisoning of our only home.


Thanks to their predatory agendas, we have been confounded in our efforts to stop the destruction of Earth's natural abundance at this crucial time in our history.

Every effort that we have made to solve our problems or help each other has been thwarted. The discovery of the "same new" technologies and medical breakthroughs that could save our civilization and our planet have been found multiple times.


Instead of being utilized for our Planet's benefit, they have been suppressed.


The inventors of those technologies have been silenced or killed as they have unknowingly given up their lives for discovering actually, "nothing new".

Furthermore, efforts by elite groups of "alleged men" have turned mercenary armies into threats to the people of every nation especially the women and the children, millions of whom have been disappearing and the numbers are increasing year after year.

We have never knowingly given our permission to accept the harm being done to our Planet ourselves or our families by any authority that seeks to violate our natural laws.

We also acknowledge,

the following natural laws of our planet have been continually violated through the malicious actions of the proxies or those who are being covertly controlled by a few manipulative and predatory off planet or other dimensional race collectives who are in control of most of the organizational structures and in communication with individuals within those structures on the surface and within certain collectives of the subsurface of planet Earth.

We humbly request and petition the proper authority to issue a writ of declaratory relief by permanent injunction involving any and all violations of Earth as a sentient being and the infringement of the natural laws of free will planets enumerated in one through five below;

One: Each sentient being has the unalienable and unconditional right to the physical, mental and spiritual control of their body, mind and spirit and to physical and spiritual abundance.

Two: Each sentient being has the unalienable and unconditional right to all truthful and relevant information.

Three: Each sentient being has the unalienable and unconditional right to freedom.

Four: Each sentient being has the unalienable and unconditional right to merge with other beings commensurate with his/her position in his/her original Soul Family and his/her connection to his/her individual soul identity and collective memory shall remain inviolate.

Five: Each sentient being has the unalienable and unconditional right to Ascension without interference from others which inhibits that right.


The Children of Man of Terra Three of Sol

Earth's Surface

on the 9th day of July 2020