by David Sorensen

February 14, 2023

from StopWorldControl Website






In this first video you can see Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg,

admitting that the Covid vaccines modify the human DNA...!

You will also hear form Dr. Carrie Madej how this is part of the transhumanist agenda to create a new breed of people, Human 2.0


When you scroll down, you will learn how genetically edited people become property of the patent holder of the technology used to edit their genome...






When your DNA is modified, you are property of the patent holder

Dr. Chinda Brandolino explains that according to a Supreme Court ruling from 2013 a person whose DNA has been modified, is patented and in fact has become the property of the patent holder of that DNA modification technology.


Furthermore, they are no longer legally human, but are considered trans-human meaning that,

existing human rights do not apply to them...!





How genetically modified humans can be owned

In a court case in 2013 the Supreme Court of United States (see document below) ruled that human DNA cannot be patented because it is 'a product of nature'.


But at the end of the ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that if a human genome were changed by mRNA vaccines (which are currently being used), then the genome can be patented.



This means that all people who have received the vaccine are now technically 'patented' and something that is patented is 'property' and will fall under the definition of 'trans-human'.


Those people who are legally identified as 'trans-humans' do not have access to Human Rights or any rights granted by the State.


This is because they are not classified as 100% organic or human. Therefore, technically anyone who has this vaccine could no longer have access to Human Rights.

The following video explains how patent holders of gene editing technology claim ownership of people whose DNA is modified with their technology.


This could be used to enforce compliance in future tyrannical mandates.



DNA can be Patented if Modified

-   Supreme Court of the United States   -



Also HERE and HERE...




The agenda of the elites to legally own humanity


Alex Thomson

During a historic Grand Jury proceeding in February 2022, expert eye-witnesses testified about the official agenda of the elites to genetically modify and copyright humanity, so they would no longer belong to the Creator, but become their legal property.


One of these witnesses is Alex Thomson, a former officer of Britain's Signal Intelligence Agency, GCHQ, the partner agency to NSA (National Security Agency, USA). He was desk officer for the former Soviet Union and a transcriber of intercepted material.


Thomson was part of GCHQ's cross disciplinary team for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats: CBRN.

As an intelligence officer,
Alex learned about the British strategy
for world domination.

Alex Thompson was raised in the boarding schools and universities of the British elites, where he learned firsthand how they believe they have the right to enslave the rest of humanity, which they consider to be their 'livestock'.


In their views, they own the population - body, mind and soul.

Alex Thomson:

"It is explicitly the view, certainly in the 1990's when I was at a senior British boarding school - this term was used by the grandsons of City of London seniors who used the word 'livestock' to describe the British population.


They are considered cattle and do not deserve a place in the world, other than under the direction of the British elite."

If we understand how the financial elites view humanity, it is no surprise that they want to lift their ideological ownership of the people to an actual legal level, where they can claim literal ownership as a result of genetic editing.



Alex Thomson further explains:

They regard the real wealth as human minds and health, and the ability to alter and copyright the human being into a new model that would behave as expected.

Attorney Ana Garner:

You mention copyrighting the human mind, copyrighting even the genetics.


Do you feel that there is a link between the current so-called vaccines - the shots from Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, AstraZeneca - and this goal of copyrighting the humans?

Alex Thomson:

I very strongly believe that.


I've seen time and again that where there is hype and where there is a pseudo theological belief among the elite in Britain and America that you can achieve a certain aim by pulling a certain trick - such as by editing a gene and stamping a copyright on the human body - that is enough motivation in and of itself to fuel a serious attempt to go that way.

The very heart of it is the idea that genetic editing will allow the copyrighting of the number of souls and bodies in humanity that are affected, so that they're no longer under the Creator.



Who are the families that make up the elites?

What are their names?


What is their agenda for humanity?


How can we stop them?

Learn more in this below report:







The Agenda for World Domination
The Hidden Rulers of Humanity
by David Sorensen

February 14, 2023

from StopWorldControl Website


"All your thoughts, feelings and dreams

 will be recorded 24/7."



"5G can insert thoughts and feelings into everyone.

It will be the central nervous system of society."


"We will see everything that goes on

inside your brain."
Nita A. Farahany

professor of psychology


Klaus Schwab




The World Economic Forum is shaping 'your future'...

Every year the world's richest businesspeople, powerful industrials, and influential politicians gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, where they discuss how they will "improve the state of the world."


The founder and chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, says proudly:

"We are shaping the future of the world".

They don't consult you, of course, to hear if you are interested at all in their ideas.


No, they just tell you what they are doing to radically transform every aspect of your life. Like recording all your thoughts, emotions, and dreams 24/7. Or tracking everything you do, buy, wear, and eat. Or even inserting thoughts and emotions into you.

