by Mark B. Woodhouse, Ph.D.
Revised January 1, 2004
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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 15:27:35 -0000
From: "Dr Michael Salla"
Subject: Extraterrestrial Briefing

I came across the following article which I think does an excellent job in summarizing the ET presence and the government response. It nicely supports the thesis I make in the last study paper (#7) concerning the strategic policy adopted by national security agencies with regard to the extraterrestrial presence, and the importance of grass roots empowerment featuring consciousness raising, environmentally friendly technologies, etc.

The author is Dr Mark Woodhouse a former academic at Georgia State University and is one more example that exopolitical issues are attracting serious attention by competent researchers.
In peace

Michael E. Salla, PhD





This briefing is intended as an overview. It neither examines the issues to which it gives rise nor attempts to weigh evidence in support of various claims.


Since it assumes that publicly acknowledged contact is not far off (or has just occurred), evidence that extraterrestrials exist is outside its scope. Furthermore, the Star Visitors themselves will be in a better position to address in detail the many controversial and conceptually challenging claims contained herein. My sources for this overview (including myself) are numerous, varied, and fallible. Some of my claims may ultimately prove incorrect. No person credibly can lay claim to exclusive truth or to knowledge of the whole picture in this difficult arena.


The “matter of fact” style I have adopted for purposes of this briefing should be interpreted accordingly. Many of the ideas contained herein have been discussed both sympathetically and critically by other researchers. A few are relatively unique to me. However, since whatever truth this overview contains will be cashed in shortly after formal contact, I do not attempt to justify different sources of information. I have sought merely to prepare a document for the average reader that touches many bases and hopefully integrates an otherwise vast amount of information into a framework for useful discussion.


A very select bibliography, touching on quite divergent aspects of this contact, is appended for those wishing to read further. I strongly recommend to consult Dr. Richard Boylan for authoritative information on many aspects of contact. Those interested in a comprehensive briefing prepared for members of Congress mostly around the question of evidence for current extraterrestrial visitations should consult Dr. Steven Greer. I also recommend the extensive documentaries on contact as presented by the History Channel as well as reports of the Paradigm Research Group and X-PPAC whose founder, Stephen Bassett, can be contacted at


I am led to believe that formal public contact probably will occur no later than May of 2003, most likely in conjunction with some other extremely significant political or geophysical event. The day they first manifest in diverse craft over cities around the world I have labeled New Dawn Rising. It is vital that we not allow ourselves to be manipulated into a fearful and adversarial mind-set subtly controlled by those in power who have much to lose by a full recognition of the presence of Star Visitors, that we assist naturally anxious individuals to appreciate the significance of what is happening, and that those who profess to be open-minded and welcoming step forth to stand and deliver.


This event will create many positive evolutionary opportunities for the human race. They are here in PEACE.

Revised January 3, 2003


Formal Extraterrestrial Contact

With profound acknowledgment for the many courageous pioneers who for several decades have illuminated the complex and controversial terrain of extraterrestrial contact, I would like to offer the following briefing regarding the presence of several galactic alliances loosely coordinated under a Council of Light represented by
Ashtar Command:



From "An Overview of the Major Events in the Galaxy"


Core systems of the Draconian collective include:

  • Alpha Draconis

  • Rigel Orion

  • Epsilon Bootes

  • Zeta II Reticuli

Core systems of the Ashtar Alliance include:

  • Sirius-B

  • Arcturus

  • Aldebaran

  • Altair

Core systems of the United Federation include:

  • Taygeta Pleiades

  • Tau Ceti

  • Vega Lyra

  • Procyon

To better understand these three networks, you could say that:

  • the United Federation’s MAIN focus is on spiritual development

  • whereas the Ashtar Alliance’s is on intellectual advancement and the development of the ideal of Christed civilization

  • and the Draconian’s on material conquest



I expect the United States government as well as other governments soon will formally acknowledge contact.


This acknowledgment will be preceded and/or accompanied by progressively inexplicable sightings. These sightings will both guarantee acknowledgment and raise public awareness in preparation for what is to come. The purpose of this overview is to describe the broad parameters of this historical event and to address some of the more pressing questions to which it gives rise.

Let me affirm at the outset—unequivocally and irrevocably— that these representatives come in PEACE. We have nothing to fear from them and much to gain through effective and cordial collaboration. Not all extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy are peaceful. A minority still wage conquest in one way or another. The universe is far richer and more diverse than many would imagine. However, the representatives of the Federation worlds that we will soon meet are peaceful and caring as well as powerful and discerning.


They understand the natural fear-based attempt, especially by conservative religious traditions (recently illustrated in Contact and Signs), to portray them in a negative light. However, their patience and positive contributions to human culture will cause such fears to dissolve. They do not cause tragically deluded cults to commit suicide in their name, and they do not abduct humans for nefarious purposes. I believe that we will come to appreciate their positive intentions the same way we do the intentions of our friends—through their words, their deeds, their explanations and willingness to share, their assistance for critical human agendas, and fundamentally by the feel of their energy. In recent years, they have protected us from what otherwise might have been more serious intrusions by darker alien races.


They will suggest constructive agendas for further self-empowerment, but not for control. They will NOT attempt to run the planet or become our political leaders. They will work with us, but not for us. Cultural transformation is our agenda, not theirs. They prefer to be addressed as comrades, not “aliens.”




Historical Background

While this contact is arguably the most significant, it is by no means the first in Earth’s history. Long before the dawn of our current historical epoch, other civilizations rose and fell upon this planet, among them Lemuria and Atlantis. For them, interstellar contact was universally recognized, if not routine. Lacking official Federation membership, Earth has hosted a series of “cosmic wild west” dramas in which various extraterrestrial groups pursued their agendas. In some periods, this amounted to pure conquest. In others it meant peaceful cultural assistance. Some races valued Earth’s unique mineral deposits.


Others were interested in our physical evolution and, depending upon one’s point of view, assisted or interfered with our genetic heritage. In time, molecular biologists will find common genetic threads that connect us to various points of stellar origin, especially from the Pleiades and from the constellation of Lyra. Some races have sought to forge dark alliances from behind the scenes, while others have simply observed our progress, or lack thereof, from a distance. Isolated contacts throughout history have been signaled and, in some cases, chronicled in otherwise ignored or suppressed archeological and anthropological finds in India, Sumeria, West Africa, and elsewhere.


