The term "Big Brother" has entered the lexicon as a synonym for abuse of government power, particularly in respect to civil liberties, often specifically related to mass surveillance.





 -  19 Signs That America Has Become a Crazy Control Freak Nation Where Almost Everything is Illegal


 -  70 Years Later it's Still '1984'


 -  1984/2024 - La Esperanza Oculta en la Advertencia de Orwell


 -  1984/2024 - The Hidden Hope in Orwell's Warning


 - "1984" has Come to China


 -  1984 in 2012 - The Assault on Reason



 - "1984" turns 70 Years Old in a World that Looks a Lot Like the Book


 -  1984 Versus 2025 - Top Secret Government Agenda for Global Enslavement Plan


 -  2022's Danger Signs - From Totalitarian Paranoia to Authoritarian Madness


 -  Agenda 21 and Earth Charter - Main File


 -  Aldous Huxley foresaw our Despots - Fauci, Gates, and their Vaccine Crusaders


 -  A Letter from Spain in the Year 2050


 -  Alguien Nos Vigila A Todas Horas


 -  Algunas Razones por las que Creer en la Autoridad es la 'Superstición Más Peligrosa'


 - ¿Amarás tu Servidumbre?


 -  Amazon Sells Out of Orwell's '1984' as America Starts Paying Attention to What's Really Going On


 -  Almost Everything Is A Crime In America Now - 14 of The Most Ridiculous Things That Americans Are...


 -  America Is Being Systematically Transformed Into A Totalitarian Society


 -  American Idiocracy - 50 Years Later, We're Still Stranded in the Twilight Zone


 -  Americans are Being Prepared for Full Spectrum Tyranny



 -  America Stands Upon The Precipice of Brutal Martial Law


 -  America, Welcome to The Fourth Reich


 -  Amerika - Behind The Mask


 -  Amerika - Detrás de la Máscara


 -  A New Kind of Tyranny - The Global State's War on 'Those Who Speak Truth to Power'


 -  A New World Tax Regime


 -  Anónimo Publica un Poderoso Mensaje de Navidad a la Humanidad - 2017 va a Ser Emocionante


 -  Anonymous Releases a Powerful Holiday Message to Humanity - 2017 is Going to Be Exciting


 -  Apocalypse Now - The Government's use of Controlled Chaos to Maintain Power


 -  Are Corporations Poised to Overtake Countries?


 -  Are You Loving Your Servitude...?


 -  Asesores Científicos del Gobierno admiten usar 'Tácticas de Miedo Totalitario' - Control durante la 'Pandemia'


 -  A State of Never-Ending Crisis - The Government is Fomenting Mass Hysteria


 -  A Totalitarian Society has Totalitarian Science - And Vice Versa


 -  Beyond Orwell - The Electronic Police State, 2010



 -  Biden Administration creates 'Ministry of Truth'


 -  Bienvenido al Gobierno de Vigilancia Masiva a Través de ¡Píldoras con Microchips!


 -  Bienvenidos al Futuro Orwelliano - Control Mental, Telepatía, Supersoldados, Transhumanismo, Supervigilancia


 -  Big Brother and The Hidden Hand of The "Free Market" - "Managing" Data and Dissent in America


 -  Big Brother Gets Under Your Skin



 -  Big Brother is Spying on You in 'Thousands of Ways' - All of that Info now goes into Centralized "Fusion Systems"


 -  Big Brother Loves You...



 -  Big Brother Not Just Spying on Schoolchildren Through Their Laptops


 -  Big Brother - Obama Calls for The Integration of State and Federal Military Forces


 -  Big Brother - Obama Demands Access to Internet Records, in Secret, and Without Court Review


 -  Big Brother's Coming! - Revealed Secret Plan to Tag Every Man, Woman and Child


 -  Big Brother Surveillance Society - from "The Atlantean Conspiracy - Exposing the Illuminati from Atlantis to...


 -  Big Brother to Track Your Medication Compliance With Electronic Transmitters in Pills


 -  Big Brother - Towards the Homeland Security State - from "America's 'War on Terrorism”' by M.Chossud...


 -  'Big Data' isola Milioni per la 'Lotta al Coronavirus'


 -  'Big Data' Segregates Millions in China's 'Coronavirus fight'


 -  Big Government - An Unnecessary Evil That Should Be Abolished

 -  Big Other - Surveillance Capitalism and the Prospects of an Information Civilization


 -  Big Tech's Authoritarian Practices are Accelerating - Will You Submit?


 -  Biometrics - The Prison Within - TripWires, Totalitarianism, and Technoids


 -  Biopoder en la Era del 'Gran Reinicio'


 -  Biopower in the Age of the 'Great Reset'


 -  Blue Beam - The Uncovert Project - Main File


 -  Boston Bombings - Detonator to Mobilize The Entire U.S. Security Apparatus - It May Change The World...


 -  Braccialetti, Segnali Luminosi, Codici a Barre - Indossabili come Risposta Globale al COVID-19


 -  Bracelets, Beacons, Barcodes - Wearables in the Global Response to COVID-19


 -  Brainwashed by The 1% - Are We Merely Puppets? - Hypernormalisation, a Documentary of 'A Fake World'


 -  'Brave New World' predicted 2018 Better than Any Other Novel


 -  British Protest the "15-Minute Cities" where they will become Prisoners of the State


 -  Cameron Advocates Greater Stasi-style Surveillance Powers for GCHQ after Charlie Hebdo


 -  Can The Corporate Media Turn Lies Into Truth?


 -  Capitalism is Doomed - Without Alternatives, So Are We


 -  Capitalismo de Vigilancia - Algoritmos para Manipular la Opinión Pública y la Caída de Facebook


 -  Chicago "Black Site" Indicates America has Passed the Point of No Return...


 -  China is Helping Governments of the World Build their Own Surveillance State


 -  China's Technological System to Control Dissenters


 -  CIA Home Invasion - Smart TVs and The 'Internet of Things'


 -  CIA - The Central Intelligence Agency - Main File


 -  Citizen Spy Recruitment Program Launches in U.S. Hotels


 -  Come "La Sorveglianza e il 5G" stanno Monitorando Rapidamente col pretesto della "Lotta al Coonavirus


 -  Cómo Palantir Conquistó el Mundo - El Estado Profundo


 -  Continuity of Government Police State - The Day After


 -  Convergencia Biodigital - Un explosivo Documento revela la Verdadera Agenda


 -  Covert Operations of The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)


 -  Creating the "Domestic Surveillance State" - How America's Wars Are Systematically Destroying Our...


