by William Dean Ross
September 2001

from TheUniversalSeduction Website

In the United States Government‘s Black Science Compartment of the Black Operations, there are two major divisions.

  • The first involves an electronics E.L.F. mind control and holographic imaging project known as "Project Blue Beam," where mind control radio waves are transmitted from man-made saucers to the targeted individual or group.

    The so-called UFOs are crafts which have light-ray bending capabilities to appear invisible or to be masked in a cloud. These hovercraft were developed by forward, not reverse, engineering over 50 years ago.


    Much of the hype about the crash at Roswell and the Alien Autopsy was fabricated because of the Cold War.

    ...were what World War II was really all about.


  • The second - Earth Energy and Spirit Manipulating group uses a mixed bag of tricks combining occultism-black witchcraft with E.L.F. radio-wave enhancement.


    Groups making spirit or UFO contact come under the title "Falling Star" which symbolizes the effort to bring Lucifer to earth in the physical (an alien invasion of earth by the entire demonic realm and establishing a new high tech Babylonian World Empire).

    They are integrating these methods with HAARP, GWEN, DARPA, the "Digital Angel Chip“ and artificial intelligence with six U.N. World "Regional Super-Computers."





Sometimes, corporate and college groups are totally mislead on what their federal grant projects are really about.


In the field, hidden intelligence teams monitor, document, manipulate and manage the human test rats.

Many so-called investigative and recuperation organizations like the Human Potential Foundation are set up to accumulate data from the targeted victims. In many cases, the so-called "concerned" organizational workers are mind control or cult victims and are unknowingly doing intelligence retrieval for the C.I.A. or the N.S.A.

Intelligence has also created many so-called "help-sites" on the computer Internet. These web-sites may present themselves as a place for mind control victims to get therapy from the group. In reality, they are "damage and control" web-sites to see how much you have remembered or figured out. If you know too much, your life or career may be in danger even if the project or cult group you were in happened thirty years ago.

They will try to reprogram you or they will send some "helper" to meet you someplace outside your protection zone.


The "helper" may have a piece of the puzzle. If you are looking for "closure," he or she may be sincere in helping you; but their altered personality-through hypnosis or programming-may mislead you. He or she could be a Manchurian Candidate unknowingly programmed to set you up for a crime being committed nearby-so, you can be convicted and your story silenced forever.

My wife and I were constantly wrecking vehicles during the period of 1995-98, doing stupid things.


For example, at a curve we would just keep going straight, then off the road and over the hill. Finally, I became observant; twice I noticed a white van following behind just prior to us going into this trancelike state. At other times the E.L.F. transmission teams were parked nearby, throwing us into psychosis or neurosis.

Dozens of times, we have awakened in the middle of the night, hearing an extremely high pitched beeping sound. The best doctors in the state have not been able to figure out what caused my wife to suddenly go deaf in one ear - top specialists are still left with no explanation (read the "Kundalini Tales" by Richard Sauder, 1998.)

The last half of this book has the actual United States Patent Office electronic and mind-control patents of small, portable, transmitter type devices.


It has the inventors, schematics, and all other written data about these devices with the official U.S. Patent numbers. Drawings in the book indicate the target area on a person‘s head is just above the ear.

Some people are completely going crazy-like the school shootings scenarios-because either a corporation, cult, individual or the government is bombarding them with mind-control radio frequencies. Many magazines now offer small devices that use radio transmissions to run off pests, insects, and to train dogs. This is not fiction or magic.


It is for real! In many of cases, the result is always new legislation to be passed to eliminate our rights to own guns in the U.S.




I was on such a project funded by a federal grant. I was told one thing, and as the program went along, I found out that it was really something else.

The same can be said of UFO researchers and authors, Bob Teets and Dick Farley, who worked for the Human Potential Foundation (HPF).


They interviewed hundreds of abductees / contactees, some for real and some were just delusional. They came up with a complex synthesis of UFO classification and developed a psychological aid for victims called "Spirit Releasement Therapy."


They prepared many essays and published a few books on the matter.

The Human Potential Foundation was supposed to be funded by Laurance Rockefeller and/or European Royalty, Prince Hans-Adams of Liechtenstein. As with everything else on the UFO conspiracy circuit, rumors have it that the HPF was financed and managed by the CIA via Senator Claiborne Pell in addition to indirect Federal Grants.