The World Economic Forum has a name for this radical transformation of the world: The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Klaus Schwab wrote a book about it in which he concludes that digitizing everyone can,

"... lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness".

What does that mean, to be lifted into a collective consciousness?

Simply said:

we will all think alike...



Improving the state of the world



The official WEF slogan is "improving the state of world", and their agenda comes under various names:

...and so on.


The key word in their vocabulary is "crisis".


According to the WEF there are innumerable crises all over the world:

health crises, social crises, financial crises, energy crises, climate crises... nothing but crises, everywhere, all the time...

The only way to solve all these crises, they say, is to
radically transform every aspect of human existence:
food, housing, health care, sexuality, agriculture,

education, finance, travel, technology...

Everything has to be overhauled to "save the planet"...



What is so interesting about this, is that the very billionaires who claim to save the planet, are the ones who are responsible for destroying it in the first place.


They have been cutting down all the forests; planting thousands of polluting factories; poisoning the population with highly processed food that is void of nutrients, yet full of chemical substances.


They have been stealing all the natural resources of every nation in the world, which impoverished the people of those countries.


They have been destroying agriculture through excessive spraying of neurotoxic and carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides, while genetically modifying all produce, resulting in unhealthy food, fruits and vegetables.



They have created the insane agenda of injecting children with countless cocktails of toxic substances, which has proven to give rise to the epidemic of autism and countless childhood diseases.

Since mass vaccinations began decades ago, there is an explosion of previously non-existent mental and physiological diseases among children and youth, that is crippling them for life.

These same oligarchs are the ones who have been suppressing breakthrough cures for cancer, as inventors of these medical revolutions have been found dead, all over the world.


Meanwhile they charge astronomical amounts for chemotherapy which devastates the human body and in most cases doesn't help, but has been proven to cause cancer to re-emerge more powerful than before.



At the same time they make the world population dependent on their chemical drugs that never cure anyone but merely suppress symptoms, without ever dealing with the root issue of what is actually causing the health problems.


Big Pharma generally doesn't heal sick people, but makes them lifelong consumers of drugs that cause a wide variety of other health issues.


Many people have to take pills to deal with side effects caused by other pills they are taking.

This system brings billions of dollars in the pockets of the big pharmaceutical corporations...


And what about,

  • their disastrous weather modification programs where trillions of gallons of toxic substances are sprayed into the atmosphere

  • the neurotoxic and carcinogenic radiation they expose humanity to through 5G, WiFi and Bluetooth

  • the mass production of plastics that wreaks ocean life,

...and so on, and so on, and so on.


The horrors inflicted onto humanity by these superrich industrials, who stop at nothing to make even more money, are unspeakable.

And now these psychopath billionaires, who only care about power and profit, are claiming they want to "improve the state of the world"?


Let's have a look at some of the ways they plan to "save the planet", and build a "better world" for all of us:

  • People can only participate in society if they constantly take new booster injections.

  • Social credit scores force people to comply, as resistance lowers their score, resulting in loss of basic rights.

  • Humanity must be moved into Smart Cities, where their thoughts, emotions and dreams are recorded.

  • The distance that city people can go from their homes, must be limited to 15-20 minutes.

  • Cash must be replaced by digital currencies that can be fully controlled by the rulers. Both spending and how much money people can have, must be limited.

  • Only allow information online that supports the agenda. Censor everything that questions their plans, by calling "disinformation" and "hate".

  • People should no longer be allowed to have private property, but everything must be rented: homes, cars, tools, even clothes...


  • The sunlight must be blocked from reaching the earth, in order to prevent "global warming".

  • Reduce personal rights and freedoms from humanity. Free speech for example must be recalibrated.

  • Push homosexual education in kindergarten and first grade. Teach little children to masturbate and have sex.

  • Promote pedophilia as a natural sexual preference, that must be included in society. Call opponents "haters".

  • Indoctrinate children at school to surgically alter their sexual identity, without the consent of their parents.

  • Turn everyone into a cyborg, connected to the cloud, from where A.I. will constantly monitor them.

  • Create a class of elite humanoids with superhuman abilities, that will rule over humanity.

  • Replace doctors, lawyers, teachers, ministers, preachers, etc. with A.I.

  • Let A.I. control human life, by telling the people who to marry, what to buy, who to vote for, etc.

  • Allow managers to see what is going on inside the brains of their employees.

  • Use 5G to read peoples thoughts and emotions, and to insert thoughts and feelings into the population.

  • Replace grass-fed beef with genetically engineered insects that are grown in factories.