 - ¿Cuán Fascistas son Los Estados Unidos? - Diez Indicadores del Fascismo


 -  Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China Now More Free than America in Notable Ways


 -  Cuidado con la Manipulación de las Empresas de Tecnología como Google


 -  CV-1984: China rolls out 'Test of Digital Currency' in Four Cities - Western Businesses Testing


 -  DARPA Sponsors Surveillance Technology to Predict Future Behavior


 -  De Cuarentena a Estado Policial - Se inaugura el "Gran Reinicio"


 -  Defense Department Seeks Legal Authority to Deploy Reservists onto American Streets


 -  De la Libertad de Expresión y la Actual Censura de Internet


 -  'Diebold' Voting Machines Can Be Hacked by Remote Control


 -  Digital Currency - The FED moves toward Monetary Totalitarianism


 -  Digital Vaccine Certificates after Continued Lockdown - Plans for Post-Coronavirus World


 - "D" is for a 'Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy'


 -  Divide, Conquer, Reset and then Scientific Dictatorship


 -  Dividi, Conquista, Ristruttura e poi Dittatura Scientifica


 -  Documents Show Undersea Cable Firms Provide Surveillance Access to U.S. Secret State


 -  Domestic "Internet of Things" Begins to Merge With the Industrial Smart Grid


 -  Do People Still Read 'Brave New World'?


 -  Dos Ejemplos que Muestran que Rusia y China "No son la Alternativa"


 -  Dutch State Secretary admits 5G will be Used for 'Crowd Control'


 -  EE.UU. sienta las Bases para un Estado Policial Médico


 -  Effective World Government Will Be Needed to Stave Off Climate Catastrophe


 -  El Coronavirus y el 'Factor Miedo'... - Main File


 -  El Covid-19 podría ser el Detonador del Peor Sistema Totalitario de la Historia - Afirma Yuval Noah Harari


 -  El Diagnostico Psiquiátrico y sus Vínculos con la Vigilancia Masiva


 -  Electronic Surveillance - America's Secret Domestic Spying Apparatus


 -  El Estado de Vigilancia Omnipresente - '1984' de Orwell ya No Es una Ficción


 -  El Estado Tecnocrático es el Enemigo Mortal del Individuo


 -  El Fin de La Humanidad Como la Conocemos - Según Documento Filtrado de La NASA 2013


 - ¿El Fin de La Internet... Que Conocemos? - Main File



 -  El Futuro 'Orwelliano' que los Expertos en Tecnología Plantean en la Cumbre de Davos 2015


 -  El Germen de un Gran Mal


 -  El Gobierno Secreto-Invisible - Main File



 -  El Golpe de Estado Mundial



 -  El 'Gran Teatro' de la Bioseguridad - Covid-19



 -  El Matrimonio de Big Data con Big Brother - China crea Sistema para Evaluar Conducta de sus Ciudadanos


 -  El Mundo Anglosajón - Camino de La Tiranía


 -  El Mundo Después de la Pandemia


 -  El Nuevo Orden Mundial - Main File



 -  El Pentágono Abre La Puerta al Golpe de Estado Militar en EE.UU.


 -  El Plan para un Sistema Global de Esclavitud


 -  El Precio de La Verdad - Un Acto de Rebelión


 -  El Reseteo Global - El Gran Reinicio - Main File


 -  El Triunfo del Gran Hermano



 -  Enabling a Decentralized World - How can we Create something that has Never Existed Before?


 -  Entendiendo y Desmantelando El Sistema de Control Global


 - ¿Esclavos Voluntarios del 'Estado Covidiano'?


 - ¿Es el 'Control de la Población' la próxima "Teoría Conspirativa" que se hará Realidad...?


 -  Esta Agencia del Gobierno en la Sombra es más Atemorizante que la NSA


 - "Estados Unidos No Teme a Los Informantes - Teme a Una Sociedad Informada" - Dice Snowden


 -  Este Párrafo de 'Un Mundo Feliz' explica la Tragedia Moderna - O cómo Canjeamos la Verdad y la Belleza...


 -  Every Click You Make, They'll Be Watching



 -  FaceBook and The Internet - Main File



 -  FaceBook as the Ultimate Government Surveillance Tool?

 -  FaceBook is Working on a Smartphone that Can Read Thoughts


 - 'Fahrenheit 451' predicted People would Demand Tyranny


 -  False Flag Attacks Part of Global Elite's Plan for Tyrannical Police State

 -  Fascism and War - Elite Tools to Crush and Kill Dissent


 -  FBI Creating Terrorism Plots to Thwart, Instilling Fear in Americans


 -  FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency - Main File


 -  Fifty Ways to Starve The Beast



 -  Finland abandons Universal Basic Income Experiment after Two Years


 -  FOIA Lawsuit Reveals FBI Collecting Biometric Information for Massive Interagency Database


 -  ‘Food Terrorism' - Next Door to The Magic Kingdom



 -  Forget '1984'... We're Facing a 'Brave New World'



 -  From America to Amerika - The End Game



 - ¿Futuro Post-Coronavirus? - Biosensores Inyectables, I.A. de Detección de Virus, Robots y Sociedad sin...


 - 'Gaslighting' - La Psicología de Moldear la Realidad del Otro


 -  Genes Are Considered The Property of Big Brother - Newborns' DNA Routinely Harvested for...


 -  Giant Surveillance Balloons are Lurking at the Edge of Space


 -  Global Reset - Great Reset - Main File


 -  Global Smart Grid - Technocracy Endgame



 -  Global Upraising - Main File



 -  Glorious Martial Law?



 -  Gmail de Google Escanea, Controla la Sintaxis, Analiza y Cataloga tu Correo Electrónico


 -  Google Chrome is Tracking Your Every Move and Storing it - This is How to Stop It


 -  Google Has Become Orwell's "Ministry of Truth"


 -  Google is Watching You - Meet Jigsaw: Google's Intelligence Agency


 -  Google latest Search Engine Update crushes Traffic to "Inconvenient" Websites


 -  Google - None Dare Call It Sedition


 -  Google nos Vigila - El Caso de los Servicios Médicos


 -  Google's Chrome Web Browser "Has Become Spy Software"


 -  Government Microchips Our Soldiers - How Long Will it Be Before They Want to Put a Microchip in YOU?


 -  Government Proposes Massive Shift In Online Privacy Policy



 -  Government Protects Criminals by Attacking Whistleblowers



 -  Government Scientific Advisors admit they used 'Totalitarian Fear Tactics' to Control People during 'Pandemic'


 -  Government to Spy on Everyone Who Banks in The U.S.


 -  Government wants to 'Dictate Truth'


 - "Guía para entender 'El Gran Reset' - Ampliación"


 -  Gun Grab in U.S. Precludes United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Talks to Disarm the World


 -  Hacia Una Sociedad Sin Dinero En Efectivo - de "La Verdadera Historia Del Club Bilderberg"


 - ¿Ha Muerto la Libertad? - Control Mental, Manipulación de las Masas y Esclavitud Moderna


 -  Have Authoritarians used '1984' as a Handbook?