In 1995, the HPF ”was located‘ at P.O. Box 6, Falls Church, Virginia, 22040-0006, (Fax 703-534-8566) telephone 703-534-8569.


The Foundation put out a publication called "The Phoenix in the Labyrinth" which was 181 pages and sold for $14.95. Its members ranged from Harvard PhD, Dr. John Mack and Zecharia Sitchin to Ruth Montgomery, ex-Washington Post reporter, turned parapsychological researcher.

The Foundation was classified as a non-profit organization, which requires its financial records to be on public display. I made several attempts by phone and mail to the IRS to find out who financed the organization and so did another (very reputable) researcher.


We were denied this information on a variety of pretenses; one example of their feeble excuses was "the computer system is down."

Bob Teets, who had interviewed me several times (In 1994 and 1995 - once in person), was an ex-coworker of "Cloudrider," Dick Farley. My story helped Teets with his UFO book, "UFOs and Mental Health.“


Both my opinion and that of Teets‘s is very similar. He needed ideas, concepts, and leads and I gave them to him. After that, the lights came on for him; all of the interviews he did meshed and came together for the book. Farley also added a lot of information to Teets‘ UFO Books.

In my opinion, his book is one of the best-in the top five - as far as describing the "etheric" type UFO. However, it‘s the least advertised and is almost unknown.

The best book on the man-made Saucers is "Man-made UFOS-1944-1994" by Renato Vesco and David Hatcher Childress.

There seems to be a negative tinge to the UFO phenomenon, thus Teets and Farley not only sought to find the truth of the matter, they also experimented with possible methods of victim recuperation.

Their efforts, like mine, were positive and humanitarian in nature. A lot of work for so little pay; yet, like myself, they felt our efforts were possibly being monitored and managed at times by spooks (agents) from the intelligence community-within the projects that we had worked on.

To this day, we still seem to be crossing each other‘s paths, trying to solve the mysteries of this phenomenon and the hidden objectives of the military-corporate-intelligence-cult complex that is closely associated with it.





In the spring of 2000-according to neighbors out here in farm country-black helicopters were dropping off and picking up men on the mountain behind me.


These soldiers were camouflaged and armed. It appeared some were carrying cameras or other equipment. Almost every day, the horses at the stall acted up over something crawling around in the 4-ft. tall hay in the field.

In May, my dogs pointed out a man or men with a gun(s) every day for the entire month. Sometimes, they laid so long in the grass that the vultures came down dive-bombing them because they thought they were dead.

For me, this E.L.F. /mind-control harassment and surveillance has been going on now for at least 6 years.

This incident happened after I challenged some of the top New World Order "think-tank" personalities that hang out on the Internet web-sites which are connected to mind-control.


Be careful at those web locations.


Lying con-artists, trained in mind seduction await, seeking out the weak and weary!




The Human Potential Foundation President was C.B. Scott Jones, an ex-Naval Intelligence officer who associated with characters like the CIA‘s godfather of mind control, Hal Puthoff.


The D.O.D.‘s (Dept. of Defense) "doctor of death," Col. John Alexander of the so-called "non-lethal" microwave weapons program, and Hal Puthoff worked on E.L.F. mind- control technology.

On the other hand, Steve Greer and Steve Basset of the UFO CSETI programs use psychics and mental techniques to "call-in" the extraterrestrials.


(Note that I was on one of their CSETI-search for extraterrestrial intelligence- projects called "Falling Star.")


In UFO seminar and conference circles, Alexander and Jones were known as "Penguin" and "Falcon." Jones had another handle and Falcon was another person, according to some people.


But in this case, Falcon-whichever person it really was-informed the world on various television shows as to the profile of the aliens. In one night, this mysterious "Falcon," with his face masked, shifted the belief of the masses about the alien agenda.

On October 14, 1998, the William Moore TV program "UFO COVER-UP?-LIVE", with an international cast of abductees and contactees, was presented to a world-wide audience. The show, hosted by Mike Farrell of the MASH TV series, aired "Falcon" with his face and voice scrambled to disguise him.


According to a couple of California newspapers that checked his credentials, "Falcon" was an U.S. Intelligence agent.

