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August 04, 2022

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  2. The City of London - The British Elite and their Agenda for World Domination


  3. Psychological Manipulation - Controlling the Minds of the Population to Change their Behavior - Below report


  4. World Health Organization - The WHO has been set up to operate as a one world government


  5. Conclusion - Private entities are taking over the world




In the second section of day 2 of the Grand Jury, we listen to Brian Gerrish, a former UK Royal Navy officer, specialized in the tracking of submarines, currently the editor of the UK Column.


He is joined by one of their expert researchers, Debbie Evans, who was a government advisor at the Department of Health for the UK.

They reveal documents evidencing something of great concern:

the governments are using applied psychology and hypnosis to create fear and anxiety in the population with the goal of changing their behavior.

Especially during the Covid 'pandemic', this has been used extensively, as the documents show.

These experts also reveal how the National Health Service has been infiltrated by financial 'change agents', who shifted the focus from patients to profit.


This was also done using psychological manipulation, that transformed the minds of the NHS employees.

The evidence shows how the entire health system worldwide has been strategically infiltrated and transformed, to become a carrousel for financial oligarchs to further enrich themselves and gain complete power of the population, not only in the UK but in nations around the world.

Actual medical care has been replaced with 'mantras'.


For example, when unvaccinated Covid patients enter the hospital, the mantra is activated 'Covid unvaccinated death pathway', meaning that these unvaccinated people will receive treatment which will lead to their death.

The concept of Mental Hygiene was developed, which states that only people who submit to the mindsets of the financial criminal elite are considered mentally healthy, while those who disagree must be silenced and if possible eradicated.

A criminal political system

that uses applied psychology
has been unleashed on the public

and the healthcare workers

to change their thinking and behavior.
This is exactly what happened

in Nazi Germany.






Brian's first career was as a British Royal Navy officer, specialized in anti-submarine warfare.


When he left the Navy in 1993, he discovered that all is not as it seems within society in the UK. As a result of tracking fraud and corruption in his own city and other major UK cities, he started to look at organizations which he could see were controlling events.

Currently he runs the UK Column, producing news three times a week.

It's because of his previous military experience, his experience in the civilian world, including analysis through the UK Column, that Brian is able to give his testimony.

Our initial speakers have described the founding, the start-up and the growth of an organization of gangsters.

We've heard about the history.


We've learnt something of the people, their networks, their modus operandi.


We've had evidence of world events that show us that these groups are operating.

If we look at how gangsters were dealt with and brought down in the past, we know that they were judged by looking at their crimes, by collecting evidence of their crimes, whether it was murder, drug running or prostitution.


There had to be real evidence of the crime, there had to be intent, there had to be named persons involved in those crimes.


It was only when the evidence was brought forward that they could be brought into court and subsequently found guilty, or at least brought before the law and ultimately serve their time.

For our jury, which is a world audience, the first two speakers have done a great job of saying that there's a conspiracy, there's a group of gangsters that are operating.


They've got huge power and wealth.

Their aim is world dominance...

They want to control everything:

society, raw materials, methods of production, people, politics.
Their crimes are oppression, slavery, poverty,

hunger, human trafficking, death.

Now we have a very important major world event happening, and that is the so-called Covid-19 'pandemic' followed by a vaccination program.

The overwhelming evidence is showing that these gangsters are killing people...


We are here as a court of law to talk about the crime.

What is the crime?

The crime is death...

People have died as a result of their created wars, now we're seeing people dying as a result of the introduction of a 'pandemic' and how that 'pandemic' was handled and how it is being "treated" with a vaccination program.

Alex talked about how they want to control our minds, said they want,

"civilized control over politically backward people."

And that latter quote absolutely shows the arrogance of these gangsters, because they believe that any opinion they hold is the correct opinion, the correct value, and anybody who challenges them is a lesser being whom they want to remove from their field of operations.


They would like these people to go away and die.




Alongside the Covid-19 'pandemic' and the subsequent vaccination program, there is a battle for our minds by an applied political psychological attack.