 -  Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You from 164 Feet Away


 -  High-Level U.S. Government Officials Have Warned for 40 Years that Mass Surveillance Would Lead to...


 -  History Warned Us about Technocracy's coming Tyranny


 -  How "1984" Turned into an Instruction Manual


 -  How a Cashless Society Could Embolden Big Brother


 -  How Google, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and AOL are All Blatantly Lying to Their Own Users in Denying NSA...


 -  How Governments and Telecom Companies Work Together on Surveillance Laws


 -  How People Become Easily Controlled by Tyrants


 -  How Real Mind Control Works


 -  How "Surveillance and 5G" are being Fast-Tracked under the pretext of 'Fighting Coronavirus'


 -  How the Boston Bombing is Already Being Exploited to Introduce Tyranny


 -  How The Great Reset is 'Accelerating into Global Tyranny'


 -  How the United Kingdom Became a Police State


 -  How to Be a Rogue Superpower - A Manual for The Twenty-First Century


 -  How to Escape from a 'Sick Society'


 -  How Wide Does This Go? - Now Google Devices 'Found to Transmit User Locations Back to The Company'


 -  Huge Public Outcry Over TSA Forcing 95-year-old Cancer Patient to Remove Adult Diaper


 -  Human Will - The Forgotten Freedom Faculty


 - "Hunger Games" and Fourth-Turning America


 -  Huxley or Orwell - Will You Get to Choose Your Own Dystopia?


 -  I Certificati Digitali del Vaccino dopo un Blocco Continuo - Piani per il Mondo Post Coronavirus


 -  Identity Politics = Totalitarianism


 -  Idiocracia a la Americana - 50 Años después Continuamos Encallados en la "Zona de Penumbra - Twilight...


 -  Il "1984" è arrivato in Cina


 -  Il Futuro del Post-Coronavirus? - Biosensori Iniettabili, I.A. di Rilevazione dei Virus, Robot a una Società senza...


 -  Il Mondo Anglosassone - Il Cammino della Tirannia


 -  India's Gargantuan Biometric Database Raises Big Questions


 -  Inside The NSA's Largest and Most Expansive Secret Domestic Spy Center in Bluffdale, Utah - Exposed


 -  Institutional Thinking - The Matrix, 1984 and The Allegory of The Cave


 -  Invasion of the 'New Normals'...


 -  Is Big Brother The 'New Normal'? - The Supreme Court Will Decide


 -  Is Big Tech merging with Big Brother?


 -  I Segnali di Pericolo del 2022 - Dalla Paranoia Totalitaria alla Pazzia Autoritaria


 -  Is Your TV Watching You? - Latest Models Raise Concerns


 -  It's Time to Start Imagining a Post-Police World - Why Abolishing the Police is Not a Crazy Idea...


 -  Just How Fascist is The U.S.? - Ten Indicators of Fascism


 -  Karotz - The RFID Rabbit That'll Monitor Your Home


 -  Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum - Main File


 -  Klaus Schwab y el Foro Economico Mundial - Main File


 -  La Degradación de la Democracia hacia la Tiranía ¿es Natural e Inevitable?


 -  La Elite Global - La Clase Capitalista Transnacional - Main File


 -  La Empia Trinità - Facebook come Dato di Fatto, Governo come Verità, Big Pharma come Dio


 -  La Fabricación de una Psicosis Masiva - ¿Puede la Cordura volver a un Mundo Loco?


 -  La Farsa y Diabólica Agenda de "Un Bloqueo Universal"


 -  La Globalización Viral de la Vigilancia de la IA - Inteligencia Artificial


 -  La Granja Humana y la Jaula en la que Usted Nació


 -  La Guerra Contra el Dinero en Efectivo - Ahora los Gobiernos se Apropian o Gravan el Dinero en Efectivo...


 -  La Guerra Contra el Dinero en Efectivo - Llega la Tiranía Global


 -  La Identificación Digital Global llega inmediatamente después del Pánico del Coronavirus de 2020


 -  La Identificación Digital podría facilitar La Vigilancia y Persecución - Informe del Foro Económico Mundial


 -  La Idiotización de la Sociedad como Estrategia de Dominación


 -  La Infantilización de la Cultura Occidental


 -  La Inutilidad de Los Derechos Humanos


 -  La Invasión de los 'Nuevos Normales'...


 -  La Ley del Almirantazgo y la Esclavitud a Través del Lenguaje


 -  La ONU anuncia Billetera de Identificación Digital Biométrica


 -  La ONU busca Implementar la Identificación Biométrica Universal para el 2030


 -  La Proliferación del Control Biométrico... y el Extraño Programa "Masonic Chip"


 -  La Psicopatía y los Orígenes del Totalitarismo


 -  La Red de Vigilancia 5G


 -  Las Diez Estrategias de 'Manipulación Masiva' reveladas por Noam Chomsky


 -  La Secretaria de Estado de Holanda admite que el 5G será Utilizado para 'Control de Multitudes'


 -  Las Maniobras "Jade Helm" y la Dictadura Global


 - 'Las No-Libertades' Normales


 -  La Terrible Verdad que se Oculta tras la Renta Básica Universal


 -  La Tormenta del Totalitarismo se Acerca


 -  La Verdad Oculta tras "El Nuevo Modelo de Terrorismo"


 -  Leaked North Korean Documentary ‘Exposes Western Propaganda' - And It's Scary How True It Is


 -  Lessons from George Orwell's '1984'


 -  L'Età Distopica della Maschera - Come Ernst Junger predisse l'Ubiquità delle Mascherine


 -  Life in The Electronic Concentration Camp - The Many Ways that You're Being Tracked, Catalogued and...


 - "L'Occhio di Sauron" e la Pandemia del Controllo


 -  London's Militarized Olympic Games Conjures Up Orwell's '1984'


 -  Lo Que Nadie Quiere Ver


 -  Los Cerebros 'Hackeados' Votan


 -  Los Pasos Para Llegar al Totalitarismo Según Naomi Wolf - Un Informe de la Situación


 -  Lo Stato Tecnocratico è il Nemico Mortale dell'Individuo


 -  Los Tatuajes del… ¿Control?


 -  Los Teléfonos Android envían Datos de dispositivos e 'Identificadores' de usuarios a fabricantes y firmas de Big...