  • Tell the elderly to choose euthanasia, so they don't burden the economy.


There is much more, but this overview gives a general idea of their brilliant ideas that will most definitely "save the planet" and make life so much "better" for everyone.


Other concepts are:

limit human contact by making school, gathering, shopping, worship, socializing etc. online,

,,,where life must be lived behind a screen. Life in a new digital realm, called the MetaVerse is also heavily promoted.


Furthermore the World Economic Forum wants to close off 30% of all wilderness, so enjoying the great outdoors will become much harder.


Abundant evidence for all the above is found in the expandable section of references at the end of this report.




Recording your thoughts and dreams



The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been informing the world about their ultimate goal:

"You will own nothing, have no privacy and you will be happy".

This situation is promoted as a "utopia" in a post written by a citizen of a Smart City, who exclaims how wonderful it is to own nothing, and what a dream the world has become, as everybody lives in Smart Cities.



This is a direct quote from the article:

"Once in a while I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy.


Nowhere I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me.


All in all, it is a good life."






A Smart City is a high tech environment where citizens are surveilled 24/7 by data harvesting technologies that record every detail of their life.


Every conversation, purchase, physical activity, location, thought, emotion and dream is recorded.

The World Economic Form is pushing hard to build Smart Cities all over the world. In The Netherlands for example the government ordered the elimination of 3,000 farms, so they can seize the farmland.


They claim this is needed to "save the planet" from climate change.


Apparently the farms, with their green grasslands, are responsible for destroying the climate.


At the same time official plans are revealed to build a monstrous Smart City that will turn most of The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium into one massive surveillance state, called the TriState City Network.



The plan is to turn the beautiful Netherlands into one giant Smart City.


This gorgeous country, known for it's wide open landscapes with windmills, tulips, creeks, boats, and grazing cows, will be called "Holland City".



Why do they want everyone to live in Smart Cities?


Because the emerging data harvesting technologies will be used to gather astronomically amounts of personal data from everyone which is considered the new wealth of the future.


Where in the past land, or gold was considered the most precious asset, today it is data. The more personal data the global corporations gather from humanity, the more power they will have.

Bill Gates for example has purchased 24,800 acres of land in Arizona, to build a Smart City that can house 80,000 people.


This city will be centered around data centers where all the personal information of the citizens will be stored.

But there is more... According to the former Chilean president Sebastian Piñera, 5G is not only able to read our thoughts and emotions, but it can also insert thoughts and emotions.


He adds that 5G will become the central nervous system of society, and they will make sure it reaches every home.


In other words:

everyone living in Smart Cities will not only constantly be monitored - while all their thoughts, emotions and dreams are recorded - but they could also be turned into the perfectly obedient citizens, by inserting the desired thoughts and feelings into everyone.

"Most of what we think is vanity, anyway", Piñera concludes...



Making life a 100% digital experience



The World Economic Forum strongly promotes the Fourth Industrial Revolution which means that all life on earth must be transformed into a digital experience, even the expression of humanity itself.


During their yearly conference in Davos the advisor for the WEF professor Yuval Noah Harari made the following statement:

"In the near future humanity will be ruled by entities that are more different from us than we are from chimpanzees."

He goes on to say that the elites will be turned into humanoid robots, that will far exceed the capabilities of the rest of humanity, making them like gods that will rule over the entire world.


Harari calls them "Homo Deus" or the "God Man".


These are his very own words, that you can hear in the video below. The rest of humanity may not become as advanced as these supreme elitist humanoids, but they will also be blended in with technology.


Supposedly this will make life easier and better, but the real life consequence is that people will be physically connected to the cloud, where artificial intelligence will have full access to their entire body - including their nervous system and brain.


As Yuval Harari says:

"We are entering the era where surveillance will no longer be outside of us, but it will be under our skin."

Their plan goes further, as they envision artificial intelligence becoming the director of our lives, as it will know us better than we know ourselves.


People will no longer have to seek wisdom, or even divine guidance for critical decisions, but A.I. will tell us everything we need to know. It will tell us who to marry, where to live, what to buy, who to vote for, and so on.


It will gain this knowledge through the 24/7 omnipresent surveillance technologies, that will record every little detail about us.



In a sense A.I. will become the new 'God':

it will be omnipresent, and know everything about everyone...

A.I. will also replace most jobs in the world, says Klaus Schwab.

Doctors, lawyers, drivers, teachers, ministers, pastors, etc., can all easily be replaced by A.I.


It will drive our cars, write our books, create our paintings, compose our music, teach our children, preach in our churches, defend us in court, and so on.

A.I. will be better at everything, they say.