I have a couple of papers with me.

The first one is entitled Mental Health.


The subtitle is Strategic Planning for Mental Health.


It was by a certain J.R. Reese, dated October 1940.

At the start of the Second World War, we had a group of people who were later to become very powerful within the World Health Organization (WHO), discussing how they were going to implement what they called,

'mental hygiene in the new society'...

They said they were going to

infiltrate social organizations,

attack the professions,

infiltrate social activities
and professional societies,

and unleash a long-term plan

of propaganda.

I'm going to reinforce that 1940 paper by another paper entitled Psychiatry.


It's part of the Journal of the Biology and Pathology of Interpersonal Relations.

It's dated February 1946 and it's talking about the re-establishment of the peacetime society.


The author is a certain GB Chisholm.


It's talking about the use of the psychiatric system to implement this program of mental hygiene.

Mental hygiene means that you're not fit to be a human being, unless you adopt the views and values of these gangsters.

When I began to research what was happening in the UK from a point of view of crime and fraud, threats and bullying at local level, I quickly established, to my astonishment, that there was a charity called Common Purpose that was acting in a very political way in creating future leaders.


These people were installing themselves in UK cities, effectively taking control of politics within those cities.


Within a few years, that organization was operating overseas in countries like Germany, Holland, India, Australia, where they were recruiting people in those countries to bring them within an agenda of change agents, to change the way we think and conduct our business in society.

This organization was started in about 1985 because of one particular lady, the chief executive at the time, Julia Middleton, coming back from America, saying she'd learned some amazing things about how to change society.


Common Purpose was able to get going with funding from major banks that were never disclosed, Deutsche Bank being one of them. Common Purpose was a key example of an organization you couldn't track.


You couldn't see the documents, you couldn't see the people, and you couldn't see that it was unleashing a plan to change our society without the average member of the public understanding this.


I'd like to bring you back to the MINDSPACE document.


Full text...


The British Cabinet Office

worked for a long time with psychologists

to learn how to change the way

that people think and behave,
without them understanding this is happening.

Slide 3: minutes of the SPI-B, which is part of the British government's wise scientist group, SAGE, who were commenting on how we should be "fighting Covid."


SPI-B was a team of specialists, including behavioral specialists, who were going to use applied psychology to get people to adhere to the British government's policy on Covid-19.


Full text...


And what I draw people's attention to are really two paragraphs:

one is at the bottom of the left- hand page where it says, "the perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased amongst complacent using the hard-hitting emotional messaging."

Here is a government team

advocating the use of applied psychology
in order to make people fearful.

Paragraph 7 talks about coercion in which it says,

"consideration should be given to the use of social disapproval, but with a strong caveat around unwanted negative consequences."

What they're talking about is using people to police each other.


But the caveats that they introduced to this, was because they recognized that this psychological technology could unleash violence in communities.

That psychology was sold initially to America and Australia...

Look at what is happening in Australia in relation to Covid lockdown now.


But ultimately, the technology was sold off worldwide.

World governments use

this applied behavioral psychology

to change people's views, values, behavior,

and they simply do not know

this has been unleashed on them.

Slide 4: This document is entitled Behavioral Insights Applied to Policy - Germany, Country Overview.


This is an EU document which is effectively boasting of how applied behavioral psychology can be used to change community public political opinion.


And it's giving a whole list of German organizations, which I'm sure will be much more significant to the panel than to me. But a lot of them are universities and research organizations.


This document is effectively simple proof that these political psychology techniques have certainly been spread throughout Europe.


Full text...


Let me now jump to the subject of Covid-19 and vaccine effects.


In the United Kingdom, we have the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, the MHRA. That organization supposedly is tasked with keeping the public safe with regards to pharmaceutical products and vaccines.


And as part of the vaccination program in UK, they've been collecting data on vaccine adverse reactions, the Yellow Card system.


