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August 04, 2022

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  2. The City of London - The British Elite and their Agenda for World Domination - Below report


  3. Psychological Manipulation - Controlling the Minds of the Population to Change their Behavior


  4. World Health Organization - The WHO has been set up to operate as a one world government


  5. Conclusion - Private entities are taking over the world





The expert witnesses during session 2 of the Grand Jury are a former officer of the British Intelligence Services (partner agency to the US National Security Agency - NSA), and a Canadian investigative journalist.


They explain the long history of the aim for world dominance by the British elite.


The British Empire still exists, and includes,

the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, 19 African Countries, and the Caribbean,

...while they extend their hand into virtually every other nation of the world.


Their headquarters are in the City of London, an area of one square mile, which is the financial center of the world. The City of London isn't governed by the British government but on the contrary reigns supreme over it.


The City of London has its own courts and police and has never been challenged in its sovereignty and self-government. It rules over the Crown and over most of the Earth.

The British elite believe they have the right to enslave the rest of humanity, which they consider to be their 'livestock'.


In their views they own the population - body, mind and soul. Democracy is only an illusion to keep the people at peace, while the City of London calls the shots and pulls the strings.

This elite made several attempts at so-called ‘New World Order', which all failed.

They almost succeeded in reigning in the United States but failed there as well.

Now they use the COVID-19 'pandemic' to further their goal of world domination, using psychological techniques to get the world population to blindly obey their every command, under the guise of 'keeping everybody safe'.

Mind control has for a long time been at the heart of their strategy.

After three industrial revolutions, a fourth industrial revolution is now emerging that focuses on owning the minds of the people...

The deeper purpose of the vaccination programs is to edit the genome of humanity, and thus create a new transhuman race that will behave according to the desires of the oligarchs.

This has always been the ultimate desire of tyrants in the past, but only now does technology allow the re-creation of humanity to become the perfect slaves.

Our world is threatened by a rebirth of the ancient system of slavery, which has been technologically upgraded to install a whole new level of all encompassing slavery over the entire world population.






Alex Thomson is a former officer of Britain's Signal Intelligence Agency, GCHQ, the partner agency to NSA (National Security Agency - USA).


He was desk officer for the former Soviet Union and a transcriber of intercepted material. Thomson was part of GCHQ's cross disciplinary team for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, CBRN.

As an intelligence officer Alex learned about the British strategy for world domination. He explains the historic background and the current power structure of the British Empire, and how the COVID-19 'pandemic' plays a key role in their agenda.

The following is a summary of the most important information revealed by Alex Thomson.

To get all the details, please watch the full session here:





The City of London is the financial heart of the British Empire and the dominant power in the world.


It readied itself for that situation from roughly 1870. The modern world, the monopolization, the cartelization of the world, begins at that time.


Everything that we do in investigating the corruption emanating from British Crown monopolies and City of London money does seem to point back to this period from around 1870, in which there were several revolutions by the British elite.

These revolutions all revolved around containing productivity and preventing a growth of intelligence and intellectual property among the native peoples of the British Empire and in competitor nations.

There was a revolution in what you might call mind space, which since 2010 has been an explicit term used by the British government's central department, the Cabinet Office.

  • A revolution in the quality of education offered to British and other Western schoolchildren.

  • A revolution in the theft of intellectual property by the elite.

  • A revolution in the model of healthcare and free access to it.

  • At home, a constitutional revolution from the classic British Liberal democracy model.

This all happened since 1870, and in Britain it was largely complete by the crucial year 1947-1948 when Britain had a unique situation of a National Health Service and was pushing the way towards the military unification of the European continent and the whole of NATO.


Britain was leading the world

in reinventing how it managed its population.
The center node is the City of London,

the square mile at the very heart
of what is now called Greater London.


The City of London:

  • Has a legal status apart from the 32 other London boroughs.

  • Its privileges were entrenched as early as Magna Carta 1215.

  • Its self-government has never been challenged.

  • It has, at many times in its history, had power over the British Crown and hence over a large slice of the Earth during the British Empire.

The City of London has control over the Westminster Parliament, notably in the form of an official of the City of London known as the Remembrancer, who sits in the House of Commons where not even the monarch is allowed to enter, and records what is being said against financial interests.

The Cabinet Office is a department which was set up in the early 20th century, as the repository of Crown prerogatives.


From around 1870, the constitutional revolution has ensured that financiers controlling political parties actually pull believers of Crown prerogatives.


Behind the scenes, the model of government Britain still is that of an inner sanctum, the Privy Council, which actually governs in the name of The Crown.


It is only for show

that parliament
and government departments

are consulted...


The history academic at Georgetown University, Carroll Quigley, former tutor of Bill Clinton, wrote in his book, Tragedy & Hope - A History of the World in Our Time, that there have been four industrial revolutions.


Yes, that familiar language coming from the World Economic Forum was being written about in the 1960s already by Quigley.