That night, alien descriptions went from robots and huge man-eating monsters to cute little creatures that were vegetarians, loved strawberry ice-cream, Tibetan music and were very concerned about the environment, international nuclear disarmament and individual disarmament for peace.

From my personal experience with E.T., he is nothing like the above and more like a "Trojan horse," lobbying for totalitarianism under the guise of angels in steel flying ships. If E.T. was going to help us, he would have done it a long time ago. I assure you this is a con-game for the New World Religion buffs.

Recently, Dr. Greer of CSETI met at the Vatican with the Black Pope’s PR team and discussed the possibility of a worldwide televised UFO landing in the presence of U.N officials and leaders of the world’s religions.

In November of 1989, Hollywood’s "Millimeter" magazine (for TV and movie producers) listed the leading contributor to that show as the CIA. Need I say more? Mass mind control at its best.

Read "Electronic Colonialism" by Tom McPhael, the TV news media‘s guide for mass brainwashing of the public’s mind-set.


Is it any wonder we are instructed to trash our Constitution for some new, dreamed-up script that Hollywood and the ultra-liberals are pushing?





Recently, I had a recall scanning back 25 years. It was of Scott Jones or an absolute "look-alike".


The time-frame was during the Vietnam war era when I was in the Navy. I asked other veterans to try the recall process and they remember being pulled from their units and privately meeting in a building and going under hypnosis. I was shocked to find other vets had recall of the same strange private hypnotic meetings. They chose servicemen from West Virginia, Texas, Montana and a couple other states.

Coincidentally, these states have the highest numbers of veterans of foreign wars and today‘s Militias. I wonder if the most patriotic are programmed to self-destruct in some way on some specific day?

Recently, I video taped and interviewed several people in a few states who had worked on similar CSETI and other government "front" projects. The similarities and the names are consistent and keep meeting each other.

In 1992, Dr. Steve Greer was at the first CSETI-CIA-NASA-UFO alien contact meeting in Virginia where they chose me to be the "Point man" for E.T. contact. I was told by Dr. Spaniol, Project Director, that the UFOs were etheric and spiritual and no harm would come to me.



(Note: later in the field with the team, the toxic gases drifted off of the UFOs with extreme heat, radiation, and very high levels of radio frequencies.)


At that time, both Greer and Jones told their organizations that the ETs were inter-dimensional entities. Today, when they are quoted in books like Dr. Lammer‘s "MIL-ABS", their stories have greatly changed. Sometimes the claim is that UFOs are all special, military, high-tech mind control games through hologram imaging.


However, at the same time, they still are organizing civilian CSETI contact teams at UFO seminars; still reaching the spiritual, etheric, "Benevolent, Space Brother, Ascended Masters, Heaven‘s Gate gospel."


This is a very strange contradiction between their so-called beliefs and their decided actions.





Dr. Spaniol of West Virginia, State College and the D.O.D., Dr. Sutton and Dr. Suffon of NASA all would duck and cringe when I would joke and call the Project the "Church of the UFO."


A few years after I quit the project, a UFO Church called "Heaven‘s Gate" committed mass suicide! I think they were programmed to elevate themselves to a "higher-self" via reincarnation, a current New Age belief.


Can you imagine an entire future generation volunteering to leave earth in the same fashion just to "make room for nature" as the Georgia Guide stones have instructed?

You should also read, "Age Of Cataclysm" - 1974, by Alfred L.Webre and Phillip H. Liss, both 33rd Degree Masons. The book‘s Library of Congress card number is: Card 74-79671.


This book is a carbon copy of the "Guide Stones," but contains a whole lot more. So far, much of its predictions and suggestions by psychics - like the Berlin wall coming down and Russia turning to Capitalism-has already happened.

Also on the reading agenda should be, "Mt. Shasta-Mystic Mountain" by Emile A. Frank.


This chronicle tells the reader that many UFO communes like "Heaven‘s Gate" have been around the boundaries of Shasta Mountain for years. The author correlates the beliefs of the aliens with that of the United Nations, globalist community, New World Order, the ultra-liberal Democrats and many popular New Age writers and cult/commune leaders like Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The author also specifically points out on Page 116, Paragraphs 3 and 4... that in order for the lords of the underworld to come forth and rule, a ”cleansing‘ or mass genocide of people hanging onto traditional values like the Constitution and christianity must take place first. No bones are made, but that the masses must die and then reincarnate back to here as Gods, like the author‘s New Ager-New World Order friends.