Their own statistics say that there have been nearly one and a half million adverse effects from vaccines, and there have been close to 2,000 deaths.


They believe it's likely that only 10% of the vaccine adverse effects that have actually occurred have indeed been logged. So, of course, that takes the number of deaths from 2,000 to 20,000.


What is interesting when you do this, is we're now starting to see vaccine deaths outstrip the dangers of Covid-19.

The MHRA, as a Government Department,

is perfectly prepared to use the same skills
in applied psychology that the British government

has boasted they can use to mislead the public

and change their behavior.

When we approach the MHRA with the question,

"Where is your quantitative risk assessment to show that the vaccine adverse reactions are not related to the vaccinations themselves?",

...the MHRA stalls, fails to answer, produces very confusing replies.


The MHRA has not conducted a quantitative risk assessment into the adverse effects of vaccinations.

The MHRA, who holds the duty of protecting the public from dangerous pharmaceutical products, knows that people are dying as a result of the vaccination campaign.


The British government certainly knows that but is prepared to use psychology in every single verbal, written and media response around the dangers of the Covid and the vaccine policy.


The whole of the control of Covid-19 policy and the so-called healthcare policy around Covid-19 and vaccinations has been carried out by the British Cabinet Office, who have an embedded applied behavioral psychology team with them.


So, we know what they're capable of.


They're boasting of it in their own document. And ultimately, we're seeing the real evidence of people suffering and dying.

If we follow this trail on, we come to how the system works in the UK, at least, where we're seeing a form of medical fascism between government and the global pharmaceutical industry, working alongside universities and charities within what has been named the golden triangle in UK.




I'm a retired state registered nurse.


I was a government advisor at the Department of Health for the UK government for five years. And I'm a medical researcher. Brian led us very nicely there into what we call in the UK Loxbridge Triangle, or the Golden University, the Golden University Triangle.


See screenshot of a map of the UK to show the locations of Oxford, Cambridge and London in the triangle.



Cambridge is the highest digital tech center in the UK. It's ranked twelfth in the European Digital Index, and it's known as Silicon Fen.


It's got a huge biomedical campus on site containing:

  • Papworth Hospital, specialized in heart and lungs

  • Addenbrooke's Hospital, specialized in donated organs and transplants

  • There will be a cancer research hospital

  • Medical Research Council Cancer Research UK

  • The Anne McClaren Ridge Generative Laboratory

  • The NHS Blood Transfusion Center

  • AstraZeneca headquarters

  • GlaxoSmithKline

Cancer Research UK, which is meant to be a charity, would appear not to be a charity at all.


Professor Robert West is a consultant for Cancer Research UK and he's also on the SPI-B team, the behavior team that Brian was just talking about, with regards to SAGE.


Professor Robert West's wife, Professor Susan Michie, is the head of the behavioral insights team at the Cabinet Office.

She's a lifelong communist and has designed the behavior change wheel, which was rolled out into many countries. The behavioral insights team appear to be global, now.

Oxford is the UK's first smart city using sensors and big tech innovation. It's meant to be the digital capital of Europe and it's been named by Tech Nation attracting 2,1 billion worth of investments.


The UK government has announced it is investing 5.5 billion into infrastructure around the Golden Triangle.


To the Golden Triangle is also attached the Russell Group: 24 universities that work very closely alongside the Golden Triangle Universities and receive a lot of funding.

The MHRA in the UK would like to become the global regulator.


On their board sits Raj Long, who is the deputy director for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She specializes in safety and pharmaco-vigilance and is also the chief scientist for Microsoft.

There are conflicts of interest with regards to the ministers of the British government.


Some of the minister's interests are into,

the Big Four audit companies, KPMG, Microsoft, Deloitte, AstraZeneca, Goldman Sachs and the European Investment Bank.

A lot of our ministers have conflicts of interest within those areas.

Deloitte, Ernst Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers take up 67% of global accounting.


All four are based in London.


Deloitte have been central to the test and trace.