The perspective which is being assumed here is that of who owns the population, first in Britain and then in the British Empire.

  • First revolution: the ownership of land, of agricultural means provides wealth

  • Second revolution: mechanical - industrial

  • Third revolution: in which financial capital dominates the world

It's from this period around 1870 onwards that the smart money in the City of London realizes that even that bubble is going to burst.


The most efficient way

to own the world in the future,
will be to own the minds.

That is the

fourth industrial revolution...

Both the British and the German elite were determined to achieve world domination, both industrially and in the mind space.

The City of London's trading model emphasized the importance of controlling, not just military force or physical assets anymore, but the minds of people now known as human resources.

This is why science fiction starts speaking about ownership of man's genetic makeup from this time.

The City of London and Britain's very wealthy soft power institutions continue to regard that battle for the mind as their top priority for world domination, and they regard health as a subsector of that battle.

The British elite regard themselves still as the world's leading power in mind space...

The strategy taught in boarding schools, universities or officer training of intelligence agencies is very much the credo of the leading bloodlines of elite families that run the City of London.


And it is the modus operandi of the Anglo-American tax exempt foundations and of the think-tanks such as Chatham House, above all, which push the agendas of those bloodlines upon the Western governments.


A key figure from the year 1870 is that of John Ruskin, seemingly an innocuous figure because he was the first professor of art at Oxford, but he brought the doctrine that the British elite really had a duty to export its own world view to the rest of the world.


And his key student whom he inspired was Cecil Rhodes, who became fabulously wealthy in Southern Africa.

Cecil Rhodes wrote secret diaries and formed secret societies.


In 1891, after 16 years of planning, his main secret society was formed - the Rhodes Scholarships are part of that society.


Oxford members of the Rhodes network were the likes of Lord Toynbee and Lord Milner, well-known geo-strategists.


In Cambridge there was the future Foreign Secretary, Lord Grey and Lord Esher.


In London there was the leading journalist at the time, W.T. Stead, and initiates and members of the Executive Committee of Cecil Rhodes were the above-named men, plus Lord Rothschild.

After Rhodes' death in 1902, other leading English bloodlines that repeatedly plagued the City of London history, such as the Astors, came into the same circle.


The outer circle became known as the Round Table Group, still functioning in the United States and seven other countries, set up from 1909 onwards.


This group regarded the success of the Canadian Federation, 1867, as its leading case study. Canada was effectively politically unified.


In order to prevent

there being a spread of different views,

different English-speaking democracies in the world,
they must instead all be traced back

to the City of London's control.

This is very contemporary too because among the many Rhodes scholars that dominate world politics and push the world towards globalism are Bill Clinton and, from the World Economic Forum, the New Zealand Lady Professor Ngaire Woods, who this year became very well known for her saying at the WEF that,

the elite can do beautiful things if they come together and if the people of the world simply accept that they are in the lead.

This vision did not remain the ravings of a particularly wealthy Englishman, but they nativized themselves in the United States in the so-called Eastern Establishment, the Eastern Seaboard, as the United States became the world's dominant power.


The key testimony on this is that of Norman Dodd, given shortly before his death in 1982 to G. Edward Griffin, easily found online as Norman Dodd on the tax-exempt foundations.


Dodd was the key staffer for Reese, the congressman from East Tennessee, who in the 1950s on behalf of Congress carried out an investigation into the effect of these tax-exempt foundations in the United States.

These foundations

implemented the City of London's

and Cecil Rhodes' vision

for world domination.

It is not enough to be by far the world's greatest military and economic power.


If your mind space is still controlled by the unexamined assumption that everyone at the top is paid up to liberty, then a club with self-interest is still going to run the world.

And even in areas such as healthcare, which Britain first socialized in 1948, you're going to find that people wrongly and blithely assume that their best interests are kept at heart.

The offshoot of the City of London in Manhattan in Wall Street funded both sides of both world wars. Serious academics such as Anthony Sutton, who was at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University in California, have written whole books about this entitled Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.


There was a whole trail of documents which was recovered by Anthony Sutton. It cost him his tenure at Stanford.

What he found was that both the Soviet Union and the Third Reich were brought into being for the interests of the City of London and more particularly, its Wall Street end.

Just one example of the total reach of British intelligence in areas which is not constitutionally able or permitted to have, is that MI5, even before the Second World War, was vetting who got onto the airwaves of the BBC, who got promoted and who got transferred.


It was set up by the bloodlines to further their private aims.

The British Cabinet Office

 is openly speaking about

its control of the world's thinking

and the thinking of the British people.
They're labeling parts of

the brain under the label of





Full text...


Their document says:

"Even if people agree with the behavior goal, they may object to the means of accomplishing it.


The different MINDSPACE effects will attract different levels of controversy. There are several factors that determine controversy."

"The goal is therefore to make sure that citizens don't fully realize that their behavior is being changed, or at least how it is being changed."