Hence, the writer believes the aliens are from the inner-earth (not outer space) exactly what CSETI and NASA told me in 1993.


(Note that the 'Ascended Masters' are the spirit-guides and are the E.T./Aliens. Also, note that the ETs tell the psychics what to tell the occultists in the UN, in the CIA and NSA and what to do next concerning worldly issues.)


On a recent trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, and Mammoth Caves National Park, Kentucky, the signs and literature were loaded with New World Order overtones such as "Biosphere“, "Biodiversity", "Kyoto", "Heritage" and "U.N."


The majority of the tourists were from Japan, China, India and Europe.

A few told me that an invisible civilization was within the caverns. This is exactly what the New Age religions are teaching. According to them, this is the New Religion of the United States and the World. The traditional religions such as Christianity are old dinosaurs sinking in the tar.

These are the same thoughts expressed in Alfred Webre‘s "Age of Cataclysm" (written in 1974).


The "Age of Cataclysm" and "Mt. Shasta the Mystic Mountain" and the information written on the "Georgia Guide stones" cover the same material:

UFOs, extra-terrestrial life forms, dictating our way of life to world leaders via trance-channeling.

The order of the day is,

  • disarming the world, nations and individuals

  • abolishing the Bill Of Rights

  • abolishing the Congress

  • moving large populations

  • committing mass genocide to save nature

You can find the "Guide Stones" by going to Rt. 77, just 7 miles south of Hartwell Lake and 7 miles north of Elberton in Elbert County, Georgia.


On these stones, you will find the same message proclaimed from the secret societies in their pro-New World Order books - the communication that the media, liberals and federal government are all attempting to implement.

You‘d better forget what your preacher, guru, politicians and the television sets are telling you and go see for yourself!


The "New Idea“ calls for the genocide of 70% to 90% of the world population to save nature (GAIA), abolishing Congress and the U.S. Constitution.


The agenda of the ”Left-hand Path" is found in what they call, "THE PLAN", setting up of a "One World Order", an electronically, mind-controlled, totalitarian, police-state under the guise of ”Democracy."

They secretly create the chaos, then their spin-doctor media groups ramble on about the crisis with ”Solution A‘.


They then create the reactionary forces, like the KKK, that violently opposes 'Solution A‘. When the smoke clears, they come in with 'Solution B‘ which compromises our rights and property. Just take a look at the circus they called the 2000 election.


The real motive was to eliminate the Constitution of the United States after imposing more Executive Orders. (Anything can happen, then.)

Eventually, we could have a One-World-Religion, offering ancient human sacrifices to their God, Lucifer. Out of the Skia or Gaia will come the Ascended Masters, the UFOs. This is the true Harmonic Convergence - when man and demon are once again united as in Genesis 6:1 of the Bible.


We are in the latter phases for a new high-tech "Tower of Babel!"

...are pushing for this to happen before 2013.


Thirteen means the "Rebellion." Keep in mind 2003 will be the 13th year of the birth of the New World Order when the Berlin wall came down.

To get a better grasp on the psychic-propaganda these spin doctors are passing out, I suggest you go to their own public relations websites listed below and take a peek behind their fake smiles and masks.



(Note: Sometimes, the German Nazis were very mannerly and smiled as they led the Jews into the gas chambers.)




In the late 1980‘s while on vacation, I stopped-out of curiosity-at the Edgar Cayce Foundation located at Virginia Beach, Va.


At this 'esoteric' library, I overheard the staff talking about a West Virginia University professor, Oleg Jefimenco, who was a telekinesis expert. They were discussing his experiments, also talking about how the C.I.A. and K.G.B. were working together in "electronic-necromancy."

In 1988 and 1989, the CIA and KGB were working with Dr. Walter Uphoff in Sweden; their project involved communicating with the dead. This was only six (6) months before the Berlin Wall came down and the Cold War came to a conclusion.



(Note: In a radio-wave proof room, spies joined together, along with a psychic who trance-channeled Albert Einstein onto a TV screen. Supposedly, Einstein talked to them).


Hal Puthoff, like Scott Jones, are into,

Both were Naval Intelligence Officers.


Col. John Alexander is the "War-Lord“ of the microwave weapons projects that are to be used against christians, traditionalists, constitutionalists and conservatives in a future war.