 -  Meet The Internet Gatekeepers


 -  Metaverse è la 'Libertà' inflitta dai Tiranni Tecnologici


 -  Metaverse is 'Freedom' Meted Out by Technological Tyrants


 -  Microsoft Collects Phone Location Data Without Permission - Says Researcher


 -  Microsoft Curbs Wi-Fi Location Database


 -  Microsoft President Threatens that Orwell's '1984' could Happen in 2024


 -  Microsoft Warns of 'Orwellian Future' as WikiLeaks Exposes Participation with Surveillance


 -  Miles de Matemáticos piden Boicotear la IA de 'Crimen Predictivo' de la Policía


 -  Mission Creep - How the Police State acclimates us to being 'Modern-Day Slaves'


 -  Mobile Phones Soon Required to Receive, Display White House Propaganda Messages


 -  More Police Raids as War on Journalism Escalates Worldwide


 -  Naomi Wolf's Steps to Fascism - A Progress Report


 -  National Programs for Mass Surveillance of Personal Data in EU Members States and Their Compatibility...

 -  Navigating The Anthropocene - Improving Earth System Governance


 -  Neolengua


 -  New Tech Startup Predicts the Future by Decoding the Past


 -  New Worldwide Ministry of Truth? - International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN)


 -  Noam Chomsky - Top 10 Media Manipulation Strategies


 -  Noam Chomsky y Las 10 Estrategias de Manipulación Mediática


 -  No Escape from our Techno-Feudal World


 -  No hay Diferencia entre Psicópatas y Políticos - La Patocracia del 'Estado Profundo'


 -  Non-profit Group Linked to Homeland Security Promotes Absurd Fear of Non-Existent Threat of Terrorism


 -  Normal Unfreedoms


 -  Not Just Surveillance - Three Current Phenomena Exposing '1984' as an Instruction Manual for the State


 -  NSA and State Surveillance - 5-Part Special


 -  NSA Prism Program Taps into User Data of Apple, Google and Others


 -  NSA Surveillance Goes Beyond Orwell's Imagination - Says Alan Rusbridger


 -  Nuestro Gulag Digital


 -  Nuevo Inicio Tecnológico Predice el Futuro Descifrando el Pasado


 -  Obama Administration Claims Right to "Lawfully" Assassinate Citizens Within The U.S.


 -  Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will "Fire On US Citizens" - Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Says


 -  Obama Crea una Ley para "Controlar Mentalmente a la Población"


 -  Obama Criminalize Free Speech?



 -  Obama Moves to Make The 'War on Terror' Permanent



 -  Obama's Endgame


 -  Obama Wants to Make Sure The Government Can Lock You Up Without Trial - The National Defense...


 -  Occupied America - Senate Bill 1867 Would Allow U.S. Military to Detain and Murder Anti-Government...


 -  Operaciones Psicológicas Utilizadas Diariamente para Manipularnos


 - 'Operation Warp Speed' - Your One-Way Ticket to Total Surveillance


 -  Orwell 2011 - Towards a Pervasive "Surveillance State" in America - Biometrics, Facial Mapping...


 -  Orwell Acertó - El "Ministerio de la Verdad" ya Existe



 -  Orwellian Justice System - The Securitization and Militarization of Daily Life - Spying on Americans...


 -  Orwell's Ideas remain Relevant 75 years after 'Animal Farm' was Published


 -  Orwell's Startling World Is Officially Here


 -  Orwell Tenia Razón - Escocia Utilizará a los Niños para Vigilar a sus Propios Padres


 -  Our Protected, Predatory Oligarchy - Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies


 - 'Pandemic and Erosion of Freedoms' have been Decades in the Making - A Timeline


 -  Pathocracy - Tyranny at The Hand of Psychopaths



 -  Patocracia - Tiranía en Las Manos de Psicópatas


 -  Peaceful Revolution - Push Back, Refuse, Non-Cooperation


 -  Perché l'Esercito degli Stati Uniti si Allena per Combattere nei Grandi Centri Urbani?


 -  Perfect Storm Conditions Now in Place for Big Government to Allow (or Even Stage) Terrorism Attacks in...


 -  Police Brutality in The USA - Americans Too Are Oppressed


 -  Police State USA - TSA Gestapo Empire


 -  Political Scientism - Beware the Enlightened Ones


 -  Popular Culture Promotes The Police State


 -  Porqué Caminamos Sonámbulos hacia la Tiranía - Sobre la Tecnocracia...


 - ¿Porqué el Ejército de Estados Unidos se Entrena para Combatir en Grandes Centros Urbanos?


 -  Porqué lo que Estamos Viviendo se Parece más a 'Un Mundo Feliz' de Huxley que a '1984' de Orwell


 - ¿Porqué me Vigilan, si no soy Nadie?


 -  Post-Coronavirus Future? - Injectable Biosensors, A.I. Virus Detection, Robots and a Cashless Society


 -  Post Games UK - Full-Blown Police State


 -  Pre-Crime is Now Here! - Minority Report (2002) Esoteric Analysis


 -  Presidential Memo on Insider Threats - Why Now?



 -  Prisons of Pleasure or Pain - Huxley's "Brave New World" vs. Orwell's "1984"


 -  Privacy Protection and The Secret State's Surveillance Powers


 -  Psico-Poder - En 'Conformidad con Robots' y 'Libertad', en un Mundo post-COVID


 -  Psycho-Power - 'Automaton Conformity' and 'Freedom' in a Post-COVID World


 -  PSYOPs Used Daily to Manipulate You - Covert Hypnosis, Mind Control Techniques - Wake Up and...


 - ¿Qué es Anonymous? ¿Qué es "El Plan"?


 -  Q: What's the Difference between a Politician and a Psychopath? - A: None


 -  Repensar El 11-S (ReThink 9/11) Ante El Totalitarismo Emergente


 - ¡Resistencia a la Cuarta Represión Industrial...!


 -  Revealed what the 'Totalitarian Future Globalists' want for the Entire World


 -  Revelan una de las Bases para la Tiranía que Pronto Afectará a Todos


 -  RFID Monitoring and DNA Profiles Work Together to Manifest Our Brave New World


 -  Rise of The Global Police State


 -  Rolling Out the Architecture of Oppression because 'They Fear the People'


 -  Scientists look for a Cure against Politically Undesirable Behavior


 -  Secret Military Training Blurs Line Between Police and Soldiers


 -  Secret Panel Can Put Americans on "Kill List"



 -  Security Grifters Partner-Up on Sinister Cyber-Surveillance Project


 -  Security, Safety, Security! - Dictatorship by Democracy


 -  Senate Wants The Military to Lock You Up Without Trial



 -  Several Defining Characteristics of Fascism - The U.S. in 2012


 -  Shut Up and Play Nice - How The Western World is Limiting Free Speech


 -  Silicon Valley está Construyendo un Sistema de Crédito Social al estilo de China


 -  Since 9/11 North America has Traded Liberty for Security and we're Almost Out of Both


 -  Sin Cifrado Perderemos toda la Privacidad - Este es nuestro Nuevo Campo de Batalla


 -  Six Whistleblowers Charged Under The Espionage Act


 -  Skype Collaborated With NSA Long Before PRISM - The New York Times


 -  Smart Grid - The Implementation of Technocracy?