This includes off-planet discoveries, including the pyramids and “face” on Mars, together with various Moon-based anomalies, which NASA regrettably has explained with a forked tongue.


Michael Hurley provides a very comprehensive compilation of ancient UFO artwork and very old photographic evidence. We have never been alone in the universe.

In some respects the current Federation presence represents the culmination and turning point of extraterrestrial contact that stretches for eons into the past. In other respects it brings fully into focus a special interest initiated in the mid-1940s with the advent of nuclear weapons and the possibility of nuclear war. During this time, quiet intervention on a number of occasions has averted major nuclear accidents. Sightings and small isolated contacts have been accelerating over the last few decades.


In this sense, they have not recently “arrived” but have reached a point where, with additional Federation participation and guidance by Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy, they are ready to make themselves fully and publicly known—to move through the veil of consciousness that daily grows thinner. Our government has known of their existence and of their peaceful intentions for at least fifty years, but for its own reasons has kept this information from the public. Whether by design or not, we have slowly been prepared for this rendezvous with destiny, which will both begin and end very differently from the story portrayed in Independence Day or in Signs.

We have also been prepared by the courageous and tireless efforts of countless researchers who have chronicled this accelerated presence over the past few decades. From Roswell, New Mexico, Washington, D.C., and Area-51, to Gulf Breeze, Mexico City, and the Hudson Valley, in thousands of well researched encounters of the first to the fifth kind, from simple sightings to on-board healings, and from the early days of NICAP to the modern research by MUFON, the Center for UFO Studies, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and dozens of other organizations and journals, not to mention the testimony of some of our own astronauts and, more recently, revelations by Native American elders, the case for an extraterrestrial presence and a cover-up of unprecedented magnitude is easily made for anyone with an open mind.


Most recently, individuals from within top-secret echelons of our government with a direct working knowledge of alien agendas and of our cover-up have publicly come forth. Those who have looked at the evidence are by now convinced of an alien presence; the questions that remain relate to who they are, why they are here, and why their presence has not been officially acknowledged. Dr. Steven Greer and his associates have presented Congress an unprecedented opportunity, The Disclosure Project, to examine the whole issue with a depth and breadth never before possible. Let me turn, then, to a description of some of the key players in this countdown.

Ashtar Command is a service-oriented, peace-keeping fleet with craft from at least a dozen major galactic civilizations integrated into a unified command structure. It serves in different places, and in different capacities, throughout the galaxy as the need arises.

In view of Earth’s current transformational challenges, especially those involving environmental decay, war and peace, health, technology, and the structures of power, it’s current “assignment,” so to speak, has been appropriately focused here. Ashtar Command is one of many fleets that works collaboratively with other federations and alliances, but with a special spiritual focus. By this, I mean that it serves as a unique point of intersection between the concerns of alien cultures on the one hand, and of the spiritual hierarchies of those cultures (ours included) and, indeed, of the galaxy itself, on the other.


There are thus in the service of the Command both physical craft from other planetary systems and energetically configured “starships” that function as a traveling base for members of that hierarchy. Ashtar is a multi-dimensional command structure. And while there are different alliances involved in the current presence, I shall for convenience refer to them simply as the Federation.

The Federation itself is a vast consortium of alien civilizations arguably numbering in the thousands. In so far as Earth is approaching a point where membership in the Federation is likely, and in so far as certain actions here affect the well-being of other Federation members, the Federation has a legitimate interest in how our current transformational dramas unfold, and it will play a significant role in that unfolding.


Certain cultures, especially those associated with Sirian and Pleiadian star systems, have independent relationships with Earth’s past and future history. So in addition to their affiliation with the Federation, some Sirian and Pleiadian interaction will reflect those relationships. Recent appearances of multiple and varied craft reflect their desire to be seen in ways that cannot easily be explained away. They are here and they are attempting to be gentle as they knock at the door.

Extraterrestrial craft come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of density or materiality. Some are visible, some are cloaked, and some are entirely extra-dimensional (which has given rise to the phenomena of streaking lights and “jumps” across the evening sky). Many of the physical craft seen will be of Sirian, Altarian, or Pleiadian origin. Some are locally housed on huge “mother ships,” others are stationed on small bases in our Solar System, and still others move back and forth with relative ease between Earth and their home planets.


Some non-federation ships may be stationed on small bases under the oceans. The whole picture is quite complex. Perhaps the biggest mistake one might make in this arena is to think of “the aliens” as one grand homogeneous group. Even the archetypal Grey, which is but one among many species, exhibits significant variations in appearance and purpose.

What I have termed the Council of Light signals a larger spiritual dimension to this process. Members of this Council (or related “committees”) are not extraterrestrials, but are more akin to angels, or advanced spiritual beings who for the most part do not take on physical bodies. Their elevated energetic densities allow them to be seen—usually in general human-like form—by those with clairvoyant vision, although they can temporarily project themselves in solid material form. Their normal dimensional residences, however, are several levels above our own, and the starships in which they travel reflect this differential. Their wisdom, compassion, and power provide much of the overall guidance and direction for this historical meeting of cultures.


The Council of Light represents, among other things, the guiding Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet as well as of the galaxy itself. Ashtar himself, is a member of this council, as are others whose special interest in Earth and its future possibilities goes back many millions of years. Another member of this Council is Lord Sananda, a highly evolved being known in many quarters of the galaxy for his compassion, wisdom, and spiritual leadership, and for his incarnation on Earth as Jesus. This evolutionary turning point is for him a matter of both great concern and great joy. Still another member is Lord Maitreya, who was known in his incarnation on this planet as Gautama, the Buddha.

One by-product of this contact will be that different religious traditions will begin to lose claims to exclusivity and/or superiority. Maitreya (the Buddha) and Sananda (Christ), for example, work together for the spiritual upliftment of the planet, and always have. This phase of Earth’s transformation was signaled by the appearance of comet Hale-Bopp, which, yes, carried more behind it than ice and space gases. It is important to keep in mind that this process is fundamentally part of a spiritual awakening — not an invasion from outer space. We will be exposed to formal extraterrestrial contact as part of this awakening, but its overall direction is being guided by a more evolved spiritual hierarchy.


Those who address the issue of contact as if it were merely one of meeting physical beings from other planets are thus missing a large, and very important, part of the picture.



The Purposes of Contact - Earth’s Place in the Galaxy

Why are both extraterrestrial and spiritual concerns currently so focused on Earth?