These people even state so in their books! That is how close and how confident they are that it will all succeed! These black magicians and electronic weapon system engineers, managers, and agents toy with the occult at their social spoon-bending parties.

IN THE WEB SITES LISTED BELOW are personalities that cross over from mind control organizations to UFOs and World Social Engineering organizations.


For example, The U.S. Army‘s "First Earth Battalion," a creation of,

  • Scientologist Barb Marx Hubbard

  • Church of Set Leaders, Lt. Col. Jim Channon, and Lt. Col. Mike Aquino

Notice the UFO, mind control, and spiritual connection training related to these remote viewers and high psychics. Lt. Col. Jim Channon is now educating major corporations around the world.

Some of these groups are experimenting with secret forces, Maxwell‘s Equations, vacuums, ozone layers, portal vortices, testing and tampering with the "Ethers“ in a new era of "Electronic Witchcraft,“ a science which has been kept secret from the public for almost a century.

Please see also a dissertation on the real inventor of the radio, Dr. Mahlon Loomis. Aliens from UFOs taught him this "technology-transfer" on a mountain not far from Bob Teets house at Terra Alta, West Virginia.


Copies of the patent and story can be obtained from Drs. K. L. and J.F. Corum at: Rt. 9, Box 207-B, Morgantown, WV, 26505. It is called "Terra Alta’s Neglected Discoverer of RF Communication."

Inter-dimensional entities and UFOs are dancing with the human "test rats" that have been put under altered states of consciousness via mind control and microwave radiation - E.L.F.

The rigid, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, two-year experiment took place on "Ancient Indian Grounds."


According to the Cherokee, the area was inhabited by the Adena Mound-Builders and was called "Fort Ancient." I call it an etheric "UFO Jurassic Park.“ The area is full of earth energy vortex-portals with top-secret underground bases nearby, disguised as farms - a real twilight zone for the chosen human test rats.


They titled the project "FALLING STAR"; Lucifer falling from the heavens to earth.

I have plenty of project film footage, documentation, witnesses and other data to prove my story. I have already told my story to thousands of people on talk radio and in articles across the net. I have nothing to sell nor a name to make, just telling it like it happened and trying to connect the religious-political effort behind this topic.

In July of 2000, a Russian Ham radio operator contacted a Ham that lives near me.


Three Russians came to see one of the portal-vortex zones here at Liberty, West Virginia. I never told anyone exactly where they were; but amazingly, a man from the USSR knew precisely. To me, this is not just a coincidence. Why are NASA and the CIA going to Moscow every Spring with my ex-superiors of "Project Falling Star" to sit in on Tesla and Newton Conferences?

It is very odd, indeed, considering a family living a few miles from me have had UFO experiences in their backyard for the past two years. And by coincidence, a farm behind them has Black, unmarked Helicopters landing on it regularly.


The family is having all kinds of problems now. Sound familiar?





Expect dramatic changes in the earth and in your government during the next decade; it is all part of "The Plan"!


When Bush, Sr. and Gorbachev brought down the Berlin Wall, humanist-secular socialism embraced capitalist spiritualism and black magic. We are entering a sugarcoated Dark Age.

The United States presently has more prisoners per capita than any country in the world - next to its most favorite trade partner, Red China. The prison building industry has become the second fastest growing industry in the USA. In the 80s, the new prisoners went to jail for drugs. In the 90s, the new inmates are more than likely political prisoners, incarcerated for gun and IRS violations.


Many thought they had their pure constitutional rights and did not know of all of the new laws that are eroding away the rights citizens once had.

If you want to stay out of the "politically-correct" gulags and "re-learning centers" of the internment camps in the near future, I highly suggest you rant liberal politics at your local coffee shop, jingle crystals, and worship the new God they give you in order to pass as "politically correct." You might miss the genocide "cleansing."

Well, it looks like it is starting to storm here? Over the mountain, a big dark cloud looms on the horizon and it is heading this way. The power has gone out on the computer several times and the short-wave radio has strong interference on all bands, but there isn‘t any thunder or lightning.


This always used to happen when the UFOs were around before I even knew they were here. The black cloud has a bunch of what looks like white cotton balls rolling all around it and over and through it.


Whew! Here we go again... it‘s the Riders on the Storm!