by George LoBuono

writer and investigative researcher in Davis, CA


from AlienMindBook Website

Updated edition released April 2011 - Version 2

Spanish version




  1. Sign of The Times

  2. A Critical Threshold

  3. How Aliens View The Universe

  4. When The Cosmic-Scale Meets The Micro-Scale

  5. How Aliens View Us

  6. Interactions Between Aliens

  7. Large-Scale Disagreements

  8. A Universal Standard?

  9. A Mega-Population Problem Case

  10. Our Pending Merger With Andromeda

  11. A More Alien-like Model of Mind

  12. Hyperversals - A New Category of Aliens? 

  13. Extending a Universe Cycle

  14. How to Locate Aliens and "See" Their Electrogravity

  15. Within a Hyperversal Community

  16. Hyperversal Behaviors

  17. A Most Singular Limitation


  1. A More Evolved Humility

  2. A Second Depth of Awareness

  3. Frustrated Aliens’ Impulses

  4. Surviving the New Technologies

  5. Further Dangers of Electrogravity

  6. The Negative Energy Mindscape

  7. Mega-Populations

  8. Eliminating The “Troublemaker” Gene

  9. Averting an Over-reaction to Aliens

  10. Crime in Alien Societies

  11. The Notion of Physicality

  12. A Hyperversal Problem Case

  13. An Advanced Alien Case Study - The Mind of a Repeat Offender

  14. A Test of Higher Mind

  15. Do Aliens Sleep?