"Clearly, this opens government up to charges of manipulation.


People have a strong dislike of being tricked. This dislike has a psychological grounding, but fundamentally it is an issue of trust in government. A lack of conscious control also has implications for consent and freedom of choice.


First, it creates a greater need for citizens to approve the use of the behavior change, perhaps using new forms of Democratic engagement."

In this model,

democracy is the highest good that's sold,

but the levers of manipulating democracy
are in the hands of the cartel.


Reiner Fuellmich: Is it correct that the City of London is the real powerhouse in the UK?

Alex Thomson: Without any doubt.


This is something that if you've had my background, you learn at boarding school, let alone at university.


And by the time you get into the civil service, there is a lot of eyerolling if you ever suggest that the people of Britain, or any other country in the Commonwealth, have self-determination.

The City of London

is understood to own

the population, body, mind and soul.

Reiner Fuellmich: Ultimately, it's the control of the people's mind that the City of London really wanted, to further their goal of world domination. Is that correct?

Alex Thomson: Yes.

Reiner Fuellmich: So ultimately what we're seeing is a very powerful institution - City of London - which bridges the Atlantic because as its fifth column they have
Wall Street.


Those two powers united are the center of power in this world.

Alex Thomson: There are struggles.


For a long time there was the completely nontrivial Cold War, with branches of the aristocracy in the City of London being both pro- and anti-Soviet Union. I could talk for hours just about that.


But that is secondary to the determination that there must be only a German block and a Russian block in Eurasia, and that both of these ultimately must be controlled and hemmed in by British or Anglo-American sea power and Anglo-American soft power setting the paradigms for them.

Reiner Fuellmich: Another thing that I wanted to clarify is, you mentioned that it is just a few families who really run the City of London.


You mentioned the names of Rothschild and Rhodes and Astor.


Is it true that it's just a few families who are trying to dominate the world through the City of London?

Alex Thomson: Yes.


I have never found better material than that of a writing duo which is Dutch/ German-American.

The Dutchman is Robin de Ruiter.


His American German co-author is Fritz Springmeier from South Carolina.

They have the rather shocking book titled Bloodlines of the Illuminati.


But their work is solid.

They consistently show

that the City of London,
Manhattan, the European continent,

are very much dominated

by a small number of families.


Often 13 is given as the top level of these families.


Obviously, there are levels below that. The French, for example, often spoke about "les 200 familles," the 200 bloodlines, that run the deep state.


But the senior ones terrorize the junior ones, and the highest you can get up before you disappear into nebulous claims of Satan running the world, which ultimately, I believe he does.

But the highest level you can get up to is a level at which Central European Germanic bloodlines have an uneasy truce with British Isles bloodlines, most of whom are now based in the United States.

Reiner Fuellmich: And one of the major means through which these very few families are trying to dominate the rest of the world, seems to be through mind space, which sounds like mind control.


Does that mean through psychological operations?

Alex Thomson: Very much so.


No nation got into the game of psychological operations earlier than Britain. As soon as there were formal intelligence agencies in Britain in the Edwardian era, just before the First World War, it was a major concentration.


But they borrowed a lot of their insights from Vienna and from Germany, which were leading in the psychological space at the time.


This is a transnational interest in both

the Anglo and the Germanic areas

of world domination at the time,

to use the tricks of mind space.

And these were largely perfected when America had unchallenged Germany after 1945, using a lot of the Third Reich and Soviet minds who were actually brought over to the United States surreptitiously during Operation Paperclip.


Mind control has been regarded - since the days of Edward Bernays and Freud - as the most powerful way of controlling action in the real world.

If you have that power, you control people who are more numerous, more intelligent and stronger than yourself.



Reiner Fuellmich: Did I hear correctly that you used the term livestock? Is that really the view that these people have of the rest of the world?

Alex Thomson: It is explicitly the view that, certainly in the 1990s when I was at a senior British boarding school, this term was used by the grandsons of City of London seniors.


They used the word 'livestock' to describe the British population.


They are considered cattle
and do not deserve a place in the world
other than under the direction of the British elite.

Dexter L-J. Ryneveldt: So, you will agree that financial dominance is at the core of the Covid-19 'pandemic'?

Alex Thomson: Yes, I would, and I would qualify it very slightly by reminding you that in Carroll Quigley's summary of the Anglo-American elite establishment's worldview, he points out that the ownership of financial assets is already outdated by the 1960s.


And he knows that the great brains, not necessarily the good brains, a century prior to him already saw this coming.


They regard the real wealth

as human minds and health
and the ability to

alter and copyright, in time,

the human being into a new model

that would behave as expected.


Ana Garner: You mention copyrighting the human mind, copyrighting even the genetics.


Do you feel that there is a link between the current so-called vaccines - the shots from Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, AstraZeneca - and this goal of copyrighting the humans?

Alex Thomson: I very strongly believe that.