And no, that is not a scenario for a science fiction movie. Ads to let A.I. create our paintings, write our books, and guide our businesses are already all over social media, encouraging people to surrender to A.I.

Finally, Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum makes it clear that humanity will be genetically edited, to "improve" us.


Every informed person knows that genetically modified organisms are less healthy, and even pose dangers to human health. Conscious people try to avoid GMO produce, because the original life forms are so much better.


Now they want to genetically modify humans...

Listen to Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari declare to the world how everyone must become a cyborg, to "save the planet", how a new class of elite humanoids will rule all of humanity, and how A.I. will take over the control over our lives:





Climate change changes everything

The magic word to force humanity into Smart Cities, where people are only allowed to go 15-20 minutes from their homes, is "climate change".


The World Economic Forum claims that the climate is out of order, because people go too far from their homes, and do to many activities outdoors, which causes harmful emission of CO2.


That's why they want to add trackers in peoples phones, clothes and eventually inside everyones body, to monitor the amount of carbon we are emitting.



Never mind the countless factories they are erecting that constantly emit unimaginable amounts of toxic gases. Never mind the mega cities they want to build, to replace green pastures.


Never mind that these billionaires all use private jets that emit crazy amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

It's not the cutting down of trillions of trees, destroying rural country, and building monstrous Smart Cities that is bad for the environment.


No, it's the people who want to visit their families, enjoy a day at the beach, or hike in the mountains. That is what destroys the climate!


Therefore they want to forbid private car ownership. 50 Cars should be shared among each other: one car for the whole neighborhood.


But wait... who are these people again, making these statements?


O yes, right,

they are billionaires who each have several private jets and a vast collection of cars...



The WEF agenda of world domination

The World Economic Forum doesn't hide their true intention.


What they ultimately aim to establish is nothing less that unprecedented world domination. They make that crystal clear with their famous WEF wheel:


Global Governance, Corporate Governance, and Internet Governance... the World Economic Forum publicly states they want to seize full control over the world, including all corporations and all information.



They also want to connect every person on earth to a "Digital Identity", which will include their vaccination status.


All who are not up to date with their umpteenth booster injection, will be excluded from banking, health care, working, transportation, gathering, and so on.

We saw test runs for this during the pandemic: only the vaccinated were allowed to travel, in Israel the unvaccinated could not enter supermarkets, and in Nigeria unvaccinated people could not access banking services.


The same was tested in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The Netherlands, and other countries.


Countless people lost their job, because they were not fully vaccinated. In Brazil, the new president Lula said that only fully vaccinated people will receive financial child support.


What does it mean to be "fully vaccinated"?


It means that you constantly have to get new shots, several times a year. Missing one shot, even if you had twenty already, throws you back to the status of being an unvaccinated individual, with no rights.





Who is really behind this madness?

By moving their operations behind the scenes, the rulers could be protected from the wrath of the public.


But they also had to protect themselves from prosecution from governments, so they created for themselves so called "sovereign states".


A sovereign state is an area that is not submitted to the laws of the land, and is in essence untouchable.



An example of such a sovereign state, is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which oversees more than fifty central banks, making it one of the most powerful financial entities in the world, from where rulers execute their operations of world domination.


In 1987 the BIS Headquarters Agreement was negotiated with the Swiss Federal Council, which includes the following agreements:

✔ Full inviolability for all buildings of the BIS, and the land beneath and around them, indifferent to who owns them.

✔ Full immunity from criminal and civil prosecution and proceedings for the bank as such.

✔ No payment of taxes on transactions and salaries of personnel.

✔ No disclosure to governments regarding the activities of the BIS.

✔ Not subject to any jurisdiction.

The Bank for International Settlements cannot be prosecuted, doesn't need to inform the government of its activities, pays no taxes, and is not submitted to any jurisdiction.


It is untouchable, and can do whatever it wants.



An even more powerful sovereign state is the City of London, an area of one square mile, in the heart of London city.

The City of London is the financial center of the world and the headquarters of the British elites where hundreds of banks have their offices. It's not governed by the British government, but on the contrary, reigns supreme over it.


The City of London has its own courts and police, is unchallenged in its sovereignty and self-government, and rules over most of the Earth.


It is also the headquarters for worldwide Freemasonry, as well as the headquarters for the worldwide money cartel known as "The Crown".


The Crown controls the global financial system and runs the governments of all Commonwealth countries (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, most of Africa...) and many non-Commonwealth 'Western' nations as well (like Greece).


The Crown traces back to the Vatican.



Surprisingly the most important sovereign state in the world is Vatican City State.


While to the public the Vatican presents itself as a 'religious' institution, in reality it is the head of the worldwide financial network.