The answers are varied and perhaps a bit surprising.

  1. They are here, first of all, because the Earth is completing one cycle, beginning another, and has already begun a birthing process into what is sometimes called a fourth—and soon thereafter a fifth—dimensional existence; its entire magnetic and vibratory structure is undergoing a profound shift. This shift will be accompanied by dramatic changes in weather, tectonic plates, and the ability to support life. Paralleling this process is an equally dramatic shift in the collective consciousness and unconsciousness.


    No other civilization in our galaxy has undergone such a rapid evolution over the past one-hundred and especially the past twenty-five years. The Federation is here to assist with this process as well as to observe and learn from it, for there are many possible outcomes. Indeed, craft from beyond our galaxy with no special stake in the outcome are here to observe how we handle our current global challenges. Galactically speaking, Earth is where the action is, and both extraterrestrials and angels are very much in attendance.

  2. They are here, secondly, to make technology available that will help to transform civilization. This will come in roughly four broad areas:

    1. So-called “free-energy” devices will allow us to generate from vacuum space all the power we need. The pollution, expense, toxic waste, and dangers of traditional electrical generation will phase out. We will not have to deplete our resources in order to live comfortably. Some of our own brilliant and courageous researchers have discovered the secrets of free-energy, but have been thwarted in their attempts to make their inventions public. Many of these inventions are based on the work of Nikola Tesla.

    2. Anti-gravitational technology will enable us to phase out reliance upon the internal combustion machine and travel comparatively long distances in short periods of time. Rockets will become obsolete; indeed, they were probably not necessary for the Apollo Moon Program. A number of governments have undertaken secret anti-gravitational research for decades.

    3. Technology will become available to help us clean up our environment—from removing pollutants from the oceans to replenishing the ozone shield. Earth is the most biologically diverse and plentiful planet in the galaxy. And, quite frankly, we will not be allowed to destroy it. We are not the only ones with a vested interest in its survival.

    4. Finally, technology will become available that will greatly accelerate healing, produce in some areas what we might describe as “miracle cures,” and enable us to diagnose and practice preventive medicine, on both physical and emotional levels, in ways few would have imagined. We ourselves have already made great strides in this area, but much has been repressed or ignored. Our technologies will complement each other.


    I stress again the importance of what we can do and, indeed, already have done in the area of advanced technology. We already have developed anti-gravitational and so-called “free energy” devices. With further development, our car engines can be converted to run on water. A profound revolution in agriculture is currently in the making that utilizes demonstrated technologies beyond anything most scientists have imagined.


    Nobody needs to go hungry. All of these inventions must be allowed to see the light of day and supported accordingly. Assistance will be provided in certain key areas, but we must transform ourselves, not just in research and development arenas, but in the appropriate dissemination of advanced technologies for the benefit of all humankind, and in the clearing of the accumulated emotional baggage that has fueled our current transformational crises.

  3. A third Council and Federation agenda relates to education in the broadest sense of the term. By this, I do not mean indoctrination. I mean simply the sharing of information important to goals of personal happiness, to the evolution of human consciousness, and to eventual membership in the Federation.


    This can include such things as:

    1. hyper-space drive technology

    2. life on a Pleiadian or Arcturian, etc. planet

    3. a revised history of the human race, which in a number of areas will be very different from what we have been told

    4. ways to construct an economy that do not result in a permanent underclass

    5. ways to accelerate personal growth


    Most importantly, it will include a powerful clarification of our spiritual origins and connections. Of course, we have already thought about these things; many are now prepared and ready to act on a broad scale. But we have much to learn, and contact can accelerate our education in ways that we might not have believed possible.

    I emphasize again, however, that we must transform ourselves. Nobody else can or should do it for us. A generation of New Paradigm thinkers has illuminated the horizons of cultural and personal transformation in thousands of books, workshops, and conferences. We will receive assistance from both Federation and spiritual sources when we ask for it, but will not be relieved from the consequences of our own actions. I stress the importance of self-transformation in this briefing partly in order to counterbalance the reasonable concerns of researchers who strongly suspect that we are being cleverly set up either by the wrong extraterrestrial group or by covert government disinformation and mind-control methods to give away our power.


    I cannot give this concern the attention it deserves in a brief overview. While agreeing that disinformation campaigns exist, I believe nonetheless that the sources of these falsehoods will not have their way in global awakening. The assistance we receive from the Star Visitors will help us to help ourselves, not take our power away.

  4. A final goal of contact integrates both political and spiritual dimensions. On a political level, this will involve the radical abolishment and/or restructuring of both public and hidden power structures that for the better part of human history have kept control in the hands of the few, while the masses directly or indirectly were fed fear, war, economic struggle, ill-health, and a profoundly distorted and limiting story about their own origins and nature. There are very dark agendas in place in the spheres of economics, health, politics, subtle mind-control in which the many who have not already turned over their lives unwittingly to a global elite will, according to the plan, be forced to anyway in the belief that it is to their best interests.


    Aspects of these agendas are so firmly entrenched that they hardly seem worth questioning by the ordinary person. And when the mainstream media is given the opportunity to pursue some of the most provocative stories of this century into their darkest interconnected corners, nothing happens! The disbelief, ignorance, and arrogance that typify investigative, scientific, and academic dismissals of these agendas will be profoundly realigned. For they are fully known to our extraterrestrial visitors and to Earth’s spiritual hierarchy, and will no longer be permitted to block the evolution of human consciousness. Soon, I believe, they will become known to the average citizen.

On a spiritual level, all humans will have the opportunity to finally “wake up,” to expand their consciousness in ways seldom imagined, to release fear and grow into the ways of love, to claim their natural gifts of seeing and healing, to live in peace and harmony with each other and with the Earth Mother who sustains us, and to pursue lives of joy, creativity, and continued spiritual growth.


Those who have not yet consciously chosen their path of love or of fear will be educated about the consequences of their decision and encouraged to get on with it. Some fear dramas will simply play themselves out. However, those who persist in the ways of fear and control will find that the shifting energies of the planet will make it impossible for them to live here, as impossible as receiving an AM broadcast on an FM frequency band.

It may be useful to review the reasons why, from either an extraterrestrial or a spiritual perspective, Earth is so interesting and important—and why, from a human perspective, it should be. After all, we could blow ourselves up, an analog of which happened already with the sinking of Atlantis 8500 to 10,500 years B.C. Actually, some Federation members have voted to let us do just that, given the mess that we have made of things. “Let them destroy themselves and start over,” has been heard more than once in the administrative councils of this galaxy.