I'm not medically or biotechnologically qualified to explain how much truth there may be in this, but I've seen time and again that where there is hype and where there is a pseudo theological belief among the elite in Britain and America that you can achieve a certain aim by pulling a certain trick such as,

by editing a gene and stamping a copyright on the human body, that is enough motivation in and of itself to fuel a serious attempt to go that way.


The very heart of it

is the idea that genetic editing

will allow the copyrighting of

the number of souls and bodies in humanity

that are affected, so that they're no longer

under the Creator.





Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review and the Rising Tide Foundation.

He is an author with Strategic Culture, The Duran, Fort Russ, LA Review of Books - China Channel, and has also been published on Asia Times, Global Times, Oriental Review, SOTT and Zero Hedge.

He has authored three volumes of the book series "Untold History of Canada".

The following is a summary of the most important information revealed by Matthew Ehret.




The British Hand Behind the Global Deep State


To get all the details, please watch the full session here:




I will first deal with the present situation, just to get across what is the British hand in global affairs today.


The first thing is a video of about a minute and a half.

"I, Justin PJ. Trudeau, do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors, so help me God."

"I, Justin PJ. Trudeau, do solemnly and sincerely swear that I shall be a true and faithful servant to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as a member of Her Majesty's Privy Council for Canada.


I will in all things to be treated, debated and resolved in Privy Council, faithfully, honestly and truly declare my mind and my opinion.


I shall keep secret all matters committed and revealed to me in this capacity, or that she'll be secretly treated of in council.


Generally, in all things I shall do as a faithful and true servant ought to do for Her Majesty, so help me God."




That is confusing for some people who saw this in 2017.


Not what you would expect a so-called democratic head of state to be doing, when he was declaring his oath of office after an election. But then again, Trudeau is not really the head of state.


He's a member of the Privy Council office, which you have to be if you're going to be in a cabinet position, in government or in the opposition.

The actual head of state

 is the Governor General,

that older gentleman standing next to him
who is the appointee carrying out

the emanation of the powers

and authority of The Crown
to give royal assent

to any law that becomes

law in Canada.



The Right Honorable David Johnston




You have Lieutenant Governors, a position in every single province.


You have a Privy Council office.


You have this whole weird Byzantine structure above the apparent public aspect of our so-called democracy in this monarchy of the north, which is, again, very confusing for a lot of people.

What is this anomalous thing and what is it a part of internationally? How did it come into being?


Canada is, after all, a part of the British Commonwealth. This is something that was set up in the late 1930s in preparation of the transformation of the British Empire's outward image.


Today, there are about 54 countries in the British Commonwealth, with the center being the United Kingdom.


The head of it is the Queen of England.

It occupies about

12.2 million square miles of territory,
2.4 billion people are represented

within territories here,

21% of the world's land area.
And people celebrate this

as if it's somehow a

'democratic' institution.

These territories are,

the Caribbean, a few Latin American areas, a lot of Africa (19 African nations in sub-Saharan Africa), eight Asian nations, India being the biggest, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, obviously, the Five Eyes minus the United States.




Let's compare this to the old British Empire from 1920. It looks pretty similar.




People think the British Empire disappeared after World War II, that it let its territories go free, and that now, the Empire is the big, bad American Empire.

That's the mythology that's been passed down to us...

The real power that controlled the fifth column inside of the United States, which has always been there since 1776, has always been in London.


It never disappeared...

No empire of this sort ever just willfully gives liberty.


Liberty is something you fight for.

There is a 2016 report called The New Colonialism by a non-profit that conducted audits on the British interest.


It says:

"101 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange - most of them British - have mining operations in 37 sub-Saharan African countries.


They collectively control over $1 trillion worth of Africa's most valuable resources. The UK government has used its power and influence to ensure that British mining companies have access to Africa's raw materials.


This was the case during the colonial period, and it is still the case today."

There is a strange organization called The Crown Agent which is affiliated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the World Bank.





It was set up in 1833 as an emanation of The Crown. It's not part of the government. It doesn't come from the consent of the government. It comes from the singular sovereign, The Crown, as a hereditary institution.

It was set up as a branch of the British Colonial Office to manage infrastructure - hard and soft - of the colonies internationally of the Empire.


Crown Agents has been managing the health infrastructure, including Covid protocols of Eastern Europe, especially in Ukraine. It manages many African countries, South Sudan, Myanmar. And it deals with governance.


It helps these countries adapt their governing mechanisms according to World Bank and IMF standards. That's one aspect in terms of the maintenance of the shadow Empire.

Now, one thing about this Commonwealth/City of London managed system is that the Cayman Islands and offshore banking is the center of this.


Internationally, you have 24% of the financial services moving through a lot of British controlled Cayman Islands, Caribbean, and other offshore tax havens.


But also, within these

is the center of global drug money laundering

and terrorist financing.
People think drugs are

a natural plague of our society,

terrorism is just a natural thing that happens.
No, this is very artificial.