Lord Bethell, who has now resigned, had a company that was purely for lobbying on behalf of Deloitte for bids. It's very concerning to see what could be coming up in the future, when you see all these people intertwined with one another.

Cancer UK is funded by many pharmaceutical companies. It is the research and development center for AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bill and Melinda Gates.


But also advising cancer research is Professor Robert West, who's Professor Susan Michie's husband, the head of a behavioral insights team funded by Pfizer and funded by Cancer Research UK, who are also right in the middle of the Cambridge bio medical campus.

The UK government published a vaccine hesitancy guidance with interventions on the 27 September 2019, before Wuhan.

SPARS pandemic 2025-2028 was a futuristic scenario from the John Hopkins Center on what would happen if a coronavirus infected the world.

It takes you on a month-to-month basis, what you could expect from the media, what you can expect from pharmaceutical companies, what you can expect from governments with regards to lockdowns, with regards to testing, with regards to antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.




Ana Garner: I would like to ask questions to each of you, please, pertaining to the psychological manipulation that's been going on.


Ms. Evans, you mentioned that you had been a government advisor to the Department of Health. And this is very pertinent here because I feel that this has been going on in the United States extensively.


As an advisor to the Public Health Department,

Have you been aware that they use the behavioral psychological techniques that Mr. Gerrish discussed as a way of enforcing their agenda of coercion and social isolation?


Coercion of people undergoing experimental medical interventions?


Have you noticed that that is part of their modus operandi, shall we say?

Gerrish: As part of research that the UK Column did, one of the areas that we were very interested in was training within our National Health Service by this charity, selecting future leaders.


This was Common Purpose.


We saw manipulation of people and their values by this particular organization and it morphed into a specific sector of the NHS called NHS Leaders.


These supposedly were fast-tracked people who were going to lead the NHS into even better healthcare.

As these leaders

with their newly acquired values were unleashed,

the management style in the NHS

became increasingly domineering and bullying.

The ideas became less and less about

the care and treatment of people who were ill or injured,
and it became much more about

the importance of profits and money within the NHS.
It was apparent that the psychology of people

was being manipulated.

We have upon the UK Column website an article which is entitled Towards a Million Change Agents.


That was the title of a paper written by an NHS Common Purpose trained individual who said that the NHS, in order to reach a future utopia, was going to need a million change agents.


They mean people who are going to disrupt the performance of the NHS in order to get it to transition, to transform into what was supposedly to be a world class health provision.

An example of applied psychology in the NHS during the Covid crisis, is that mantras were introduced. Nurses and doctors started to follow mantras instead of medical decisions.


A highly qualified doctor told us that when an unvaccinated Covid patient came in, the mantra was:

"Covid unvaccinated death pathway, Covid unvaccinated death pathway."

If a person was labeled as having Covid,

and they were unvaccinated,

the only resultof their healthcare treatment

was the death pathway.

These mantras have been driven through the NHS to the extent where doctors told us:

"They cannot discuss genuine government figures on vaccine adverse reactions, because the person simply turns away or refuses to talk to them or becomes very aggressive."

They are witnessing cognitive dissonance in individuals, which is the result of their mental values being rebranded.


We are certainly seeing

the application of psychology

in many areas in the NHS,

and its overall effect
is a degradation of healthcare treatment

to the extent that people are being killed,
when they could have survived quite happily

had they been given the right treatment.

Ana Garner: This psychological operation, by definition, seems to be very subtle and below most people's level of awareness that they are being manipulated.


If that's the case, do you have any opinion about how those people can be reached in a way that can wake them up?


I hear about the psychological dissonance and that sort of thing, the cognitive dissonance. Is there a way in which these people can be encouraged to see what's really happening, make them aware that they are being manipulated?

Gerrish: In the first instance we need to concentrate on the people who are clearly not affected, in order to spread the warning message to what's happening.


We need to be targeting the professions of psychology and psychiatry to say that this is the abuse of those particular professions.