Here are some reasons why this will not happen.

  • As noted earlier, Earth is a planet of incredible biological richness and diversity; it is a living library that will benefit other star systems. Most inhabited planets are bland by comparison. Unlike most, our planet is irreplaceable in this regard.

  • Ours is a planet of extensive ethnic and cultural diversity. Most planets are not. The creative evolution of this diversity has been a learning laboratory of almost unparalleled magnitude. Many souls from across the galaxy are eager for the experience of even a single incarnation here.

  • As noted earlier, free will has been allowed to flourish well beyond the constraints that other stellar groups have found necessary for their own survival and growth. This has created almost unprecedented opportunities for personal exploration and growth, even when it has led to all manner of dark and self-sabotaging agendas. Indeed, dark forces have been allowed to run free, for the most part, while the forces of light—whether of an extraterrestrial or spiritual nature—have limited their major interventions with only a few exceptions. Much of the light now on the planet has resulted from spiritually advanced beings incarnating in human form for many lifetimes in an effort to turn the tide. The policy of “anything goes if you can get away with it” is about to be transmuted.

  • Earth contains within itself a number of dimensional portals to other levels of reality to places in the universe the control over which is highly coveted by various groups. It is thus valuable real estate for reasons that utterly transcend our collective worldview.

  • Our toxic pollution, nuclear radiation, and collective emotional garbage not only leave a trail in space, but are felt on subtle levels by other planetary systems with which we are in resonance. “The interconnectedness of all things” is more than just a rallying point for environmentalists to connect, say, rain forest devastation in Brazil with the price of beef in America. The entire planet itself is part of a much larger macrocosm. Other alien civilizations are not altogether pleased with the negative drag we have created on their systems.

  • In the dim horizons of pre-history, various extraterrestrial groups “planted their seed” on this planet, sometimes through intentional cross-breeding, sometimes through altering our genetic coding. We carry some of their genetic lineage, just as they carry some of ours. Now that we have entered adolescence and will be considered for Federation membership, they have a vested interest in the quality of the harvest, so to speak.

  • Carl Sagan was fond of asking: “Why would extraterrestrials be interested in us?” Despite the more liberal vision of his fictional work Contact (I’m inclined to think that he knew far more than he let on) Sagan the scientist and others of a skeptical bent appeared to assume that technology was the primary fulcrum upon which to base the answer. If we are so backward in this arena and can barely get off our own planet, and if (he would sometimes add) we have not learned to live in peace but other alien civilizations must have because they’ve mastered space travel, then why bother coming?


    Setting aside the dubious assumption that scientific progress promotes moral progress, I would point out that there is much that is comparatively unique about our species that other extraterrestrial cultures believe they can learn from—if not for themselves, then for their neighbors who may be going through similar dynamics in the future. What we do with our emotions and attitudes is of far more interest to them than what kinds of toys we can construct. Indeed, some alien cultures for all practical purposes do not have emotions as we think of them, and others have only negative emotions with no clue about, say, the power of unconditional love.

  • Another reason why contact is occurring now is that a significant number of persons on both conscious and unconscious levels have asked for assistance to help turn things around. Enough progress has been made to justify that assistance. Being asked by the people, if not their leaders, is important for those of both extraterrestrial and angelic realms not normally given to intervention.

  • A final point of interest has required limited extraterrestrial cooperation, but is more the special agenda of the spiritual hierarchy that watches over this planet. A long-term goal of terrestrial seeding has been the evolution of an advanced biological human form genetically capable of sustaining a spiritually advanced form of consciousness—in theory one as advanced as that of Christ himself. Of course, we still have a good deal of emotional garbage to acknowledge, release, and heal, but in the coming decades we will be well on our way toward implementing that goal.


    We will have evolved to a new level that author John White dubs “homo noeticus” capable of things now considered either impossible or so unrealistic as not to be worth talking about. Whether one thinks of the Garden of Eden in literal or metaphorical terms, we have clearly been on a long detour from what it represented. For purposes of inherent interest, spiritual growth, and creative evolution, this detour was allowed to unfold in its own way.


    But the garden is about to be renovated on a planet-wide basis and be populated with a more advanced human species. In the next thousand years, humans will realize and radiate a uniqueness and magnificence not found anywhere else in the galaxy. This goal is worth both protecting and promoting—with or without the assent of those who might prefer to see otherwise.

Why, then, have positive forces of light, or the Federation itself, not intervened sooner?


To fantasize a bit, why not just have a starship beam the Enola Gay on board, declare an end to World War II, and prevent subsequent nuclear testing? Why allow the aforementioned detour to go so far astray? Why let evil run rampant? Why allow children to starve, if one could land a fleet in the Sudan and rather quickly straighten matters out? Indeed, why not just land a command ship on the White House lawn shortly after arrival and spare us 50 years of debate so far as the existence of aliens, or a spiritual hierarchy, or anything else “not from here,” is concerned?

To answer these questions fairly would require volumes. Let me attempt, however, to summarize the kind of thinking that would inform a more extended response.

  1. First of all, there has been positive intervention periodically throughout history from both spiritual and extraterrestrial realms. But this has been more by way of illuminating the territory and to keep us from destroying ourselves or sinking to a point beyond repair, so to speak. In other words, minimal intervention has kept the whole process creatively evolving—not necessarily, however, in the ways that those who intervened would have liked or would have expected. This has been especially true since 1972.

  2. There has not been intervention within these parameters, however, to change the course of history, to save us from the sometimes hideous consequences of our own actions, or in some way to force us to be good. To do so is a violation of our free will and sabotages opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, even by experiencing the darker excesses of human nature. Our children would never grow up, if we did not permit them to sink or swim on their own. Non-intervention in the affairs of another planet is an important consideration for members of the peaceful alien alliances.

  3. Once the decision is made to intervene on such a massive scale— not to force change, but rather to put all the cards on the table and clarify the larger picture—this needs to be done gradually with considerable preparation for the jolt that this will represent to human consciousness. In 1950 global fear of such things was a legitimate concern; by 2003 we are better prepared. By design and sometimes by accident, we have been educated for this event for several decades.