These are created diseases

that are geopolitical in nature,
they are not religious in nature.

They are cultivated from the top.




This is a U.S. Senate report conducted over a long period, by recently diseased senator Carl Levin on U.S. vulnerabilities to money laundering, drugs, and terrorist financing:

the HSBC case...

It was discovered that HSBC was the number one offshore account money laundering bank in the world.

It was set up in 1865 to enforce or manage the opium trade, to destroy China.

HSBC was found guilty and slapped on the wrist with a certain fine of $1.9 billion.


They were allowed to appoint their own auditor to sit there for five years.


And they're still doing what they do.


They have a huge stake in Air Canada.


Anybody who takes a plane to Canada will see HSBC signs everywhere.


That is a huge piece of infrastructure as part of the silver triangle that's been underway for the whole of the 20th century.

You have the picture of the Queen at Coutts.


That's the Queen's personal bank, which was also in 2012 found guilty of drug money laundering.

It paid its own little $10 million fine, and the bad publicity results in the bank's offshore accounts that were conducting the laundering to be sold off to the Royal Bank of Canada, which currently conducts the same operations.

Africa, as well as $177 billion of debt holding it hostage, meanwhile about $944 billion of revenue from the extraction of wealth, sits in British offshore accounts.


So, it is not a debtor, but predator nation en masse...


The City of London

is a separate entity.

Even the UK government

can't really do much legally

to stop it.
They have

their own courts,

their own police.


I didn't even talk about dodgy dossiers being justified and created by British intelligence that justified the bombing of Iraq and Libya.


I didn't talk about the Syrian dodgy dossiers of chemical weapons that were never actually proven to be used by Assad, but that had been justified for sanctions and justifying the regime change that has been attempted now for seven years.


But all I have to say is that the British hand is everywhere.


Even in the course of the dodgy dossiers to try to put Putin as the big bad guy controlling Trump. And also, the question of Rhodes Scholars, people like Strobe Talbott, came in with Clinton and has been running Brookings for a very long time.


This also has been behind Russia Gate with many other Rhodes Scholars currently managing the Biden administration, like Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice, Eric Lander.

The Sciences are Rhodes Scholars.


They're just everywhere...



Unlike the United States Constitution or Declaration, Canada was founded in 1867.


The original conference with our Founding Fathers was not something that was a part of a fight for freedom, unlike the US.

These were all British loyalists, anti-republicans, like our Founding Father Johnny McDonald.

He was an Aryan complete race Patriot, wanting an Aryan Canada who said:

British I was born, and British I will die...

He was a filthy, immoral scumbag.


And these are the people celebrated as our sacred cows that we're supposed to honor in Canada.

The Canadian founding document says literally:

"Whereas the Provinces of Canada have expressed their Desire to be federally united in One Dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom and of Great Britain and Ireland, with a constitution similar in Principle to that of the United Kingdom.


[Which is itself a bit of a fraud since the UK doesn't really have a constitution, so it's sort of a mirroring of a shadow.]


And whereas such a Union would conduce to the Welfare of the Provinces and promote the interests of the British Empire."


Canada was created

to promote the interests

of the British Empire.

The point that the British were afraid of, was that Canada had pro-linking statesmen in positions of leadership who were fighting to create an independent country at that time.


So, this was seen as a vital territory that had to be kept under the control of the British Foreign Office. Lincoln's allies were ousted from power, and it was kept as a wedge between the danger of a US-Russia collaboration.

Wilford Laurier writes to his close ally O.D. Skelton that:

"Canada is now governed by a junta sitting in London, known as "The Round Table", with ramifications in Toronto, in Winnipeg, in Victoria with Tories [that's Conservatives] and Grits [that's Liberals] receiving their ideas from London and insidiously forcing them on their respective parties."

One of the problems was that they needed the power of the United States behind them, and that's always been the objective of the Cecil Rhodes design.


Lord Lothian, who was a leading Round Tabler at the time - he was the ambassador to the United States - had written about the problem of the American psyche that had to be dealt with:

"There is a fundamentally different concept in regard to the question between Great Britain and the United States as to the necessity of civilized control over politically backward peoples...


The inhabitants of Africa and parts of Asia have proved unable to govern themselves...


Yet America not only has no conception of this aspect of the problem but has been led to believe that the assumption of this kind of responsibility is iniquitous imperialism."


Americans don't get that

there's a white man's burden

that they have to impose

- because they are scientifically better

than the darker skinned people -

an Anglo-American control

over the backward peoples.

They just don't get it.

That was a problem...



There were several attempts at new world orders.


What we're seeing today is not a new thing.


In 1919 you had the creation of Chatham House, you have the creation of the Versailles, the League of Nations, all orchestrated by Lord Milner who at this time was a leading figure controlling British foreign policy along with many other Round Tablers.