 -  'Snooper's Charter' Web Spying Bill - The Queen's Announced Internet Surveillance Plan


 -  Social Media, Smartphones and Police Create a Stasi Web of Surveillance

 -  Social Radar for Smart Power



 -  Some Reasons why Belief in Authority is the 'Most Dangerous Superstition'


 -  Space Fence - Connecting the Surveillance and Transhumanist Agendas


 -  Spying on Americans - Police Scanners Everywhere... - Government Will Soon Be Able To Know...


 -  Stellar Wind - The Secret NSA Domestic Spying Program


 -  Study Shows Mass Government Surveillance Silences Unpopular Opinions


 -  Supplanting The United States Constitution - War, National Emergency and "Continuity of Government"


 -  Supreme Court Justice Scalia Warns of U.S. Internment Camps


 -  Technetronic Enslavement - Life Inside the Matrix of Control


 -  Technocracy and the Rise of the Police State


 -  Technology Companies Concede to Government Surveillance Program


 -  Te Controlan Para Dominarte Mejor - Tu Peor Enemigo es Tu Cabeza


 -  Ten Ways That the Iron Grip of The Big Brother Prison Grid is Tightening on All of Our Lives


 -  Terrorífico... ¿Es así como "Controlan" Completamente el Mundo?


 -  Thank you China, you're Wonderful


 -  The 3 Trigger Terms being used to Stop Critical Thinking


 -  The Age of Tyrannical Surveillance - We're Being Branded, Bought and Sold for Our Data


 -  The American Surveillance State Puts Orwell to Shame



 -  The Big Media Lie About the U.S. Government's Purchases of Over One Billion Rounds of Anti-Personnel...


 -  The Birth of Fascism? - A Wrong Turn on A One-Way Street



 -  The Brave New World of Surveillance Capitalism


 -  The Bureau of Counterterrorism - Obama Administration Gives Birth to New Agents of Tyranny


 -  The Cashless Society is Almost Here - And With Some Very Sinister Implications


 -  The Coming "Brain Chip"



 -  The Coming EBT Riots - What Will Happen When Government Entitlements Stop?


 -  The Coming Techno Apocalypse


 -  The Coronavirus and the 'Fear Factor'...  - Main File


 -  The Dark Road - The Worst Tax Law You've Never Heard About



 -  The Decade's Biggest Scam


 -  The Dystopian Age of the Mask - How Ernst Jünger predicted the Ubiquity of Masks


 -  The Emerging 'Mark of the Beast' System - Sleepwalking into the Surveillance Society


 -  The End of Mankind as We Know it - According to NASA's Future Warfare Document 2013


 -  The End of The Internet... As We Know It? - Main File


 -  The Era of Tyranny has Begun - Washington has Destroyed Western Liberty


 -  The Evolution of Psychological Manipulation in Democratic Societies


 -  The 'Eye of Sauron' and the Pandemic of Surveillance


 -  The Fact that Mass Surveillance Doesn't Keep Us Safe Goes Mainstream


 -  The Farce and Diabolical Agenda of a "Universal Lockdown"


 -  The Fatal Attraction of Techno-Fascism


 -  The Fight For Health Freedom - Why Focus on Health Freedom? Because Our Future is Worth Protecting


 -  The Five Criminals - In America, the Gestapo Has Replaced the Rule of Law


 -  The Global Coup d'Etat


 -  The Global Digital ID 'Surveillance Plan' Accelerates - Urgent Resistance Needed


 -  The Global Elite - The Transnational Capitalist Class - Main File


 -  The "Hi-Tech" Corporate Police State - "Reengineering" The Internet... for Persistent Surveillance


 -  The Human Farm and The Cage You Were Born Into



 -  The Individual Solution to Avoiding the 'Great Reset' and Totalitarianism


 -  The Information War - The Deadly War hardly Anyone realizes we're Fighting


 -  The Internet is A Surveillance State


 -  The Last American President



 -  The Latest from "DHS Insider" - Government Control Plans for The Near Futures


 -  The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis - Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?


 -  The Many Faces of Secrecy - Amy Benjamin


 -  The Many Signs That The United States of America is Being Turned Into a Giant Prison


 -  The Military Origins of Facebook


 -  The Modernized Slave Labor System - Also Known as the Prison Industrial Complex


 -  The Murder of Americans - Existence of Secret Kill Lists Now Admitted by Lawless White House


 -  The Myth of Freedom in The Land of The Free


 -  The New Inquisition - The NDAA


 -  The New Reign of Biopower - The Rise of Control-Biology


 -  The New World Order - Main File


 -  The NGA - The Billion Dollar Spy Agency You've Never Heard Of - They Can See a 'Stick of Butter from Space'


 -  The NSA Has Dossiers on Nearly Every U.S. Citizen - Whistleblower William Binney says


 -  The NSA is Building The Country's Biggest Spy Center - Watch What You Say - Big Brother Goes Live...


 -  The NSA - The Super Secret National Security Agency - Main File


 -  The Obama Regime's Fabricated "Terror Conspiracy" in Defense of The Police State


 -  The Omnipresent Surveillance State - Orwell's 1984 is No Longer Fiction


 -  The Orwellian Global State - The Next Stage Begins



 -  The Path to Total Dictatorship - America's Shadow Government and its Silent Coup


 -  The Pentagon is Building a 'Self-Aware' Killer Robot Army Fueled by Social Media


 -  The Police - Our Enemies in Blue?


 -  The Police State Targets Health Food Buying Clubs Rather Than Real Criminals - In Time of Accelerating...


 -  The Prescience of George Orwell - '1984' is Here


 -  The Prison State of America


 -  The Purpose of War According to George Orwell in "1984"


 -  The REAL Reason U.S. Targets Whistleblowers


 -  There is an 800% Higher Probably Americans Will be Killed by Police Than by a Terrorist


 -  There is No Difference Between Psychopaths and Politicians - The Pathocracy of the Deep State


 -  The Rise of Global Digital Surveillance - Spying, Prying and Lying


 -  The Roots of Today's Tyranny


 -  The Secret Government Rulebook for Labeling You a Terrorist


 -  The Secret History of America's Capital - Washington D.C. - Main File


 -  The Secret-Shadow Government - Main File



 -  The Shadow Government


 -  The State as Terrorist


 -  The State Attracts Sociopaths



 -  The Surveillance State - Knowing Every Bit About You


 -  The Technocracy's 1984 Predictive Programming



 -  The Technocratic State is the Mortal Enemy of the Individual


 -  The Technological Revolution and The Future of Freedom



 -  The Tyranny of Modern Scientism


 -  The Tyranny of the Police State disguised as Law-and-Order


 -  The Underwear "Bomber" - Crushing Freedom With Phony Muslims Terrorism


 -  The United Stasi of Amerika


 -  The U.S. Air Force Wants to Monitor, Track and Analyze Everything Done on The Internet Around The Globe


