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 -  Aphelion in 1881 & Freemasonry


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 -  Cronometraje de La Ultima Aparición de Nibiru


 -  Dark Star Discovery Within 3 Years?


 -  Dark Star News


 -  Dark Star - The Planet X Evidence


 -  El Hobbit y la Estrella Oscura


 -  Enanas Marrones


 - ¿Está Alguien Siquiera Mirando?


 -  Gold, The Anunnaki and Global Warming


 -  Is Anyone Even Looking?


 -  La Duat-Amenti o Necher-Jertet


 - ¿La Estrella Oscura Es El Segundo Sol?


 -  La Estrella Oscura - Evidencia del Planeta X


 -  Nibiru - La Solución


 -  Perturbations in Nibiru’s Orbit


 -  Sedna - A Clue to Nibiru


 -  The Astronomical Case (Updated Chronologically)



 -  The Celestial Cross


 -  The Dark Star and Mass Extinctions


 -  The Dark Star Theory


 -  The Dark Star Up To Date


 -  The Duat - Amenti or Necher-Jertet


 -  The Great Water Conundrum


 -  The Messianic Star Identified


 -  Theosophy and The Dark Star Connection - An Essay



 -  The Red King and The Rubedo


 -  The Timing of Nibiru’s Last Appearance



 -  The "True Sun" of The Incas


 -  Tsunamis and the Flood


 -  Wide Binary Brown Dwarfs Reveal Their Secrets



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 -  A Mystery Revolves Around The Sun


 -  Bright X-Rays - Dim Dwarfs


 -  Earth Under Attack From Death Star


 -  Getting WISE About Nemesis - Companion of Our Sun?


 -  Mithras and The Hypercosmic Sun


 -  Mitra y el Sol Hipercósmico


 -  Puzzling X-Rays from Jupiter


 -  The Unofficial Area 51


 -  Winged Disc/Disco Alado - Busty Taylor Crop Circle



 -  Winged Disc - The Dark Star Theory - Book Review





 -  Interview to Andy Lloyd



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