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May 16, 2021

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The "Great Reset" was first proposed in June 2020 to rebuild societies and economies worldwide following the Covid-19 pandemic.


The initiative envisages a major role to be played by big tech companies in this rebuilding effort.


The Great Awakening is a contrary global process whereby individuals, communities and nations take back control from the unholy alliance being formed between big government and big tech.


What is it about the hidden history and involvement of extraterrestrial life that brings clarity to the ideas of a Great Awakening and a Global Reset?

Multiple secret agreements have been made between those making up the Cabal or Deep State with extraterrestrial visitors.


These agreements involve the creation of wars, poverty, and famine to fulfil their requirements, but without the rest of the population learning about what is truly happening.


Countless millions have mysteriously disappeared and been used for a myriad of purposes by their alien abductors.

This is where the Global Reset comes in.


The "new normal" that the World Economic Forum and global leaders want to establish is really all about controlling the flow of information so that people do not revolt over policies that increasingly eliminate human freedoms, constitutional rights, and meaningful political participation.


But it doesn't stop there.


The establishment of a 5G satellite global communications network, the development of corporate controlled smart cities, the rollout of DNA altering vaccines, and the widespread introduction of brain implant technologies are all key elements of what lies ahead.


As the "Internet of Things" is rolled out, humans will be among the "Things" that are constantly monitored, influenced and controlled by AI computer systems being developed all over the world.

Transhumanism will lead to enhanced human performance in all sectors of life, but it's the military application that will stand out.


Technologically enhanced supersoldiers will be developed to fight future battles.


Transhuman cyborgs will not only battle against one another and AI robots, but also be secretly used to fight against visiting extraterrestrials.


This is a key aspect of the agreements that have been reached.

Those refusing to accept the brain implants, "the normies", will be increasingly ostracized from the smart cities that are already being integrated into existing cities, with others being built from the ground up as the US State of Nevada has recently proposed.


Whether one tries to escape such a dystopian future by going to a remote rural location or choosing to live in decaying metropolitan areas for cheap housing, the prospects are bleak.


The Hunger Games movie series is a glimpse into the dystopian future that lies ahead if we don't take action now against the Global Reset.

That's where the Great Awakening comes in.


Hundreds of millions of people have been awakened by recent events.


Whether it's from,

  • Wikileaks revelations

  • Q drops

  • COVID-19 policies

  • DNA altering vaccines

  • the introduction of 5G transmission towers and satellite systems

  • social media censorship

  • rigged elections,

...more people are seeking answers and awakening to the reality of corrupt global political, financial, legal, medical and media systems.


People are rising up and resisting all over the world, but will they be successful?

What is essential for success in resisting the Global Reset is the full disclosure of suppressed technologies and extraterrestrial life.


Understanding how and why global elites have hidden and suppressed the emergence of such technologies is critical.


What would you say if you were told that a critical requirement for joining a benevolent Galactic Federation of Worlds is the widespread sharing of advanced technologies?

Many believe the Deep State's suppression of advanced technologies was to maintain the fossil fuel and pharmaceutical industries in order to protect profit margins, and to suppress the evolution of human consciousness.


However, there is a missing critical factor.


By suppressing the release of advanced technologies, keeping secret the existence of secret space programs, and interfering with the evolution of human consciousness, the Deep State had found a way to prevent the Galactic Federation from intervening in human affairs and helping expose the truth about how our world has been run and managed for millennia.


Most importantly, the Galactic Federation is here to warn us of a future galactic tyranny that had been traced back to present day Earth, and they arrived decades ago to help military and government White Hats, the Earth Alliance, and planetary population, stop it.





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