People who have been subjected to this form of reframing or mind manipulation are victims and therefore they need to be treated in a very gentle and reassuring way.

Because if we come at them in a very blunt way to try and make them see the truth, the result is that either they become very hostile - with cognitive dissonance - or possibly they're going to become mentally unwell as a result of the immense assault on their value system.

Can I just say to you that it is very significant that in all the documentation about the British government's use of applied psychology to get its political agenda enacted, there is absolutely no assessment as to what the adverse effects of such psychology may be on people who perhaps have underlying mental health issues, anxiety, or depression.


And indeed, where people have got undiagnosed mental health conditions - so they're not even aware that they've got a problem - when somebody is using this psychology on them, you can do immense damage.


And I believe it is no coincidence that the official statistics in UK now show that the lockdown policy has caused a huge surge in suicides and mental illness, particularly among people, tragically, amongst young people.

But again, we can demonstrate that the UK government is hiding or manipulating the data sets that show this, or they're using applied psychology in the way they present those data sets to the public in order to further mislead the public.

This is the nature of the beast:

a criminal political system

that uses applied psychology
to change the way the public thinks.
A very dangerous weapon

in the hands of these elitists.

This is easily evidenced. I've put up a key document where the SPI-B was boasting how they need to make people more fearful, more anxious.


There are many other documents and I also demonstrated that applied behavioral psychology has now been let loose within Germany.


Also in France, as one of Sarkozy's personal teams, a gentleman called Oliver Willier, had meetings in the UK facilitated by the Franco-British Council in 2010, to discuss how French neurological and psychological experts are going to work with the British in order to develop these applied psychological techniques.

The evidence trail is there.
When you know what you're looking for,

it's obvious.

But my goodness, this is the most dangerous thing I believe we have ever seen.


If you have propaganda and political manipulation of a type within Nazi Germany, in many ways it could be seen: the parades, the banners, the lights, the rhetoric, the posters.


But what we've got unleashed on us now is a subliminal attack on our minds.


And until we bring the full light to this, it's going to be very, very difficult for us to take the lid off what these people are doing through their Covid and vaccination attack on people.

Each of the pharmaceutical companies

has access to this psychological weapon.

Each of the legal companies.

Everywhere we see

charities, industry, public bodies

working with the British government,

we know that the use of the psychology

is spread between them.

A well-qualified psychologist said to me,

"Brian, the thing to remember is that people who are intelligent and have highly questioning minds can be more susceptible to the use of hypnosis, reframing, and applied psychology than somebody who is less intelligent and has less of an enquiring mind."

It is very wrong if anybody thinks,

"Well, I'm a bright person, I'm intelligent, I'm highly qualified. This wouldn't affect me."

On the contrary, you may be more vulnerable.

Evans: I add there that the NHS professionals that I'm speaking to are completely confused. They're having a cascade of information every single day.


Things are changing. They don't know.

I am seeing NHS professionals doing things that would be completely alien to them.

"I'm giving respiratory depressants to respiratory patients."

It's just alien to what we have been taught. So, people are frightened.


And I would echo what Brian said.

When people are starting to wake up,

they are scared,

they don't know what's happening.
They need us to reassure them.

Because at the moment,

the agenda is confusion,

chaos and crisis.

Going back to what Brian just said just now about Deloitte and about the Big Four.


I mean, for anybody that doesn't know Deloitte:

they've written papers on the future of the City of London; the clinical trials; their past CEO is now a board member of Pfizer; they're involved in the NHS; they're involved in corporate intelligence, as are the other three.

And clearly, when Brian was mentioning SPARS 'pandemic' that goes hand in hand with Operation Clade X and Crimson Contagion.


Clade X was held by the John Hopkins University in 2018 simulating 900 million deaths.


And Crimson Contagion, another exercise as well, that went on during the Trump reign for a response to another 'pandemic', an ongoing 'pandemic' of flu.


So, all of this has been well documented.