    Friendly civilizations were here in the 50’s monitoring our countdown to a not altogether clear major turning point, but did not receive an invitation from the administrations of those days or since to land on the White House lawn or anywhere else. Without that support, the anxiety caused by such an event would have been too great. And so a program of small, individual, out of the way contacts was undertaken over the next fifty years in order to prepare us at a more grassroots level for what is about to unfold. Today, the overall situation is considerably different.



Reasons for the Cover-up

Which brings us to the question of why our government leaders over the years have not been more forthcoming about the presence of extraterrestrials.


Once full public contact has been established, or perhaps just prior to it, the official explanation may go something like this.

“A small number of officials in the United States government and others from around the world have been aware for several decades about the alien presence. [It is not clear how far back they will concede this knowledge, e.g., as far back as the cover-up at Roswell in 1947 -- or possibly earlier.] However, the implications for global security and the emotional stability of citizens the world over were so unclear that a justifiable decision was made at the highest levels to withhold this information from the public until such time as the alien intentions were more fully known and our own response to their presence could be more fully determined.


This has been a long and difficult process, one that others might have handled differently. However, in view of the historical significance of this event for human civilization, successive administrations felt it necessary to go to considerable lengths to deny the entire UFO-alien presence. These aliens say they have come in peace. Perhaps they have. Perhaps they have not. There is little for us to do at this juncture but to concede their presence, to further clarify their intentions in direct negotiations, and to review our responses accordingly. We will acknowledge them, but we will not necessarily welcome them.”

If this is the account we are given, then we are being fed rank hypocrisy of the first order. In the interests of keeping peace with ourselves, this may be all the explanation we will ever officially receive, as darker elements of the fuller story are allowed to fade from view.


I would submit, however, that the following account is closer to the facts of this extended drama.

  • The “best interests of the people” was and, to a more limited extent, has continued to be only one reason for a cover-up.


    The other reasons are:

    • Those in power saw themselves in various contexts (economics, politics, etc.) as having to relinquish power and did not, and in some cases still do not, wish to do so; in fact, they became even more entrenched. If your car does not need to continue to run on gas, for example, what happens to the price of your Exxon stock? In truth, an unprecedented opportunity to continue to exercise responsible authority was buried in a fog of fear, greed, and the need to control.

    • Those in the “military industrial complex” that President Eisenhower referred to in his farewell speech, continued to benefit from retrieved extraterrestrial technologies and the information relating thereto.

    • Those who have benefited the most are the least inclined to acknowledge the peaceful presence of Star Visitors and accordingly may attempt to portray formal public contact in an adversarial way to retain their own power.

    • Some of those in power, perhaps unwittingly, became involved in the questionable agendas of non-federation alien groups and, though in over their heads, did not wish to be exposed; hence, the cover-up needed to continue at all costs.

  • Our leaders were approached in the 50’s and 60’s by Federation representatives with offers of positive assistance for healing and spiritual upliftment, and a serious concern over environmental destruction and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. They refused, however, to share technology that could be used for weapons of control and of war. Consequently, they were rebuffed and their existence was not made known despite the fact that a significant number of officials in the know favored going public both during and since that time.


    Following the principle of non-intervention, they could make only occasional appearances or contacts with selected individuals as part of a longer term effort to raise public awareness. Perhaps the most noted and controversial contactee was a Swiss farmer, Billy Meier whose educational encounters with a small group of Pleiadeans in the 70’s are evaluated by Guido Moosbrugger in his book at

  • Alternatively, elements within our government probably made significant agreements with alien groups whose intentions were far more self-interested. We gave them something, such as protected underground bases, and received something in return—most likely technology more suited to the goals of power and control than to healing and personal empowerment. There is reason to believe that either or both parties may not have honored aspects of any agreements or perhaps not fully understood their implications.


    But by the time this realization had dawned, it was too late. Since it was an agreement with some officials of Earth’s people, peacefully oriented Star Visitors were not in a position to intervene to stop it. To put it bluntly, the consciousness of fear and greed may have cut a deal with a few extraterrestrial sources who knew precisely how to cater to that consciousness. Once in place, the drama had to play itself out.

  • It is worth stressing that top secret alliances between military, industrial, and possibly extraterrestrial elements succeeded in developing fully operational anti-gravitational flying craft by the early 1970s; some researchers would push back that date to the early sixties or even fifties when the results were quite crude. It is all but certain that some sightings over the decades have been our own craft, and some of these sightings were staged with specific goals in mind, such as testing citizen reactions.

  • A powerful in-house debate about how best to handle the question of UFOs and alien intelligence has been underway almost since Roswell (for which the much sought after “smoking gun” has recently become public). Some in power have consistently favored keeping an air-tight lid on everything, lest the whole story (and other related agendas) come unglued, while others favored a program of incremental long-term education for the public to prepare for this day.


    Over the past fifty years, some individuals with inside knowledge have been allowed to talk and others have simply disappeared. Both information and disinformation have been everywhere in abundance, especially in the past two decades. And independently of the question of extraterrestrial existence, for self-serving reasons there has also been a covert attempt to influence our attitudes about them, in order to keep a variety of options open. One cannot help but wonder if important informational, disinformational, and attitudinal clues are not both evident and buried in many Hollywood treatments of UFOs and aliens.

  • A hierarchical chain of command is not necessarily the best way to understand who knows, or has covered up, or has caused certain things to happen, in this arena. It is convenient, although unfair, to loosely generalize about “our government” in this respect. The great majority of elected officials, appointed officers, and career civilian and military personnel do not have a clue about what has transpired. A staff security Sergeant may know more than the President of the United States about alien matters one would think the President should know almost everything about.


    A low-ranking British general may know more than the head of the KGB, and the number two man at the Mossad may actually issue orders to CIA officers in carefully circumscribed areas. Behind the scenes, unnamed civilians accountable to no one save their own committees may have exercised more power in this arena than the heads of all intelligence agencies combined. Communiqués from world leaders should be evaluated in light of potentially quite different levels of interest being served.

  • Overall, I suggest the cover-up should be understood as a three-tier affair and that there are at least two different kinds of cover-up in place.

    • Level One. Government officials, scientists, military officers, and perhaps a few members of Congress who know about UFOs and about the presence of aliens, but who have consistently issued “plausible denials” and stalled for time as they debated appropriate courses of action among themselves.