What most people don't know is that there is not just one pope but there are in fact three popes:

All we ever see is the White Pope, but little do we know that he is the lowest of the three popes. In reality the highest authority is the Grey Pope, who is never seen in public, as he operates as a perfectly concealed supreme puppet master.


The Vatican presents itself to humanity as the seat of godliness, while it is in fact the exact opposite.


As the saying goes:

"The best place for the devil to hide, is in the church."

The lower level people who work in the Vatican are clueless to this, just as low level government officials are oblivious to who truly controls their nation.


The rulers ensure that all who work for them on the lower levels are kept in a state of complete ignorance.


Only those that start asking questions, and seek truth, will eventually be confronted with more and more corruption, the higher they climb the ladder.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano exposed sexual abuse, and financial corruption in the Vatican.


He also warns humanity for their agenda of world domination:





The vast majority of humanity - even most political leaders - have no clue that these sovereign states even exist, let alone rule the world.


All we know, and see, are the public personalities - like politicians and businessmen - who are mere puppets of these concealed puppet masters.


Their strength is in obscurity. By remaining hidden from the view of humanity, they are able to operate unchecked, without being held accountable by the people.




A good resource to learn about the agenda for world domination by hidden rulers, is the "
Grand Jury - Revealing the Agenda for World Domination".


This contains the expert testimonies of former members of the,

British Intelligence Service, British Navy, US Marine Corps, World Health Organization, United Nations, and the CDC,

...who testified before a Grand Jury with 11 lawyers and a judge about the agenda for world domination.



Who are the hidden rulers?

Who are the people in these sovereign states, and who are the entities that work for them in the nations of the world?


This worldwide network is generally referred to as the,

Deep State, Shadow Government, Cabal, 1%, Satanic Bloodlines, Illuminati, Elites, Royals, Black Nobility, Khazarian Mafia and so on...

They consist of ancient royal dynasties and bloodlines that go back hundreds and even thousands of years.


To learn more about these nefarious families, who they are, where they come from and how they operate, I recommend the classic work by Fritz Springmeier, "13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati".


This highly acclaimed reference work is made available as a download on the website of the CIA. It reveals information about the bloodlines in the United States of America.

A second authoritative resource that focuses more on the European families, is "The 13 Satanic Bloodlines" by the investigative journalist Robin de Ruiter, who in 2008 accurately predicted the Covid 'pandemic'.

Some of the criminal families are

Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, DuPont, Russell, Onassis, Collins, Morgan, Kennedy, Van Duyn, Li, Astor, Vanderbilt, Bauer, Whitney, Duke, Oppenheimer, Grey, Sinclair, Schiff, Solvay, Sassoon, Wheeler, Todd, Clinton, Taft, Goldschmidt, Wallenberg, Guggenheim, Bush,

...and many others.





There are also the royal families, like the House of Habsburg, one of the most prominent dynasties in European history who ruled over most of Europe.

Other royal families are the,

  • House of Windsor (United Kingdom and Commonwealth)

  • House of Orange-Nassau (plays a central role in the politics and government of Europe)

  • House of Schwarzenberg (one of the most prominent European noble houses), etc.

Many of these families are genetically connected, as they hold the belief that they have different genetics than the rest of humanity, and therefore have a right to rule over all of us.


It is an established fact that they call the public their "cattle".



House of Windsor





House of Schwarzenberg




At the helm of all these families is the so called "head of the snake", the Black Nobility or the Jesuit / Papal bloodlines whose headquarters are in Vatican City State.


One of the most prominent ones is the House of Orsini, who are descendants from the Julio-Claudian dynasty of ancient Rome.


Much more information about all this can be found in the aforementioned reference works, on the Dutch website (translate the pages using Google translate), and on the internet, when using the uncensored search engine Qwant.




The top of the power structure



Are the concealed families who operate from within the sovereign states the highest level of the pyramid of power that controls the world? No.


There is more to reveal.


This next bit of information can be especially challenging for some readers because it is so out of this world - quite literally. In order to help you understand the reality of what you are about to learn, I will first give some basic historic background.

If we look at world history, there is one thing that stands out: in every culture, everywhere on earth, the worship of demonic entities was always at the heart of every society.

Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Rome, and Greece were deeply embedded in spiritual practices, which usually involved two things:

sexual abuse and human sacrifice...

This applies to every part of the world, be it Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe - literally worldwide.


One prominent spiritual entity that has been worshipped throughout the history of humanity, is called Moloch.


In different cultures around the world, he had various names like,

Melech, Mo-lech, Milcom, Melkom, Molek, Malec, Malik, Melek, Malkum, Melqart, Melkart, Milk, Melqarth, Kronos and Cronus.