 -  The U.S. has Become a Worse Police State than Orwell Could Imagine


 -  The U.S. Internment Camp - Prison for A New American Century


 -  The U.S. is Now The United (Police) State of America


 -  The Violence of Organized Forgetting


 -  The War on Cash - Governments Grabbing or Taxing Cash At Will Now


 -  The War on Science and the 20th Century Descent of Man - Huxley's New World


 -  The Worrying Trend of Internet Shutdowns


 -  Think You're Not Being Tracked? - Now Websites Turn to Audio Fingerprinting to Follow You


 -  Thirteen Ways Government Tracks Us


 -  This is Why We Need to Talk about CBDCs


 -  This Shadow Government Agency is Scarier than the NSA


 -  Thought Police - The Next Logical Step in A Total Surveillance Society


 -  Too Many Signs That The UK is Being Transformed Into a Hellish Big Brother Surveillance Society


 -  Top 20 Modern Doublespeak Terms to Be Aware Of


 -  Top Secret America - A Hidden World Growing Beyond Control


 -  Trump - Main File


 -  Trump está Aquí para Quedarse y Cambiar el Mundo


 -  TSA Pats Down Cancer-Stricken 95-Year-Old Woman and Removes Adult Diaper


 -  Twelve Simple Steps to VeriChip The World



 -  Una Carta desde España en el Año 2050


 -  Una Lettera dalla Spagna nell'anno 2050


 -  Understanding and Dismantling The Global Control System


 -  Un Estudio revela Amenazas para la Privacidad y la Seguridad en los Hogares 'Inteligentes'


 -  Unholy Trinity - Facebook as Fact, Government as Truth, Big Pharma as God


 -  United Nations Policy Paper Outlines 7 Building Blocks for 'Heavy-Handed' World Government


 -  Universal Basic Income Spreading Like Wildfire - Now Finland...


 -  U.S. Descends Into Total Police State as 2012 'Solar Chaos' Fears Grow


 -  U.S. Government Claims That the Truth Is Too Complicated and Dangerous to Disclose to the Public


 -  Ushering in a Totalitarian Police State in Cashless "Smart Cities"

 -  U.S. Military ‘Power Grab' Goes Into Effect



 -  U.S. Prison Business - Privatize Profits, Socialize Losses



 -  U.S. to Let Spy Agencies Scour Americans' Finances


 -  Vaccines - An Ideal Covert-Operation to Genetically Re-Engineer Humans


 -  Veinte Realidades Sombrías desenterradas por los Confinamientos del Covid


 - "Vivimos Hiperconectados y eso permite que Controlen nuestra Mente"


 -  War for Total Control - Planning the Ultimate 'Big Brother' Surveillance Society


 -  WEF calls for '24-Hour Monitoring' of the Public


 -  We Just Don't Trust You - Note to President Obama



 -  Welcome, Big Brother - Iris Scanners Create The Most Secure City in The World


 -  Welcome to the Mass Surveillance State through Microchipping Pills!


 -  We're Almost There Now - No Speech Zones - HR347


 -  What I Can Say and What I Cannot Say...


 -  What is Anonymous? What is "The Plan"?


 -  When Government Funds Science, Government Controls Science...


 -  Why are Americans Paying to Be Searched, Spied On, Shot At and Robbed Blind by the Government?


 -  Why are Americans So Easy to Manipulate and Control?



 -  Why are Most People Cowards? - Obedience and the Rise of Authoritarianism...


 -  Why Orwell Matters...!


 -  Why we are Sleepwalking into Tyranny - On Technocracy...


 -  Why we Have a Surveillance State - It is the Inevitable Consequence of our Prevailing Governing Philosophy


 -  Will Electronic Tattoos Replace Internet Passwords and All Other Forms of Identification


 -  Will You Love Your Servitude...?


 -  You Are Surrounded by Propaganda - "The Invisible Government"


 -  You Are The Hope



Additional Information



 -  10 Ways Hackers Have Punked Corporations and Oppressive Governments


 -  1.2 Billion People in India to Be Given Biometric ID Cards


 -  1984 - George Orwell - The Prophet?


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 -  9-11 and The Orwellian Redefinition of "Conspiracy Theory"


 -  9-11 in Context - The Importance of The Growing Contradictory Evidence


 -  Academic Oligarchy - Majority of Science Publishing is Controlled by Just Six Companies


 -  Adiós - La Verdad Ha Caído Llevándose con Ella La Libertad


 -  Agotar el ADN - ¿Cuánto Control tienes realmente sobre tu Información Genética?


 - "Alien Transformers" Descend On America


 -  All I Want for Christmas Is The Truth


 - "All Your Data Belongs to Us" - FBI Wiretapping of Internet Users - A Seamless Global Surveillance Web


 -  America's Eco-Cities - Sustainable Prisons of The Future


 -  America's Police State Mentality in The Electronic Age - Big Brother


 -  Anthropocene - How Eco-Fascist Want to Criminalize The Human Race


 - ¿Apocalipsis o Cuento De Hadas? - extraido del libro "La Mente de Las Células"


 -  Are Populations Being Primed For Nano-Microchips Inside Vaccines?


 -  A Tale of Two Countries - New Zealand Apologizes for Illegal Domestic Spying, While U.S. Still Refuses...


 -  Army Readies Its Mammoth Spy Blimp for First Flight


 -  Australia Becomes First to Ban Travelers Who Refuse Naked Body Scanners


 -  Beyond The Arab Spring, The European Winter - Hungary Becomes Third European State to Suspend...


 -  Big Brother Is Watching You Shop



 -  Big Brother Is Well Connected - Google's Growing Domination


 -  Big Brother Obama - U.S. to Spy on Internet Messaging - Regulations to Target Skype, Facebook, Blackberry


 -  Big Brother Pays Off as Predictive Behavior Technology Targets Shoppers


 -  Big Pharma Nanotechnology Encodes Pills With Tracking Data That You Swallow - UPDATE 1


 -  Biochip Implants - Hi-Tech/Top Secret Projects - Main File


 -  British Government Begins Stealing Its Peoples' Bank Deposits Ahead of The Global Financial Collapse


 -  Bullets, False Flags and Biological Warfare - What Is The U.S. Government Planning?


 -  Cancer Surges in Body Scanner Operators - TSA Launches Cover-Up


 -  Cartels of the Mind - The Free Individual Returns


 -  China Spending as Much on Calming Civil Unrest as U.S. on War Effort - Chinese Netizen Speaks Out


 -  CIA and Pentagon Deploy RFID “Death Chips - A Conspiracy Theory? Think Again!