    • Level Two. Not so much a cover-up in itself, but a shadowy world of “bridge players” who connect elements of Level One with elements of a much deeper level or parallel “rogue government.” They may discretely represent the interests of Level One to members of Level Three, or vice versa, or play off both levels to their own interests. These individuals would not necessarily be seen as bridge players by members of the other levels.

    • Level Three. A full-tilt parallel rogue government that conducts most of its activities in very secure out-of-the way or underground locations. It is for the most part obsessed with power, control, and technology and derives its funding both independently and from tax supported black programs that officially do not exist. It contains scientists, industrialists, and military officers whose allegiance to the U.S. Constitution has long been forgotten.

      It fires on friendly (to us) alien craft with sophisticated beam weaponry, interacts with dark extraterrestrial groups, and creates the illusion of alien abductions through mind-control techniques to sow disinformation, and in some cases implants former alien abductees for similar reasons. This rogue government essentially answers to no one.


    Many individuals in Level One, while they may have their suspicions, truly do not know about the activities undertaken at Level Three. The more subject they are to the winds of political change, the less likely they are to know much of significance in this arena. In the beginning of this drama, say, the early 50’s, there was one group in the know containing various interests. Gradually these interest factions split apart forming progressively separate groups and levels of activity. In all likelihood, however, the activities of Level Three would not have continued unabated for so long without some “moles” or bridge players to set policy and boundaries at Level One.

  • The whole story of the cover-up will probably have to come from other than government leaders. However, it may be best, at least for the time being, that it NOT come out. There are understandable human needs to feel vindicated in this controversy, and perhaps to bring those (still living) most responsible for this state of affairs to some kind of public accounting. But blame is not the agenda of the Federation, Ashtar Command, or the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet. How we respond to this discovery is our business, not theirs. They would remind us, however, that these are times for letting go of the past, for healing and integration, and for unprecedented spiritual advancement.



Alien Contactees

There are many questions relating to possible extraterrestrial involvement in such things as cattle mutilations, crop circles, black helicopters, and spirit attachments.


I expect that a full explanation of these and other areas of possible involvement will be given at a later time. One topic requiring immediate attention, however, is “alien abduction.” Even those not inclined to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials may be inclined to think of them in connection with abductions.


I will attempt to summarize the most pertinent pieces of information on this topic.

  • Abductions numbering in the many thousands (how many is hotly debated) appear to have taken place for the past thirty to forty years.

  • The distinction between abduction and contact is tenuous and reflects more a difference of degree than of kind. Both abductees and contactees are “taken”, but for various reasons and under a variety of circumstances. Very credible researchers have argued, especially since the early 90’s, that many abductees are simply contactees who have subsequently had their memories tampered with to scare the public and create an anti-extraterrestrial attitude that might then be subtly directed against peaceful Star Visitors. The differences noted below should be read with this in mind as well as when viewing the recent documentary series Taken.

  • Abduction appears to have been undertaken for a variety of reasons. Following are some of the main considerations in no particular order of importance or credibility.

    1. To cross-breed with humans in order to preserve and/or enhance their own species as well as to create a new optimum life form integrating the better elements from both. This agenda is associated with the Zeta Reticulins, often generically referred to as Greys. Some women have reported the experience of being taken on board ships to observe their hybrid children as well as be observed by Zetas in their interactions. This is a vast complex topic, which the Zetas themselves presumably address through their human emissary at

    2. To take small samples for genetic research. Conducted by both Reticulin and non-Reticulin Greys and others. Some groups may have a vested interest in retrieving “light codes” long buried in human DNA.

    3. To conduct genetic research on multi-generational family lines.

    4. To determine the effects of environmental changes and decay on the human species.

    5. To learn more first-hand about human emotions and attitudes.


  • Most abductions are traumatic, although some women especially have become more empowered as a result of working through their recovered memories in therapy. Abductions can be halted on an individual basis, assuming one has not become entangled in a mind-control project, and depending upon what one decides to do about remaining a victim. Some researchers argue, very credibly, that at least in some instances the trauma was produced by post-contact human interference designed to create a scary and fear-producing scenario, a set of screen memories in effect, that made it difficult or impossible for the contactee to recall what actually happened.


    The traumatic false memory could be accomplished, even if the individual had not actually interacted with extraterrestrial visitors. Until all the players step forth with a full accounting, it is perhaps best to assume that some abductions are more or less “real” as reported, some have been contrived with no off-planet basis, and some may reflect a combination of both on and off-planet interactions.

  • A debate currently rages over whether contactees at a deep unconscious or “soul” level agreed in advance to their abductions, in order to contribute to or learn from the experience, or whether some abductees may have agreed and others not.

  • Abductees/contactees as a group are not psychotic, media-hungry, or duped by false memories, although a few abductees may be subject to any of the preceding. The evidence for abduction/contact has been growing for years in the work of Mack, Hopkins, Boylan, Sprinkle, and others. Now, however, the question is why, not whether, they have occurred.

  • Some “implants” of a physical variety, upon closer examination, have proven strange (in both location and texture), and probably of extraterrestrial origin. Energetic implants can be detected only by clairvoyants and must be dealt with in quite different ways. Implants can be inserted to help, to monitor, or to control, and may be found in contactees as well as abductees. Some are used for healing. Some appear to be merely ID tags for advanced souls who chose to work here.

  • A contactee generally retains greater memories of his or her exposure, enjoys a greater measure of free will and communication, and is not traumatized by the experience. However, the contactee may feel somewhat strange and isolated, given that there is usually no one to talk to about the experience. A contactee may experience “missing time,” but is abducted only in the sense that he or she finds herself suddenly taken on board. Contactees may not always immediately remember their experience.

  • Contact also may take place for a variety of reasons and periodically has been initiated by independent Federation members.

    • The need to collect small samples for health monitoring and research.

    • The need to “check up” on one of one’s own stellar brothers or sisters who (for reasons too complicated to review here) has incarnated in human form.

    • The need for healing; cures for everything from cancer to yeast infections have been reported, often through the use of purely energetic technologies.

    • The need to “download” technical information into the contactee’s brain that can later appear as a new discovery or invention needed for the planet.

    • The need to educate the contactee on various personal, spiritual, or historical matters with the understanding that, in time, he or she will spread the word.

    1. Various extraterrestrial visitors, in their physical, quasi-physical, or etheric bodies, have been simply observing, investigating, or collecting samples of our bio-diversity. This, too, is a form of “contact”.