In Islam, Mo-lech is called Malec or Malik and so on.

The many names confirm the worldwide worship of this demonic entity.

Moloch is depicted as a human with the head of a bull. Statues of this demon were heated with fire, and once the outstretched hands were glowing hot, living babies were placed in them.


To suppress the terrified cries of the child being burned alive, loud music was played.



This is basic human history that everyone of us should be aware of.


When you travel anywhere in the world, the architectural remains of human sacrifice can often be seen at various locations.

In South America, the Aztec pyramids, for example, mark the landscape.


At the top of these pyramids, humans were sacrificed to dark spiritual forces.


In Europe, this was done by the druids.


In Africa by the shamans.


In Egypt by the high priests, and so on.


With the spread of Christianity, this horrible practice was abolished in the public sphere, but it wasn't eradicated from society.


Rather, many servants of the dark realm continued to practice these rituals in secret. And this is where we come to the top of the pyramid of world power.

In the authoritative reference works of Fritz Springmeier, as well as in every other quality resource about this topic, you will find abundant documentation that, at the supreme level of the power structures, ritual sexual abuse and human sacrifice are still practiced.



This is confirmed, for example, by Ronald Bernard, a former bankster who worked at a high level of the worldwide financial imperium.

Bernard moved trillions of dollars for the concealed rulers, and gained a clear understanding of what happens in these circles. In the video below he testifies that at the higher levels of the financial elites, most people are members of a religion called Luciferianism.


Ronald was invited to join their satanic masses, which involve a lot of alcohol and sex.


At some point, he was asked to participate in child sacrifice. In return for human sacrifices, the elites receive power and wealth from the dark realm.


That explains their extraordinary financial resources, and their incredible influence worldwide.


Ronald Bernard refused to partake in this practice, left the elite world behind, and is now working on alternative financial systems to liberate humanity.

The highly revealing eye-witness testimony of Ronald Bernard can be seen in the following video, which has been viewed by about 90 million people worldwide:



The information shared by Ronald Bernard is confirmed by former directors of the CIA, FBI, police, gendarmerie, military, detectives, eye witnesses, judges, and many surviving victims in our evidence report about sexual abuse and murder by high level officials.


I also have in my possession several personal letters from women who escaped the cruel circles of the elites, where they have been raped thousands of times.

Nathalie Augustina described a little bit of her story in a Dutch book, "Confessions of a top fashion model", written by the aforementioned reporter Robin de Ruiter.

Nathalie was mind-controlled by the CIA to be a sex slave for the highest level of the elites: royal families, heads of state, commanders of the military, Hollywood celebrities, etc.

Another (anonymous) surviving victim and eye-witness also sent me several letters.


These are highly disturbing to read, but I decided to include a small portion of them in this report, as these eye-witnesses reveal a profound reality that humanity needs to become aware of.


Please understand that you may experience the well known phenomena called cognitive dissonance or Semmelweiss effect, when seeing this information.


These are psychological mechanisms that are subconsciously activated to protect us from new information that is too challenging for our current beliefs.


Or simply said:

we hide our head in the sand, because reality is too scary...




I do encourage you to be self-conscious about this, and not give in to the reflex to deny disturbing information, as that is what sustains these horrors.


The reason I share these sensitive details, is because this kind of evil can only exist, due to the ignorance of humanity.


Bringing this into the light is the first step to put an end to this terror.




"I grew up in Canada... the core of this thing is genetics. These bloodline families believe they are genetically superior.


Wherever you see people manipulating genetics... it's probably them. And wherever you find "royal families" ruling countries... you'll find them in abundance.

So these families worship the fallen angels... that would be:

Satan, Lucifer, Baphomet, Moloch and Baal...

So my childhood was one satanic ritual after another.


They are done on specific dates throughout the year... solstices, equinoxes, full moons, etc etc. The purpose of the rituals is to gather power for themselves.


A typical childhood in this horror will find kids raped a few thousands times by the time they're 18. We're talking a satanic cult network that is worldwide. And they make a big chunk of their money trafficking kids. It's brutal.

So they start the programming in the womb or at birth.


They use astrology and numerology... they're black magic occultists... they pick your birth date... they groom you for specific careers.


They attempt to put their people at the top of fields around the world. But now they're going for broke. They want a central world gov't... in Jerusalem.


They want to take down nation states.

Because the torture in the cult is so extreme... people split and dissociate... so most people are DID... suffering from dissociative identity disorder... which used to be called multiple personality disorder.


Basically you end up with a whole bunch of people or personality fragments inside yourself... because with each torture... you split.

The result of this is that a lot of people who went through this... have no memory of it... and the cult takes advantage of that.