The idea of the League of Nations

was to read a collective security pact, Article 10,
get rid of national sovereignty
over economics and military affairs
and create effectively a one world government.

This was also part of the Imperial Federation, kind of like what the European Union wants for the world.


Why did it fail?



people in Canada resisted, the lorry Liberals resisted, Irish Free State movements resisted, and people like Warren Harding (who was assassinated) resisted.


You had nationalists who resisted and didn't succumb to this pressure at the time...

They tried again...


In 1933 there was the International Bankers Conference in London centered around the Bank of International Settlements, the Bank of England.


Sixty-six nations had been a part of it, all with the desire that the Great Depression would be solved by moving sovereignty economically from nation states into officially essential bankers' codery under the Bank of England.


And the only reason for the failure after six months was that Franklin Roosevelt pulled the US delegations out of all participation.

It all just fell apart...

Then there was another attempt in 1944.


John Maynard Keynes was assigned this time to represent the British Empire at the Bretton Woods Conference with the idea of a one world currency run by the Bank of England called "the Bancor,"

an international exchange rate that would be again effectively a one world currency, with the idea of the Americans who had come out of World War II as the only unbroken country to be the battering ram or the enforcers of an Anglo-American reconquering of the nations of the world.

Many of these nations had fought during the war, and many had ideas of independence and freedom alive in their hearts. That was not acceptable.

There is a sharp quote from Franklin Roosevelt, that I want to insert here:

"They who seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers call this a new order.


It is not new, and it is not order."
Franklin Roosevelt.

There's a book called As He Saw It, written in 1946 by Roosevelt's son and his personal assistant Elliot Roosevelt.


He documents a lot of the battles between Roosevelt versus the Churchill gang that were trying to always pull the US into a Brotherhood of Control - ŕ la Cecil Rhodes, right, ŕ la Five Eyes - which is already what was creeping up and happening from the Black Chamber being transformed into the NSA in 1930, which became integrated more and more into the British Five Eyes thing.

But there were still a lot of Patriots and nationalists embedded in American intelligence within the OSS who were problematic for those trying to take control, who had pretty much occupied most of the State Department by this time.

You'll find

 many great Patriots of the United States

either died or had

their careers annihilated.

You have,

Enrico Mattei, the Italian industrialist.


Dag Hammarskjöld, the Secretary General of the UN, who had a grand program to end imperialism and promote industrial development in a variety of countries, especially in South Africa.


Charles de Gaulle had avoided 30 assassination attempts.


John F. Kennedy, Patrice Lumumba...

I didn't put everybody on here who was either assassinated or overthrown in CIA-MI6-directed coups.


That's why JFK offered the Russians the ability to work with the United States on a joint space program together.


So, that would be something to break away, to liberate us from this mathematical balance of terror way of governance.

After the age of assassinations,

the focus has always been

to take back control

of the United States.


Kissinger is a key figure in much of this.


You have the creation in January 1971 of the Inter-Alpha Group created under the blueprint of Lord Jacob Rothschild.

The Inter-Alpha Group of banks set up in each of the focused European countries to advance a new doctrine of deregulation, centralizing power away from nation states, especially in Europe, and moving it into the private supranational coterie of corporate and financial interests above national authorities.


Many of these banks

were all tied to financial activities

supporting fascism's rise,

whether Franco, Mussolini or Hitler.

Then the same month,

the World Economic Forum is founded by one of Kissinger's prodigies, Klaus Schwab.


One of the co-founders was Maurice Strong, a Canadian oligarch who was picked up by the Rockefellers and who also was a co-founder of the Canadian Club of Rome.


Another co-founder was Prince Philip, who is the guy who's called for being reincarnated as a deadly virus.

On August 15, 1971, Kissinger and Schultz running the Nixon administration orchestrate the removal of the dollar from the gold reserve.


Without speculation, it was difficult to conduct the sorts of economic warfare against nations trying to develop their infrastructure and their industrial base, which has always been, even going back to the 19th century, a tool used by the Empire to keep nations destabilized.

So, the fixed exchange rate had to go.


It guaranteed too much stability.


They created chaos...

Under Carter, the Trilateral Commission takes over.


Nearly every member of Carter's cabinet is a member of the Trilateral Commission.


People like Paul Volcker, who becomes the FED chair, calls for a controlled disintegration of the US economy in 1979, which is where the interest rates are raised to 20% or more for two years, destroying small and medium-sized businesses and only leading these behemoth multinational companies able to survive and thrive and gobble up under mergers and acquisitions.


Henry Kissinger

describes how he preferred

the Churchill way of thinking

about geopolitics over the Roosevelt idea.
Total admission. They just admit it.
They just assume that

we're too dumb to put

words and actions together.

Lord Jacob Rothschild delivered a speech in 1983 where he referred to the breakdown of the division of bank activities from commercial, investment, trust, insurance.


All of these had formerly, under Roosevelt, been designed in separate compartments so you couldn't speculate with people's savings.