  • Voice contact over secure radio channels (in the appropriate language) and occasional physical teleportations also have been initiated by Federation members as the need has arisen. The assumption that if extraterrestrials exist, they would only contact us through the giant radio telescopes of SETI, is arguably so limited as to cause one to wonder if we completely understand SETI’s purpose. They recently appear to have sent us a coded visual message in the form of a “crop circle” next to such a government facility in England, parts of which resemble the coding we sent into space years ago.

A Brief Typology

We will gradually hear of and be exposed to a considerable range of extraterrestrial races, far more than can be summarized here. Dr. Richard Boylan speaks very credibly on this topic. I also recommend Sheldan Nidle’s website, which among other things features fairly detailed descriptions of countless different extraterrestrial groups.


Nidle, who appears to speak on behalf of the Galactic Federation and Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy, states that only about forty percent of the many thousands of galactic civilizations are human or human like.


Readers interested in the Anunnaki should consult the works of Zecharia Sitchin, such as The Twelfth Planet or Genesis Revisited.


A few pertinent extraterrestrial groups are briefly described as follows:



Pleiadians closely resemble Caucasian humans and would generally be unrecognizable in our midst. Their average height is taller, and they also live much longer. The Pleiades are a star cluster, and there are different planets and sub-groups within that cluster. They do not, of course, call themselves Pleiadians.


They have close historical ties with Earth and, independently of their Federation membership, should be considered a strong, peaceful ally. Much the the same can be said for Lyrans. They are also aligned with Altarians. Different races here on Earth may reflect in part different genetic modifications undertaken many thousands of years ago by visiting extraterrestrial groups.



Sirians are also quite human looking, although allegedly darker completed. They, too, have strong historical ties with Earth, especially Lemuria. They also have a strong connection with our Cetacean species (dolphins and whales). They are very technologically advanced; some of their technology will be made available to us. They are peaceful and Federation-related. As a minor aside, they also enjoy pets somewhat comparable to our dogs.

In periodically extending their influence to Earth, Sirians and Pleiadians have played out a sometimes competitive drama begun with their progenitors, Vegan and otherwise, within the Lyran constellation. They are historically implicated in contact with African cultures, especially the Dogon. Transmissions from the Sirian High Council on a variety of Contact and Earth-related transformational agendas may be found at



Arcturians can look human if they choose to, although this is not their natural appearance. They have a reduced need for physical embodiment and enjoy a rather robust energetic existence. They are peaceful and Federation-related. They are among the most spiritually advanced beings in this galaxy, and many on Earth that we consider sages or healers have strong Arcturian ties.



Generic Greys come in various sizes and textures generally related to the archetypal Grey alien popularized by Whitly Strieber and others. They are smaller than humans, and generally considered to be master geneticists in this galaxy. As with other basic species, they have spread out to different parts of our galaxy and, as a group, have no more a single agenda than humans do. Some are positive. Some are negative. And some are neutral. A few may be slaves to other groups.


They communicate telepathically and operate most effectively under the umbrella of a group consciousness. They do not handle novelty or independence very well. Some researchers have suggested that the smaller generic Greys may be quasi-robotic instances of artificial intelligence.



Reticulins generally fall under the description just given, but with the more specific focus of seeking ways to preserve their own species through genetic experimentation and cross-breeding with humans. Reticulins are not necessarily the largest Grey group, although a majority of contacts may have involved Reticulins. They do not understand human free will and feeling as we do, although the larger Reticulins appear to have more autonomy and leadership skills. Further information is provided at, which is arguably one of the more controversial and debated websites.



Draconians walk on two legs but are best described as reptilian in appearance. They have a history of conquest in the galaxy. They reportedly occupied the Earth millions of years ago (among other things running off a small Arcturian outpost) as well as a planet possibly named Maldek in our Solar System, which (after a major war) we now know as the Asteroid Belt.


They allegedly thrive on fear, power, and control—as well as other negative human emotions – purely for their own sake. The more negative dramas we can create for ourselves, including World Wars, the happier they are. One of their agendas is to assist in that creation. Through considerable willpower and sustained concentration, they can more or less permanently morphize into human physical form.


Draconians (in their native form) and negative Greys have been possibly implicated together with hidden elements of our own military-industrial complex (of which President Eisenhower warned us to be wary) in some very dark agendas in underground bases. There are also renegade or splinter groups from both sides of this ET-Human equation that have different agendas. Some researchers have argued that the Draco, while not spiritually advanced, are not as negative as this portrayal suggests.


Indeed, as Sheldan Nidle points out on his extensive website, reptoid beings on other related planetary systems have very recently joined the peaceful Galactic Federation. Earth’s Light has been expanding for some time. I submit that such reptoid beings as may have etherically or physically intruded into human affairs are progressively on their way out and are not, contrary to what some researchers suggest, to be feared as a species. Speculation about who is or is not a reptilian in morphed human form, or who may be influenced by such, does not serve the cause of Light.



In addition to Ashtar, Sananda, and Maitreya, other members of the Spiritual Hierarchy involved in this awakening will become more widely known. Michael, Kryon, Erasmus, Kuthumi, Quan Yin, Athena, Janu, Sanat Kumara, Metatron, Gabriel, Mary, Solar, Hilarion, Raphael, Auriel, Melchizedek, El Morya, Pheobus, Uriel, Ariel, Isis, and St. Germain are but a few.


However, it is beyond the scope of this briefing to attempt even a cursory description of the nature and roles of these beings. For now, I will stress only that a VEIL OF CONSCIOUSNESS many thousands of years old is lifting, and that there is far more on the other side of it than spaceships and aliens.



How Might Formal Contact Unfold?

Nobody has a detailed answer to this question, since the Federation revises its own plans almost weekly.


However, there are several principles that will guide this process and that will be modified accordingly to suit different times and circumstances. A very small, tightly controlled, team from within our government has been exploring the possibility of reopening peaceful negotiations with Federation representatives for a number of years; initial contact has been made, while much is still pending.


Extreme, but highly selective, pressure is being felt within the current government administration over the most appropriate course of action. The separate rogue government described earlier, for example, will do almost anything to prevent peaceful interactions. Key government leaders from time to time have been given the opportunity to play major constructive roles in the unfolding of public contact.


But those who wield the most power in (or behind) recent and current administrations have chosen a different path.