Then there is the patent for the Covid testing by the Rothschilds, which, again, everything that we can see within that patent in the main paper, we're seeing being rolled out now, including biosensors.


Many people have spoken about RFID chips, but not many people are speaking about the advent of biosensors and how biosensors don't need the internet.


You can have them in your clothes, on the sole of your shoes, they can be in your food.


And biosensors seem to be the way things are going to the point that there is a biosensor institute here in the UK, in Bristol, and the MHRA have actually approved one of the biosensors because people will have biosensors in their cars, on their laptops and their biometric data will be fed back.


So that all your biometric data - are you fit to drive the train, are you fit to drive a coach, are you fit to do anything? Your biometric data will be stored and it's happening now.

Gerrish: What we are seeing is a political system integrated with global commercial companies, pharmaceutical companies unleashing an agenda which has been to test vaccines on a population without any care for the damage and the dying.

Where are they going? They're going for manipulation of our genes.


There's no question about it.

All the data we're seeing now is that it is the UK that says it is going to take the world lead in putting this agenda together. The UK - and I'll qualify that and say - I believe this would ultimately be driven by the City of London.


But all the UK documents say we will take the world lead. And this is the same UK that has unleashed this malicious applied psychology to change the way our cognitive processes work.


It's a very dangerous combination.

Evans: My final point is that the unique selling point for the United Kingdom is the National Health Service.


There is no way to opt out of it. So, from the moment that you're conceived, and the pregnant mum had a scan, there's data on that particular human being until the day it dies, there's no way of opting out of the NHS.


So, NHS data is very precious and it's completely unique to the rest of the world.

Thomson: The military is involved.


There's a 77th Regiment, a 13 Signals Brigade. There are entirely new British government security agencies, the so-called Health Security Agency, the Joint Biosecurity Center.


All these are new since my time. And the buck stops with this Cabinet Office.

All the good studies of the Cabinet Office

will show you that the leading committees there

have a direct line to the City of London.

They represent elite corporate will.

There is no democratic control

and even the personal Crown, the monarch,

is not involved.

So, I don't know whether that was shown on screen a moment ago or not, but people can also easily find it as one of the main UK Column graphics Cabinet Office Censorship Network, I believe we call it in one version.

Reiner Fuellmich: What we're dealing with is a British system of psychiatric manipulation which has been sold worldwide, more or less.


We have the City of London again aiming for world control.

Is that why the Common Purpose people are creating their own future leaders?


Is that a special position apart from the Young Global Leaders program?


Gerrish: Well, as with these things, the attack comes in from parallel directions.


So, I would strongly suggest that many people within this network will have no idea of what the wider objective is. In the time I was really researching in detail.


Somebody would be recruited locally and asked to join. It wasn't as if people were going to Common Purpose to join Common Purpose.


They sorted out the people they wanted. And the agenda was clearly to train that future leader to work with other common future leaders.

This is why it is so significant when you see Common Purpose now operating, for example, very strongly in India. Former Prime Minister David Cameron was part of the team promoting Common Purpose in India.


So, Common Purpose is one of the routes by which people are being recruited and reframed.


The World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders, would be another route via which probably more powerful people are recruited, reframed to bring them in line with what their new role is.

So, Common Purpose was particularly operating at a low public level in the first instance, but as time went on, from 1985, it was clear to see that they got involved with the big global corporates, much more strongly and then from there they've gone to their world status.


But what are they doing?


They're selecting people. Their egos are being stroked because somebody is suggesting they're going to become a very important future leader.

World Economic Forum

calls them global leaders,

and then these people are being put together
in order to change the world.






James Bush was lieutenant-colonel in the US Marine Corps for 20 years.

Then he worked as an engineer for Honeywell Corporation, as a launch guidance engineer for the Shell program.

James was the engineering officer and manager for the North Colorado Medical Center, for the Infectious Disease Research Center of Colorado State University, and for the Center for Disease Control Vector Born Research Facility, Fort Collins, Colorado.