 -  COINTELPRO - Counterintelligence Program - Main File



 -  Combined Video Analytics and Image Fusion are Ushering in A New Era in Surveillance


 -  Cómo Retractarse de Los Escáneres de Cuerpo Desnudo de La TSA en El Aeropuerto

 -  Consensus Decision Making in Human Crowds


 -  Conspiracy Theories - White Paper by Cass R. Sunstein


 -  Control Mental - Main File


 -  Copa del Mundo - ¿Diversión o Maniobra Diversiva de Masas?


 -  Cosas Que Los Controladores Científicos Tienen en Mente Para Nosotros en El Futuro Cercano


 -  Covid-Stasi - ¿Se Convertirán Ustedes en 'Agentes Estatales' denunciando a sus Vecinos por infringir las...


 -  Crypto Wars! - Obama Wants New Law to Wiretap The Internet


 -  DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - Main File


 -  DARPA Set to Drop Computer "F-Bombs" to Spy on Public


 -  DARPA's Insight - New World Order Program to Watch Us All


 -  DARPA to Develop Technology to Analyze Social Media



 -  David Icke on Terrorism, 'Totalitarian Tiptoe' and The Coming Post-Industrial Technocracy


 -  Dear Neocon



 -  De La Servidumbre Moderna



 -  Democracia - Sistema para Entregar tu Poder a Través de tu Propio Libre Albedrío


 -  Department of Homeland Security Prepares for Civil Unrest as Obama Poised to Destroy 2nd Amendment


 -  DHS & TSA - Making A List, Checking It Twice


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 -  Disney, Militarization and The National Security State After 9/11 - Book Excerpt


 -  DNA Exhaust - How much Control do You really have over Your Genetic Data?


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 -  Doomsday Lingo - A Guide


 -  Edible Microchips, Biometric Identity Systems and Mind Reading Computers


 -  Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying that Should Send a Chill Up Your Spine


 -  El Chip Inteligente


 -  El Desastre de Fabricar Consentimiento en La Matriz



 -  El Estado de Excepción, la Política de la Pandemia y el Fin de lo Humano - Giorgio Agamben


 -  El Padre de la Propaganda Moderna de la Élite Gobernante - Edward Bernays


 -  El Senado de EEUU y Obama Reclaman el Derecho a Matar y Encarcelar Americanos Sin Juicio Previo...


 -  Estos son los Países Más 'Libres' del Mundo - ¿Pero qué es Realmente la 'Libertad'...?


 -  Evade Government Surveillance Stay Anonymous Online


 -  Even Bigger Big Brother - Facebook Purchases Israeli Facial Recognition Company


 -  Examining Capitalism Through Quantum Mechanics



 -  Ex Disidente Soviético Alerta Sobre el Peligro de Una Dictatura en La Unión Europea - Vladimir Bukovksy


 -  Explicación de La Mentalidad de 'Rebaño'


 -  Exposing RFID Documents And Plans For Surveilling - Connecting The Dots


 -  FAA Proposes Widespread Civilian Drone Use in U.S. Airspace by 2015


 -  FaceBook Buys At What Privacy Cost?


 -  Fake Terror Plots, Paid Informants - The Tactics of FBI 'Entrapment' Questioned


 -  Feds Used Aaron Swartz's Political Manifesto Against Him



 -  First 100 Pages of Aaron Swartz's Secret Service File Released


 -  Forget Privacy - By 2025 There Will Only Be The Watchers and The Watched


 -  Former ECB Chief Economist says ECB is In Panic, as Czech President Warns The End of Democracy...


 -  Former Soviet Dissident Warns for EU Dictatorship - Vladimir Bukovksy


 - "Freedom of The Press" and "The Shield Law" - "Protecting the Public" from Independent Alternatives to...


 -  From Global Depression to Global Governance - The Role of The Corporate Elites' Secretive Global...


 - "Gate Rape" of America


 -  Generation Being Born Now is the Last to be Free - Assange in Last Interview before Blackout


 -  Globalists Using London Cyberspace Summit to Push for Global Internet Treaty


 -  Globalizacion - El Pulpo del Nuevo Orden Mundial - Main File



 -  Globalization - The Octopus of The New World Order - Main File


 -  Good-Bye - Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It


 -  Google, Facebook, Amazon Planning Internet Blackout to Protest "Big Brother" SOPA Bill


 -  Google - The Perfect Compliment to Big Brother



 -  Governments Are Beginning to Censor Much More Than Just What Makes Us Healthy


 - "Herd" Mentality Explained


 -  History Regurgitates


 -  How Algorithms Rule The World



 -  How Disney Magic and The Corporate Media Shape Youth Identity in The Digital Age


 -  How Plato's "The Republic" Describes Today's Society



 -  How The U.S. Government Strikes Fear in Its Own Citizens and People Around The World


 -  How to Hide Your Digital Communications from Big Brother



 -  How to Opt Out of The TSA's Naked Body Scanners at The Airport


 - "Hunger Games" and Fourth-Turning America


 -  I Clobbered Every Cash Confiscatory Agency Known to Man


 -  If America Continues to Go Down the Same Path as Europe, this is What Life Will Be Like


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 -  Imperio Reciclado - Porqué Obama Hace Lo Mismo Que Bush - Las Líneas Matrices


 -  Information Control in The Digital Age - The Journey From Internet Piracy to Full Spectrum Tyranny


 -  Insight Program - DARPA's Ubiquitous Intelligence


 -  Invasive Cyber Technologies and Internet Privacy - Big Brother is Only a "Ping" or Mouse Click Away


 -  Invasive Surveillance Technology Awaits - Have You Posted Your Pictures on The Internet?


 -  Investigadores Farmacéuticos Están Trabajando en Una Droga Para Borrar Los Recuerdos


 -  I Refuse to be Microchipped


 -  ISIS is America's New Terror Brand - Endless Propaganda Fuels "War on Terror"


 -  Is It Time to Pack Your Bags America?


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 -  La Guerra Mas Antigua del Mundo


 -  La Historia se Vuelve a Repetir


 -  La Mentalidad de Colmena es La Tumba de La Humanidad



 -  La Red Echelon - Main File


 -  Las Puertas de La Percepción - ¿Por Qué Los Norteamericanos Creen Casi Cualquier Cosa?


 -  L'Italia Proibisce Le transazioni in Denaro liquido di Più di 50 Euro dal 2013


 - "Lockstep" - Written 10 years ago Chronicles how to Bring the World Down with a Pandemic


 -  Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's a Raytheon Spy Blimp!


 -  Lo Que Google Sabe Acerca de Tí



 -  Los Teléfonos Inteligentes están Pre-Cargados con Interruptor de Desactivación a Control Remoto

 -  Manhunting - Counter-Network Organization for Irregular Warfare


 -  Manufacturing The Deadhead - A Product of Social Engineering

 -  March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance - by National Counterterrorism Center


 -  Microsoft Wants to Know How Many Friends You've Got in Your Living Room - Big Brother Alert


 -  Mind Control - Main File



 -  Moral Monstrosity - America's For-Profit Gulag System


 - ¡Mucho Más que Una Máscara!