  1. Sightings and contacts will become gradually more numerous and significant. The goal is to reduce fear-based reactions and to allow us to integrate the idea of formal contact in ways suited to our own psychology. We have been “in preparation” by different means for quite some time. The qualitative aspect of this principle is that the first aliens we see on a large scale probably will be those who are generally the most human in appearance. Others will come later.

  2. The flip side to this principle of gradualism might be labeled the policy of “Ready or not, here we are.” By this, I mean that they will not back away as they have in the past. The stakes have been gradually increased until political leaders have no alternative but to make the announcement. I expect sightings over dozens of towns and cities to bring the point home and, perhaps even more importantly, to raise public awareness in preparation for what is to come.


    A formal announcement of their presence will follow sometime thereafter—or perhaps just before these global sightings. Who will make this first formal announcement is not clear. Many researchers seem to assume that appropriate government leaders must be forced to “come clean” by mushrooming stacks of evidence. But a Sirian ambassador whose image is temporarily projected through global television networks might suffice just as well. Or perhaps this task will be offered to a farmer in France. There are many possibilities over which government leaders per se have no control.

  3. Government leaders will be afforded all due respect. Some will now choose to play important roles of collaboration, while others will not. As of this writing, a few government leaders have tentatively agreed to collaborate either substantively or ceremonially in the process, with important details yet to be worked out. Additionally, the Federation leadership itself is selecting various individuals with clear heads and open hearts from military, civilian, scientific, and political arenas who can serve effectively in critical liaison capacities. Some of these individuals may have public reputations, while others may have none at all. It is the quality of their consciousness that counts.

  4. These visitors will provide considerable stimulus for change in many areas, but they are not here to take over our governments, businesses, schools, or churches, or to run our daily lives. They have certain critical agendas to pursue, noted earlier, but will not be negatively intrusive.

  5. For both political and logistical reasons, subsequent landings may at first take place in less populated places. As citizens become accustomed to the idea, however, more substantive contacts can take place around larger cities. Because of atmospheric, electro-gravitational, and emotional characteristics of our planet and species, actual physical contacts will be of more limited duration.

  6. Partly as a means of demonstrating their positive intentions, they may first formally appear in conjunction with the possibility of a large-scale geophysical disaster, either to help ward it off or to assist us in dealing with its effects after the fact.

  7. If it appears that we are on the verge of a full-scale nuclear, biological, or scalar (electromagnetic beam weapons) war that threatens all or major parts of the human race, there WILL be direct, powerful intervention to preclude this. Our battles are ours to own and hopefully learn from, but we will not be permitted to destroy ourselves or the planet.

  8. Nor will the United States or any other nation be permitted to bring scalar weapons of mass destruction into space in preparation for possible “Star Wars” of one kind or another.


Federation Facts

In the space remaining, I shall attempt to answer briefly what are likely to be some of the most frequently asked questions concerning this visitation.


I emphasize that even when restricted to the positive and peaceful membership of the Federation, most of the following questions do not have simple or single answers, because there are too many groups to take into account.


Where appropriate, I will indicate what is generally the case with the understanding that exceptions and variations will be significant.

Q: How do they get here from so far away? Wouldn’t it take them many years to reach Earth even traveling at the speed of light?
A: They do not travel at light speed, although most can. They “arrive” here by bending the structure of space-time itself, or by traveling in some instances at many times the speed of light, or by accessing dimensional portals that almost instantaneously connect them with other parts of the galaxy. While some craft are metallic, others are purely energetic. In due course Federation scientists will explain the physics of their space drives in more detail.

Q: Do they have religions and believe in God?
A: They have what are better described as “spiritual practices” which help to align them with their Creator and to express aspects of that divinity in their daily lives. They may conceive of this Prime Source as having both archetypally male and female aspects, as totally inclusive in its love and support of all sentient beings throughout the universe, and as somewhat less personal than we are accustomed to thinking.

Q: Do they believe in an afterlife?
A: They believe in eternal life for all and in reincarnation (sometimes even between planetary systems) on those levels of the Great Chain of Being where incarnation in physical form is appropriate. Most positively oriented extraterrestrial races also subscribe to the idea of a spiritual hierarchy that guides the evolution of their planets.

Q: Do they have sex and procreate the way we do?
A: Some do and some don’t; it all depends on what you have to work with. Sexual practices are more likely to express a felt spiritual component.

Q: How do they organize their societies?
A: Predictably, in many ways. However, their hierarchies are structured around merit, wisdom, and demonstrated ability, rather than on politics, fear, and competition. In general, they do not accord individual rights the same importance that we do. The good of the whole takes precedence. They think more in terms of psychology than of morality. They have no crime.

Q: What about education?
A: Very proactive from infancy on; teachers are held in high esteem and must train and perform as if the future well-being of their societies depended upon it. Education is a life-long experience.

Q: Are they more advanced than us?
A: In most areas, yes — especially technologies for traveling, communicating, and healing. However, most have a special respect for humans rooted in their understanding of what the Terran Experiment (as we are sometimes referred to) is all about. And most believe they can learn from us. All subscribe strongly to the importance of physical, personal, and spiritual evolution, and to allowing others the lessons and growth opportunities of their paths.

Q: Now that they are here, what will they do and what do they want from us?
A: To the greatest extent possible, they will work with and through our established governments. They will make themselves available where they are asked. They will also conduct certain work of planetary significance as they best see fit. They are not here to control us. They would like most for us to WAKE UP!

Q: What can we as individuals do?
A: Here are some suggestions:

  • Become accustomed to the idea that there is more to reality than the “best and the brightest” of this planet have imagined.

  • Let go of fear and other unhealthy emotions; undertake a program of positive personal and spiritual growth.

  • Form and network with other local groups both for the dissemination of information and for constructive work on transformational goals.

  • Provide nurturing non-judgmental support for those who are having a difficult time with all that extraterrestrial contact represents.

  • Understand that this contact signals both the beginning of the end (already in process) of much that has guided human history and the beginning of a peaceful, inclusive, balanced, and empowering world that we ourselves will create.

An unprecedented opportunity invites us to face our darkest shadows as well as to claim our highest potential. Fundamental assumptions of our worldviews are about to undergo a rapid and profound revision. It’s time to wake up and transform ourselves as a species. The dream of the Earth is once again radiating throughout the galaxy.

If you have not heard the call, soon you will. The lives awaiting us are not necessarily the ones we had planned for.






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