They structure the personality so you have personalities that come out at night... and others that live your day life. People live double lives and don't realize that.


It's very clever so the cult gets all sorts of things done at night.... They want unfeeling psychopaths who will have no emotion as they do their dirty work. They strip the feelings right out of kids in the cult.


They put you through near death experiences... this opens up the psychic centers and shoots the IQ thru the roof. Makes kids very useful to them.

During world war 2... the Nazi's developed sophisticated mind control techniques... and many medical procedures...


Allen Dulles who was the first director of the CIA... (first called the OSS - Office of Strategic Studies) got funding from the US gov't under Project Paperclip... he brought a lot of the scientists and doctors over to the US.


Russia took a lot of them also.


When they got here... they carried on their work... but that mind control got integrated into the cult network throughout North America.


That's how I ended up in it.


The fact that my grandfather and great uncle were both Grand Masters in the Scottish Rite of Masonry here... was also why.


I was born into it.

Jane Bond
(Not real name)


Nathalie Augustina explained in her personal letters to me that, at the highest levels, these rulers are not fully human.


This was also related to me personally by Ronald Bernard, and it is confirmed by many other investigators worldwide in numerous books and videos.


It is becoming more and more common knowledge, that humanity is under attack by pure evil. That explains the extreme inhumane tyranny the World Economic Forum and their allies, are imposing on humanity.


Here is what Nathalie Augustina says:




"My book is only a fraction of the truth. It is all much worse.


I have actually waited until the people are awake enough before telling everything. The people were awakened via the elections in the USA with the illegitimate position of pedophile Joe Biden, Covid and now Ukraine.

I know the whole world of satanic pedophile head families. I know and have been used and raped by members of the ruling families who are above the Royal Houses.


The Dutch fake royal house has as its boss the Habsburg clan and the Vatican.


The Rothschilds control all Royals financially. Every Royal House must bow before them and give act de presence when summoned.

I was often in Switzerland in DAVOS and Lausanne and Zurich and Geneva. Always during the political meetings of world leaders.


There is much more going on on earth than you know or realize.

E.g. Klaus Schwab is a pure Habsburg.

The Absolute Ruling Families meet 3 times a year in Davos, Switzerland.


These gatherings are closed and heavily secured. This is where the Dinosaur Families meet. A specific group only comes out at night. Never during the day. Daylight is harmful to them.


They're not normal people either. They live hundreds of years, the oldest I met was 830 years old. They do not eat food like humans do.


Their medical need is baby blood, until 25 days after the baby is born.


The other group takes baby blood and baby meat, nothing but that."

Nathalie Augustina


Anyone who wants to verify this information can watch the videos in this report, download the PDF documents, read the books, and do your own research on the internet using the uncensored search engine Qwant, and the video platform BitChute.


If you want to learn more about the reality of cannibalism by the dark realm, I invite you to look into our evidence report about abuse by high level officials.

Something that can help you understand the cruelty of these entities, are the parties for Hollywood celebrities organized by Marina Abramovic.



Marina Abramovic and Rothschild.

Photo taken during a party

of the Rothschilds on December 12, 1972.

Marie-Hélène de Rothschild organized

a Surrealist Ball at Château de Ferrières,

one of their castles.




She is perhaps the most popular artist among the elites, and the following images reveal why.

I have hidden them, because they are so disturbing. You need to click the link below to see them. Don't open it, if you are very sensitive.

Click to see images at mid-page about, that prove the satanic nature of the elites...

What you see in these images is just the superficial low level stuff, shown to the public. We cannot even imagine what they are doing in secret...


The eye-witness testimonies also only briefly lift the veil of this dark realm. Once you know how evil these entities are, it becomes clear why they have no problem imposing the inhumane tyranny promoted by the World Economic Forum and their allies.


It is critical that we have the courage to share this information with the world.

Humanity is not merely suffering from corrupt politicians and bankers, but is under attack by pure evil. At the very top there are dark spiritual entities.




Disconnecting humanity from God



What we must understand however, is that besides these dark forces, there is also a Creator who is the giver and origin of all that is good, who is on the side of humanity, to deliver us from evil.


The past decades there has been a worldwide, strategic mind control operation against the people of this world, to steer the vast majority away from this Source of all life.

When people are disconnected from 'God',

who alone is greater than the realm of evil,

they are easier to control and enslave.

It is imperative that we wake up from this brainwashed state of induced spiritual blindness, and return to the Giver of all life, who can empower and guide us to deliver humanity from the forces of darkness.


This has nothing to do with religion, but is as basic to our existence as 1+1=2.


We all know there is good and evil. It's no just some vague "energy" but there are personal entities, just like we are personal beings.