George Bush says in 1990 at the opening of the Kuwait War:

"We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order – when we are successful - and we will be - we have a real chance at this new world order."

The separation of US commercial banking from speculation is broken down by Clinton, Rhodes Scholar, last act in office.


And then from that point forward you have the ushering in of just the biggest cancer of derivatives, going from 2 trillion in 1992 to 70 trillion in 1999, by that point, overlapping the US global GDP.


All too big to fail, or so they want us to believe, so we have to bail them out. And by 2007, when the next collapse hits, there's $708 trillion of derivatives weighing down the system, far outweighing the $15 trillion of the US GDP.

A real economy only works if you have the financial side always servicing and improving upon the real side - manufacturing, infrastructure, science. And that's why the bubble that was created today was a planned disintegration and it was always designed for 1971 to disintegrate.


The question is when would be the pinprick?


The pinprick has happened.

Reiner Fuellmich: Thank you, Matthew. Let me just verify that I understand you correctly. The main point is that the British Empire has never ceased to exist.


It is still there. Colonialism is still existing, except its existing under a different name. It has never stopped to try and pull the United States back in, but for some reason, it hasn't really been successful.

Is the Deep State

that part in the country

that tries to reintroduce

the United States into

the Anglo-American system

and into, the City of London,


Matthew Ehret: I have no problem with what you just said.

Reiner Fuellmich: One final question.


The power of the City of London combined with its fifth column, Wall Street. Is it really true?


Did I understand correctly that all that money, all that power was capable of starting World War I and World War II, with these financial behemoths financing both sides?

Matthew Ehret: Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Reiner Fuellmich: Okay.


I just wanted to make sure that I didn't misunderstand you. And finally, anyone who can start two world wars probably has no problem to create diseases like terrorism and drug trade.


So that, in essence, was started by this financial behemoth City of London, plus Wall Street.

Matthew Ehret: Yeah.


And I would just add one quick thing on that, which is that the British - I conducted an interview with Alex Krainer based on a wonderful trilogy he wrote on the original British design for a New World Order under people like Lord Halifax, the appeasers of Britain who were people like Neville Chamberlain, who were part of an operation which all the way up until 1939-1940 still wanted to have an Anglo-American fascist alliance with Hitler and Mussolini and others,

to manage the world as a new world order and be enforcers of a eugenics policy of population control under a scientifically managed society from the top.

That was a design all the way up until the ouster of Neville Chamberlain.


Hitler had become a Frankenstein monster that was no longer behaving according to its commands and had bigger ambitions to be at the head of the helm instead of a secondary enforcer for the will of a banking class.


So, they had to change strategy and abort that plan.

The oligarchy screwed up a lot.

They're not as powerful

as they want us to believe they are,

which is an intimidation of the mind.

Every time you look at what they're trying

- the thing that they're trying to do today is not new -

they've tried many times,

and usually, it blows up in their face

and undermines them.

Then they have to reorganize

and try something new.

Reiner Fuellmich: I do understand now that Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor, says that she can't believe that she's fighting the same people, the same structures again that she fought 75 years ago, because it looks as though what happened then is happening again.

Dexter L-J. Ryneveldt: Thanks so much for your evidence.


You mentioned right at the onset of the statement of evidence that you've given, you're talking about natural law. As we all know, the substantive law that we are using in this grand jury is natural law.


So, I would like to find out from you, based on all the research that you've done, how important is natural law for humanity survival? And most importantly, how is it related to constitutional law?


Thank you.

Matthew Ehret: Dexter, that's an amazing question.


That's a very good question. In my understanding, all of world history has been shaped by a battle between either artificial law - I mean, mankind is the only species that we know of that creates and improves upon the laws of the systems that we self-organize around.


Animals are ordained by their genetics, by their environment and their wiring to be what they are, and that's great.


But human beings are uniquely able to craft conceptions and apply those conceptions to manage our own existence. And then identify problems with the so-called invisible metaphysical machine of statecraft and improve upon them.


But upon what standard do we improve upon?


Upon what standard do we judge our man-made laws to say,

"Okay, this one squares with something that is designed by God",

...and which ones are out of whack, out of harmony, that we have to correct, that are illegitimate or, as Thomas Cleas would say, forms of violence.


If a law can actually deprive you

of your innate ability to express your

life, liberty, happiness, creative powers,

if that's what a law is doing,

it's not a law...
it's a form of violence.

It does not have to be respected.

The Founding Fathers were very sensitive to the fact that there is a higher law.


It's not even separate from scientific law. That's why Benjamin Franklin was also a scientist who discovered principles of electricity that he shared.


But in his mind, his discoveries of the laws of electricity were not separated from the metaphysical moral laws that became the foundation of his life's effort to create a republic of self-governance, premises on the inalienable rights of the individual and not the hereditary institutions that had governed society for thousands of years.


That was the first time it was done.