 -  Naked Scans of My Children - An Open Letter to the Walt Disney Company


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 -  On Modern Servitude


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 -  Pharma Researchers Working On Drug to Erase Your Memories


 -  Plan for Massive Rollout of Mobile Surveillance Vans - TSA and DHS With Long-Distance X-Ray...


 -  Political Correctness or Political Insanity? - New York City Schools Ban Words and Topics From Tests


 -  Polvo Inteligente - Seguimiento de Todo, en Todas Partes



 -  Porqué nos Desprecian Los Gobernantes - Análisis Shock...



 -  Priest Removed from Ministry Due to Sex Abuse Allegations Now Works at Philadelphia International Airport

 -  Privacy Impact Assessment for The Rail Security Pilot Study Phase II at PATH


 -  Programa de Vida Planetario 2014 - Marielalero


 -  Protective Measures Guide for The U.S. Lodging Industry


 -  Promis


 -  Quello che Google Sa su Di Te


 - ¿Quieres Saber Porque la Gente se Comporta como un Rebaño? - El Experimento Solomon Asch


 -  Radiation Scientists Agree TSA Naked Body Scanners Could Cause Breast Cancer and Sperm Mutations


 -  Recordatorio de lo que Nikita Khrushchev dijo hace 60 Años


 -  Revelan un Nivel Récord de 'Espionaje' Gubernamental de EE.UU. a Través de Google


 -  Ricordiamo ciò che Nikita Khrushchev disse 60 Anni fa


 -  Riders on The Storm


 -  Rogue State? - Britain railing against International Norms and Laws


 -  Scenarios for The Future of Technology and International Development


 -  Sixteen Signs That People Are Becoming Stupider



 -  Smart Dust - Real-time Tracking of Everything, Everywhere


 -  Smartphones are Now Pre-Loaded with Remote Controlled Kill Switch


 -  Something Funny Is Going On - Our Government Is Not What It Appears to Be


 -  Special Army Unit Ready to Be Deployed on American Soil Just Before November Elections


 -  Spies For Hire - Who's Who in Intelligence Contactors



 -  Spying on Americans - America's Endless & Highly Profitable, "War on Terror" - A Multibillion Bonanza...


 -  State Crimes Against Democracy



 -  Tarjetas de Crédito, el 666 y el 999



 -  Tasers Have Killed at Least 500 Americans


 -  Ten Outlandish Things The 'Scientific' Controllers Have In Mind for You in The Near Future


 -  Ten Reasons Why Nothing You Do on The Internet Will EVER Be Private Again


 -  The All-Seeing-Eye of Google and the Future of Criminal Investigations

 -  The Austerity Hoax


 -  The Banksters Ultimate Dream - A Cashless Society, Starting With The Military

 -  The Death of Freewill



 -  The Despicable Truth Emerges About FATCA



 -  The Development of "Privacy Killing Technologies" - A Link to The Murdoch Scandal?


 -  The Disaster of Manufacturing Consent in The Matrix



 -  The Doomsday Project, Deep Events, and The Shrinking of American Democracy


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 -  Theft, Pedophilia, Murder Among TSA Employees' Crimes


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 -  The Taking of The Internet


 -  The Tyranny of Government "Protection"


 -  The United States Isn't a Country - It's a Corporation!


 -  The U.S. Senate and Obama Claiming The Right to Murder and Imprison Americans Without Trial Was...


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 -  TSA Agents Gone Wild - Fondling Little Children, Planting Cocaine in Passenger Bags and More...


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 -  Tyrannical "Health Standards" of The New World Order



 -  Una Difícil Elección Para Llegar al ‘Maravilloso' Mundo de Disney


 -  Una Película de Terror

 -  Unclassified Report On The President's Surveillance Program - Obama Administration


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 -  Unplug the Signal - The Truth Will Not Be Televised


 -  U.S. Company that Built Guantánamo Wants to Run Police Services in UK


 -  U.S. Government Developing Ultimate Cyber Weapon - Prime-Factoring Quantum Computing Makes...


 -  U.S. Government Issues More Takedown Requests Than China, Including One for "Government Criticism"


 -  U.S. Government Spy Program - Main Core, PROMIS and The Shadow Government


 -  U.S. Military-Industrial Giant KBR in Bidding to Privatize British Police Forces


 -  Una Búsqueda Sobre El Gobierno de Los Estados Unidos



 -  University of Texas Researchers Design Chip Allowing Mobile Devices to See Through Walls


 -  Vacunas - Una Operación-Encubierta Ideal para Manipular Humanos Genéticamente


 -  Varias Señales de Que Los Estados Unidos de América se Está Convirtiendo en Una Gigantesca Prisión


 -  Vigilancia Genética - EE.UU. Creará una Base de Datos de ADN Para Rastrear Personas


 - "V" is For Vendetta



 -  Volete Sapere Perché la Gente si Comporta come un Gregge?



 -  Want to 'Be Felt Up' by Government Personnel?



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 -  What Location Tracking Looks Like


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 -  The Collectivist Conspiracy - G. Edward Griffin



 -  The Future is Calling



 -  War is Peace - The Theory & Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism


 -  Why the System is Set for Tyranny - The High-Tech Collectivist State




 -  How the "Greater Good" is Used as a 'Tool of Social Control'




 -  1984 - by George Orwell



 -  1984 - Español - por George Orwell



 -  1984 - Italiano - di George Orwell


 -  Animal Farm - by George Orwell


 -  Brave New World - by Aldous Huxley


 -  Brave New World Revisited - by Aldous Huxley


 -  El Archipiélago Gulag - por Alexander Solzhenitsyn

 -  Farenheit 451 - by Ray Bradbury



 -  Farenheit 451 - por Ray Bradbury


 -  How to Lose the Information War - by Nina Jankowicz


 -  La Granja de Los Animales - por George Orwell


 -  Propaganda - by Edward L. Bernays



 -  Sobre la Servidumbre Voluntaria - por Étienne de la Boétie


 -  The Abolition of Man - by C.S. Lewis


 -  The Impact of Science on Society - by Bertrand Russell


 -  The Last Circle - by Carol Marshall


 -  The Many Faces of Secrecy - by Amy Benjamin

 -  The Most Dangerous Superstition - by Larken Rose


 -  The Origins of Totalitarianism - by Hannah Arendt


 -  The Road to Wigan Pier - by George Orwell


 -  The Society of The Spectacle - by Guy Debord


 -  The Worker - by Ernst Jünger


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 -  George Orwell '1984' Español



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