While being a vial safety officer for the Rocky Mountain West, James was invited to go to a program called Dark Winter in Oklahoma City in June of 2001.

Dark Winter was developed as a program by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Johns Hopkins Center and the ANSER Institute for Homeland Security.


This is in 2001, and some of the most key people in the government and the defense of the United States of America took their time off to go to Oklahoma City and ask the question,

'what happens if we get hit by smallpox...?'

Smallpox is clearly defined by every organization now,

...everyone there, because it has a fatality rate of 33%, as opposed to the coronavirus, which is maybe 0.12%.


So, they were using a true 'pandemic' disease to see what would happen.


The people who came were,

  • Sam Nunn, the President

  • Frank Keating, the governor of Oklahoma

  • the National Security Advisor to the United States

  • the CIA Director to the US

  • the Secretary of Defense, John White

  • the Chairman of the US Military, the joint Chief of Staff, General John Tilelli

  • the Secretary of State of the United States, Frank Wisner

  • the Secretary of Health & Human Services, Margaret Hamburg

  • the Attorney General, George Terwilliger

  • the Director of FEMA, Jerry Hauer

  • the Director of the FBI, William Sessions...

The question was,

what would happen if a local biological weapon attack would hit America with a contagious pathogen?

The government's response would pose an enormous challenge to civil liberties.

In the beginning documentation, some of the first terms are civil liberties and what they are going to take away during this event.

James Bush then talks about Event 201, a similar exercise in October 2019 about a coronavirus 'pandemic', which happened very shortly after, in the exact matter as was discussed.

How can they possibly put together a meeting with the most important people in the East Coast, in New York City on October 28, and all of a sudden, less than a month later, we have now a coronavirus coming out of the Wuhan Province...?

And I will tell you, I have managed these facilities, I have managed one of the largest in the country, in Colorado State University.

These viruses

 don't accidentally get out.
You can take them out.

When I worked there,

I could walk out any day

with yersinia pestis,
with HIV, with tuberculosis,

all kinds of coronaviruses.

Anyway, the question still remains:

How come that you get up in the morning and you listen to one radio station or TV station, and they all say exactly the same thing?


Did you all know about Operation Mockingbird?

Operation Mockingbird is a CIA program that was created after World War II, and it is still operational today.


It is where the CIA creates the dialogue and works with all the media systems in the world. My daughter is a military intelligence officer with the US Army, for 12 years. She is a major selected for lieutenant-colonel.


I showed this to her, and she said,

"Yes, that is what they are doing, and they are doing it now."






When I started managing the infectious disease research centers, both of them in Fort Collins about 14 years ago, there were 25 to 27 bio safety level 3 and 4 laboratories in the world.


It is now 2022, and this is directly from the CDC's website. I compared it to other websites as well. And this is the distribution of bio safety level 3 and 4 laboratories around the world.

  • Australia has 4

  • Germany has 4

  • India has 3

  • the UK has 6

  • the US has 15...

When I started in this business, there were 3.


And the bio safety level 3s are the ones that work on diseases like coronavirus, the things that are not extraordinarily capable bioweapons, but BSL3s are the testbeds for the 4s.


Several smaller countries have 1 or 2 BSL3s.

The United States of America

has over 200 BSL3 labs inside the Continental US.

So, the BSL3 and 4 in the USA

has 215 bioweapons research facilities.
They call them normal research,

but I can tell you it is not true.

When I managed the facilities in Colorado, we did tests to find out if people could get out of a building with a select agent.

A select agent can be genetically modified to make it into a weapon of mass destruction.

That's why they call them select agents. But at that time, we did tests. We had US Army Corps engineers, US Army, people from the FBI come in, the local department fire workers or police.


And we did tests to see if someone could get out of our facility.


If someone wanted to go out with that material, it couldn't be stopped. Of those laboratories that I just showed, the numbers what they are working on, as far as I am concerned, is a bioweapons program.

What they are working on is basically the ability to modify other forms of injections to control and to kill the general population.