Again, in his world, it was two sides of the same thing. Real science is not mathematical description or trying to impose a formula onto the universe and expect the universe to abide by it.

It's about tuning our own creative reason in harmony with that universe that is always going to be more discoverable.


And every time we transmit those new eurekas in any domain to our fellow mankind and then apply it to the productive process, the universe responds by giving us greater standards of living, right?


We can sustain more people at a higher standard of life than we could have if we didn't have electricity, if we didn't have knowledge of fire, where we were living like cattle in caves.

If we abide by those certain principles, as Benjamin Franklin and others understood, we will have greater emancipation.

The Empire, the oligarchical system of a hereditary elite, will lose its places to put its claws, like a parasite that it is, into the host.


It won't have much to grab onto and it will lose its power and it will self-implode, as we're seeing right now.

Alex Thomson: What we are now seeing in the jurisdictions of the United Kingdom, the court systems in all of these realms, which are basically common law, are starting to arrogate to themselves, at judicial level, the power to decide mens rea.


They are further ahead than any common law or civil law jurisdiction in our repeated findings now in asserting that even if there is a jury there for show - and they seem to be trying to get rid of them now under the spurious claim that international treaty requirements require them to dwindle the use of juries - they reserve the right to determine what was in the mind of the perpetrator.


And very often now, it's a drafting which comes from the tax exempt foundations, such as the Carnegie Foundation that I spoke about earlier, via the House of Commons library telling the legislators in Britain, which then will lead other countries in the same way, that there is an ersatz version of the public good or the public welfare now which is called collective well-being, collective welfare.


That's what the foundations were doing all through the 20th century, creating enemies for that very purpose. And now the courts are saying if you have offended against society, then there is no redress, you are guilty.


And that is the furthest towards getting rid of natural law that I've seen anywhere.


It has gone further than any European totalitarian state, any international court.


It's now coming through

that the British national level through legislation,

ultimately from the think-tanks,

the abolition of the concept that

natural law decides

whether you're guilty or not.

Reiner Fuellmich: Is it possible that, not only in Europe but also in the United States, there is a movement that, having understood what is going on, is trying to distance themselves?


I'm talking about the United States trying to distance themselves from the Europeans and in particular from the City of London, because "we are simply buried under debt, and we carry too much dead weight with us"?


I'm saying this in layman's terms. What do you think, Alex and Matthew?

Alex Thomson: For my part, absolutely.


And the recent testimony I gave to you, I spoke about that, that...

...there is a large belt of heartland America that has woken up to this and now sees what they regard as an Anglo or an Anglo-European problem steering them.

And I think that they are getting heartily sick of it all, because of the amount of treason involved.

Just as codicil to Matt's testimony about 1971 when the financial coup was pulled off.


One of the indications that the Americans were being used as hapless pawns in this is that that very year, Kissinger is said to have told the military, by which he largely meant the US military, were brute, dumb beasts, sent to do other biddings.


And in that same year, being the new Secretary of State under the incoming Nixon administration, he got a Massachusetts-based manufacturer, the only manufacturer in the world that could produce precision ball bearings - Bryant Chucking Grinder - to supply the ball bearings to the Soviet Union to allow them to develop multiple independent re-entry vehicle warheads.


I know that well one from James Bush, one of our extra testimonials this evening; who was personally involved in the American side of that.

The amount of

 treason involved is such that
where the United States had even

a military or an economic lead,

the cabal we're talking about

deliberately abolished that.

Matthew Ehret: There are fifth columns in Russia, and every country has its own fifth columns.


They've got their own battles between legitimate forces who represent these cultures versus these other parasitical penetrations.


I would say in Eurasia, you actually have had more serious pushback in a serious way to the point that there is a genuine alternative strategy that has been deployed outside of the framework of the cage of NATO that is imploding, and it was always designed to implode.


And I think you've got forces within the United States - I see it more currently on the state level - that don't want to go down with the sinking ship.

There are forces all over Europe.

Unfortunately, the federal executive branches of most of the transatlantic governments have been in large measure captured not entirely always but in a depressing level.


So, I'm not an expert in geopolitical planning, and I do hope that the creative forces are able to utilize the self-contradictions and insanity of the Empire to their benefit, since again, this Empire, once it succeeds, it can only destroy itself as well.


I do see that there are people

that want to have a future,

that want to survive,

and that are organically organizing.
I just think they need

to sharpen up their game plan

of what they understand

the world to be.

Because a lot of people still think, especially in America, and a lot of the Patriots who don't like The Great Reset, they tend to have fallen for certain traps that have given them a narrative, that - it's the Cold War narrative:

the real enemy behind everything is not the British Empire...


It's not the oligarchy, it's not that...


It's the Chinese communists that want to destroy your freedoms, that's who's behind everything...

And a lot of people fall into that, and I think that to the degree that they hold onto those Cold War narratives, they're going to self-sabotage their overarching desires to have a successful battle against this oligarchical thing...