It is absurd to recognize the existence of intense evil, while denying the reality of the realm of life, love, goodness and truth.




The worldwide power structure

The following diagram shows a basic overview of the worldwide power structure of evil and corruption, which has penetrated every aspect of human society.


I reveal this in the hope that it will assist in the worldwide downfall of these nefarious networks, as their nr. 1 strength is the ignorance of the population.


As long as they can operate beyond the awareness of the public, they can continue unchecked.


That's why I implore all who read this report, to please not hesitate to share it, but have the courage to spread this far and wide, as that is what will eventually shatter their stronghold over humanity.






The lowest level of the pyramid

For some people this next piece of information can again be disturbing, but it is nevertheless true.


Please read with an honest heart that is willing to look at truth and reality.





The lowest level of the worldwide criminal power structure is the law enforcement, who are used to keep the public in check, under the false premise of "enforcing the law".


Whenever needed, law enforcement will break any and all existing laws in order to keep the public in total submission. We saw this with the peaceful protests of law-abiding citizens during the lockdowns.

Law enforcement worldwide broke multiple laws by violently assaulting children, the elderly and people of all ages, who did nothing wrong, and lawfully expressed their desire for truth, justice and the upholding of their constitutional rights.

During a protest in Germany in 2020 law enforcement arrested every protester who was waving a booklet of the German constitution.


This shows something of grave concern: at any given time, law enforcement will violently war against the law, if they are ordered to. They are trained to be unquestioning extensions of their supervisors, even if they are criminals.


Whatever they are ordered to do - no matter how unlawful - they will do.





Thousands of peaceful, innocent citizens ended up in the hospital, many died, and others ran for their life because of the extremely violent assaults by law enforcement.



In The Netherlands several elderly citizens who peacefully walked along in lawful protests, were assaulted so violently by criminal police, that they had to be hospitalized.


Here you see a 71 year old man, being attacked from behind by a police officer, who hit him on the head, breaking his skull.



During a 2021 peaceful protest for press freedom in Germany an elderly lady was dragged over the ground by law enforcement, and died as a result from the police violence.

This kind of criminal behavior by so called "law enforcement" is rampant all around the world. In Africa more people died from police violence during the lockdowns, than from Covid!


The president of the Philippines ordered the police to kill everyone who didn't comply. See video below for evidence.

See footage of outrageous police violence around the world, and learn how you can stand up against this criminal behavior of corrupted "public servants" if you know your God-given rights.





Also HERE...


Many Chiefs of Police are involved in child abuse and human trafficking.


This explains why truly important investigations into high level operations of human trafficking are always cancelled, once the investigation begins to uncover the true culprits.


See a vast amount of evidence for this in our aforementioned report on sexual abuse by high level officials.




Above law enforcement we have criminal judges, who crack down on good people while protecting top criminals.


Those who pay attention to the judicial system will notice how the top level criminal leaders are never prosecuted, and only their lower-end puppets end up in jail.


This is called the "two tier justice system".


As the saying goes:

"Laws for you, but not for me".

The vast majority of judges protect the criminal leaders at the top, either because they have been positioned by them, or they are being bribed, blackmailed or threatened.

Naturally, there are also good judges and law enforcement officers, but all of them will at some point be confronted with high level corruption, once they start asking difficult questions, doing sensitive investigations, or opposing criminal orders.


It is hard to be a just judge or police officer in a criminal world.


Nevertheless, we need far more righteous warriors of truth and justice to expose this corruption.


I am in touch with BlueTruth, a group of retired police officers and detectives who are working to expose the vast system of child trafficking by government officials.


Police for Freedom is a worldwide organization of officers who stand up against the criminal practices of their supervisors.


These are promising developments.



How can we stop this insanity?





Don't be silent to protect yourself.


Seeing a man rape a child and standing by doing nothing, is blatant complicity. You have refused to stop it, which is the same as allowing it to happen. That goes for every form of crime.


When we stand by and do nothing, we are part of the criminal act.

This is the time to stand up
and do something.


The key to the success of these criminal operations is the ignorance of the public.


Once the people become aware of what is really going on, they resist, and the plans of the corrupt leaders fail. Therefore, our main focus must be using every means possible to inform the people around us.

You can download flyers, posters, banners and memes to point people to


Since we don't own the mainstream media, we have to inform people by handing out flyers, distributing brochures door to door, and putting up posters in public spaces.


We need to place ads in local newspapers, rent billboards, and pay for radio commercials, all of which point people to or any other website you want people to visit.

Below you see an example of an informative flyer that you can download for free, print as often as you like, and distribute in your community.




Continue reading...